Book 2 Chapter 285 - The Great Fight of Li City, Hidden Dragon’s Might

Chapter 285: The Great Battle of Li City, Hidden Dragon’s Might

Palace Lord Yu, Elemental Sect Lord Yu, Soul Alliance Xiao Ren, and Nightmare Palace’s Lord had all summoned their most powerful soul pets. Immediately, due to the fight between the powerful creatures, this area continued to be demolished into ruins as a terrifying energy violently expanded.

When it came to flying, the Cyan Hidden Dragon had an enormous advantage; in order to avoid the attacks of soul pets that couldn’t fly, it flew over 500 hundred meters in the air.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon didn’t enjoy continuously fighting, and it knew that in this city, there still was the exceptionally powerful city lord. Thus, it wanted to fly out of the city.

Only, the most powerful experts of these factions all intended to fight. Each one of them had already summoned five soul pets, and every one of these soul pets were at the pinnacle of the soul pet realm. There were a total of twenty soul pets attacking the Cyan Hidden Dragon.

The four experts weren’t necessarily coordinating with each other while fighting, but they all more or less were fighting to stop the Cyan Hidden Dragon from fleeing. After all, the moment they gave it an expansive area of blue sky, none of the soul pets present would be able to catch up to the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s speed.


The Cyan Hidden Dragon had just flown above 500 meters when black lightning clouds emerged above it, covering an area of 500 meters!

“Hong hong hong hong!!!!!”

Purple lightning interweaved above Li City as they fiercely pounded on the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body.

Amidst the densely clustered bolts of lightning, the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body continuously changed locations in the air as it nimbly passed through the high frequency purple lightning!

“Don’t let it flee!” yelled Xiao Ren. He then rode on his Three Headed Feathered Beast through the lightning area that Sect Lord Yu had set up.

Xiao Ren had faced the Cyan Hidden Dragon first and he had summoned a total of six soul pets, of which four had been heavily wounded. Presently, the only ones that could continue fighting were his most powerful Three Headed Feathered Beast and the rock type monarch.

Among all the soul pets, Xiao Ren’s Three Headed Feathered Beast could be regarded as the only soul pet that dared to directly face off against the Cyan Hidden Dragon. This time, under the cover of all of the experts’ elemental soul pets, the Three Headed Feathered Beast flapped its wings and appeared in front of the Cyan Hidden Dragons. Its three heads abruptly bit onto the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body, wings and dragon arm!


The Cyan Hidden Dragon painfully let out a roar and its dragon arm that had been bitten to the bone suddenly slackened. Chu Mu who was lying in the palm of the Cyan Hidden Dragon accidentally slipped out and fell straight down from five hundred meters up!

“Ao!!! Ao!!!!!!!!!”

The Cyan Hidden Dragon was angry and it let out two consecutive dragon roars. Its two powerful dragon claws condensed a dragon ray and it firmly gripped onto the Three Headed Feathered Beast’s wings!


The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s strength was extremely powerful and this terrifying rip caused the Three Headed Feathered Beast to suddenly spit out fresh blood. Not only were its wings snapped off, but its body was also pulled down!

Two white colored feathered wings were casually thrown away by the Cyan Hidden Dragon which slightly raised its head and a frightening cyan Dragon Destruction Ray once more condensed in its throat!

“Hong long long~~~~~~~”

The terrifying Dragon Destruction Ray spat out and struck the Three Headed Feathered Beast directly in its chest. It was like sunlight striking the ground as the Three Headed Feathered Beast was knocked from 500 meters in the air to another city district a few kilometers away!

In a distant location, balls of surging smoke ascended into the air. It was unknown how many buildings and streets the Three Headed Feathered Beast had knocked down before it finally stopped in the center plaza.

Seeing his Three Headed Feathered Beast get knocked down, Xiao Ren’s face turned serious. He quickly summoned the soul pet he rode on and rushed rapidly to its location to use an extremely valuable healing medicine to heal it.

After the Cyan Hidden Dragon knocked back the Three Headed Feathered Beast, it looked down and quickly locked onto the burning white demonic flames of Chu Mu that had already fallen over a hundred meters.

Upon slipping out from in between the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s fingers, the white demonic devil flames on his body grew increasingly exuberant. When he fell through the air, others were able to strikingly see a white colored devil flaming tail falling like a gorgeous shooting star.

From five hundred meters in the air, someone with a defense like Chu Mu’s would definitely have his body shattered upon impact with the ground. The Cyan Hidden Dragon abruptly folded its wings as a a tornado-like energy appeared around its body before orbiting its body as it quickly swooped down.

“What is that white colored thing?”

Very soon, someone noticed the white devil flame figure falling through the air, but the majority of people's’ attentions were focused on the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body; thus, not everyone noticed this.

