Book 2 Chapter 298 - Mass Killing of Soul Pets, Dimensional Devil Flame Sea

Chapter 298 Mass Killing of Soul Pets Dimensional Devil Flame Sea

The only thing left of the arc flame shield was an empty shield. The half devil Chu Mu that was inside had already been burnt to ashes by white devil flames. Then not even five meters behind Soul Alliance Luo Ling’s Demon Fairy white colored devil flames sprung up and an ice cold devil flame aura gradually proliferated!

The half devil Chu Mu had a dark attribute and the Demon Fairy’s threat to Chu Mu was slightly lessened however the Demon Fairy’s dark type power could severely corrode the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s defense and was a huge threat to it. Chu Mu thus had to get rid of this Demon Fairy first.

"Luo Ling watch out for you Demon Fairy!” Senior Xue wasn’t too far away from Luo Ling and as a spirit emperor he immediately discovered that the half devil Chu Mu had appeared!

Senior Xue was an extremely cautious person and if it wasn’t because he was always covering the surrounding environment with his perception abilities he definitely wouldn’t have discovered Chu Mu’s strange displacement space!

Luo Ling was stunned and immediately turned his head where he found that a proud devil figure had appeared behind of the back of the shadow encompassed the Demon Fairy!


Luo Ling panickedly ordered his Demon Fairy to use a dodging technique.

The tenth phase Demon Fairy’s reaction was very fast and the moment his master gave an order the black figure suddenly coiled into a snake-like figure. In the next instant the tenth phase Demon Fairy completely blended into the shadows under the cloud layer disappearing!

”Stop it!” Luo Ling’s expression was one of panic. He knew that the devil monarch also had dark abilities and Phantomize fundamentally wouldn’t allow the Demon Fairy to escape its eyes.

Indeed in front of a pure evil devil monarch the dark attribute was no longer proprietary to solely the Demon fairy. Chu Mu’s Other Pupils rotated and the Phantomized Demon Fairy that disappeared in the shadows under the cloud layer was completely exposed in Chu Mu’s eyes.

Chu Mu examined his surroundings and apathetically swept his eyes over the Phantom Sable and Wood Tray Spirit. His cold face revealed a demonic smile.

The Phantom Sable was protecting the Demon Fairy while the Wood Tray Spirit’s innumerable branches quickly created a large branch net around Chu Mu. Every surrounding direction seemed to have been enclosed fully sealing Chu Mu in this wood branch weaving space!

”Space Seal!”

Senior Xue realized that the devil monarch could use a space displacement ability and in order to prevent it using Displacement Specter and fleeing he added something special on the vast wooden net!

Chu Mu’s Displacement Specter technique could swap spaces with a location but once the space was sealed the technique completely lost effect!

However Chu Mu was still extremely calm. His high temperature burning mind was full of various powerful techniques and battle skills. He didn’t need to specially think of the technique and the technique would naturally come out.

”Dimensional Devil Flame!”

Chu Mu’s mercury cast body slowly disappeared amidst devil flames or perhaps it was better to say that when the technique was used Chu Mu transformed into white devil flames!

The devil flame was originally the height of a person before slowly expanding. Finally it transformed into a devil flame that had a twenty meter diameter!

As the white devil flame expanded the half devil Chu Mu stored up energy. By the time the torrential devil flames reached a diameter of twenty meters people could feel a clear majestic energy inside the devil flames!

”Maintain distance maintain distance! Prepare soul defenses and fire defenses!” Senior Xue immediately realized a crisis was imminent and yelled towards everyone!

”Senior Xue you must restrict it!” everyone had pale faces and original besieging half devil formation instantly dissipated.

This world shocking devil could create a technique with extremely high destruction abilities without preparation thus if it stored up energy first wouldn’t the technique it used have an even more terrifying destructive force?

No one wanted to know what the horrible after effects would be but none of them dared to use their soul pet’s lives frivolously.

”Sun Defense!” Senior Xue’s face was grave as he gave his Sun Flame Demon Bird an order.

The Sun Flame Demon Bird was flying on top of the Dimensional Devil Flame and when Senior Xue gave it an order its body outlandishly overlapped with the round sun in the sky.

The sun crowned Sun Flame Demon Bird’s wings flickered on edge and a glorious curtain of light slipped through shining on its spread winged body. Promptly a scorching sun light completely shined on this stored energy Dimensional Devil Flame!

The devil flames were nefarious and an abnormally pale white color. The scorching sunlight was a holy golden color causing this Sun Defense technique to seem like a purifying sunlight. The evil Dimensional Devil Flames were covered by the gorgeous holy wings causing the last of the flames to slowly disappear amidst the gloriousness!

Seeing Senior Xue’s soul pet use such a powerful defense technique everyone let out a large sigh of relief. Especially Luo Ling who was targeted by the world shocking devil. If Senior Xue hadn’t timely intervened his Demon Fairy would probably have been devoured by the devil monarch.


The Sun Flame Demon Bird unfurled its wings and soared through the heavens like an arrogant golden statue full of symbolism.

