Book 2 Chapter 295 - Supreme Diagram, Hidden Dragon and Half Devil

Chapter 295: Supreme Diagram, Hidden Dragon and Half Devil

Cyan Hidden Dragon’s speed couldn’t compare to the Red Galactic Demon Emperor so if it wanted to attack unless it used wide area of effect techniques it was hard to inflict true damage.

Yet Li old city master was also very precise in his control of the Red Galactic Demon Emperor so since the start of the fight the Cyan Hidden Dragon had always been restricted by the Red Galactic Demon Emperor. Adding on the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch’s power that could break through the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s attack the combination of the two as well as the other experts’ soul pets’ techniques the Cyan Hidden Dragon naturally became more and more wounded.

After the half devil Chu Mu appeared the Red Galactic Demon Emperor was redirected so the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s mental strength was no longer restricted. It could now cast any technique directly. At this moment the Cyan Hidden Dragon felt as if it was released from a mental jail cell!

”Aoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

A reverberating roar released the anger within the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s heart!

On the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body were the burning of fire freezing of ice cauterizing of light rotting of dark numbing of lightning festering of water slashes of wind and the claw marks of beasts...

All the pain that came from the body full of wounds morphed into the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s anger and its proud head lifted up to the skies!

Mister Xue had already summoned two main soul pets. These soul pets’ strengths were just slightly weaker than Li old City master’s soul pets but these soul pets of his were ice type and beast type none of which could truly restrict the Cyan Hidden Dragon!

Angry dragon aura was gathering. As the Cyan Hidden Dragon let out a roar to the skies the entire skies started shaking along.

The dragon roar wasn’t just vocal intimidation. The sound became a strange command that lifted tufts of sky covering cyan dragon clouds!

Clouds covered the skies and wind appeared from nowhere. The clouds of cyan dragon clouds became cyan tides roiling uneasily within the upper skies like rapids. Immediately the entire Li City was covered in the shadows of these clouds!

The dragon’s roar echoed between the unending cyan clouds and the vast land. Facing Mister Xue’s powerful soul pets the Cyan Hidden Dragon completely ignored them. It used its proud cyan pupils to look at the group of soul pets that had it surrounded yet remained a respectful distance away.


The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s roar lengthened. Immediately the cyan clouds underwent shocking changes!

One after another large Cyan Hidden Dragon head extended out of the cyan clouds!

Or more like the cyan clouds were slowly morphing into many Cyan Hidden Dragon heads. When everyone lifted their heads to look it seemed as if a dozen Cyan Hidden Dragons were hidden above the cyan clouds watching the Li City experts with belittlement.

Another roar sounded as the Dragon Emperor gave its command!!

The cyan cloud made Cyan Hidden Dragon skulls all frighteningly opened their maws wide gathering beam after beam of cyan glow deep within their cloud like throats!!

The dragon beams fell each like the first beam of sun that passes through the clouds shooting straight for the ground!

A dozen beams fell from the Cyan Hidden Dragons’ mouths in the sky. This instantly created a large totemic diagram made between the cyan skies and the massive light beams. Also each beam accurately fell on soul pets that surrounded the Cyan Hidden Dragon!!

To the Cyan Hidden Dragon the only soul pets that posed a true threat were Li old city masters’. However the soul pets nearby cast many techniques that caused serious issues for Cyan Hidden Dragon’s defense stamina mental strength and resistances. Especially after it was wounded these soul pets were becoming more and more threatening.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s anger didn’t truly stem from the soul pets that could actually fight it it was angry at the clowns that hid despicably far away and cast techniques!

So this time all of the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s techniques were cast towards them. Of the thirty or so soul pets that attacked the Cyan Hidden Dragon none were left out all hit by a dragon beam!

The thirty or so cyan light beams were dazzling. All hundred thousand citizens of Li City could see them. Even a couple kilometers away people could still feel the terrible aura of this dragon power...

The powerful Hidden Dragon technique didn’t last long but when it was cast of all the shocked expert some faces went pale.

Clearly their souls were wounded. This meant that their soul pets directly died under this technique!

The other experts after their initial shock all showed fluster as they quickly flew onto the ground to retract their heavily wounded soul pets back into their soul pet space.

Cyan Hidden Dragon’s technique could instantly kill many lower rank soul pets but these soul pets were unbelievably precious for their owners!

