Book 2 Chapter 29 - Tenaciously Fighting Mo Ye

Chapter 29: Tenaciously Fighting Mo Ye

“Wuwu” Mo Xie raised her little head and signalled the little Mo Ye. If not for Chu Mu’s command disallowing her to carelessly kill the weak Mo Ye, Mo Xie’s evil flamed claws would’ve taken this little guy’s life immediately.

“Hou!! Hou!!” The third phase third stage Mo Ye also opened its mouth, roaring at Mo Xie and actually charging straight at her!

Mo Xie lightly leapt to the side, easily evading the Mo Ye’s Ripping Claw. Her tail, on the other hand, swept over and tripped the shaky Mo Ye.

After being tripped, the Mo Ye gained new scratch wounds, but still got up. It’s mouth suddenly conjured a Death Ray, and it fiercely spewed it at Mo Xie!

Mo Xie stood in place, yet her tail quickly formed a fan. With a small sweep, she deflected the Mo Ye’s Death Ray as well!

After the Death Ray was deflected, it went straight into a tree and immediately snapped it!

“This little Mo Ye is so resilient.” Qing Menger looked at the adamantly fighting Mo Ye and was surprised, yet felt sorry for it.

“Hou!!” After its attacks were easily dissolved, the Mo Ye again sprinted towards her. Its ink colored armor suddenly flashed with a black light, causing its body to become a sword adhered by an inkish glow, advancing towards Mo Xie!

“Wuwu!!” Mo Xie still stood in her place. She suddenly extended her body. Instantly, raging demon fire evil flames shot out from under her flaming paws. The demon fire evil flames created a natural protection, surrounding Mo Xie’s body!

The Mo Ye’s Inked Horn firmly slammed into Mo Xie’s demon fire evil flames and, while Mo Xie was unharmed, the Mo Ye’s body was tossed backwards.

Its ink colored armor immediately caught fire, causing a large region on its skull area to be burnt!

“Such a poor little guy. Getting wounded this deeply, if it isn’t treated, it would very easily be bullied by other soul pets.” Qing Menger was a girl, so she easily took pity on soul pets.

On the other side, the Ice Air Fairy had already finished its battle, bringing Chu Mu not only the Heavenly Demon Orchid that was worth 100,000 gold coins,but also the water and demon type soul core of the sixth phase Deep Water Monster.

If Chu Mu bought a water and ice duo type soul crystal, it could increase the Ice Air Fairy’s water controlling powers. However, Chu Mu felt that the Ice Air Fairy could develop the greatest power with pure ice control, so he never fed the Ice Air Fairy any water type soul cores.

“Mo Xie, let’s go.” Chu Mu looked at Mo Xie who was still playing with the little Mo Ye and said.

“Wuwu~” Mo Xie lost interest in playing with a low phase soul pet and immediately jumped back onto Chu Mu’s shoulder.


However, the little Mo Ye’s eyes under its ink skull helmet were still locked onto Mo Xie, as if it still wanted to fight. Yet, its weak body was already full of wounds, making it unable to stand.

“The little guy seems so pitiful.  If we just leave it there, it will get killed by other soul pets.” Qing Menger said, still feeling sorry for it.

Chu Mu looked at the third phase third stage little Mo Ye, but only said, “The Mo Ye’s recovery speed is very fast. Such degree of wounds will heal very quickly.”


“Let’s go, if it can’t live by itself in this cruel environment, even if you help it once, it will still get killed by other stronger beings. Also, the Mo Ye is a proud species, so it won’t accept help from anyone else.” Chu Mu interrupted.

Qing Menger opened her mouth as if to say something, but she found that she couldn’t rebuke what Chu Mu said. Still unable to steel her heart, she looked at the shivering, little wounded Mo Ye near the lake. Biting her pink lips, she could only hustle to catch up to Chu Mu. Her heart, however, was silently praying for the little Mo Ye that was covered in wounds.

After finishing up fighting, Chu Mu fed the Ice Air Fairy a sixth rank ice type soul core. After the Ice Air Fairy ate the soul core, its body suddenly burst into white light!


After continuously battling recently, the Ice Air Fairy finally entered the sixth phase second stage, almost catching up to Mo Xie, who was at the sixth phase third stage.

Chu Mu invested quite a bit into the Ice Air Fairy, especially the 200,000 gold coin soul crystal, to make this high class warrior rank strong enough to match up against middle class commander rank soul pets. If he continued to strengthen its ice type, it would surely cause its destructive powers to become terrifying in the future.

Before night fell, Chu Mu and Qing Menger stopped their journey forwards, still choosing to rest under a tree and wait for the sun to rise the second day to continue.

Qing Menger found that Chu Mu was very familiar with the wilderness environment, as if he lived in the forest. Even in this forest gap, where danger was everywhere, they rarely ran into any. This way, Qing Menger was also very at ease, finally sleeping well for a night.

Chu Mu still kept his usual habits. After feeding his soul power to the White Nightmare, he started cultivating again, waiting until the darkest part of dawn before finally sleeping.


When the skies started lighting up, the constantly vigilant Chu Mu heard a rustling in the bushes and immediately opened his eyes.

