Chapter 1109: Dominator Devil Tree vs Thousand Eyed King

The layer of clouds began to float rapidly as the violent wind suddenly arrived. After passing over the extremely verdant treetops, they began to slowly dissipate. 

In the midst of the complex treetops was an enormous python leisurely twisted around a tree branch. It was half hanging off the branch, sticking its head about fifty meters off the branch and looking down at the boundless and vast forest.    

The length of the enormous python reached over a hundred meters. However, compared to Thousand Eyed Devil Tree, it was like a caterpillar stretching out its head. The body of the pseudo dominator rank Thousand Eyed Devil Tree was so terrifying, using a mountain to describe it was not doing it justice.

A pseudo dominator rank Thousand Eyed Devil Tree’s tree trunk and tree tops were home to several emperor rank creatures. These creatures were Wood Python Emperors, Steel Eagle Kings, Blood Devil Demon Monkeys, etc.These creatures obtained life force energy from the pseudo dominator rank Thousand Eyed Devil Tree to continuously cultivate. At the same time, they obtained a certain amount of protection. As for Thousand Eyed Devil Tree, it treated these creatures as subordinates it could order, requiring that they pay tribute in the form of necessary resources every once in a while. 

This was commonly seen in the natural world where a smaller plant had to have the support of a bigger plant. 


The python emperor enjoying the wind suddenly let out a cry, using its cry to wake up the sleeping Thousand Eyed Devil Tree.

Thousand Eyed Devil Tree mostly used deep sleep to cultivate. Moreover, it enjoyed sleeping. When it was woken up by the python emperor, it was unhappy, and its thousand eyes over the tree trunk and tree top and suddenly opened.

“He!! He!!!!!”

The python emperor flusteredly stared into the distance and continuously let out vexed noises.

Thousand Eyed Devil Tree finally moved its gaze into the distance and abruptly discovered that in the territory it ruled, there was now a huge part missing. This missing part was currently expanding towards it.

The rows of Thousand Eyed Tree army were being knocked down like an enormous blade cutting down wheat. Regardless if they were ninth rank tribes or tenth rank tribes, they were unable to stop the overbearing aura that swept through a thousand armies!!

“O!!!!” Thousand Eyed King was angry. Not long ago it had crushed an arrogant paragon emperor. Why did another one of these things come to its territory again to cause trouble so soon? They were excessively looking down on dominator ranks!!

Thousand Eyed King’s eyes fell on the chaotic area, and quickly he discovered that the one creating the huge disturbance was a warrior species rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier!

How could it be that paragon emperor rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier? Didn’t it crush it to death that day??

Thousand Eyed King’s brain was full of questions, but it didn’t think too much. Since it hadn’t been crushed to death last time, it would do it again. It didn’t believe that a paragon emperor could stir up havoc in its territory!

Thousand Eyed King uprooted itself from the ground and strode forward, shaking the entire forest. With a few steps, it had stepped through a huge part of the basin forest. It was like a mountain giant that appeared in front of Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

It was still looking down from above like before. Thousand Eyed Devil Tree King’s thousand eyes didn’t hind its contempt. It raised its enormous foot once again and fiercely stomped on Devil Tree Battle Soldier, as if it was crushing an ant!!


Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a roar. Towards the enormous dark figure descending from the sky, Devil Tree Battle Soldier had no intentions of dodging. Instead, it reached out its vine wood hands!


Thousand Eyed Devil Tree King’s foot stomped on the ground. It should have been able to sink the ground in nearly 100 meters, but this time, it was mysteriously stopped four meters above the ground. No matter how much it pushed down, it was unable to push Devil Tree Battle Soldier into the ground, let alone crush its body!

Underneath the enormous foot, Devil Tree Battle Soldier was using its two arms to powerfully hold up Thousand Eyed Devil Tree’s large foot. Its body was in a firm squat, and its two feet were not trembling at all! 


Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a wild roar, and its body slowly began to stand up underneath the enormous pressure!!

Thousand Eyed Devil Tree King’s eyes revealed deep confusion. As its foot was raised by some enormous strength, Thousand Eyed Devil Tree King’s body began to violently tremble. Immediately after, its large body lost balance!

 “Beng~~~~ beng~~~~~ beng~~~~~~~”

With its enemy off balance, Devil Tree Battle Soldier abruptly threw Thousand Eyed Devil Tree King’s enormous body, and the latter retreated over ten steps before finally falling back onto the towering sea of tree tops. It crushed a huge number of plants as it sat back! 

The trembling vibrations that emerged reverberated around the large forest. Thousand Eyed Army currently surrounding Devil Tree Battle Soldier, ready to attack at any moment were frozen. Even an entire tenth rank tribe didn’t have the guts to move forward!

Thousand Eyed Devil Tree King was extremely slow to get up and its eyes were full of shock. All thousand of its eyes were staring at Devil Tree Battle Soldier in disbelief!! 

Why was this paragon emperor that it was able to crush with a single foot not too long ago now so powerful? The explosive force it used just now was only something a dominator rank could do!!