The golden sunlight defense it had discharged had fully contained the white soul devil flames that was expanding outwards with its ice cold aura...

The white devil flames had already wantonly expanded to a diameter of thirty meters but after the golden light’s envelopment the Dimensional Devil flames seemed to have been suppressed and were slowly shrinking and shrinking...

”Prepare to attack.” Senior Xue knew that once the Dimensional Devil Flames had been suppressed to its weakest point the nefarious devil monarch would definitely appear then.

The Phantom Sable Demon Fairy Wood Tray Spirit Hurricane Fairy and the other dozen tenth phase monarch and under soul pets were all surrounding the half devil Chu Mu. They wanted to use this opportunity to take down the nefarious devil monarch in one strike.

”Too native a group of idiots hahahaha.” suddenly a laugh was heard from afar.

The laugh happened to come from Nightmare Palace vice city lord Xi Hong. This fellow was presently mocking and looking at them with contempt. In his eyes were also a bit of adoration and fervor towards the half devil.

”Hmph old nightmare geezer it’s fine if you won’t participate but don’t make cynical remarks. Just scram far as far away as you need!” sneered Soul Alliance Luo Ling.

”Scram. I’m definitely going to scram” Nightmare Palace Xi Hong remained calm and moved further away as he clearly had a premonition about something.

The Dimensional Devil Flames continued to be suppressed. From ten meters they were suppressed to one meter before finally transforming into a fist-sized Dimensional Devil Flame.

Senior Xue creased his brows and he looked blankly at this Dimensional Devil Flame that had been suppressed to something like a fire heart. He felt as though something was wrong with this Dimensional Devil Flame. Although the Dimensional Devil Flame had become smaller the energy gathered within was still there...

Suddenly Senior Xue realized something an his aged face was suddenly full of various emotions shock panic and fear!

”Quick!! Quickly get away!!!!” Senior Xue frantically roared!


”Hong hong”

Senior Xuan’s voice was fully engulfed by the loud dimension sound as the Dimensional Devil Flame blew up!

Although it was only a fist size when the Dimensional Devil Flame exploded it let out a world-shocking destruction force. A torrential devil flame tsunami surged through the boundless sky!

The color of white was omnipresent!

The first one that suffered the attack happened to be the Sun Flame Demon Bird using the sunlight defense. The magnificent golden light curtain was swallowed up by the pale white nefarious devil light. The scorching sun bestowing the Sun Flame Demon Bird also darkened at this moment transforming into a sun with only its corona left!


The Sun Flame Demon Bird was incapable of bearing the dimensional energy’s explosion. When the surging devil flames swept out in all directions its body was caught by the scorching hot soul devil flames. It was knocked flying by the terrifying dimensional impact and even its miserable cry was swallowed up...

The Sun Flame Demon Bird’s sunlight defense was shattered meaning that there was no longer anything stopping the Dimensional Devil Flame’s destruction from spreading!!

The devil flame transformed into a devil sea that wildly raged through the sky. It surged through the entirety of the sky above Li City. The extreme speed of the Phantom Sable the shadow melding of the Demon Fairy the nature protection of the Wood Tray Spirit and the Hurricane Fairy were futile in allowing these tenth phase monarch soul pets to escape. They were all burned by this torrential Dimensional Devil Flames burning their souls!

Due to the close distance of these dozen or so tenth phase monarch and under soul pets only the ones with rather fast soul pets were able to escape from this energy wave. The others were completely swallowed up by the Dimensional Devil Flame sea!

Instakill!! The moment they were swallowed up by the Dimensional Devil Flames these soul pets without any resistance abilities towards the soul devil flames did not survive. They transformed into nothingness inside this Dimensional Devil Flame Sea and were instantly killed on the spot!

These dozen or so soul pets were all the second pet or the main pet that hadn’t completely matured of these experts of various factions. Each one of their deaths dealt an injury to their soul and even more terrifying was that the soul devil flames could even soul devil flame poison the soul pet trainer’s souls through a death of his or her soul pet.

After the Dimensional Devil Flame’s explosion there was a mass death of soul pets and the surrounding experts’ souls were all injured!!!

”The Dimensional Devil Flame was shrinking but the smaller it shrank the more terrifying its might would be. Senior Xue this time you really caused the death of so many people hahaha.” Nightmare palace Xi Hong used soul remembrance to loudly mock Senior Xue.

Dimensional Devil Flames could be regarded as a peak technique of White Nightmares. This technique was not possessed by any of this White Nightmare Palace vice palace lord’s soul pets. Moreover he had only seen it once before when it was used by Nightmare Palace’s Elder Yuan who was revered by numerous people. Back then it was hard to count exactly how many soul pets had been instantaneously killed further all of the soul pets that had been killed were over tenth phase commander rank!

The devil flame sea didn’t last for very long in the sky above Li city but that instantaneous destruction could even be felt in places far away from the battlefield.

It could be said that when the millions of people in Li City saw these Dimensional Devil Flames cause such a magnificent scene in the air the coldness caused all of their souls to tremble...


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