Mo Xie almost simultaneously opened her eyes, locking her gaze on a little bush beside them. Quickly jumping out of Chu Mu’s embrace, her paws started to flame up again.


The bush opened and suddenly, a black figure darted out very quickly, razing its sharp claws violently over Mo Xie’s body!

Mo Xie stood in place, not even dodging, allowing the claws to slide right off her.

“Wuwu!!” Mo Xie slowly turned around, her eyes intimidatingly watching the inkish and adamant soul pet, feeling somewhat angry already.

“What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” Qing Menger woke up with a start, somewhat frantically shifting towards Chu Mu, as if some danger had appeared.

“It’s nothing, it's just the weak Mo Ye from yesterday.” Chu Mu said calmly. However, when he was speaking, he glanced at Qing Menger who leaned onto his arm.

Qing Menger had a great body. Her tight clothes accentuated the elegant curve of her breasts, and this pair of alluring parts were pressed onto Chu Mu’s arm, causing it to very flexibly change in shape…...

Qing Menger’s face immediately reddened, causing her to quickly draw back and inwardly blame herself…...

“This is the little Mo Ye from yesterday? is it that in one night, its wounds are completely healed. I even remember that its skull armor had completely been burnt.” Qing Menger said.

Chu Mu looked at the little Mo Ye and was also somewhat bewildered. Yesterday, this Mo Ye was only at the third phase third stage, yet after getting beaten up by Mo Xie, it had not only completely healed, but had raised a stage, becoming the third phase fourth stage!

The Mo Ye’s fighting intent was very firm. This, Chu Mu understood. Most Mo Ye’s specialty was their species ability to self heal, causing their to heal wounds very quickly.

Self Heal effects were completely as if the soul pet were constantly consuming healing medicine, making their healing speed double that of a normal soul pet.

Yet, what Chu Mu found odd was that even if its healing speed were double of other soul pets, this Mo Ye needed at least two days to heal completely, especially its skull armor area that was severely burnt by demon fire evil flames.

“Maybe this Mo Ye happened to eat some soul item, or else it couldn’t have healed from such heavy injuries in one night.”

Third phase fourth stage and sixth phase third stage weren’t even nearly on the same level. After Mo Xie finally extended herself, the Mo Ye’s ink armor was immediately ripped to shreds, causing the blood and flesh inside to be revealed.


Mo Xie jumped high up, causing the flames on her four paws to increase greatly. When she landed, she fiercely stepped down, causing a terrifying wave of demon fire evil flames to roar forward. The weak little Mo Ye was immediately blasted away, its blood and flesh burnt black!

“You...aren’t you too cruel? All we had to do was chase it away. Why did you have to harm it this much?” Qing Menger looked at the poor Mo Ye that was tossed away by the fire and cutely glared at Chu Mu.

“Don’t worry, it can’t die. It’s just so it doesn’t follow us any longer.” Chu Mu said.

“Wuwu” Mo Xie jumped onto Chu Mu’s shoulder again, complaining that the weak little thing was too annoying.

Under normal circumstances, when Mo Xie released her aura, many soul pets would run away in fear. Yet, this Mo Ye couldn’t be scared away no matter what. Even if it were shaking all over and full of wounds, it still wanted to fight.

“Let’s go…...” Chu Mu didn’t mind it and continued to walk forward. Though the little guy’s healing power was very strong, it could only barely leave the ranks of the weak, still lacking the qualifications to become his soul pet.

Qing Menger looked at the little guy one more time before pouting her lips and following behind Chu Mu.

Gangluo City, Chu Clan Great Lobby

“What…...You…....did you just say…...” Chu Clan’s clan head Chu Ming suddenly stood up from his seat. His somewhat old body unexpectedly shook a little.

“Grandfather, Chu Mu isn’t dead! He really isn’t!” Chu Ning repeated what he just said.

“Ninger, where did you hear this from?” Chu Ning’s father, Chu Tianlin, also looked shocked.

“At the time in Manyin Forest, I met the two evildoers Li Nan and Yang Jie…...”

Chu Ning immediately repeated his experiences in Man Yin City excitedly to the many Chu Clan members.

Chu Ning knew that the news of Chu Mu being alive would raise a huge commotion within Chu Clan. For safety reasons, he specially let the clan organize an internal meeting and would only then say it.

“Chu Ning, are you sure that this person is Chu Mu?” After hearing Chu Ning’s description, the expression on clan head Chu Ming’s face was also that of uncomparable shock!

Everyone at the meeting knew who Yang Jie was. That heinous man was someone the Chu Family had wanted to kill for a long time.

Yet Yang Jie was indeed strong, as anyone normal person couldn’t deal with him. How could anyone at the meeting foresee that Chu Mu, who lost a soul and could never cast a soul pet actually defeated Yang Jie, who many Chu Family experts couldn’t even defeat!

“Yes, it was Chu Mu, it was definitely him, there is no possibility of error! Fourth Brother isn’t the Fourth brother we know anymore. His power has completely surpassed mine, and by a lot, too.” Chu Ning said emotionally excited.

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