Chapter 293: Arrival, The Devil That Shocked The World (3)

Chapter 293: Arrival, The Devil That Shocked The World (3)

“Other type technique!” seeing the other type wind cave appear, Sect Lord Yu’s expression underwent remarkable change.

The other type was the most rare attribute among all attributes, and the most common other type soul pet in the soul pet world happened to be the large group of species of Nightmares that the Nightmare Palace raised.

Furthermore, the uniqueness of the other type was limited to the monarch White Nightmare which possessed this attribute of force in their white devil flames; the Cyan Nightmare and Blue Nightmare didn’t even possess it!

The other type attribute not only was uncounterable by other attributes, but its techniques were also multi-variable and strange, and were untraceable. It was often the case when a low rank other technique could injure a very high defense soul pet!


A terrifying wind cave space opened in the air, and the water region surrounding the the Forest Dusk Sea Beasts began to be quickly sucked into it.

The water region which the Forest Dusk Sea Beasts relied on for survival instantly disappeared and they suddenly became stranded fish, struggling and squirming their bodies.

The wind cave’s power didn’t end here. After the water region was completely sucked away, the Forest Dusk Sea Beasts came under the danger of being sucked in as well.

“Sect Lord Yu, quickly recall your soul pets!” hastily warned an Elemental Sect grand elder.

Sect Leader Yu didn’t chant an incantation. If doing so would allow him to drag them back out from this swamp of death, he would have already done so.

The other type wind cave’s devouring wasn’t merely limited to the body and energy of a soul pet; it further devoured the soul remembrance of humans. The moment Sect Lord Yu’s soul remembrance came into contact with the half devil wind cave, it meant that his soul pet also be sucked in!

“Whose soul pet can neutralize the wind cave and save my soul pet!” loudly yelled the deathly white Sect Lord Yu. He hoped that the other experts would lend a helping hand.

Everyone else looked at each other because besides the Nightmare Palace Lord’s White Nightmare which also had the other type ability that could save the Forest Dusk Sea Beast from the wind cave, the other factions’ experts didn’t have soul pets with this kind of ability. On one hand they could feel the powerful power from the wind cave, while on the other, they really didn’t know what soul pet they could use to deal with the other type technique.

As for the White Nightmare Palace’s city lord, this old man was already far away from the battle, watching as a spectator. He, who didn’t get along well with the Elemental Sect would definitely not lend a helping hand to Sect Lord Yu.

Everyone watched with wide eyes as the Forest Dusk Sea Beast was devoured by the half devil wind cave, bit by bit. It didn’t stop screaming mournfully, but eventually its voice was also devoured by the wind cave.

Finally, the Forest Dusk Sea Beast was completely swallowed up!

The half devil Chu Mu slowly drew back his five fingers and half-held onto a burning white devil flame in his hands. This ball of dark light slowly dissipated in his palm and the half devil wind cave grew smaller and smaller the tighter Chu Mu clenched his hand. Finally, it transformed into a tiny electron hole...

“Hu hu hu~~~~”

Suddenly, a flourishing white devil flame outlandishly began burning on Chu Mu’s palm as a white devil flame simultaneously ignited in that small button-like black hole.

Although nothing could be seen, everyone present could be certain that the Forest Dusk Sea Beast had been burnt to nothingness by the devil flames inside the hole!!

The best form of confirmation of the Forest Dusk Sea Beast’s death was the state of Sect Lord Yu and when the white devil flames ignited, his face went deathly pale. His entire being seemed to have suffered from a soul wound as he kneeled in the air in incomparable pain.

Another soul wound. This time, he had further suffered the soul devil flame feedback damage from the Forest Dusk Sea Beast which wildly began to poison and burn his soul, burning up the rest of his little soul power...

If Sect Lord Yu hadn’t suffered a wound earlier, this soul devil flames perhaps could still be prevented, but he was currently in an eminently weak state. In front of this powerful yet evil strength, he simply had no more strength to resist!

“Old Kingdom Lord Li…. save…. Save me….” Sect Lord Yu stretched out his hand in extreme pain and yelled towards the old Kingdom Lord with a twisted face.

Old Kingdom Lord Li’s face became exceptionally unsightly; how could he have expected this half devil’s strength to be so shocking? Sect Lord Yu didn’t even last half a while, and he hastily ordered his Sunset Roc to fly towards Sect Lord Yu.

A yellow light blossomed from the Sunset Roc. Wherever it passed by seemed to have been anointed by the afterglow of a sunset. It flew adeptly, gracefully and elegantly, exemplifying the air control abilities of a wing type soul pet to the limits.


A golden light shimmered and the Sunset Roc arrived promptly in front of Sect Lord Yu whose body was being burned from the inside to out by devil flames. Its golden wings stunningly spread apart on top of his head!

A large golden roc figure shrouded everything below it and it made an imprint on Sect Lord Yu’s body. Subsequently his body seemed to be protected in a golden roc pattern!

Following the golden roc pattern’s blessing, the pain on Sect Lord Yu’s face eased considerably.

“Light type peak protection technique?” Chu Mu’s empty devil pupils stared at the holy golden large roc pattern protecting Sect Lord Yu and he blankly began talking to himself.

The Nightmare’s devil flames were not a pure fire force and contained more dark aura instead. The light pattern’s protection essentially countered the devil devil flames breeding inside Sect Lord Yu’s body, saving his life.