Thousand Eyed Devil Tree King clearly remembered that this fellow was only a paragon emperor last time and its strength could at most deal with a tenth rank tribe. How did it become so strong in such a short period of time?!!


Thousand Eyed Devil Tree King was angry and envious. It had spent over a thousand years of deep sleep to reach the pseudo dominator rank. Moreover, from the near dominator rank to the pseudo dominator level, it had spent a hundred years. Yet, this Devil Tree Battle Soldier had only spent seven or eight days to reach the same level it was on!!    

Thousand Eyed Devil Tree King’s thousand angry eyes turned to anger and instantly, a thousand mental swords shot towards Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s mind!

Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s willpower was not weak, and it was able to withstand this mental blow.

Additionally, Devil Tree Battle Soldier didn’t need to chant incantations, so even if it was hit by a mental blow, it could still use techniques. 

“Pu pu pu pu pu!!!!!!!!”

This time, it was Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s enormous root python’s turn to soar through the air. These pieces of wood rushed through the forest; the forest wasn’t able to withstand even a blow before being felled. Even Thousand Eyed King was bound up by these incomparably thick roots in an extremely short period of time.     

Thousand Eyed King stopped using mental techniques and relied on its brute strength to forcibly break off Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots. 

Its powerful arms suddenly transformed into enormous hammer that were over a hundred meters large. They descended from the sky, one on the left and one on the right!!


The two enormous hammers simultaneously descended and the powerful force cracked open the wood armor on Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier was knocked back several thousands of meters, but its body did not fall.

After finding its balance, Devil Tree Battle Soldier suddenly struck the ground with its two hands. In an instant, the earth split apart and ten astonishing rifts appeared between Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Thousand Eyed Tree King. 

Thousand Eyed Devil Tree King’s eyes showed a trace of perplexion as it saw the rift approach. Suddenly, ten wooden flood dragons that were a thousand meters long shot out of the rifts. These flood dragons appeared in ten different locations around Thousand Eyed Devil Tree. They then soared into the air and intertwined together above Thousand Eyed Devil Tree King’s head!

Wood Flood Dragon Cauldron!!

These techniques were an upgraded version of Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Wood Finger Prison. The wild cyan wood flood dragons were much more domineering than the wood ropes. From the distance, they looked like ten genuine cyan colored flood dragons that rose up from the sea to form a cauldron by wrapping their necks!!

Wood poison!!

The poison attribute was layered on top. No matter how much strength it exerted, Thousand Eyed Devil Tree King that was trapped by the Wood Flood Dragon Cauldron was unable to break free. Moreover, with the poison attribute, its wood armor was powerfully corroded. 

Ten Thousand Devil Spears!!

Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s third technique comboed in extremely quick. Devil Tree Battle Soldier could have used it at the same time. 

After the would poison, the ground began to mysteriously vibrate. Countless wood spears stabbed out of the ground, ripping it apart. 

As Devil Tree Battle Soldier gave its order, the ten thousand spears violently stabbed at Thousand Eyed Devil Tree King!

They were like a dense smatter of rain that rapidly pierced out. Since Thousand Eyed Devil Tree King’s body had been corroded, and the Ten Thousand Devil Spears contained poison, this caused the wounds it suffered to keep proliferating!!

Ten thousand spears pierced the heart. The scene on the battlefield was spectacular yet terrifying. Thousand Eyed Devil Tree King’s enormous body was like a hedgehog. It was as if there was no part left intact. 

It gave a few miserable cries and after struggling a few times, finally broke free of the Wood Flood Dragon Cauldron prison!!


Thousand Eyed Devil Tree King angrily roared, shattering all of the wood spears in its body. Green liquid seeped out of its body!

“Hm, it has also species mutated, becoming a Ten Thousand Eye Devil Tree.” Chu Mu looked at Thousand Eyed Devil Tree’s body that was full of blue eyes, and couldn’t help but ridicule it. 

Thousand Eyed Devil Tree King was a dominator, and could roughly understand that this human was ridiculing it. The anger in its heart grew deeper and its thousand eyes opened up, revealing irreconcilable venomous hatred!!

Devil Tree Battle Soldier stood there calmly and without fear. The roots under its feet began to slowly and silently wriggle. Noiselessly, they covered the ten kilometer area in front of it.

Thousand Eyed Devil Tree strode forward, relying on its body’s superiority to quickly rush at Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

The time, Thousand Eyed Devil Tree used Thousand Eyed Leaves, creating a windstorm that swept towards Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Relying on Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s inability to dodge, its two arms transformed into large hammers that smashed down!!

Devil Tree Battle Soldier was already prepared. Just as the enormous hammers descended, it instantly sprung the pitfall it set!!

The ten kilometer earth collapsed, forming a shocking and impressive pit. In the pit, sharp roots that rapidly absorbed life force were wrapped all around Thousand Eyed Devil Tree’s body. It was like a thousand or ten thousand bloodsucking insects were stuck to its body, rapidly absorbing life force!!

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