Book 2 Chapter 296 - Approach the Battle, Tenth Phase Pseudo-Emperor

Chapter 296: Approach the Battle Tenth Phase Pseudo-Emperor

Everyone present were at a certain level. What the Jade Spring meant was something everyone understood!

”Li old city master Are you speaking the truth?” Mister Xue was the first to react. He stared at Li old city master and said somewhat over excitedly.

Everyone here knew that once they strengthened their soul pets to monarch rank finding a soul item able to raise their soul pets further was abnormally hard. In other words of all the soul pets present other than Li old city master’s Red Galactic Demon Emperor and Cloud Snake Ape Monarch which reached a rank near emperor the other soul pets’ strengthening were all around monarch rank.

As a soul pet’s power increased resources became less and less. For a monarch rank soul pet stage improvements needed battles. Their types could rarely be strengthened through a soul item anymore. Even soul items that could make soul pets with the power of low class monarch ranks reach powers of the middle class monarch ranks could cause factions to break into huge fights over it.

Yet with a soul item that could raise an entire stage what it entailed was something anyone could understand. If one gave it to a monarch rank power soul pet then one would have an emperor rank soul pet in return!

Emperor rank!!

Countless top tier soul pet trainers would go crazy for it. The appearance of any emperor rank soul pet could create a storm of competition that was far reaching in consequence.

Spirit apprentice spirit soldier spirit teacher spirit master spirit emperor- these were the main five ranks of the majority. Most soul pet trainers remained around the spirit soldier level. Those who could enter spirit teacher were already somewhat superior. Those who could reach spirit master were true experts!

As for spirit emperor that was the true peak of soul pet trainers. It is a realm only very few people could enter!

Yet of spirit emperors how many could actually own emperor ranked soul pets?

Even Li old city master’s two strongest soul pets were just at the monarch rank but their fighting strength only reached pseudo emperor rank. They hadn’t truly marched into the realm of emperors. Yet he with these two soul pets could already suppress everyone and become a very reputable capital master!

”Where do you think the Beast Spring in the auction house every month comes from its just limited edition replicas of the Jade Spring!” Li old city master knew that the matter could no longer be hidden so he explained in a cold tone.

After Li old city master said this the experts from all the factions understood.

Li city had a big specialty. Almost every month there would be a bottle or two of Beast Spring. This Beast Spring was a very valuable soul item. It could be used to strengthen non-mature beast type soul pets. Even monarch rank soul pets could still see significant effects from the Beast Spring’s baptism.

Many people didn’t understand where this Beast Spring came from and who obtained it. No one would’ve thought that the final benefiter of the Beast Spring was actually Li old city master and they were just fake Jade Spring Sacred Blood made by a top tier soul teacher! 1. TL Just a reminder soul teacher” is a person whose profession has to do with medicine and soul item creation the same as what Ye Qingzi does. A spirit teacher” is a soul pet trainer rank used to determine remembrance. It is confusing but the words were similar in the raws too.

With these words from Li old city master all the experts present were shocked. At this time which factions wouldn’t be greedy for this Jade Spring?

The Jade Spring’s energy is massive. From beginning to end I’ve never truly released the energy of the Jade Spring. Everyone work together to take this Cyan Hidden Dragon down and steal the Jade Spring back. I Li old city master promise that I will share half of the Jade Spring with everyone. The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s benefits will also be given to everyone!” Li Sheng Li city master was risking it all.

This was an immense allure!

The faction experts that were planning on leaving originally started hesitating. Benefits able to create an emperor soul pet was something they really couldn’t possibly give up!

”I know everyone still has hidden strength but everyone can see the situation at hand. The world shaking devil’s strength is above even the Cyan Hidden Dragons and it must be hiding a huge secret too. The Cyan Hidden Dragon has the Jade Spring as well as the dragon egg. This is the opportunity of the millenium. Everyone bring out your true strength or else we will suffer massive losses!” Li old city master continued.

”Li old city master speaks the truth!” Merchant’s Alliance’s old expert immediately agreed.

”Then this old man can only summon my main soul pet!” The old master of Soul Pet Palace that rarely joined fights also looked to have made a decision.

”Everyone bring out your true abilities don’t let this Cyan Hidden Dragon just have its way in our territory”

”Half of the Jade Spring we split it by contribution after the events!”

With the Li old city master’s motivation the experts were again ablaze with fighting intent. All casting incantations they summoned their most powerful soul pets into the skies.

With fighting intent ablaze all the aura of all the powerful soul pets created a high air storm that wrecked the airs of Li City!

”Old Mister Xue?” Li Sheng’s gaze immediately fell on Mister Xue hoping this expert could go all out as well.

Mister Xue also realized the importance of the Jade Spring so he nodded.

