Book 2 Chapter 284 - The Great Fight of Li City, Hidden Dragon’s Might

Chapter 284: The Great Fight of Li City, Hidden Dragon’s Might

The Yu sect master’s face became unbelievably pale. If not for the timely casted defense, this attack could’ve killed both him and his soul pet!

With the chant of an incantation, the Yu sect master was sent flying into the air, and he forcefully retracted his Purple Lightning Heavenly Bird into his soul pet space.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s eyes quickly locked onto the defenseless Yu sect master and flapped its wings!

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s wings flapped at a very fast pace. With every flap, a cyan, wind-like energy gathered.

Very quickly, in front of the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s flapping, a chaotic cyan energy hurricane gathered. This cyan energy hurricane was still expanding, as if a thunderstorm that was about to bring destruction. It was taking over the entire sky above the city at a frightening rate!


Rolling like thunder, turning like clouds, sometimes crashing like tidal waves, the cyan energy covered the bright sun, becoming a terrifying cyan destruction that rolled towards the general area of Yu sect master.

Yu sect master’s expression grew even worse. He couldn’t possibly dodge an attack like this cyan hurricane. He didn’t even have time to summon a soul pet, and was only able to cast a defense incantation, wrapping himself in layer upon layer of golden radiant armor.

Yu sect master had many middle aged generation experts beside him spectating. However, this cyan hurricane’s effective range was very scary. The soul pet trainers behind Yu sect master all didn’t get left out, and very quickly got devoured by the cyan hurricane, causing screams to sound en masse in the skies!

In front of the cyan hurricane, Yu sect master’s body was miniscule. While wavering, layers upon layers of golden armor were also shattered, leaving some deep wounds that bloodied his body…...

The middle aged elemental sect members, seeing that their sect master had been thrown a few kilometers away, all hurriedly rode their wing type soul pets along the edges of the cyan hurricane towards their sect master, in case their sect master experienced any misfortunes.


When the sect master only had one layer of golden armor left, the cyan hurricane finally showed signs of stopping. Yu sect master fell heavily into a city fountain, sending the rest of the water exploding in a cascade.

The late coming elemental sect middle generation members all came one by one and pulled their haggard sect master out of the fountain and casted all sorts of healing spells on Yu sect master.

Yu sect master’s face was full of blood and dirt. When he stood up again, his eyes bore anger as he watched the arrogant cyan figure in the sky.

Elemental Sect had always been slightly lower ranking than Soul Palace, Nightmare Palace, Soul Pet Palace, and Soul Alliance. Even people like Yu Shang Yu palace master could only barely fight the Cyan Hidden Dragon head on. If it were a lower ranking Kingdom Capital palace master, they definitely wouldn’t be a match. As for elemental sect Yu sect master, he was even worse than the Li City soul palace palace master. Recklessly attacking the Cyan Hidden Dragon at the beginning was purely looking for trouble!


The Cyan Hidden Dragon had always only used one claw in battle, because in the other claw, it still tightly held Chu Mu, who was absorbing the energy of Jade Spring.

Jade Spring’s energy was like flowing water, and Chu Mu’s soul remembrance was like Chu Mu’s hands. Everytime Chu Mu used his hand of remembrance to grab the Jade Spring, it always quietly slipped through Chu Mu’s fingers. Countless tries ended with the same result, causing him to still haven’t absorbed the energy.

Outside the claw was an earthshaking battle; Chu Mu could easily tell from the unceasing spatial tremors and sounds, .

Li City had many experts. Of which, Li old city master Li Sheng was a super expert that could match the Cyan Hidden Dragon. In addition, Soul Alliance, Nightmare Palace, and Soul Palace all had top tier experts from other regions that came. Chu Mu couldn’t help but worry if the Cyan Hidden Dragon could escape alive.

But, Chu Mu knew that his worry was meaningless. The most important task currently was to absorb the energy into his blood vessels and cause him to transform, or else the Jade Spring will fall back into Li old City master’s hands. After that, taking it back will be even tougher.

“Liquid, if I had water type soul techniques, I may be able to guide it.” Chu Mu guessed silently.

In reality, Chu Mu had always used his soul remembrance to inject energy into his soul pets and strengthen them. However, when it came to himself, he didn’t know where to start.

“Human bodies can’t absorb energy. Can it be that my human blood is causing the energy to be unable to enter my blood vessels?” Chu Mu suddenly thought of an issue.

Chu Mu was currently in a weakened half devil state, slowly making the change from devil back to human. Or because of his wounded state, Chu Mu was already human, body, blood, bones, organs, everything…...

