Chapter 30: The Soul Pet With Exceptional Healing Ability (1)

Chapter 30: The Soul  Pet With Exceptional Healing Ability (1)

Chu Ning’s description caused everyone present to be both shocked and suspicious. Chu Mu’s incident had occurred four years ago and everyone had gradually forgotten about it. Yet, who would have expected that his name would appear on this day. Moreover, it came about in such a shocking message.

Perhaps it was because these people understood Chu Mu too well, but many people didn’t really believe it. In a span of four years, going from someone who couldn’t even summon a soul pet to defeating Yang Jie, was simply impossible.

“Then… then where is he?” The family head, Chu Ming, had a gaze that was clearly very moved.

“When he was chasing after Yang Jie, he accidentally fell off Falling Phoenix Cliff. Right now, he’s in the Broken Forest.” immediately said Chu Ning.

“Is it still possible to survive after falling off of Falling Phoenix Cliff?” asked the sixth son of the family head, Chu Tianjue.

“There was no problem. Fourth brother is still okay. Only, he had no way of getting back up. Right now he should be deep inside Broken Forest walking eastward. This child hastily returned in hoped that grandfather would send a few experts to Broken Forest to find Chu Mu.” said Chu Ning.

“This… why did he have to fall in there. Broken Forest is incredibly dangerous. Normal people cannot even stay in there for a few days. Furthermore, Broken Forest is so vast that, without the sufficient number of people, it’s impossible to find people in that vast forest…” said Chu Tianjue.

The Chu Family’s family head, Chu Ming, creased his eyebrows. His face was heavy, and after a while, his gaze swept over everyone. Finally, it stopped on Chu Tianjue and he asked: “How many people can we send right now?”

“Father, we’re currently in very dire times. How can we send experts into Broken Forest? Moreover, after falling into the broken forest, whether he’s still alive is yet another question. If we were to send experts, with how empty our Chu Family is, finding him would be nice - at least we could make fourth brother gratified - but if we don’t find him, we will be in the face of an imminent crisis.” said Chu Tianjue.

“Sixth brother, what are you saying? Chu Mu barely managed to survive. In these four years he has definitely experienced a lot before barely managing to return. Even if there’s danger, we must send send a few experts.” said Chu Ning’s father, Chu Tianlin.

Chu Tianlin was Chu Ming’s second son, and his words had a bit of weight within the Chu Family.

“Second brother, I’m not someone who would watch his own nephew suffer hardships, right? Yet, the problem is, right now, we really can’t find anyone to go to Broken Forest. If we are to stubbornly send people, it will only bring us more danger.” said Chu Tianjue.

The grizzled bearded Chu Nan sitting next to Chu Ning looked at the family head Chu Ming and slowly said: “We should still carefully consider…”

Chu Nan was the family head Chu Ming’s younger brother. His mannerism was rather conservative and traditional. He controlled a third of the Chu Family’s power and was the vice-head of the Chu Family.

“Sixth uncle, second grandfather, don’t tell me that Chu Mu isn’t a descendent of the Chu Family?! How… how can you just sit back and watch him die?!” Chu Ning was exceptionally emotional as he spoke!

“You dare!” The sixth elder Chu Tianjue abruptly stood up from his seat and ferociously glared at Chu Ning, who just spoke rudely.

Chu Ning ground his teeth as if he had already stifled much anger that he had held in for a long time. Unexpectedly, he wasn’t afraid of Chu Tianjue’s majesty and indignantly said: “Back then, back then, if it wasn’t because you guys proposed to change fourth brother’s family servant, Chu Mu wouldn’t have been kidnapped. You guys caused fourth brother to fall into a deadly situation. Presently, he has barely managed to escape and yet you are so heartless. Could it be that you want to be ruthless towards him?!”

Chu Ning was mad. The Chu Ning that had always remained respectful and reverent to his elders had finally let out these coarse words!

“Impudent! The caravan this time lost half of its resources and we didn’t fault you for it. Yet, you didn’t even reflect and instead are being so rude. You have no respect for your elders!” Chu Tianjue was also angry. His eyes were unexpectedly beginning to transform colors!

“Sixth brother, you don’t need to discipline my child!” Seeing that the sixth brother, Chu Tianjue, was about to use a soul technique, how could the second brother Chu Tianlin remain silent? His eyes also began to change.

“Enough! It stops here! Everyone withdraw!” The family head Chu Ming abruptly stood up and shouted at both Chu Tianlin and Chu Tianjue.

Chu Tianlin and Chu Tianjue didn’t dare to act so presumptuously in front of their father, and revoked their soul techniques; however, their two gazes glared at each other, revealing a bit of anger.

The family clan had already ordered everyone to withdraw, so naturally no one stayed any longer. They all withdrew and, as they left, they discussed things about Chu Mu in soft voices.

“Isn’t this only to save that stupid brat? As for exaggerating the death of Yang Jie, hmph. If we can save him, why wouldn’t I? What kind of place is Broken Forest? Even I can’t guarantee that I would be able to walk around there for a few days. Who in the Chu Family would even dare enter?” As they walked out of the great hall, Chu Tianjue glared at Chu Tianlin as he spoke.

“You are a timid coward whenever it comes to something big. I honestly have no idea why father would put you in charge of manpower. If you don’t send people, that’s fine. I’ll go myself!” Chu Tianlin glared at Chu Tianjue.