”Yu Palace Master?” Li Sheng then looked over at soul palace’s Yu Shang.

Yu Shang hadn’t even made a decision until then. Facing Li old city master’s questioning he didn’t answer.

If it were before when a treasure like Jade Spring Yu Shang would join no matter what. However Yu Shang always felt that the half devil gave him a very strange feeling. This feeling compelled him to not truly want to fight it.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon truly was an unkillable Hidden Dragon. Not long after staying unattacked the wounds on its body had already shown clear healing and its fighting strength was recovering.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon quickly found that the surrounding that had been loosening again gave him pressure. His cyan eyes also turned sharp as he quickly started communicating with the half devil Chu Mu using his mind.

Chu Mu’s thinking abilities were slowly recovering too. He knew that the Jade Spring in Li old city master was in his body. The Cyan Hidden Dragon had also just told him that the Jade Spring was a very special soul item.

This effect was unlocking the dragon mark within the Jade Spring to temporarily increase a beast type soul pet’s power greatly.

After the Hidden Dragon gave the Jade Spring to Chu Mu Chu Mu needed a rather long time before he could truly complete the baptism of the Jade Spring. Chu Mu’s current state was a result only the release of the inner energy within the Jade Spring Sacred Blood. If during this process he were under the control of others they could still extract the Jade Spring that was in Chu Mu’s blood away.

”My body hasn’t completely absorbed the Jade Spring and only has the releasing energy?” Chu Mu understood the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s meaning.


Cyan Hidden Dragon explained that he would rather release all the energy inside and give it to Chu Mu to strengthen him than give it to these greedy humans.

”Then let us continue to fight.” Chu Mu could feel more and more powerful soul pets surrounding him and the Cyan Hidden Dragon in the skies.

Before the Jade Spring’s released energy ended Chu Mu and the Cyan Hidden Dragon had to kill their way out of these greedy peoples’ surroundings or else the cyan hidden dragon and his blood would get stolen...


Fight! Dragon species lives for battle as the most powerful species. Even if it was covered in wounds the Cyan Hidden Dragon would never fear battle!

No matter if it was the half devil Chu Mu or the human Chu Mu their bones flowed with blood of battle. This time it was no longer his soul pets fighting he himself as a half devil needs to face countless experts to start the most magnificent war!

The mercury-like devil flame body silently stood in between the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s horns as he stared arrogantly at the soul pets around him all ninth phase and above.

Tenth phase was the maximum of a soul pet’s maturing. At the place of the multiple soul pets at least a third were already tenth phase. Put to before it completely wasn’t something Chu Mu could defeat.

But now the half devil Chu Mu had to face this many ninth phase and tenth phase soul pets. This truly massive battle was the top tier battle that Chu Mu had fantasized about before. Even if it was only for a brief moment being able to experience this battle of Chu Mu’s dreams was enough to get his blood running!!!

The ninth phase commander ranks were like ants to Chu Mu and the Cyan Hidden Dragon their techniques could be completely ignored.

Tenth phase commander’s attacks already had a certain threat. If the techniques were special or if they had a type advantage the attacks could still cause damage to the Cyan Hidden Dragon and Chu Mu.

The ninth phase monarch and tenth phase commander were the same except the ninth phase commander’s techniques were more powerful posing a bigger threat to Chu Mu and the Cyan Hidden Dragon.

Tenth phase monarch was a soul pet that could truly threaten Cyan Hidden Dragon and Chu Mu like Mister Xue’s two soul pets.

Yet Li old city master’s tenth phase soul pets were even near the emperor rank. The Red Galactic Demon Emperor and the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch were the soul pets on the battlefield that could truly match Chu Mu and the Cyan Hidden Dragon!

Using his abnormal pupils Chu Mu’s eyes flashed with a strange light. As he glanced over the skies all of the soul pets he saw seemed to stop.

Chu Mu’s soul remembrance had been raised to a very powerful state. He could using his remembrance determine which soul pets could pose a threat to him in a miniscule amount of time.

”It appeared Mister Xue’s final soul pet mister Xue is finally bringing out his most powerful soul pet!”

High calls sounded. Many experts’ gazes fell upon the soul summoning symbol that appeared as Mister Xue started his soul pact incantation.

Mister Xue was a hidden expert but also he was a retired expert from Soul Pet Palace and Soul Alliance. His position within the soul pet realm was only slightly lower than Li old City Master so how would he not have a truly powerful main soul pet!

Chu Mu’s pupil quickly locked onto Mister Xue’s summoning symbol. Very quickly Chu Mu’s brows creased because Mister Xue was summoning a soul pet with an aura not weaker than Li old city master’s Red Galactic Demon Emperor and Cloud Snake Ape Monarch reaching tenth phase pseudo-emperor rank!


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