Chapter 292: Descent, World Startling Devil (2)

Chapter 292: Descent, World Startling Devil (2)

“Ao!!!!! Ao!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

With barely a whole piece of skin on its body, the Cyan Hidden Dragon let out a trembling roar.

The Jade Spring that Li old city master stole from this Cyan Hidden Dragon was originally the sacred blood it was going to use for its maturing. Now that the Cyan Hidden Dragon self-strengthened and had reached a level similar to the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, the Jade Spring was of no use to it.

Originally, the Cyan Hidden Dragon wanted to use this Jade Spring to inundate its offspring to truly gain the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s blood, but Chu Mu’s appearance made it change its mind, because, if it was going to be stolen by that human expert anyways, the Cyan Hidden Dragon would rather give this utmost treasure to a human that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had approved of and give him infinite power instead!

The Jade Spring was a sacred item within the Cyan Hidden Dragon species. Only a Cyan Hidden Dragon could truly activate the powerful energy within it. Li Sheng and his father had held onto this Jade Spring for countless years but still haven’t gained even a tenth of its power.


“This is a half devil?” Nightmare Palace subcity master watched dumbstruck at the half devil Chu Mu.

Yet, only Nightmare Palace ‘s real authorities knew just what this statement meant.

But, same as when Xia Guanghan had first seen Chu Mu become a half devil, this tenth level title Nightmare Palace expert’s heart was unbelievably shaken, because the half devil in front of them was decidedly different from the Nightmare Palace half devils. This difference was something even the White Nightmare Palace sub palace master couldn’t explain.

A Nightmare’s scariness was that, when it became stronger than its owner, the owner wouldn’t restrict its growth, but instead it would directly devour its owner’s soul.

Half devil incidents definitely weren’t unique within Nightmare Palace. Once, the Nightmare Palace’s spiritual leader Bai Majesty had a very talented White Nightmare. This Nightmare, when Bai Majesty reached a bottleneck, forcefully ate Bai Majesty’s spirit emperor soul!

As a spirit emperor, its soul was very powerful already, so he was hard to kill. When Bai Majesty was devoured by the White Nightmare, his soul wasn’t immediately destroyed. Instead, they went into the most intense spiritual battle against the white nightmare’s soul…...

Yet, in this most painful soul fighting, one went into a state of utmost evil.

A nightmare’s soul and a human soul, when the two combined, it became the most powerful organism in Nightmare Palace history - half devil!

At the time, when the Nightmare Palace leader Bai Majesty became a half devil, it shocked the entire Nightmare Palace, and the mindless devil caused an unprecedented bloodbath.

At the end, Nightmare Palace elders combined to awaken the Nightmare Ancestor before finally settling this event.

The White Nightmare’s shocking descent was an apocalypse to the entire Nightmare Palace. Old members of Nightmare Palace still had lingering fears when the event was mentioned.

This White Nightmare subpalace master was still young then. He had only caught a glimpse of the half devil and was shuddering in fear, feeling his blood run cold. It was the most terrifying organism he had seen his entire life. The memory was unerasable.

Yet, he never would’ve thought that at this moment, Li City would give birth to another rare half devil!

This half devil may not have reached Bai majesty’s half devil level, but the mysterious and evil aura hidden within its body was still hair-raising.

“Why, why would there be such a powerful half devil? Can it be that another hidden expert as powerful as Bai majesty had fallen, getting devoured by their own White Nightmare……” Nightmare Palace subpalace master muttered.

The half devil had always been considered, within the true upper levels of Nightmare Palace, as a god. Facing the god that they almost praised, how would this Nightmare Palace sub palace master still want to fight.

He could only stay in the air as he watched this half devil appear…..

This devil monarch, even when standing within the vast skies, even against countless powerful soul pets, it still stood alone and proud in its territory. The hollow darkness was its background. The quiet white flames were its main color. From top to bottom, it released an evilness that didn’t fit in with this world.

If it didn’t belong to this world, how could one use this world’s power to defeat it?


“Hengheng, this is but a wild White Nightmare, let my Forest Dusk Sea Beast test it out!” Elemental Sect Yu sect master even now hadn’t given up attacking the Cyan Hidden Dragon. Seeing the half devil Chu Mu appear, using the water type soul pet’s advantage, he was the first to launch an attack against the half devil Chu Mu!

Forest Dusk Sea Beast, a deep sea creature that could traverse any space as if swimming through deep sea!

The Forest Dusk Sea Beast always had a calm water realm around it. This realm won’t expand, but won’t leave five meters of the Forest Dusk Sea Beast either. Once it moved, the water would flow as well, so even in the clouds, the Forest Dusk Sea Beast could still fly freely.

