Book 2 Chapter 288 - Eighth Rank Battle Technique, Five Night Inferno Fox Diagram

Chapter 288: Eighth Rank Battle Technique, Five Night Inferno Fox Diagram

“Wuwuwuwu~~~~~~~~” Reaching the seventh phase, Mo Xie let out a call, as if reminding Ye Qingzi of something.

“Moon, Moonlight Conjure!” Ye Qingzi quickly understood Mo Xie and spoke to Water Moon.

The reason water moon was called Water Moon was because, where there was Water Moon, there was the existence of water and shine of moon. In fact, as the Water Moon’s strength increased, the moonlight effect it made could surpass natural moonlight, giving soul pets who gained strength in moonlight even greater strength.

Water Moon could easily be killed by a Gluttonous Insect Monster in this fight, so Ye Qingzi told it to remain a good distance away.

Receiving Ye Qingzi’s command, Water Moon’s body slowly lit with a beautiful glow. This glow that could strengthen Mo Xie slowly arose, as if refracted by water, beautiful and multi-faceted…...

Finishing the change from the sixth phase to seventh stage, Mo Xie’s sharp claws reached the pseudo eighth rank. In addition, when the water moonlight, which was even more powerful than natural moonlight, fell upon Mo Xie, her cold Inferno Fox claws extended even further, glinting a metallic blue as well as the complexion of a moon!

Eighth rank initial stage!

After the Water Moon’s illumination, Mo Xie’s claws reached a stunning eighth rank realm. The two colored flames glowed with a noble silver, completely displaying the superior blood of this mutated fox.

The Gluttonous Insect Monster’s defense wasn’t that high. Reaching eighth rank initial stage, with the help of techniques, Mo Xie could now break through the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s defense!

Arrogant, noble, cold, demonic, at this moment, the Inferno Fox monarch’s aura was unbridled. Its rampant wild aura rolled straight towards the ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster!

Seventh phase sixth stage!

Feeling the water moon’s glow, Mo Xie’s stage raised six stages. Adding on the Water Moon’s water screen battle armor, Mo Xie could now fight the Gluttonous Insect Monster!!


A battle of speed against speed, when Mo Xie stepped forward, she only left a fiery shadow in her place before disappearing completely.

The Gluttonous Insect Monster wasn’t slow either. When Mo Xie flashed towards it, it wriggled its body and, changing its position five times a second, it made extreme movements that caused Mo Xie to be unable to find it.

Mo Xie’s silver demon pupils constantly observed the changing space. Without Chu Mu’s soul remembrance lock, Mo Xie could only rely on her own senses to determine the soul pet’s location.

This street was very long, but all of it was already ruined. At this moment, one could clearly see small whirlwinds appear and quickly disappear after.

These small whirlwinds were precisely the turning points of Mo Xie and the Gluttonous Insect Monster!

Mo Xie had a period of time where her speed was explosive. With plenty of fighting experience, she knew that she must give the Gluttonous Insect Monster a heavy wound during this period, or else, once she slowed down, she wouldn’t have a chance against it anymore.


The Gluttonous Insect Monster’s claws flashed past Mo Xie’s five shadows, so sharp they could directly snap a building in half. However, it only left a shallow mark on Mo Xie.

Mo Xie’s five shadows didn’t immediately disappear. The five phantoms all became real inferno foxes, appearing in five locations around the Gluttonous Insect Monster!

This time, Mo Xie didn’t use the Royal Flame Claw that was usually combined with phantom. The five phantoms almost simultaneously whipped out their nine powerful long fox tails!

Five phantoms, each with nine tails, meaning there were a total of fourty five Inferno Fox tails!

The forty five inferno fox tails almost took up the entire space. Stuck in the gap between attacks, no matter how good at dodging the Gluttonous Insect Monster was, it couldn’t avoid forty five Inferno Fox Tails!

Countless inferno fox tails completely morphed into hard, silver chains. Just as the Gluttonous Insect Monster was chained down, the five Inferno Fox phantoms spread apart, causing the forty five silver glowing tails to go taut. As the phantoms continued to run further, the tails actually started snapping one by one!

“Beng!! Beng!! Beng!!!!!!”

Every silver tail let out a crisp snap. This wasn’t the sound of Mo Xie’s tails snapping, however. The five images were all just phantoms of Mo Xie. The sound of bones breaking was because of the snapping bones of the Gluttonous Insect Monster!

“Eighth…...eighth rank soul technique……” Seeing this dominating, cold, yet grand technique cast, Duan Xinhe’s eyes opened wide in complete disbelief.

Seventh rank soul techniques were already limited to only monarch ranks. The Gluttonous Insect Monsters Duan Xinhe gained from the commander rank Hundred Mother’s reproduction may be powerful, but none had ever learned a seventh rank technique.

Yet, Duan Xinhe had now witnessed a Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox learn an eighth rank technique. This technique was even casted on his own Gluttonous Insect Monster!