“Soul Pet Palace’s Senior Xue. Don’t preserve your strength anymore. Summoned your main pet and deal with they Cyan Hidden Dragon. The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s recovery ability is extremely strong, and if we slack off, its fighting strength will quickly recover and we’ll all be in trouble!” old Kingdom Lord Li Sheng finally realized that his uninvited guest could very well control the outcome of this fight. The Cyan Hidden Dragon could run, but the Jade Spring had to stay. Li Sheng could never allow the Cyan Hidden Dragon to wreak such a large havoc on his territory and then flee with the Jade Spring as well!

The old man called Senior Xue let out an unsightly expression.

This Li City Soul Pet Palace expert hidden from the world didn’t want to participate. He didn’t really care much towards the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s attacks and merely didn’t want it to be able to do as it pleased in Li City. Yet, he never expected the situation change into a state where it implicated the lives of them; thus he promptly let out a sigh and chanted an incantation.

“Yu Shang, help Senior Xue restrict that Cyan Hidden Dragon. I will naturally give your a fair outcome towards the grudges you have with Elemental Sect afterwards.” immediately said Li Sheng.

Soul Palace Li Shang’s strength was definitely not inferior to Xiao Ren. If he actually contended directly against the Cyan Hidden dragon, he would be able to last for a while, but until now he had remained very passive and had only summoned a tenth phase Light Rhinoceros to participate in the fight.

Yu Shang raised his eyelids and casually responded with a word. He clearly didn’t have much interest in subduing the Cyan Hidden Dragon, and instead creased his eyebrows and stared at the half devil state Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s present state caused Yu Shang to associate with a technique which happened to be Displacement Specter!

Yu Shang remembered that when Chu Mu had been chased by Duan Xinhe at that time, he had used the white devil flame Displacement Specter to dodge Duan Xinhe’s fatal strike. What indistinctly made him even more baffled was the devil flame casted silver face which within the incomparable nefarious nature of it, slightly resembled young master Chu’s appearance.

“That’s impossible, right. Young master Chu is still so young and cannot have reached this level.” Yu Shang shook his head and didn’t think too much about it.


“Soul Alliance Luo Ling, coordinate with my Red Galactic Demon Emperor. No matter what, we must restrict this devil monarch.” old Kingdom Lord Li was presently displaying the aura of a leader and had all of the experts fight with organization.

Soul Alliance Luo Ling’s strength was only slightly inferior to Xiao Ren and he had come together with him to Li City; however, Soul Alliance had clearly underestimated the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s strength this time as the proud and arrogant Xiao Ren had to withdraw from the fight because of his soul pets...

Soul Alliance expert Luo Ling didn’t enjoy being ordered. Nonetheless, the Cyan Hidden Dragon and half devil creature in front of him were abnormally hard to deal with, so he could only help the Red Galactic Demon Emperor as old Kingdom Lord Li had said.

“Elemental Sect people take your Sect Lord Yu away from the battlefield…” Li Sheng didn’t even glance at Sect Lord Yu as he used an authoritative voice to speak.

There fundamentally were not very many experts in Elemental Sect and they didn’t have the qualifications to fight right now. That same grand elder had his soul pet go protect Sect Lord Yu in panic as he left this battlefield where he could lose his life at any moment.

A double soul wound and the soul almost fatally being burned, without a medical miracle, Sect Lord Yu’s soul would not be able to fully heal for at least three years; further coupled with the death of two ninth phase soul pets, it became an even worse loss that Sect Lord Yu would find hard to make up for.


“Red, defeat it!” old Kingdom Lord Li gave his Red Galactic Demon Emperor an order.

A red figure that seemed to be a spatial domain pet could arbitrarily move in its respective domain.

Extreme demonic speed was the highest realm of flash movement and it was already extremely close to that stage. The winged demon emperor was originally in the Cyan HIdden Dragon’s battlefield, yet only took a mere instant to arrive in front of Chu Mu!

The Red Galactic Demon Emperor’s build wasn’t too different from a human’s. When it strangely changed locations around Chu Mu with extreme speed, the half devil state Chu Mu identically began to use his own extreme speed.

Every time the half devil Chu Mu changed locations, a half-illusory devil flame would follow behind in a burning trail. When the half devil Chu Mu’s speed reached the limit, people were able to discover that a dozen or so illusory devil flames had appeared, as if the evil monarch devil figure was everywhere at once!

The Red Galactic Demon Emperor’s movement was also shocking. Its red body would be visible then invisible. Its speed was unexpectedly even a bit faster than the half devil state Chu Mu. Even at the terrifying speed of Chu Mu, it was still able to dodge the fierce attacks and was truly worthy of being the absolute peak demon for speed!

Immediately, one white and one black figures began to change irregularly at high frequencies. Spirit emper and below soul pet trainers simply couldn’t see their movements clearly nor were they able to see their movement tracks.

“Thankfully the Red Galactic Demon Emperor’s speed is better by a margin. Old Kingdom Lord is still old Kingdom Lord after all…” praised Soul Alliance’s Luo Ling.

“That’s right, that’s right.” everyone hastily nodded their heads in agreement.


Far away, the Nightmare Palace’s vice city lord let out a mocking expression because he knew that once a White Nightmare’s strength reached a certain level, its eyes would become other pupils, and these other pupils precisely were the nemesis of fast soul pets!!


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