Book 2 Chapter 289 - Other Pupil, Devil Monarch, Chu Mu

Chapter 289: Other Pupil, Devil Monarch, Chu Mu

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~”

Mo Xie’s fox cry lingered in his ear… this voice searching for protection caused Chu Mu’s heart to ignite!

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”

No matter how vigorous the devil flames burned on his body, they wouldn’t reflect any ostentatious intention. The only thing that manifested were sounds of the wind.

The white devil flames began to shoot out of the cracks within the ruins. They originated from one white fire seed, and slowly transformed into a enormous bonfire that finally ignited the small hill-like ruins.

“Hahaha, people that provoke me will all have a miserable ending. Especially you. Hmph, you look so enticing even to the soul; perhaps you were born just for me to ***. Don’t worry, I won’t kill a top quality like you…” loudly laughed Duan Xinhe as his yellow eyes were full of arrogance.

Ye Qingzi’s face was pale as she retreated. The War Court Black Beast was being sandwiched in between the Hundred Mother, and the blood Gluttonous Insect Monster and its body had suffered serious wounds; it simply didn’t have the ability to continue fighting...

Duan Xinhe’s back was to the ruins, and the pale white devil flames were burning extremely quietly. Even the exceptionally cold aura had been retained in the ruins, so Duan Xinhe didn’t detect that an egregiously terrifying devil flame was burning behind him!

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~~~”

Sensing Chu Mu’s aura, the battered and bruised Mo Xie that was fighting against the Gluttonous Insect Beast let out an excited cry.

“Yell some more, yell some more. The meat of a Nine Tailed Inferno Fox should taste pretty good.” maliciously laughed Duan Xinhe as he thought Mo Xie was letting out pitiful cries for help.

Chu Mu who was buried under the ruins of two collapsed rock and wood construct buildings. As his white devil flames sprang out, the collapsed wall seemed to receive some strange buoyant force and began to float upwards along with the devil flames.

Pieces of broken rock, slabs of destroyed pillars, chunks of broken roof, countless fine shattered fragments of brick and tile, and even the entire ruins began to float incomparably silently.

These objects were in the devil flames, but weren’t being burned by it, as if they were being completely held up by water instead.

If one looked through the cracks of these floating broken objects, he or she would be able to see a devil person covered all over in white molten lava quietly standing there!

His two legs seemed to be on the ground, but were actually hovering on top of the devil flames. His two arrogant and emotionless eyes were fixated on the bastard maliciously laughing ahead of him.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~”

When Chu Mu’s body appeared in the devil flames, Mo Xie’s cries became even more frequent and excited!

Ye Qingzi also saw Chu Mu. Her face let out an expression of happiness, only, within the happiness was contained a large amount of shock and astonishment.

This was because the present Chu Mu gave Ye Qingzi a completely different aura than the previous half devil state Chu Mu. This aura was a close yet thousand meters away unfamiliar feeling of estrangement….

Ye Qingzi had this feeling because the past Chu Mu she knew would always be full of zeal even if he was stern and serious. At the very least, Ye Qingzi was able to understand his emotions and thinking from his words and conduct.

Yet, from the present Chu Mu, aside from the boundless power about to burst from his body, Ye Qingzi didn’t feel anything else!

“You still unexpectedly can still laugh. Could i be you’re the same type of person as me? Ha, then that would be no fun. I enjoy *** composed women instead; when I see their lewd appearance of begging for mercy, I have even more lust…” said Duan Xinhe.

Up until now, neither Duan Xinhe nor his soul pets had discovered Chu Mu’s existence. However, at this moment, Chu Mu’s ghostly demonic figure floated in front of Duan Xinhe and his eyes full of silver magma coldly stared at Duan Xinhe...

“Kill his soul pet first. With such a delicate woman, don’t harm any part of her.” Duan Xinhe ordered his soul pets.

The ugly looking Hundred Mother and blood Gluttonous Insect Monster simultaneously erupted with speed. They were a hundred meters away from the wounded War Court Black Beast, but this was merely one second of time to them. In the blink of an eye, they appeared in front of it...

“Chu Mu!” Ye Qingzi’s heart went cold and she yelled at Chu Mu.

If Chu Mu didn’t do anything, her War Court Black Beast would be killed!

Chu Mu raised his head and his two eyes locked onto the Hundred Mother and the Gluttonous Insect Beast...

Ye Qingzi chanted an incantation. The Hundred Mother and Gluttonous Insect Beast’s speed were too fast, and even if Chu Mu used Displacement Specter, he probably still wouldn’t be able to save it. Ye Qingzi could thus only rely on her own strength.

A truly strong defensive soul techniques required an incantation of a second; Ye Qingzi’s chanting speed was inherently slow, and now that the Hundred Mother and Gluttonous Insect Beast were right in front of the War Court Black Beast with their claws lifted high in the air, it would be killed in the next instant!

Closing a gap of a hundred meters and attacking all within a second was speed that a normal person’s eyes couldn’t see clearly.

