Book 2 Chapter 290 - Other Pupil, Devil Monarch, Chu Mu

Chapter 290: From the Nine Underworlds, the Evil Devil Monarch

The extremely high temperature burned Chu Mu’s soul; at the beginning, Chu Mu still maintained a bit of consciousness and thinking, but as the Jade Spring began to truly circulate to every part of Chu Mu’s body, the only bit of rationale left in Chu Mu’s empty eyes was gradually burnt to nothingness.

As for the eyes without any rationale in them, they gave others the most pure form of fear, because its powerful could easily crush any life to dust!

Duan Xinhe was looking at Chu Mu’s eyes, and an unprecedented coldness seeped over his entire body.  It made him feel as if his soul was trembling due to coldness despite having yet to touch Chu Mu’s soul devil flames!

Duan Xinhe was a ninth remembrance spirit master, and he was a tiny bit away from entering the spirit emperor level. His soul remembrance was furthermore stronger than normal people, because of the Gluttonous Insect Monster and the Hundred Mother.

Nonetheless, when Duan Xinhe found that the half devil in front of him was ‘walking’ towards him, his powerful soul imitated that of a servant rank’s soul when seeing the soul pet of its masters. Trembling with fear, not even half an idea of resistance occurred to him.

The white devil flames silently burned, but they didn’t ignite any of the surrounding objects. Chu Mu’s face was also full of devil flames, and his noble and ominous face carried a silver mask that was just cast from molten lava. Without even needing to make an expression, this face was already the world’s most evil!

“What…. What on earth are you!! You… you can’t be human!!!” Duan Xinhe’s pupils were full of both blood and fear from his very depths.

Having transformed from a young generation member he could kill at any time, to a half devil person who could contend against his ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monsters, to the shocking devil ghost now where he controlled both soul and life, Duan Xinhe was virtually going to go insane soon. The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s egg was so close, but he didn’t expect there to now be a powerful creature that couldn’t be explained by rationality so close to him.

Duan Xinhe began to run.

His soul no longer had the ability to summon even soul pets, and his body ran completely out of an autonomous inherent ability to seek survival. The further he was away from the half devil, the further he was away from death.

The half devil Chu Mu didn’t chase him. The humanity in him had essentially been extinguished a second ago, and he had completely transformed into a monarch devil that had crawled up from the depths of the Nine Underworlds into this world. His two empty eyes stared at the fleeing Duan Xinhe, as a massacring instinct caused him to raise his right hand...

Upon becoming a half devil, Chu Mu’s hand had become slender, with a tinge of a woman’s elegance. At the same time, his sharp white fingers carried an almighty coldness.

Chu Mu’s hand was raised, his palm half open, and his long fingers pointed at the desperately fleeing Duan Xinhe.

Devil flames was the thinking of the half devil. Chu Mu only had to think of moving and locating a target, and the powerful devil flames on his body would fly out according to where he pointed to.

Perhaps it was because Chu Mu could no longer remember who he was, but he was stuck in a state of near inherent fighting instinct from the very beginning until the end. This fighting instinct wasn’t the fighting abilities that Chu Mu formerly possessed; instead, it was the strength that manifested upon transforming into a half devil.

Two faint white lights weakly and slowly hovered next to the fleeing Duan Xinhe like fireflies. Duan Xin had already run very far away, and was even rejoicing that the thing without any mind seemed not be chasing him down to kill.

Suddenly, the two unremarkable firefly lights suddenly transformed and outlandishly passed through into his body!

Duan Xinhe didn’t feel anything wrong at first, only that something warm in his belly was emerging before disappearing. When he gradually felt that the temperature was rising, Duan Xinhe abruptly realized that devil flames had spread to his innards and were wildly burning his soul and innards!

An immense pain transmitted through his entire body and he attempted to use the remaining little bit of soul power to protect himself. However, the soul power was instantaneously evaporated, and once his soul power ran out, the devil flames began to burn the rest of his soul and innards...

Not too far away, Chu Mu’s forefinger had a white devil flame rapidly combusting. This tiny devil flame happened to represent the soul devil flame torrentially burning in Duan Xinhe’s body. This other type ability enabled Chu Mu to essentially even step across space!

Slowly, the ball of flame on Chu Mu’s forefinger died down, and Chu Mu stared with a gaze filled with sempiternity at the winds and clouds charging across the vast sky. He stared at the powerful Cyan Hidden Dragon, whose body was covered with injuries, struggling and blood-soaked. He stared at the powerful soul pets attacking the Cyan Hidden Dragon.

In this very moment, a ripple occured in his eyes. It was a ripple that derived from the sudden fight. When he saw the clash of strength against strength and the explosions of abilities against abilities, the half devil state Chu Mu seemed to see his home!!

“Chu Mu…” a tender voice slowly called out, mixed with Ye Qingzi’s worriedness and anxiety.

Ye Qingzi was standing very close to Chu Mu and could imprint Chu Mu’s evil devilish state completely in her eyes. From this devil flame half-devil state, Ye Qingzi could see Chu Mu’s silver face and whether this face happened to be Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi didn’t know.

