Book 2 Chapter 297 - The Strongest Soul Pet Formation in Li City’s History

Chapter 297: The Strongest Soul Pet Formation in Li City’s History

Senior Xue’s quasi emperor wasn’t a true emperor rank soul pet, nor was it a monarch rank soul pet. Instead, it was a commander rank Sun Flame Demon Bird!

Sun Flame Demon Bird: demon kingdom - wing type - Demon Bird species - Sun Flame Demon Bird subspecies - commander rank

The Sun Flame Demon Bird’s wingspan reached over five meters, and it had a sharp golden beak and two resplendent gold color flames as eyes. Its two wings and stomach had the burning traces of flames and its feathers were incomparably tough. They carried a golden gloss, while a golden glowing sun mark was attached to its back.

Senior Xue had clearly spent an enormous sum of strengthening money on it, as it was emitting a powerful aura and flame that surpassed a monarch. When it flew, fiery clouds would blossom, and the imposing nature of these clouds was not inferior to old Kingdom Lord Li’s Cloud Snake Ape Monarch that could step on the cloud layer!

While also being of the fire attribute, the Sun Flame Demon Emperor’s fire attribute was even more complete than Chu Mu’s devil flames. When it spread its wings in the air, its heavenly flames marked in red caused the environment’s temperature to rise!

The devil flames Chu Mu possessed didn’t have heat, and only had a coldness that could penetrate the depths of a person’s soul. Yet, this coldness was now faintly being suppressed by the Sun Flame Demon Bird’s fire aura.“Ao~~~~~”

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s perception abilities weren’t weak and it quickly sensed that the Sun Flame Demon Bird Senior Xue had summoned was of a certain threat to it; its eye thus locked onto this intense fire aura soul pet.

“Since Senior Xue has already brought out his skill, I, Luo Ling, can no longer remain cowering!” said Soul Alliance’s Luo Ling.

Senior Xue could also be considered a Soul Alliance member. With him taking the lead, Luo Ling naturally was much more relieved, and he promptly chanted an incantation, summoning his main pet - a Demon Fairy.

The tenth phase demon fairy’s fighting strength had reached the monarch level, and its special dark attribute could corrode the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s dragon scale armor to a certain extent.

In front of a powerful defensive soul pet, since it was able to weaken defenses and had the especially important dark attribute that could create various abnormal states, Luo Ling’s summon instantly earned the praise of old Kingdom Lord Li and Senior Xue.

A smile rose on Luo Ling’s face. The Demon Fairy’s aura was rather similar to that world-shocking devil, and he was confident that the Demon Fairy could potentially hold its own in front of this unique soul pet!

Immediately after Luo Ling, the various experts from the factions chanted soul pact incantations and summoned their true main pets!

Quickly, the nine tenth phase soul pets with monarch rank fighting strength appeared on the battlefield!!

The nine great tenth phase monarch rank fighting strength soul pets came from different soul pet trainers, and respectively were Soul Pet Palace Lord’s monarch Ice Winged Dragon, Merchant Alliance senior’s Four Patterned Thunder Devouring Beast, Soul Alliance Luo Ling’s Demon Fairy and White Eyed Ghost, Soul Alliance Xiao Ren’s Demon Phantom Sable, old Kingdom Lord Li’s Sunset Roc and Hurricane Fairy, Senior Xue’s Wood Tray Spirit and Yu Shang’s Light Rhinoceros.

These soul pets all had the ability to fly, and if it wasn’t because the fight had risen up into the air, these experts probably had even stronger tenth phase monarchs that they could summon!

Including the three tenth phase quasi emperors, the Red Galactic Demon Emperor, the Wind Snake Ape Monarch and the Sun Flame Demon Bird, these twelve soul pets had absolutely formed the most glorious soul pet formation in Li City’s history!!

The most shocking battle in Zhanli Kingdom’s history was about to erupt in the sky about Li City!


“Ao!!!!!! Ao!!!!!!!!”

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s temper was eminently irascible, and it instantly let out an angry roar. Its cyan eyes locked onto the tenth phase monarch rank fighting strength Ice Winged Dragon summoned by the Soul Pet Palace Lord and took the initiative to launch an attack!

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s flesh wings spread apart and when they flapped, an innumerable number of cyan wind blades flew across the sky towards the Ice Winged Dragon!

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s intelligence was very high, and it knew that if it wanted to get rid of the Red Galactic Demon Emperor, the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch and the Sun Flame Demon Bird there would be a problem, especially when there were supporting and healing soul pets. Thus, in order to survive, it had to first get rid of these soul pets that could not contend with it but were a threat to it!

Chu Mu and the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s thoughts were the same. The nine tenth phase monarchs were relatively threatening to them and they had to wipe them out first in order to escape this besiegement.

“Hou hou!!!!!!!”

The tenth phase monarch Ice Winged Tiger discovered that the Cyan Hidden Dragon had already launched an attack at it. Its two completely evolved wings flapped, and it flew in another direction, dodging the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s attack.

Once the Cyan Hidden Dragon chose a soul pet, it would do everything to kill that soul pet. Its enormous flesh wings lightly turned before abruptly flapping. It then flew a hundred meters as its enormous body caught up to the Ice Winged Tiger!