“Young master, doing that is incredibly risky. You have just half deviled, your soul is already at an extremely high temperature. If you don’t use cold medicine to lower its heat and half devil again, the time before your soul completely disintegrates will be drastically reduced. Then, without even waiting for the noble woman to find the Worldly Immortal Ice, you might have already become a mindless half devil.” Old Li said immediately.

Chu Mu hesitated. According to what Old Li said, he was using his life in exchange for this energy. In fact, if there were any mishaps, it could cause even worse results. This was indeed a tough choice.

“If we can find ice type soul items, it could still delay it, right?” Chu Mu opened his mouth to ask.

“That’s true, but your soul is the most important pillar of life. If it suffers some accident, recovering will be very difficult.” Old Li said.

To earn power, one must pay the price.

Like the power of half devil, Chu Mu had to constantly suffer the burning of his high temperature soul, and even become a mindless devilized organism.

Finally, Chu Mu made the decision. No matter how hot his soul would become, no matter how heavy the soul pain would be in the future, Chu Mu decided he couldn’t give up this perfect chance to greatly increase his strength!

The white devil’s soul was originally slowly leaving Chu Mu’s body. When Chu Mu started casting the soul devour incantation, White Nightmare let out an alarmed screech.

Chu Mu had already reached the soul master rank, so the White Nightmare couldn’t truly escape from Chu Mu’s remembrance. When the soul devour was cast again, the White Nightmare’s soul was again merged with Chu Mu’s soul. The previously darkened white demonic devil flames on him relit!


White demonic devil flames burned within the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s claws. The coldness attacked the powerful soul of the Cyan Hidden Dragon.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon could already feel the soul hurting cold devil flames, but to the powerful soul of the Cyan Hidden Dragon, these flames wasn’t too painful to deal with.

“Quick look, the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s claws!”

The white demonic devil flames burned and soon everyone noticed that the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s claw were covered in silent pale flames, bringing a cold soul aura that spread to nearby regions.

On the ground, Xiao Ren looked up at the Cyan Hidden Dragon in the skies. He was a very observant man. From the beginning of the battle, Xiao Ren had noticed that the Cyan Hidden Dragon had never attacked using its other dragon claw, and this claw was always tightly grasped, meaning there was something in the palm of that claw.

“White demonic devil flames, isn’t that the energy crystal of a White Nightmare?!” The Nightmare Palace sub palace master said.

This White Nightmare Palace sub palace master had just summoned his ninth phase White Nightmare. What made him confused was, the aura in the dragon’s claws made him think it was a White Nightmare, but was somewhat different still. In a moment, his face grew solemn.

White Fiend Devil Flames!!

The ninth phase White Nightmare controlled white fiend devil flames, even stronger than white demonic devil flames. These flames were even more powerful against the soul, causing even the Cyan Hidden Dragon to not fight head on against it. When the white fiend devil flames rolled towards it like a massive tidal wave, the Cyan Hidden Dragon retracted its wings and dashed towards the ground.

Not long after the White Nightmare Palace master came, Soul Palace Yu palace master arrived as well.

Yu palace master rode a ninth phase Light Rhinoceros. This light rhinoceros was covered in gold armor from head to toe, plated and majestic. When it appeared in this street area, the entire street seemed to be brightened by the golden light of this fearsome soul pet.


The Light Rhinoceros doesn’t have nay flying ability. Seeing the Cyan Hidden Dragon dive down from above, the golden radiance on its body suddenly bloomed, causing even the sun to lose favor!

Holy Defilement!

All the golden light suddenly retracted, all gathering on the Light Rhinoceros’s horn. With a roar from the beast, the golden glow shot straight from the ground to the skies like a brilliant dash of flames!

The Cyan Hidden Dragon was already surrounded by countless Li City experts. Seeing the Holy Defilement pierce through to it, its cyan wings suddenly lit up with a cyan glow!


The cyan lit dragon wings suddenly flapped.  The Holy Defilement that came from five hundred meters below was swatted, causing its direction to make a turn and go very accurately towards the overbearing White Nightmare!

Seeing the energy of the Holy Defilement redirected, even Yu Shang’s face showed shock. This Cyan Hidden Dragon was truly a bit too ridiculously powerful. It may be the Cyan Hidden Dragon with strength closest to the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon!


The Holy Defilement went straight towards the White Nightmare. The ninth phase white nightmare had dark type, so light type techniques could cause even greater harm to it.

However, the white nightmare’s people had already summoned other soul pets. Through a water type defense, it deflected the Holy Defilement once again and sent it to the ground.


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