However, Chu Mu who was standing behind Duan Xinhe was still watching the Hundred Mother and blood Gluttonous Insect Monster with his eyes. His body didn’t move, because in the field of view of the present Chu Mu, an extremely strange phenomenon had occured.

“Why are these two soul pets moving so slow?”

A question appeared in the head of Chu Mu that was a bit sore from the high temperature burning.

Chu Mu’s pupils were circulating a silver-white lustre, and what he saw were two soul pets moving at extremely slow speeds, about to attack the War Court Black Beast. In Chu Mu’s opinion, Ye Qingzi’s War Court Black Beast would have no problems dodging...

“Is it a slowing ability?” Chu Mu muttered to himself.

Chu Mu’s soul and body were at an extremely high temperature state and under these circumstances, Chu Mu’s thoughts and logic weren’t as clear as they usually were...

“The War Court Black Beast’s speed is also very slow… it seems… it seems that it’s my vision ability that’s slow…” finally, Chu Mu suddenly became aware of an extremely serious problem as the two soul pets lifted their claws high in the air and brought it back down.

“This is the White Devil’s Other Pupil technique. After using it, you can limitlessly slow down any moving object past a certain amount in my range of view. You can slow it down until you can see it clearly and while slowing it down, your thinking abilities will become faster. In other words, this is an other type mind technique that can increase the speed of your eye nerves and mind nerves by many times!” Old Li’s voice rapidly transmitted into Chu Mu’s brain.

Old Li used soul remembrance and the message surged into his thinking. If it was the Chu Mu in the past, he only would have heard a string of gibberish, yet right now, he could hear everything perfectly clearly.

Displacement Specter!!

Chu Mu abruptly realized the War Court Black Beast had also slowed down its movements and couldn’t dodge the two soul pets’ attacks. Just as their claws were about to break open its body, devil flames rapidly burned Chu Mu’s body into ashes.


Ye Qingzi had merely chanted half an incantation and the War Court Black Beast had no way of living now...

Ye Qingzi firmly shut her eyes and couldn’t bear watching the miserable scene.

“Si si si~~~~~~ Si si si~~~~~~”

Suddenly, two incomparably painful shrieks rang out. These shrieks didn’t come from the War Court Black Beast!

Ye Qingzi didn’t have time to be sad as she hastily opened her eyes. Yet, what met her eyes was a sturdy body burning in a surging devil flame magma...

“How is that possible. Wasn’t he a hundred meters away just now…” Ye Qingzi opened her small mouth and the shock on her face was even greater than the happiness because instantly moving a hundred meters in such a short period of time was impossible even for stronger soul pets!

Displacement Specter! Extreme speed that could completely rival Instant Movement. Moreover, the so-called Instant Movement  would sometimes require a casting time; yet, from what Ye Qingzi saw, Chu Mu’s Displacement Specter seemed to not have required any casting time. Two balls of devil flames appeared at different locations and ignited at the same time. Subsequently, Chu Mu moved from his original location to the other location!

Ye Qingzi was incapable of believing that Chu Mu could reach such a speed. One had to know that from the moment she pondered the question of saving her War Court Black Beast until now, it had only been a brief moment; even shorter than blinking her eye!

Not only did Chu Mu’s speed and sight change, when he concentrated on the Hundred Mother and the blood Gluttonous Insect Monster, he unexpectedly felt that they were weak!

A feeling that the ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster and ninth phase Hundred Mother were weak!

Just an hour ago, these two eminently malevolent ninth phase soul pets were undefeatable soul pets to him. Yet, right now in the post Jade Spring baptism state, Chu Mu shockingly discovered he could casually kill them!!!

Finally, Chu Mu made his move. The opponent’s weak and puniness actually increased the desire to kill in Chu Mu’s heart!

A devil hand stretching out, Chu Mu used his most habitual Nightmare sure kill technique - Obliterating Heart!

When Chu Mu had used it back then to the other Gluttonous Insect Monster, its extreme speed allowed it to dodge the Obliterating Heart a few times, but right now, neither the blood Gluttonous Insect Monster nor the powerful ninth phase Hundred Mother made even half a reaction.

Chu Mu completely unobstructedly extended his devil claw into their inner crystals.

Two claws simultaneously grasped their inner crystals before giving a light pinch!

“Si si si~~~~~ Si si si~~~~~~~~~”

The two soul pets’ miserable cries as they died wasn’t as long as Chu Mu expected. They slowly fell to the ground and were burned inside to out by nightmare flames.

In front of the deaths of two soul pets, Chu Mu was still calm despite his thoughts having become strange. He blankly stared at his two hands; he was like a devil ghost - a devil ghost that had no idea he was killing!

The two soul pets instantly died and were burned to ashes by white devil flames right in front of his eyes. This nightmare-like scene caused Duan Xinhe to freeze up!

Just a second ago, Duan Xinhe’s lustful and wanton smile towards Ye Qingzi still hung on his face. Now a second later, his distorted facial expression could no longer be explained by the sudden shock that occurred.


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