Book 2 Chapter 287 - Metamorphosis against a Powerful Opponent, Seventh Phase Mo Xie

Chapter 287: Metamorphosis against a Powerful Opponent, Seventh Phase Mo Xie


The crimson red flames and blood colored flames interlaced in the sky, creating a gorgeous nine tailed fire fan. Just as Duan Xinhe was about to cast a soul technique, this nine tailed fire fan split into nine and swept towards Duan Xinhe.

Duan Xinhe’s attention quickly turned over. Giving up his soul technique against Ye Qingzi hastily, he casted a water colored defense that wrapped around him, blocking Mo Xie’s Nine Tail Fan outside.

“With just you people, you want to stop me, Duan Xinhe? Laughable!” Duan Xinhe looked mockingly at Ye Qingzi and the Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox beside her.

The Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox was powerful, but it was only at the sixth phase ninth stage, completely an unmatured monarch rank soul pet. Duan Xinhe’s Gluttonous Insect Monster was already enough to deal with it!

After attacking one, Ye Qingzi’s War Court Black Beast quickly retreated to Ye Qingzi’s side. The War Court Black Beast also didn’t dare to fight head on with the Gluttonous Insect Monster, so after slamming it away, it naturally had to keep its distance.

Duan Xinhe only had a ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster left, but facing Ye Qingzi’s War Court Black Beast and Nine Tail Inferno Fox, Duan Xinhe only laughed belittlingly.

With a slow incantation, this time Duan Xinhe was reading out a soul pact incantation!!

“To raise the Hundred Mother, I gave up all my soul pet space and put attached pets in them……” Duan Xinhe started laughing, but his face was more twisted and malevolent.

“Of my ten children, eight were killed by Soul Palace, while of the remaining two, one was killed by this boy……” Duan Xinhe said at the same time he was casting the incantation.

“Now that I’m about to get the Hidden Dragon egg, you come out and obstruct me. I can only feed you to my wife now!” Duan Xinhe laughed sinisterly.

Finally, Duan Xinhe’s incantation finished!

This time, Duan Xinhe’s soul pact incantation was surrounded by many symbols and words necessary for a soul pact, meaning this time Duan Xinhe was summoning the mother of all the Gluttonous Insect Monsters - the Hundred Mother!

The Hundred Mother was the strangest soul pet of bug types. To sign a contract with it, you had to lose multiple soul pet spaces, because the Hundred Mother could create multitudes of attached pets, who all obeyed the soul pet trainer as well!

When the Hundred Mother slowly appeared from the soul pet symbol, Ye Qingzi’s expression turned even more hopeless, because she had never seen such an ugly soul pet!

The Hundred Mother’s ugliness couldn’t be described by words. It was completely like someone stitched countless broken Gluttonous Insect Monster body pieces together without organization. Even its yellow eyes were scattered in their location, creating this organism that didn’t have a single thing it could be compared to.

Hundred Mother: Beast World - Bug type - Attached Mother species - Gluttonous Insect Monster Hundred Mother subspecies - Commander rank

A special soul pet was able to create hundreds of Gluttonous Insect Monsters as attached soul pets. Its first generation were the most powerful, and third generation the least. The combined amount from all three generations could reach nearly one thousand monsters.

Ye Qingzi remembered that, when cleaning up the Gluttonous Insect Monster corpses, other than the first seven hundred corpses discovered, there were a hundred or so floating in the old site main hall as well, adding up to eight hundred Gluttonous Insect Monsters.

Eight hundred Gluttonous Insect Monsters meant that Duan Xinhe and his Hundred Mother very likely was reaching Thousand Mother rank.

Yet, at this time, seeing the real Hundred Mother appear, with the disgusting aura of what felt like a hundred Gluttonous Insect Monsters buffeting her face, she was even more apprehensive.

It could be said that it was an enemy that Ye Qingzi couldn’t defeat!

“Mo Xie, leave here.” Ye Qingzi said to Mo Xie.

Ye Qingzi didn’t lose her mind. Facing such a powerful opponent, no matter how hard she attempted to fight, she would die. Under such inevitable circumstances, she could only bite her lips and choose to retreat.


Mo Xie shook her head, not meaning to escape.

From the beginning, it had always been this way: where Chu Mu was, Mo Xie was. Even against the mysterious unknown soul pet on Prison Island, against the owner of the Misleading World Blue Galactic Demon Emperor, or the ninth phase Heavenly Devil Insect monarch…...

Mo Xie knew, if she just delayed for a few more minutes, Chu Mu would finish absorbing the Jade Spring, so she had to protect him, no matter what, until then.


After telling Ye Qingzi this message, Mo Xie’s body started burning brighter with the royal flames…...

Streams of wind blew down from the magnificent battle in the skies, ruffling Mo Xie’s silver fur. At this moment, her nine imposing tails lifted up into the air.