Far away high up in a lighthouse, Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng stood there watching the incomparably vast horizon in front of them. Only, when Ye Qingzi discovered a white streak of light falling vertically, she began worrying.

Of everyone, only Ye Qingzi knew that the white figure was the white demonic devil monarch transformed Ch uMu. If he fell like this, he would definitely die!

“Put your attention on the Cyan Hidden Dragon, don’t let it flee!” loudly roared Sect Lord Yu. He ignored the falling Chu Mu and ordered his four elemental soul pets to simultaneously use different energy techniques towards the Cyan Hidden Dragon!

Four different energies flew into the air and beautifully swept across the ruined city, striking the Cyan Hidden Dragon.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon had already detected Sect Lord Yu’s attack and its two dragon calls full of force suddenly criss crossed in front of its chest. As a cyan light sharply blossomed in its pupils, the Cyan Hidden Dragon waved its two claws!!!


Two cyan colored claw blades shockingly appeared like two intersecting, long and narrow cyan bent moons. Sparks radiated around it in the air as it fiercely slashed at Sect Lord Yu’s soul pets!!

The dragon claws were moving extremely quickly and as if they teleported, they instantly arrived.


Sect Lord Yu simply hadn’t thought that the Cyan Hidden Dragon could launch such a terrifying attack so far away. He further didn’t have his soul pets take any defensive measures and the two cyan colored Dragon Moon Claws instantly swept across his ninth phase high staged Chaotic Thunder Sprite!

The Chaotic Thunder Sprite didn’t have any blood and after it was slashed by the Dragon Moon Claw, its body was split into four pieces, instantly dying!!

His soul pet having died, Sect Lord Yu’s face paled the moment after, because he suffered a soul wound!


The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s hegemonic and savageness stunned every expert present now; none of them dared to have any of their soul pets stop the Cyan Hidden Dragon.

Looking down, the Cyan HIdden Dragon abruptly discovered that Chu Mu was about to hit the ground. It promptly didn’t hesitate and rapidly swooped down.

A howling gale whistled in Chu Mu’s ear and he could clearly feel his body fall; moreover, as he fell, he picked up more speed.

Chu Mu’s defense was at the eighth stage, but falling from a height of five hundred meters was exceptionally fatal. He was unfortunately, however, in an immobile state.

Chu Mu’s heart hung by a thread because he could feel that he was extremely close to the ground.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon was also fighting for seconds. When it saw that it was only ten meters from Chu Mu, suddenly, another soul pet appeared in front of it!

This soul pet’s appearance was abnormally strange . As if it had created a sonic boom to get here, it seemed to control instantaneously movement.

Its demonic pupils released an ostentatious and savage glint and a grey radiance released from its demonic body...

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body was completely cyan, but when this strange demon appeared, the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body quickly turned a grey color!

Mental Petrify!

A peak demon type soul pet technique!

Mental Petrify meant that the Cyan Hidden Dragon was incapable of using any technique and its body would also be heavily affected.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon had experienced this technique before when fighting the old Li City Lord. It was precisely this terrifying Mental Petrify that caused the Cyan Hidden Dragon to suffer. Now that this technique had appeared again, the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s eyes changed into an abnormal rage.

Facing this mind petrifying attack, the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s defenses were unable to stop it. Seeing the grey color proliferate to its neck, it swept its gaze over Chu Mu that was about to smack the ground.

The earth’s aura was extremely close and Chu Mu knew that only a second later, his body would shatter. Whether he could live or not would depend on whether the Jade Spring could bring him back from the dead.


The Cyan Hidden Dragon realized that Chu Mu’s life was in danger and being unable to deal with the demon in front of it, it once more condensed a Dragon Destruction Ray in its mouth that it spat at Chu Mu!

Twenty meters!

With the speed Chu Mu was falling at, twenty meters was merely the blink of an eye. Just as Chu Mu was about to suffer from the heavy fall, a cyan light blew up not far from him!!

“Hong hong hong~~~~~”

The Dragon Destruction Ray blew up on the ground and suddenly, a violent storm arose which practically knocked Chu Mu flying the second he was about to hit the ground!!

Chu Mu felt that he had hit the ground, but this shock blast engulfed him, alleviating a majority of the descent force.

If he could release cold sweat while in the half devil state, Chu Mu presently would already be covered in cold sweat.

Of course, while Chu Mu had resolved the crisis of his body being shattered, his tiny body was been knocked nearly a mile away, causing his bones to pretty much be knocked loose.

“Don’t waste time. Quickly absorb the energy into your veins and arteries!” hastily yelled Old Li.

Chu Mu couldn’t afford to be in pain from his bones right now. As the half devil state grew more and more concentrated, Chu Mu discovered that guiding the Jade Spring energy was no longer as difficult. Following his guidance, the energy slowly absorbed into the beast type lineage of Chu Mu’s half devil state!


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