Demons who has stronger demons immediately summon them to restrict the Cyan Hidden Dragon!” Li old city master’s face changed. Without the Red Galactic Demon Emperor’s mental restriction on the Cyan Hidden Dragon it could freely cast destructive techniques. Li City experts were not on its level so once they suffered an attack from the Cyan Hidden Dragon they would definitely die in patches.

”Our demons can’t restrict it.” Almost every soul pet trainer had a demon type soul pet but the Cyan Hidden Dragon wasn’t something any demon type could restrict.


After clearing out the less meaningful soul pets the Cyan Hidden Soul Pet gained greater battle freedom. Immediately flapping its wings it flew towards the half devil Chu Mu.

Seeing the Cyan Hidden Dragon the half devil Chu Mu apathetically floated up. When the massive body of the Cyan Hidden Dragon flew in front of him he slowly floated on top of the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s head. Arrogantly standing between the dragon horns he looked down upon the world...

A super Hidden Dragon with almost undefeatable power and defense coupled with a strange demonic and terrifying half devil the massive cyan body and the white devil flamed shadow created a stifling aura creating a scene of absolute superiority!

At this moment all the Li City experts floated in the air sparsely spread around the Cyan Hidden Dragon and half devil. All the soul pet trainers either stood alone or rode their soul pets but no one dared to let out a command.

The soul pets in Li City’s skies could be counted as the most powerful of Li City or even the entirety of Zhanli Kingdom. With a normal person’s thinking with a combination of all these soul pets they could destroy all Misleading World overlords. Even stepping into forbidden realms was not impossible.

Yet an event that caused a commotion throughout Li City happened these soul pets that were basically idolized summoned by famous soul pet trainers were so fragile in this fight even becoming dispensable characters within the battlefield.

This was no longer a battle between powerful soul pet and powerful soul pet. This was a toppling of traditional views of powerful soul pets. In their vision going from ninth phase tenth phase commander monarch to Cyan Hidden Dragon and Half Devil these two soul pets were already the shocking peak of organisms!


The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s goal was to retake the Jade Spring. Now that it achieved this its anger was released and was about to leave unscathed.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon knew this was human territory. If it kept fighting it would ultimately get swallowed by the unending soul pets. The Cyan Hidden Dragon also knew that the Jade Spring won’t last long so the half devil of Chu Mu should be weakening soon.

Just as the Cyan Hidden Dragon had expected the half devil Chu Mu could feel that its energy was no longer limitless as it was slowly depleting little by little.

Of course this speed of decrease wasn’t fast. If he needed to fight for another period of time it was completely fine.

Li old city master with the half devil’s appearance we can’t possibly take down the Cyan Hidden Dragon. Let’s give up. Afterwards we can discuss the origin of the half devil. It could be a huge threat.” Mister Xue slowly said.

A Cyan Hidden Dragon was already incredibly difficult to deal with. Now with an even more troublesome half devil unless a few more Li old city master level experts appeared they couldn’t possibly deal with these two forces!

Yeah let’s give up we don’t want any more deaths.” The Soul Pet Palace owner was also heavily wounded. The cost of continuing to fight is way too big.”

Other than Soul Alliance all of the experts also didn’t want to fight anymore...

The Li old city master’s face became very ugly. These factions all came for the benefits of the Cyan Hidden Dragon. Yet without gaining these benefits they personally didn’t lose much.

Yet Cyan Hidden Dragon had stolen Li old city master’s treasure Jade Spring. If the Cyan Hidden Dragon escaped he Li Sheng would suffer huge losses. No matter what he couldn’t let the Cyan Hidden Dragon escape!

”Li old city master? Li old city master why don’t you say something.”

”Li city master quickly make a decision” The experts all started urging him on.

Li old city master’s face muscles were quivering. Watching as the Cyan Hidden Dragon and half devil were ready to escape Li old city master knew that if he didn’t do anything his Jade Spring would truly be lost.

”Jade Spring this Cyan Hidden Dragon has the Jade Spring don’t let it escape!!” Finally Li old city master threw out this massive benefit!

Jade Spring Sacred Blood!

A super soul item almost equivalent to making a soul pet mutate once!!

Even a monarch soul pet could gain the Jade Spring Sacred Blood. Once it activated the energy within it could strengthen it at a level akin to mutation. Such strengthening was nearly equivalent to a rank!!

After monarch is emperor. Even someone like Li old city master never received a emperor rank soul pet so a Jade Spring definitely wasn’t something a Cyan Hidden Dragon egg could compare to!!


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