In this world, the power of a soul pet trainer always came from soul pets.

Yet, what Ye Qingzi was looking at was a frightening half devil that had transformed from a human. It controlled the world's most powerful and most evil strength! Duan Xinhe, just before death, couldn’t even be sure Chu Mu was a human and right now, Ye Qingzi also found it hard to believe he was one!

Ye Qingzi felt unfamiliarity, and it wasn’t until now that she finally realized how Chu Mu had survived back then in the Great Chu Family from that ninth phase monarch. Furthermore, she realized why his soul reached such a severely high temperature afterwards. The white colored devil flames burning on this body from head to toe gave Ye Qingzi both the most direct answer to this question as well as an intense shock.

“My heavens, what is that? Is that a White Nightmare?!” suddenly, a terrified voice rang out nearby.

“It’s not a White Nightmare, it’s definitely not a White Nightmare!” said a middle aged Nightmare Palace member with most certainty. His face was covered with astonishment and he couldn’t believe his eyes somewhat.

“Why can’t I feel any aura? This human shaped soul pet doesn’t have any aura; could it be a child pet?!” said a middle aged soul pet trainer with strong detection abilities.

The group of people who had just come here were the middle aged members from various factions called over by Ye Wansheng who were attempting to kill Duan Xinhe. After all, the Cyan Hidden Dragon was fighting with the various experts and they were more concerned about the enormous rewards of the Cyan Hidden Dragon egg.

Only, by the time they arrived here, they didn’t see Duan Xinhe. Rather, what greeted them was a White Nightmare-like thing that was an even more nefarious and imposing mysterious creature. This creature was so mysterious to them that they couldn’t tell if it was due to some soul technique used by a human or some extremely rare soul pet!

Although every soul pet trainer present was in shock, they were all also full of curiosity and wonder. Nonetheless, none of them dared actually approach the half state Chu Mu because no one knew that whether they would be instantly killed upon approaching this eminently evilly demonic devil!

“Qingzi… Qingzi…. Quickly run, what are you just standing there for?!!!!”

Finally, someone ran over and Ye Qingzi abruptly discovered his sister extremely close to the devil flame burning evil monarch. His face was white from terror and he ran over to Ye Qingzi without fear of danger.

“Brother, don’t come over!” Ye Qingzi couldn't be certain Chu Mu still maintained his humanity and when she saw Ye Qingzi recklessly charge over, she yelled out to him with a face of panic.

“Hu hu~~~~~”

The devil flames strangely changed their burning directly and moved diagonally.

Ye Qingzi’s small face was pale because she found that Chu Mu’s gaze had returned from the air and had at some point turned to Ye Wansheng running over. That slender devil finger that could easily kill even a ninth remembrance spirit master moved up slowly and pointed at Ye Wansheng!

“Don’t, don’t kill him!” Ye Qingzi knew what Chu Mu’s action meant. She disregarded the devil flames on Chu Mu’s body and whether they would burn her soul, and hugged the half devil state Chu Mu...

Ye Qingzi’s body easily passed through the devil flames and she tightly held onto his body. As for the devil flames that could easily burn one’s soul, they didn’t enter her body, but instead passed through her body. They continued to stay in a reserved manner around Chu Mu’s body, silently burning.

“Chu Mu… don’t kill him, he’s my brother…” Ye Qingzi was already crying in terror. Her teary eyes were pleading as they stared at Chu Mu’s cold face.

Chu Mu didn’t look at Ye Qingzi. He was like an evil devil monarch that slowly raised its hand and gave an order to the power of death he controlled.

Two white star lights waveringly floated forth. They outlandishly flew across the sky and looked like two live fireflies as they unremarkably floated across.

Seeing the technique that killed Duan Xinhe being used, Ye Qingzi lost control of her tears even more. No matter what, she never would have thought Chu mu would lose his rationality and kill the sudden moving Ye Wansheng.

Ye Wansheng wasn’t aware of any danger. He only knew that the devil monarch very close to Ye Qingzi was extremely dangerous. Regardless of whether he could defeat it, he had to protect her.

“Sou sou~~~~~~~”

Suddenly, two fireflies floated in front of his forehead and his steps came to an abrupt stop!

There clearly were two unremarkable fireflies that just flitted past him, but for some reason, Ye Wansheng felt that his entire body and even his soul had been pervaded by cold water; it was so cold that even his body wouldn’t move!

Death had just swept past him!

Ye Wansheng didn’t know why, but he was absolutely sure that if he touched those fireflies, he would step into the great door of death!

“Ah Ah!!!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, a fear inducing miserable shout rang out from behind Ye Wansheng!

The white devil flames had ignited inside a middle aged soul pet trainer’s body and even his face was spitting out white devil flames!

This time, the burning speed was extremely fast and not long after the rest of the middle aged people sensed the propagation of danger, that soul pet trainer had already been burned to ashes.

Death. An eighth remembrance spirit master had died like that in front of everyone!

A strange atmosphere enveloped the middle aged experts from the various factions, and they all carried extreme shock on their faces.


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