From the lowest ranking Silver Moon Fox, to the Evil Flame Six Tail Demon Fox, to the monarch like Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox, Mo Xie had never feared any powerful soul pet. Her fighting intent and willpower would always burn on. Even against emperor ranks, the demon fox that had continuously mutating blood in her bones didn’t back off in the least, let alone just a commander rank Hundred Mother and a Gluttonous Insect Monster!

The difference in stage and power was bleak, but she would never lose in demeanor and willpower. Mo Xie’s royal flames were like flames of anger and war, burning brighter and wilder. Her silver demon eyes let out the most sinister glint, painting perfectly the arrogance expected of a monarch upon demon foxes. All of this incited the potential within its body!

The royal flames that engulfed the silver body started to change. Two different coloured flames laced together to create a special energy that changed Mo Xie’s body.

Mo Xie’s body had always been a combination of power and speed. With this metamorphosis, it pushed this to an even more perfect state!

“Metamorphosis…… Is Mo Xie morphing……” Seeing Mo Xie’s body undergo change, Ye Qingzi’s face slowly showed doubt.

“How…… How can a soul pet just metamorphosize under such situations…… This is against all common sense!” Ye Wansheng, who had just summoned his Sword Beetle, was already dumbstruck.

A soul pet’s metamorphosis had to fulfill many circumstances. A soul pet’s innate talent, soul pet’s fighting training, as well as the soul pet’s own will and belief.

Not a single one of these could be left out. Speaking of will and belief, a soul pet needed a very powerful will in fighting. Such a willpower was often cultivated by the soul pet trainer. However, once it lost a battle, the willpower would often be hurt.

Similarly, when an unbeatable organism appears, the soul pet’s own faith often was severely wounded. Without the support of the powerful willpower and belief, how could a soul pet metamorphosize?

But, Mo Xie did!

Facing the ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster and Hundred Mother, she went into metamorphosis!

“This fox, does it have a willpower that far transcends its rank and phase, or does it just not have an idea of what phases and ranks are, to be able to just metamorphosize like that……” Seeing the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox become seventh phase, Ye Wansheng was speechless.

Ye Qingzi saw that Mo Xie had dug up all her potential, so she herself bit her thin lips and, seemingly making a huge decision, she decided to help Chu Mu get these few minutes of time.

“Brother, you distract the middle aged generation people, I’ll restrict the Hundred Mother!” Ye Qingzi said.

“Restrict, how are you going to restrict……” As Ye Qingzi was speaking, he suddenly realized what Ye Qingzi was going to do and his face changed drastically, immediately roaring, “No, definitely no!”

“Go quickly, or else we’ll all die!” Ye Qingzi didn’t say anything else, as she already slowly closed her eyes…...

Her long eyelashes quivered slightly. Beautiful hair flowed softly in the wind, in tandem with her white clothes…...

Ye Wansheng gnashed his teeth and looked evilly at Duan Xinhe, “If you dare harm a single hair of my sister, I will cut you and your stupid bugs up and put them in jars full of poisonous bugs. I’ll keep you alive for a hundred years, letting you endure the pain of poison, bites, and devours for the entire duration!”

“Heng heng, none of you dare even think of leaving!” How would Duan Xinhe be afraid of Ye Wansheng’s threat.

The Hundred Mother by his side had already extended its dismembered-limb-like body. Half of its yellow eyes locked onto Ye Qingzi, who had started reading a soul pact incantation, while the rest watched Mo Xie morphing within the raging flames.


The process of metamorphosis was the moment where a soul pet’s potential burst out. Mo Xie’s Demon Fire Evil Flames were already in the advanced state, while the blood flames reached intermediate state. With the increase in both these flames, the demon aura became even more powerful.

Yet Ye Qingzi closed her eyes. With every syllable of the incantation, her pulse jumped violently, and the War Court Black Beast also pulsed.

Its black fur started slowly raising up. The War Court Black Beast that always seemed calm and collected slowly had its aura become as wild as Mo Xie as Ye Qingzi’s incantation continued. This increase in aura was built up every pulse beat, and every beat felt as if it raised multiple stages!

The War Court Black Beast’s fur used to be all matted down, but with the soul pulses like a heart, the War Court Black Beast’s black fur started standing on their ends, showing off the wild and powerful aura it was now emanating.

More frightening was, while its fur was standing on their ends, a black, ghost like energy shrouded the unbelievably rampant War Court Black Beast!

At this moment, the War Court Black Beast no longer seemed like just that; under the cover of the strange black resentment shadow, the War Court Black Beast had become a ruler of death, full of dark aura!

“Mo Xie, you deal with that Gluttonous Insect Monster, I’ll control the Hundred Mother.” After finishing the strengthening of the War Court Black Beast, Ye Qingzi, who’s pupils were now remotely black, spoke.


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