Chapter 291: Descent, World Startling Devil (1)

Chapter 291: Descent, World Startling Devil (1)

“Why…...why didn’t you listen to my persuading…… this thing isn’t something that could be captured……” Beside the burnt corpse was the brother of the burnt soul pet trainer.

Just before, everyone commented that, when the White Nightmare organism appeared, the burnt soul pet trainer was insistent that it may just be an immature advanced soul pet because he didn’t detect any thoughts from this organism.

Therefore, this delusional soul pet trainer started an incantation to try to probe out the strange half devil.

But, this soul pet trainer couldn’t even start his incantation before the powerful half devil detected his enmity. The next moment, the scary devil fire came burning, leaving nothing behind, not even bones.

Seeing a expert so easily killed, immediately, an unprecedented fear shrouded all the experts of the big factions.

Finally, someone realized that the organism in front of them couldn’t possibly be measured with common sense. In shock and horror, they rode their soul pets in escape.

When one person ran away, the rest of their mental defenses also instantly collapsed.

Able to easily kill an eighth remembrance soul master with one technique, this devil could also easily kill them. Continuing to stay there would only cause them to become the ashes of white demonic devil flames.


All the middle aged generation members left. Before the powerful, strange, yet unknown organism, they were the weakest of organisms. No one had the courage to remain and contend against it.

When all the supposed middle generation experts left, Ye Wansheng remained. When death flew by him, his very soul went stiff. Though his inner desires urged for him to fly in front of Ye Qingzi and protect her, his body and soul were no longer in his own control.

Ye Qingzi’s thin arms were still around Chu Mu. Chu Mu emotionlessly turned his eyes over. The white and empty pupils gazed at Ye Qingzi, but they were still completely vast and indistinct.

Ye Qingzi saw that Ye Wansheng was fine, and finally let a breath out. Her pretty eyes were still hiding shimmering tears, but noticing Chu Mu was gazing emptily at her, she quickly let go of Chu Mu and wiped the traces of tears off her cheeks…...

“Chu Mu, are you well?” Ye Qingzi decided to try to communicate to Chu Mu’s half devil state using her remembrance.

Yet, when Ye Qingzi injected her remembrance into Chu Mu’s mental world, she felt her voice fall into a vast and raging sea that gave no response back…...

Chu Mu slowly lifted his head, the silver, burning, yet handsome face looked into the unbelievably vast sky.

In the air, the Cyan Hidden Dragon was suffering more and more wounds. With more than ten soul pets attacking it, no matter how powerful the Cyan Hidden Dragon was, it couldn’t withstand it for long. It’s fighting strength clearly wasn’t as dominant as it was before.

Suddenly, Chu Mu’s body floated upwards.

Ye Qingzi blanked and was about to say something to Chu Mu, but Chu Mu simply flew into the air, leaving a string of white trails…...

After becoming half devil, Chu Mu’s flying speed was very quick. When Ye Qingzi came back to her senses, the silver molded body had already become a white shadow in Ye Qingzi’s vision, slowly rising into the skies…...

“Qingzi, Qingzi, are you alright……” Seeing the terrifying white devil leave, Ye Wansheng quickly ran up to Ye Qingzi, hugged the strangely expressioned Ye Qingzi, and asked.

Ye Qingzi’s face was now pale, not because of the terror of the half devil Chu Mu, but because of the energy backlash from the War Court Black Beast. This backlash was very powerful to Ye Qingzi’s current level. One mishap and Ye Qingzi would die.

Ye Wansheng also didn’t want Ye Qingzi to use this soul technique precisely because of this.

“I’m fine, it wasn’t for too long. With some medicine, I can recover soon enough.” Ye Qingzi shook her head, her fragile face still showing worry for the half devil state Chu Mu.

The battle in the air was a fight between some of the most powerful soul pets. As only a second remembrance soul master, even if Chu Mu was in a strange state, he would be hard pressed to enter such a battle.

“Qingzi, what organism is that? Until today, I’ve never seen such an evil being. Is it even still a soul pet?” Ye Wansheng looked at the leaving Chu Mu and said with lingering fear.

Ye Qingzi shook her head but didn’t elaborate. After retracting her tired War Court Black Beast, she let Ye Wansheng support her to a safe place to rest.



“Nightmare Palace old man, control your own White Nightmare!” The merchant master that arrived late yelled.

The merchant master rode a ninth phase Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon. His power was below that of Yu palace master, Xiao Ren, and even Li Sheng, so he could only control his soul pet to attack the Cyan Hidden Dragon from afar.

