Chapter 294: Arrival, The Devil that Shocked the World (4)

Chapter 294: Arrival, The Devil that Shocked the World (4)

Other Pupil changed his mental reaction, causing his vision and thinking speed to become abnormally fast.

When Chu Mu was staring at the Gluttonous Insect Monster and Hundred Mother, their speed was so slow that they seemed they were immobile. This happened because Chu Mu had inadvertently used the half devil Other Pupil ability.

The Red Galactic Demon Emperor’s speed really was fast - so fast to the point where the half devil state Chu Mu had problems keeping up. However, when Chu Mu’s two pupils released the special lustre, the Red Galactic Demon Emperor’s speed became much slowly in Chu Mu’s eyes!

The Red Galactic Demon emperor was still moving at an extremely high speed and although Chu Mu was a bit slower than it, Chu Mu could determine its movement trajectories through its slowed movements. As long as he could predict which direction the enemy was moving towards, even if he was slower, he would still be able to effectively attack the opponent!

Chu Mu’s eyes let out an evil glint and finally found the trajectory it was moving in from its strange ever-changing movements!

Displacement Specter!!

A vigorous white devil flame sprang up from under Chu Mu’s feet, instantaneously burning his mercury-like body into ashes.

At the same time, a devil flame appeared in mid-air a hundred meters away. It formed a beautiful white bonfire which quickly burned in the shape of a human and then finally transforming into a half devil Chu Mu burning from head to toe in white flames!

His extremely cold face mask was wearing a demonic smile. Chu Mu slowly raised his claws burning with two violently burning devil flames waiting for the Red Galactic Demon Emperor’s arrival!

Chu Mu’s judgement wasn’t wrong, and the Red Galactic Demon Emperor did appear! The next spot it was going to move to was the spot Chu Mu had Displacement Spectered to!!

A red figure appeared face to face with Chu Mu. At this distance, the half devil state Chu Mu could clearly see the Red Galactic Demon Emperor’s red face.

It was red faced with only eyes and a nose, without any other organs. Its head was a glossy red skull wearing a special red helmet that protected its skull...

After its appearance, its red eyes were instantly occupied by the white devil flames burning in front as the thing standing arrogantly in front of it astonishingly was the extremely imposing and powerful white flame half devil. The Red Galactic Demon Emperor’s eyes revealed a fearful expression!

“Evil Behead!”

The half devil Chu Mu’s claws became two devil swords burning with white flames. They chopped downwards, splitting open the space and the white devil flame sword marks left a clear imprint in the sky as if really had split open space!

When the Red Galactic Demon Emperor saw that Chu Mu had reacted, its two arms criss-crossed in front of its stomach and it tucked its head under its arms. Its special helmet formed a red light screen that was erected in front of it.

The Red Galactic Demon Emperor’s defense was very hurried, and the red defensive screen was incapable of fully stopping the half devil Chu Mu’s prepared strike. The red defensive screen was shattered by the Evil Behead and two white devil flaming sword marks slashed through, leaving two deep white fire wounds on the Red Galactic Demon Emperor’s arm and stomach! The red blood that oozed out of its body was rapidly ignited by the white devil flames!

The white wound was clear and distinct on its body!

It had been so long since old Kingdom Lord Li’s Red Galactic Demon Emperor had been wounded that he didn’t even remember the last time. After all, its extreme demon speed was something even the powerful existence of the Cyan Hidden Dragon found hard to catch.

“Incredible, truly incredible. What on earth is that. Why did such a powerful creature appear!” every Li City expert was dumbstruck.

It was even able to see through the Red Galactic Demon Emperor’s extreme speed and perfect dodging. How much strength did this abnormally evil and imposing half devil really possess?!

Having struck successfully, the half devil Chu Mu couldn’t let the Red Galactic Demon Emperor escape, so it used Devil Phantom which was full of a cold force. Chu Mu’s figure streaked across the air, leaving a white flame in his wake. He closed in on the Red Galactic Demon Emperor and his evil claws brandished a soul burning devil flame!

The white devil flames torrentially whirled, ostentatious and wanton. It illuminated the sky in a pale white color and amidst the surging devil flames, the half devil Chu Mu’s attacks became incomparably berserk, its speed reached the limit, the destruction force was terrifying and the devil flames outlandishly burned the soul. Even if the wounded Red Galactic Demon Emperor used its perfect dodging, the Other Pupils’ limitations forced it to passively accept the violently devilish imposing attacks. The wounds on its red body continuously increased!

“Luo Ling, what are you just standing there for?!!” old Kingdom Lord Li finally realized his Red Galactic Demon Emperor was being completely restricted by the half devil and he angrily yelled at Soul Alliance’s Luo Ling.

Luo Ling abruptly reacted, and hastily had his two ninth phase soul pets throw themselves into the fight between the half devil and the Red Galactic Demon Emperor.

