Book 2 Chapter 299 - Memory Steal, Anger of Sealing

Chapter 299: Memory Steal Anger of Sealing

Chu Mu’s Dimensional Devil Flames reached far and wide. Soul Alliance Xiao Ren’s Phantom Sable was rather fast quickly hiding far away right as the Dimensional flames blew up. It should only have suffered skin layer burns.

Soul Alliance Luo Ling’s Demon Fairy had a certain amount of dark type resistance. Yet dark type was afraid of fire type. When the Dimensional Devil Flames spread it was heavily burnt. If no water type technique healed it quickly then it would quickly lose all its fighting strength.

Mister Xue’s Wood Tray Spirit was the worst off. Mister Xie even risked wasting his soul power to use a water type soul technique to extinguish the devil flames that were burning the Wood Tray Spirit’s body and soul.

”Water type soul pet flower type soul pet everyone quickly heal!” Mister Xue’s face alternated between white and steely. This misjudgement of his had indeed caused huge losses!

Pure support type soul pet trainers weren’t very plentiful but many soul pet trainers still left a space for water type or flower type soul pets in case of emergencies.

Of all the soul pet trainers there were four water type soul pets of which three were aggressive attacking types. The only one with real healing was from Merchant Alliance.

This water type soul pet’s healing couldn’t possibly be very effective. It only caused the lightest damaged Phantom Sable to recover its fighting strength. The other soul pets could only back off far away. When the Devil Flames weren’t removed there was no chance of nearing this World Shocking Devil.

”Li old city master let your Cloud Snake Ape Monarch assist!” Mister Xue’s Sun Flame Demon Bird was also wounded quite badly. Before his water type healing technique healed it Mister Xue didn’t dare let the bird near Chu Mu either.

Li Sheng also bit down on his teeth hard. The Cyan Hidden Dragon needed the Red Galactic Demon Emperor to restrict its powerful dragon species techniques yet the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch was the soul pet that could truly harm the Cyan Hidden Dragon. Moving the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch away meant that the remaining soul pets wouldn’t be much of a threat anymore.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon was scary because of this. If one couldn’t threaten it for a certain time period all the wounds caused could very likely be fully healed by the time one got back to attacking it. The previous attacks would be rendered useless.

Mister Xue’s battle wasn’t looking good. Li Sheng could only send his Cloud Snake Ape Monarch towards the evil devil making it stop the devil for a moment while the rest of the soul pet trainers took a breather and healed.

After this Dimensional Devil Flame was cast Chu Mu himself needed some rest. This technique had wasted lots of his power.

Chu Mu lifted up his head to see the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch stepping on white clouds as it quickly jumped from the Cyan Hidden Dragon to him.

Chu Mu knew that the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch definitely came to delay him. If he couldn’t attack quickly and kill a few tenth phase monarchs then the power wasted in the Dimensional Devil Flames wouldn’t have been used well. After all the opponent had a tenth phase water type and tenth phase flower type soul pet.

Chu Mu’s real goal was to kill the Demon Fairy. His pupils started turning as he looked through the darkness for the Demon Fairy’s silhouette!

Finally Chu Mu found the Demon Fairy hiding under a black cloud receiving healing from its master!

Now with no soul pet daring to near Chu Mu Chu Mu was even more free in movement. He ignored his still recovering power and cast Devil Phantom again moving his mercurial body menacingly at the Demon Fairy!

Chu Mu’s movement speed was much slower than before. The previously eye-dazzling spatial shifts could now be detected by the soul pet trainers.

The first to notice the devil’s movement naturally was Luo Ling. His water type incantation was still on his mouth. One or two healing techniques couldn’t possibly completely recover his Demon Fairy’s fighting strength. This was already the third time he cast this incantation meaning he used a full 30 of his soul power.

Yet when he noticed that the evil devil monarch had appeared once again his face went pale!

Not a single soul pet could block this world shaking demon’s steps now!


Demon Fairy had already hidden under the clouds’ shadows but was still found by Chu Mu. Noticing the half devil Chu Mu slowly near

”Come back...Come back quickly” Luo Ling frantically started his soul pact incantation to retract the Demon Fairy into his soul pet space or else the wounded Demon Fairy was surely dead!


Even though his speed was lowered Chu Mu was still much faster than Luo Ling. With a casual sweep of his hand he lifted a wall of white devil flames that quickly blocked off Luo Ling’s sight.

The devil flames had strong stimulus effects of the soul. Luo Ling’s soul pact incantation had already started yet the Devil Flames’ blockage made his recall incantation null. Luo Ling could only watch dully at the white devil flames that was erected a hundred meters away.