The Chaotic Lightning Feathered Demon controlled wind type and demon type energies. When the beam of lightning-made wings flew through the clouds, it was suddenly destroyed by a sudden burst of white devil flames.

The old merchant master’s technique was clearly sent towards the Cyan Hidden Dragon. However, because of the interference of the white devil flames, it lost its use, so the old merchant master of course felt angry, directly cursing at the Nightmare Palace’s subpar soul pet control ability.

‘Horrible, Nightmare old devil, are you playing it dirty at such a time?!” Very quickly, another soul incantation came from a soul pet palace expert that had come to complain.

Being cursed at by two people in a row, the Nightmare Palace was even more confused. He specially took a glance at his White Nightmare, who was charging up an ability.

“Heng, open your dog eyes wide and made sure to see what my White Nightmare is doing!” The White Nightmare Palace sub palace master said in return, full of disdain.

The old merchant master was very close to the sub city master of Nightmare city. When she looked up, she could see his White Nightmare right there.

“Strange, I did feel a white nightmare flit across my face , though……” The old merchant master began to say to himself. Suddenly, the old merchant master noticed a demonic figure burning with white demon fire right in front of him!

No aura!

One couldn’t even feel the threat of it, only feeling a coldness from hell that slowly invaded one’s soul!

When the old merchant master saw the unknown creature’s real appearance, his face grew solemn. The organism in front of him wasn’t a White Nightmare, but it was much more evil and powerful than a White Nightmare. It didn’t release any aura from its body, but it made one fear from the depths of one’s heart. The white flames on its outer body didn’t reveal any energy at all, but once ignited, it could destroy all!

Cold sweat dripped down the old merchant master forehead. He had lived this long, but he had never seen such a strange organism, let alone stand less than a meter from it. The old merchant master didn’t even know how it appeared on the back of his own Chaotic Thunder Feather Bird.


In the skies, an intense shrill scream sounded.

All the experts that surrounded Cyan Hidden Dragon noticed this scream and immediately looked over, causing all gazes to fall on the source.

White devil flames fell from the skies. Everyone was unbelievably confused, because no one would’ve thought that the old merchant master who was furthest from the battlefield would get burned by devil fire and fall straight from the skies, clearly suffering huge soul injuries!

Very quickly, everyone’s eyes fell on the Nightmare City master, because there was only the Nightmare Palace’s evil soul pet White Nightmare that could control white devil flames. Such a situation could only be this fellow playing tricks.

But, the Nightmare City master didn’t do anything. At this moment, his eyes were watching a white arrogant specter slowly float into the sky. Usually cold and steady, he could no longer hide the fear and shock on his face!!

“What is that!!!!!”

“Who’s soul pet, who’s soul pet!!”

“White Nightmare, no wait, even stronger than White Nightmare…...What organism is this? An organism never seen before……”

Finally, the experts noticed the devil man that quietly floated into the battlefield. This devil man was absolutely quiet. Even its techniques had no sound. If not for the merchant master’s scream, no one would’ve noticed such a scary devilish figure had come among them!

Cold, arrogant, the devil monarch’s mask needed no other expression. It was looking down upon any other organism!

Apathetic, pale, empty pupils contained not a sliver of emotion, only gazing at the world with those eyes that could bring death to any living being!

Strange, untraceable, it had an evil energy completely different from all others, as if it was from another dimension.

Mysterious, indistinguishable from human and soul pet, possibly even an organism never known to mankind.

Powerful, a power that couldn’t be detected at all. But, its arrogant poise meant that when it revealed its power, it could be world shaking, bringing infinite destruction!

At this moment, everyone was shocked by this cold, arrogant, apathetic, strange, mysterious, and powerful organism. No one could give a single explanation for this human shaped devil organism!


As the leader of all the experts, Li old city master’s face became grave. As the highest rank, even he couldn’t detect any aura from this strange organism.

The cyan hidden dragon gave off an aura of complete, brutal force and destruction. Its power could be felt directly through its immense body and powerful aura.

Yet, this evil monarch burning with white devil flames in front of him had its power completely hidden, not revealing a single bit. It was completely opposite when compared to the undefeatable Cyan Hidden Dragon’s wildness.

“Everyone, be very careful, it is very powerful. Though no energy is leaking from it, I can feel an incomparably massive store of energy within this devil!” Li old city master realized the power of this devil and immediately told everyone using soul remembrance.

What the Li old city master didn’t know was, the massive energy he talked about was exactly the Jade Spring energy that the Cyan Hidden Dragon stole from him.

And the rest of them would never have thought that the devil that shocked all the old generation experts was the final form of a deviled teen who had absorbed the energy of the Jade Spring!


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