An eighth rank technique’s power was over five times that of a seventh rank technique. Mo Xie’s evil fox diagram forcefully ripped the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s bones apart. If not for the high stage and rank of the Gluttonous Insect Monster, this technique alone could’ve killed it!

“Eighth rank soul technique…… Mo Xie’s talent truly is abnormal……” With a distant pupil, Ye Qingzi muttered.

After casting the strange spell from before, Ye Qingzi’s entire body felt like it was shrouded in a strange shadow of death, just like the War Court Black Beast that leaped to eighth stage…….

Eighth phase high stage, the War Court Black Beast’s fighting strength itself wasn’t weaker than Mo Xie, completely able to fight against same rank monarchs. Against the ninth phase Hundred Mother, this War Court Black Beast actually erupted with an unthinkable fighting intent. This wildness was even more complete than Mo Xie in moonlight. If Chu Mu could see this, he definitely wouldn’t believe that Ye Qingzi held such a powerful soul technique that could raise a soul pet by more than a full phase!

The Violent Blood Pupil Chu Mu originally had was a spirit teacher soul technique. Such a technique, once trained to advance, could cause the soul pet to raise a phase.

But this increase was only for commanders under sixth phase. After all, after reaching seventh phase and monarch ranks, the strength difference was huge, so a spirit teacher soul technique couldn’t bring about such effects.

Yet, Ye Qingzi’s War Court Black Beast already reached monarch rank. Its stage and phase also entered seventh phase. Under such circumstances, Ye Qingzi caused it to jump to eighth phase high stages. Such a leap would require tremendous power to sustain. If this soul technique were discovered, possibly any soul pet trainer would go crazy!

Duan Xinhe originally didn’t mind this girl’s technique, but as the War Court Black Beast fought with his Hundred Mother, Duan Xinhe was shocked to discover that the unnoticeable War Court Black Beast could actually fight with his Hundred Mother.

“Not knowing life and death, with just you two garbages, you want to fight me,  Duan Xinhe? Don’t even dare, don’t even dare!!” Duan Xinhe said angrily. He no longer cared about his dwindling soul power, choosing to chant an incantation firmly!

“Budding Split!!!!

The incantation quickly finished. Duan Xinhe was covered in a blood colored glow. As this glow became brighter and brighter, Duan Xinhe’s entire body looked as if it were dunked in blood.

Something even more frightening happened. Duan Xinhe, covered in blood, suddenly started growing tumors. These tumors fell along with the blood glow on Duan Xinhe, collecting on the floor.

Seeing this scene, Ye Qingzi sucked in a breath. At this moment, Duan Xinhe seemed to be pulling flesh off himself to mold into a soul pet!

Duan Xinhe’s Budding Split was using his own flesh and blood to create attached pets. This meant that Duan Xinhe himself had also become a monster that could reproduce soul pets!

Budding Split, using one’s own blood, body, and life as price to create a attached pet to one’s mother soul pet!

Very quickly, the bloody pieces that fell from Duan Xinhe was molded into a seemingly skinless Gluttonous Insect Monster. Its appearance was terrifying, possibly causing any normal person to vomit at sight!

“Die, all of you!!” Duan Xinhe directly gave the Gluttonous Insect Monster a command.

This Gluttonous Insect Monster’s speed was even faster than the ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster. When it stepped forward, it became a scary blood beam that charged directly towards the eighth phase high stage War Court Black Beast!

The War Court Black Beast was fighting with the Hundred Mother when, in a moment of carelessness, it was slammed aside by the disgusting thing. It flew a dozen meters away. If not for the Water Moon’s timely protection, it may have been flung even further, suffering worse wounds.

“Ting!” Seeing the War Court Black Beast hurt, Ye Qingzi’s heart was burning.

Ye Qingzi had already used all her power to increase the War Court Black Beast’s power, but even then, to fight Duan Xinhe, a notorious soul pet trainer within the world, was a stretch. Seeing that Duan Xinhe had now summoned an even more powerful soul pet, Ye Qingzi no longer knew what to do.


Noticing that Ye Qingzi fell in danger, Mo Xie grew worried. Heavily flicking the ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster away, its demon eyes glanced at the tall ruins that covered Chu Mu and let out a few emergency cries!


Chu Mu was connected by heart to Mo Xie. Even in an uncontrollable state, Chu Mu could hear the calls for help from Mo Xie.

Chu Mu also knew the basic situation outside, so he was similarly impatient, wanting to immediately kill his way out.

The energy injection of the Jade Spring was slowly weakening, and Chu Mu could feel every inch of himself filled with power. Once the baptism of the Jade Spring ended, this energy would erupt fully!

“It’s almost over, it’s almost over, just a little longer!” Chu Mu shouted in his heart, his white demonic devil fire covered face already showing signs of mania .


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