The pale and deadly devil flames filled Luo Ling’s eyes causing his eyes to start to become bloodshot.

Suddenly his eyes bulged out as if they were going to pop out and his face became incredibly pale.

The devil flames blocked everyone’s vision. No one knew what happened within the white devil flames but from Soul Alliance Luo Ling’s lost appearance he knew a fact --- the Demon Fairy had been killed!

In such a situation no one could stop this devil monarch’s killing. If this evil soul pet found them it was their greatest misfortune!

The flames slowly extinguished and along with their disappearance also went the Demon Fairy...

Soul Alliance Luo Ling took in big breaths. Just not long ago he had been wounded by the Dimensional Devil Flames. Now the onslaught of devil flames and his soul pet’s death exacerbated this putting him into an abnormally weakened state.

”Soul Alliance?”

Suddenly a cold and empty voice sounded aside Soul Alliance Luo Ling’s ears. This voice appeared very strangely and was without warning. He felt as if it came from a faraway world also as if it was right beside him. It clearly didn’t have emotions yet it caused his soul to shiver uncontrollably.

Soul Palace Luo Ling turned his head and watched terrified at his surroundings but he saw nothing.

”Above...above your head Luo Ling your head!!” Mister Xue warned with alarm.

The Cloud Snake Ape Monarch still needed a distance before it could reach. At this point everyone discovered that the World Shaking Devil Monarch seemed to have appeared cryptically above Luo Ling!

Luo Ling’s entire head was become stiffer from the coldness. He raised his head with difficulty and the evil and crazed devil entered his vision!

With the devil full of destruction nearby at this distance Luo Ling could even see his own terrified self reflected in those pupils.

It was a cold face. Luo Ling even felt like he saw this face somewhere before...

Finally Luo Ling remembered he remembered why this face was so familiar. It was the teen that Li old city master had mentioned at the city hall meeting!

Luo Ling remembered this teen deeply because he always felt this teen had some similarities with an unruly man from a dozen years ago. His mind instantly started floating with memories of that man...

Chu Mu watched Luo Ling’s eyes coldly. From these terrified pupils Chu Mu actually caught a blurry image.

Chu Mu had never seen these images but Chu Mu for some reason felt they were incredibly familiar.


It was Soul Alliance Luo Ling’s memories captured by Chu Mu after his mental barriers broke down. This memory originally should’ve had nothing to do with Chu Mu but the scene Chu Mu saw ignited a flame in his almost deathly still heart!

Chu Mu saw Luo Ling’s memory. Just as Luo Ling’s mental defenses were nearly gone his eyes looked straight into the memories of Luo Ling!!

Chu Mu saw a heart-shaking scene

Above a golden dazzling holy land was a lonely ancient diamond shaped structure that stood in the boundless skies. It looked like an organism that had been their since the beginning of time and would remain their until the end!

Its faded outer shells were bind by dragon like chains interlacing and binding. Every massive chain was imprinted with countless totemic beasts each lively and seeming to be ready to burst out of their chains and into the heavens!

”What is this...what is this” Luo Ling’s memories flashed into Chu Mu’s mind. Chu Mu’s pale pupils became dazed and empty as if a white hole...

”Your father’s four main soul pets. One died fighting while the other three were sealed by Soul Alliance” A heavy voice sounded in Chu Mu’s mind. These were words from the deepest part of Chu Mu’s heart. Because of these words no matter how much pain and suffering he had to endure he had never given up the belief of becoming powerful.

”Three main soul pets to release their master’s soul and awaken him all self destructed in their seals.”

Using their own lives as price to release the three souls of their master!

Chu Mu saw. Chu Mu didn’t even think that through the half devil’s pupils he could at the moment a person’s mental barrier’s collapsed see their memories. And this memory was exactly what he had been looking for...

Strange sadness was like an inverse river frenzily pouring into Chu Mu’s heart creating an echo of inconsolable grief in Chu Mu’s mental world. This echo nearly shattered his devil fire covered heart.


High temperatures burned at Chu Mu’s thinking. His thinking was no longer his own. Barely he could see an ancient soul pet running wantonly in a plain. This was the best display of battle movement and dodging Chu Mu had ever seen!

Yet all of this had been destroyed in the collapsed Heaven Boundary Monument...

This memory had already been forgotten by Chu Mu yet for some reason the sorrow again rolled through Chu Mu’s body causing the half devil Chu Mu to become even crazier!!


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