The blue water realm started flowing, quickly flowing to within ten meters of the half devil Chu Mu. Suddenly, from deep within the water realm, the Forest Dusk Sea Beast started beating its tail with high frequency, causing it to spin rapidly around the half devil Chu Mu!

“Yu sect master’s Forest Dusk Sea Beast’s signature technique - Thousand Swirls!”

Those who knew Yu Sect Master well instantly recognized this technique. Yu Sect Master had used his Forest Dusk Sea Beast’s signature move right at the beginning!

Thousand Swirls!

High speed spinning water split into thousands of streams. These streams all seemed to have intelligence, wrapping around the Half Devil and slowly creating a near thousand meter tall whirlpool from bottom up!!

The whirlpool that neared the heavens completely trapped Chu Mu in the center. The thousands of water whips within the high speed Thousand Swirls frenzily battereing Chu Mu’s body. At such frequency and power, even if it were a mountain, it would be shattered!

Thousand swirls’ greatest effect wasn’t the thousand whips, however; it was the massive centripetal force that comes with the water’s flow. This force could lock brawny soul pets in and scatter their very bones by force!

“Yu sect master, well done, you’ve restricted the thing. Let’s quickly get rid of the Cyan Hidden Dragon. I’ll guarantee a share for you.” Li old city master saw that Yu sect master had succeeded in his preemptive strike and satisfyingly nodded.

None of the experts before dared to truly attack this half devil. Now that Yu sect master’s attack worked, they slightly got over their fear of this unknown organism and let loose their taut nerves, starting to reorganize their many soul pets.


When everyone restarted their attacking, only the Nightmare Palace subpalace master remained still. He started laughing coldly…...

“If a half devil were so easily restricted, then how could so many of our Nightmare Palace experts not even be able to defeat Bai Majesty’s half devil before……”

The Nightmare Palace subpalace master quietly distanced himself from the battlefield, because he knew, very soon, something scary would happen!


Yu sect master’s water type riding powers were definitely one of the most powerful of all soul pet trainers present, and water type abilities were mostly to weaken and support. When the techniques were used well, it could also trap opponents, even if they were a rank or two higher…...

The thousand swirl was a thousand meters long. While it spun majestically, it was like a propped up water dragon. The water it flung off could create a rainstorm in a region.

Seeing the half devil still stuck, getting weakened by the Thousand Swirl, Yu sect master smiled slightly. From what he saw, as long as he used his techniques well, even against more powerful organisms, he could still defeat them. This was the experience he gained from dozens of years of battle!


Suddenly, the white flame body moved. Chu Mu’s movement no longer needed him to take steps. With a thought, his body floated up.

At this point, the half devil slowly started floating out. Having a tremendous water power, the spinning streams felt like harmless gusts, only tilting the devil flames on its body slightly.

This devil was piercing from the inside out, yet most importantly, its body didn’t show any signs of tilting from the water!

When Yu sect master saw this scene, his smile instantly turned into a gaping jaw. Thousand swirls’ most powerful effect was the swaying effect that came with the spinning. The Thousand Swirl could be shattered from the inside out and could be escaped from the bottom or the top, but no soul pet could just walk straight through the most powerful swirl and reach the outside.

Not only was the Yu sect master dumbstruck, the experts who all knew the effects of water type well opened their eyes wide.

“How could you pierce straight through? Even if the Cyan Hidden Dragon could go straight through, it would be spun until it was confused and completely disoriented…… Just what monster is this?” When Yu sect master saw the half devil finally escape completely, he finally shouted.

“Is it a ghost type soul pet? Only formless ghost type soul pets could completely ignore such power, right?” Soul pet palace owner furrowed his brows and said.

Ghost type?

The half devil of course wasn’t some ghost type. No one would know what mysterious force this Other type half devil had!

After floating out of the Thousand Swirl, the half devil finally started its offense!

When it was still, it was like a statue that was suspended in the dark skies. When it moved, it suddenly became a irritable and ruthless devil. When Chu Mu displayed his speed, its movement akin to teleportation caused everyone to stare in awe.

It was a movement full of force. It definitely wasn’t a void-like float of a ghost. Every time it changed position, it caused the nearby space to twist strangely!

“Half devil wind cave!!”

The body full of explosive power appeared in front of the Forest Dusk Sea Beast. Half devil Chu Mu extended a hand and opened its five fingers. On its palm was a black hole cave made of black energy!

This small palm wind cave gave rise a turbulence in the entire space. An Other type energy storm slowly formed as the aura of death enveloped the space where the Forest Dusk Sea Beast was!


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