The only people remaining in the great hall were the family head Chu Ming and his eldest son, Chu Tianheng. The two didn’t say anything and waited for everyone to leave before the eldest, Chu Tianheng, finally said:

“Father, I’ll send my men. Tiancheng has continuously suffered losses. Including this time, when he goes to the Great Chu Family, he will definitely suffer ridicule from those he once defeated. He has to endure such humiliation. After all, he already swore never to set foot in the Great Chu Family...

“Tiancheng is extremely complicated. Currently, Chu Mu has returned. It is his only hope and, no matter what, we have to bring him back safely.”

Chu Ming’s face sank. He slowly nodded his head and said: “Take my Family Head Warrant and move the Chu Family Guard out of the city.”

“The Chu Family Guard?” Chu Tianheng was shocked as he looked at the visibly aged Chu Ming. After a while he finally said: “You really want them to go? But…”

The Family Head Chu Ming waved his hands and said: “The fall of the family has begun a long time ago. If it wasn’t for Tiancheng, our Chu Family would have fallen much earlier. We wouldn’t have been able to persevere until now.”

“Alas, although I don’t know what sort of crimes he committed, I’m sure his burden is much more than our trivial family master’s. He only wants to peacefully pass his days right now, and Chu Mu is his only hope…”

Chu Tianheng nodded his head. He clutched the Family Head Medallion as he walked out of the Chu Family’s great hall.

After Chu Tianheng left, the family head, Chu Ming, sat alone on his seat at the head of the room. His slightly conspicuously turbid eyes had clearly grown somewhat lifeless. Ostensibly, he was thinking of the past.

A while later, his eyes finally and gradually grew into focus and he slowly said: “Chu Ning. Aiyah, Chu Ning. Even if Mu Er is the same as the past, where he cannot even summon one soul pet, I will still treat him as my own grandson. There was no need for you to say such words…”

Broken Forest


Mo Xie was truly angry. Her claws ferociously streaked across the Mo Ye and instantly, its armor was completely shredded through. Blood violently gushed out from inside!

Mo Xie didn’t even use Evil Flame Claw, but as a sixth phase third stage Six Tailed Demon Fox, normal attacks were not something a third phase fifth stage Mo Ye could withstand. Its body seemed to have been ripped apart, as extremely deep wounds appeared.

However, the Mo Ye didn’t even let out a painful whimper. After falling heavily on the ground, it continued to unwaveringly stare at the small Mo Xie with unreconciled eyes.

“Don’t kill it…” Chu Mu warned little Mo Xie.

“Wuwu” little Mo Xie was secretly bitter, but could only sneer at the Mo Ye.

Little Mo Xie’s anger was normal, because this was already the sixth time that the small Mo Ye had challenged her. Each time, Mo Xie had beaten it black and blue, and there were even a few times where it was essentially dying. Not much long after, though, the small Mo Ye would immediately chase after their auras and continue to fight Mo Xie with its full fighting strength.

Chu Mu didn’t even know whether to laugh or cry. This small Mo Ye had continuously challenging the higher phased Mo Xie and unexpectedly grown two phases in these circumstances, reaching the third phase fifth stage. He had never thought that there would be a soul pet that could continuously evolve through continuous injury.

This Mo Ye was incomprehensibly, almost terrifyingly, tenacious. Chu Mu really wanted to know how this Mo Ye accomplished this, so he decided to use his soul capture ring on it again to observe its changes.

Chu Mu’s soul capture ring was specially bought. It was a fifth level soul capture ring and he had spent 10,000 gold coins on it. It could hold two fifth stage and under commander rank soul pets, and it was considered an average Soul Capture Ring.

Better soul capture rings could hold even higher ranked and phased soul pets, but their prices were unreasonably high.

The small Mo Ye was simply incapable of resisting Chu Mu’s soul capture and was quickly trapped inside the Soul Capture Ring. This time, Chu Mu wanted to examine whether this small fellow had found special healing medicines to speed up his healing everyday, or whether this small Mo Xie possessed an extremely powerful self-healing ability and battle strength recovery.

After feeding the small Mo Ye a few bug and beast type dual core soul cores, Chu Mu didn’t pay anymore heed to the small fellow. He continued to walk eastward.

En route, Chu Mu encountered a few stronger Mo Yes with a better growth and transformation condition. However, in Chu Mu’s opinion, these Mo Yes only had average aptitude, and were maybe even sub par. Their phases had all reached about the fifth phase and above. If he wanted to use soul cores to train them and raise their attribute strength, the cost was too heavy, so he wasn’t quite satisfied with any of them.

“Did we enter a Mo Ye habitat? The number of Mo Yes here are growing increasingly many.” said Qin Menger.

“Perhaps. There should be a Mo Ye King in Mo Ye Forest. Its strength is not something we can handle.” said Chu Mu.

Mo Yes were middle class commander rank soul pets. After it reached the sixth phase, it was a large threat to Chu Mu, and he was sure that this place did not lack seventh phase Mo Yes. As for the even older Mo Yes, they could have potentially reached the eighth phase, or perhaps the extremely strong ninth phase. Those at the truly terrifying levels were not soul pets that Chu Mu wanted meddle with.

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