How could the Ice Winged Tiger’s flying ability compare with the Cyan Hidden Dragon? Its immense dragon claws lifted high in the air, and a cyan dragon force congealed on its dragon claws as it fiercely smashed it down towards the Ice Winged Tiger!

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

A strange hurricane appeared in a timely matter and it happened to be support from Old Li’s Hurricane Fairy. This stream of air that had silently floated over caused the Ice Winged Tiger’s speed to suddenly increase. The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s dragon claw was obviously a bit short, and it only left a light wound on the Ice Winged Tiger’s back.

“Nightmare Black Hole!”

Standing in between the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s dragon horns, Chu Mu also used a technique which also targeted Soul Pet Palace Lord’s Ice Winged Tiger!

The moment the Ice Winged Tiger had dodged the terrifying dragon claws, it faced another technique which happened to be a shockingly devilish powerful combination of other and dark type!

The white devil flames drew out a pattern on the edge of the black hole and from within the pattern abruptly sprang out white devil flames. These white devil flames caused the interior of the circle to combust into a vacuous and empty black hole!

The over four meter large Ice Winged Tiger happened to be in the center of this Nightmare Black Hole. Suddenly, a sucking forge began to violently suck at the Ice Winged Tiger’s body, dragging its body into another world!

Soul Pet Palace Lord’s face was deathly white. He never expected his soul pet would become the main target of these two super ranked existences. Although his tenth phase Ice Winged Tiger was strong and its fighting strength had reached the middle class monarch level, if it didn’t adopt sufficient defensive measures, it was definitely possible for it to be instakilled by these two super creatures!

The power of the other type technique could not be dissolved by support techniques. Even though there were numerous support type soul pets hovering in the air, none of them had a technique that could resolve the Nightmare Black Hole’s might. Each one of them could only watch on with wide open eyes as a tenth phase Ice Winged Tiger was slowly swallowed!

Having been simultaneously targeted by two ultra creatures, the tenth phase monarch would definitely die! The shocking devil and Cyan Hidden Dragon were absolutely not benevolent creatures. In order to obtain the enormous benefit, one would have to pay the most painful price; yet, no one knew whose tenth phase monarch raised through sweat, blood and tears would become the target of these two ultra powerful existences.

“Everyone don’t panic. Let me and Senior Xuan’s soul pets restrict it. When your soul pets attack, you must be cautious and have a soul technique ready at all times to save your soul pet. Soul pets under the tenth phase monarch rank, maintain a distance of a thousand meters!” loudly shouted old Kingdom Lord Li.

If a tenth phase monarch could be instakilled when simultaneously targeted, then even if there were more soul pets under the tenth phase monarch level, none of them would dare enter within a thousand meters of the Cyan Hidden Dragon and the shocking devil. This was because the moment these soul pets entered this range, they would be instantly killed on the spot!



An angry ape-like cry pierced everyone’s ears. Old Kingdom Lord Li definitely wouldn’t let Chu Mu and the Cyan Hidden dragon so wantonly massacre around, and immediately had the Could Snake Ape Monarch step on the cloud layer and fly towards the Cyan Hidden Dragon!

The Cloud Snake Ape Monarch was a ninth phase soul pet and after being empowered by old City Lord Li, its strength increased to the tenth phase.

The Cloud Snake Ape Monarch didn’t have wings and its enormous ape legs could step on the white clouds allowing it to fly. Moreover, it could create clouds itself and walk as if it was doing so on solid ground.

Five hundred meters above, the clouds were continuous and persistent. The Cloud Snake Ape Monarch’s robust body unceasingly leaped on these clouds...

Chu Mu had already noticed the creature that could step on clouds. His mercury fingers pointed in that direction and a torrential devil flame sprung up in that space, preventing it from approaching.

The Cloud Snake Ape Monarch’s soul wasn’t weak and if Chu Mu didn’t use a truly powerful soul devil flame technique, it would be very hard to harm the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch.


The Cloud Snake Ape Monarch finally neared, and it opened its two powerful arms. With boundless majesty, it charged at the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s dragon horn!!

The dragon horn was the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s most solid weapon, and it wasn’t afraid of the Cloud Snake Ape Monarchs attack on its dragon horn. However, the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch’s arm attack was clearly directed towards Chu Mu!

Chu Mu didn’t dodge. Instead, a deep starry resplendent light circulated in his two Other Pupils. This light shot out and formed an arc surface made of abnormal light in front of him...

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

A devil flame began burning on the arc, forming a white devil flame shield, completely stopping the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch’s attack...

The Cloud Snake Ape Monarch wasn’t the only soul pet that launched an attack on Chu Mu as the Demon Fairy, the Sun Flame Demon Bird and the Golden Rock all targeted him. Different colored techniques swept over from the same direction...

The abnormal flame shield arc began to expand before finally wrapping Chu Mu’s body inside. All of the attacks bombarded the abnormal flame shield, but didn’t actually strike the shocking devil at all!

“His defense is extremely powerful!” completely stopping the simultaneous attacks of several soul pets, everyone once again recognized the half devil’s powerful strength.

While, everyone was still shocked by Chu Mu’s special abnormal shield defense, he had already begun using a technique within the abnormal shield. These people weren’t aware that this shocking half devil possessed the Displacement Specter which could change space.

Thus, this mysterious and aloof devil monarch was quietly approaching their soul pets right now!


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