Luo Ling’s two flying soul pets, although having reached the ninth phase, couldn’t keep up in speed with Chu Mu and the Red Galactic Demon Emperor. In front of the fight between these two extreme speed creatures, they could only use techniques that did no damage.

“Absolute Ice!”

The Glazed Ice with extreme strong ice effectiveness, floated around Chu Mu. The ice crystals on its sparkling and transparent treasure-like glass were like fine particles and when it appeared beside Chu Mu, it was like a white fog.

When Luo Ling’s ice type soul pet finished its incantation, the glazed ice particles suddenly condensed on the half devil Chu Mu...

The surrounding glazed ice particles continued to grow in number and the body of Chu Mu which had been imprinted by ice seemed to be a magnet as the continuously appearing ice particles seemed to be sucked to his skin.

As the attachment speed increased, Chu Mu’s white flame body was lowly covered by a thick layer of glazed ice particles and his movements grew slower and slower.

The ice particles eventually covered Chu Mu’s entire body and his body seemed to have stopped moving. He was completely frozen by the ice covering his body and he transformed into an immobile ice statue.

“Well…. Well done!” seeing Luo Ling’s ice type soul pet freeze the terrifying half devil, the old Kingdom Lord Li let out a sigh of relief.

Old Kingdom Lord Li never expected the half devil’s strength to be so abnormal that even his strongest, the Red Galactic Demon Emperor, wasn’t its opponent.“Beng!!!!!!!”

However, old Kingdom Lord Li didn’t have time to be happy as the thick glazed ice layer abruptly blew up!

A cold half devil face faintly exposed an angry expression. This anger caused others to tremble and made them ostensibly feel as if something terrifying was about to occur!“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

The white devil flames began to burn even more vigorously after being frozen by ice. The half devil Chu Mu’s Other Pupils were fully fixated on Luo Ling’s Glazed Ice soul pet. His right arm was lifted high in the air and his palm opened up completely...

The half devil Chu Mu adopted a mad stance as if it was imploring the heavens for strength!

A white devil light flickered on its palm.

Suddenly, a white devil light flickered in the expansive sky, and this location in the sky happened to be on top of the Glazed Ice soul pet’s head!

It descended straight down from the highest spot in the sky. The white devil light was like a evil bolt of lightning that struck down without any warning. It fiercely bombarded the Glazed Ice soul pet’s body!

Luo Ling’s Glazed Ice soul pet was hovering in the air, but after being struck by the devil light, its body was carried straight down by the shocking devil light. It was like the magnificent descent of a meteor that ran straight through from the heaven to the earth!


As if it had been struck by the long roar of a flying dragon, after the devil light’s descent, the entire district seemed to sink downwards!

A large white devil flaming entwined body of a dragon surged up into the horizon. A split-second later, the horizon was covered by a huge white devil flame dragon. The cold yet hot devil flame aura hit the fear stricken faces of every expert causing their souls to tremble under the cold as the horizon itself shook!

Heavenly Flame Rite!!

It was a white colored Heavenly Flame Rite that was ten times more terrifying than the normal seventh rank fire type technique Heavenly Flame Rite!

The Glazed Ice soul pet had merely used the Absolute Ice technique, but it wasn’t even able to stop the half devil Chu Mu for even two seconds.

Then, a moment later, the ice type soul pet suffered from the world-shocking half devil’s anger. No one knew whether Luo Ling’s ice type soul pet would be able to survive from this astonishing Heavenly Flame Rite technique!

“A devil that shocked the world! Why did such a devil appear in my Li City?!!” old Kingdom Lord Li’s slightly aged face was a bit rigid. If this Heavenly Flame Rite technique had been used on his Red Galactic Demon Emperor, its lack of defensive ability meant that it may not have been able to take the strike!

The most terrifying thing was that the shocking devil’s body seemed to contain a boundless strength; it didn’t need to chant, it didn’t need to store its strength and, with one hand wave, it could cause a shocking technique with such destructive force. This strength was definitely not inferior to the full-strength Cyan Hidden Dragon

Yet, what made this world-shocking devil more terrifying than the Cyan Hidden Dragon was that no one knew what soul pet to use in order to deal with its other type techniques!

   ……“God. This is the strength of a god!” the White Nightmare Palace’s vice city lord, Xi Hong, was like a religious apostle that piously watched the devil flames engulf the heavens.

The strongest Nightmare and the only one that was created through the fusion of the strongest soul pet trainer and strongest Nightmare- the half devil!

To Nightmare Palace people, the eminently rare half devil was a god-like existence. It was gripping and stunning like a shooting star streaking across the sky and within all of this was also a resplendent and dazzling radiance!

If it wasn’t because every person of the former generation that had transformed into a half devil had been cleanly devoured, the half devil would be the strongest existence within Nightmare Palace!

However, this was also why behind the extreme pain and cost this rare existence suffered, the half devil was a godly existence in the eyes of every Nightmare Palace expert!


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