Book 2 Chapter 283 - The Great Fight of Li City, Hidden Dragon’s Might

Chapter 283: The Great Fight of Li City, Hidden Dragon’s Might

Xiao Ren’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier was different than Chu Mu’s in terms of strengthening. In Xiao Ren’s strengthening process, he constantly made his Devil Tree Battle Soldier larger and larger. Its current massive size could already compare to higher ranking Ancient Azure Devil Trees. Once it roots into the ground, it is like a moving forest, converting everything within a few hundred meters into its territory.

Yet Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier didn’t change much in size. Chu Mu didn’t like to make his Devil Tree Battle Soldier a huge tree. Though it could make its power very strong, it clearly was not as mobile.

Chu Mu’s own fighting style revolved around mobility, so he didn’t like the pure size and power.


Massive roots were like extremely scary ground pythons, crazily twisting their bodies as they flew through the air, pouncing towards the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body!

Xiao Ren’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s wood type crystal was already at the even higher ranking Azure Wood. The toughness and power of Azure wood was definitely not something demon wood could compare to. In the places it swiped past, no house was left, all rendered to flat ground!

The massive roots were like pythons, flying shockingly through the city area and wrapping around the powerful body of the Cyan Hidden Dragon.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s attention was on Xiao Ren’s rock type soul pet, so in a moment’s slip, its lower body was wrapped tightly by the Azure Wood massive python-like roots, constricted tightly!

The Azure Wood was huge. The moment it tightened, countless sword like cyan barbs grew out of its outer bark. These barbs pierced straight into the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s dragon scales and dug into its flesh!.

Azure Wood Root Blades that could ignore defenses!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier reached Azure Wood level, but its attacks still couldn’t easily break through the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s defense. However, these Azure Wood Root Blades successfully ripped through, leaving bright marks on the Cyan Hidden Dragon!

“Root Blades that can pierce even a Cyan Hidden Dragon’s scales, this Devil Tree Battle Soldier truly is powerful!”

“The defense ignoring Azure Wood Root Blades truly are tyrannical.”

Seeing the Cyan Hidden Dragon injured, those watching from afar let out surprised exclamations.

The “defense ignoring” aspect of course is relative. For example, Zhan Ye’s Ink Armor Spike also has the effects of defense ignoring, but if the opponent’s defense is two full ranks higher than the soul pet, this defense ignoring characteristic still has a tough time working.

Xiao Ren’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Azure Wood Root Blades followed the same rules. Ignoring the distance between two ranks, it caused the originally purely restrictive Azure Wood Root Blades to become potent weapons that could truly harm the Cyan Hidden Dragon!

“Azure Poison Injection!”

With a command from Xiao Ren, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier injected Azure Wood poison, a type of poison that could slowly weaken a soul pet, into the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body was cut, and cyan blood flowed out of the wounds. Azure poison could be clearly seen slowly following the wounds as it tried to infiltrate the body.

But, the Cyan Hidden Dragon didn’t reveal any emotions. Against the Azure Wood Python’s binding, the Cyan Hidden Dragon was abnormally calm.

“Ao!!!!!!!!!!!! Ao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, a ground shaking dragon roar sounded out, and the Cyan Hidden Dragon forcefully opened up its body, releasing incredible strength.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon completely ignored the deeper wounds that the Azure Wood Root Blades would cause on it as it wildly snapped the tough wood pythons apart!


The flexible Azure Wood roots finally couldn’t withstand the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s terrifying power, splitting into many pieces and falling heavily in the ruined city area.

The bloody wounds slowly dripped with dragon blood as a deafening roar still encircled everyone’s ears. Everyone looked frighteningly at the brutal dragon, eyes wide.

Everyone was surprised no only by the power that could directly snap Azure Wood. Even more shocking was, after the Cyan Hidden Dragon broke away from the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s attacks, the bloody wounds on it started healing at a rapid rate!!

The Dragon species was under Bug Type, and a Bug Type’s greatest strength laid in its unkillable life force as well as its mind-numbing regeneration abilities.

Dragons were the most outstanding of bug types, so their life force and life regeneration were also the top of the soul pet realm!

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s dragon armor was something that only Xiao Ren’s powerful Three Headed Feathered Beast could barely break. After Xiao Ren finally broke through the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s defense through his Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s powerful ability to ignore defenses, he would never have expected the Cyan Hidden Dragon to heal up all the wounds in such a short time!!

The Cyan Hidden Dragon opened up its vast cyan wings and abruptly flapped them, shooting its body into the skies.

In an instant, after dodging the Three Headed Feathered Beast’s Tri Element Blast, it suddenly retracted its wings again, sending its mountain like body feet first straight into the ground!!

Reckless Dragon Stomp!!

The dragon’s body rolled with a wild gale as it landed, full of destructiveness, in this city area!


Li City shook, streets collapsed, and the very ground sank!!

From a few hundred meters in the sky looking down, everyone could see that, amidst the rolling smoke, with the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s landing as center, everything within a hundred meters of it completely disappeared!

All houses within three hundred meters of it became flat ground!

Within a kilometers radius, cracks from after the earth shaking spread wildly!

There were still many people living in the streets. From a kilometer away, one could still see panicked people riding their weak soul pets as they ran, but the cracks were right behind them, quickly engulfing their miniscule bodies…...

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s Reckless Dragon Stomp was completely for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, because all of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots were buried in the ground!

Under the sweeping of power, Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s massive roots were all broken into countless pieces. Even the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s massive body was clearly wavering in paralysis from the quake, almost falling down along with the sinking ground.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s attack perfectly displayed the Destructor title of dragon species. The middle aged generation experts were all stiff in the face, watching dumbstruck at the massive hole as well as the terrifying cracks spreading over a kilometer away!

Tenth rank power!

This attack clearly reached the tenth rank. If these young generation experts all summoned their soul pets to battle, this one hit alone would cause countless people to die!!

“Xiao Ren doesn’t seem to be able to stand it anymore.”

After cocooning, the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s power seemed to have increased a little more, causing the Soul Alliance Xiao Ren to have difficulties dealing with it.

Xiao Ren had already summoned his fourth soul pet. Other than his Three Headed Feathered Beast and the heavily wounded and retracted Devil Tree Battle Soldier, none of Xiao Ren’s other soul pets are on the same level as the Cyan Hidden Dragon. Even after Xiao Ren summoned five soul pets, the effects weren’t obvious.

As the combination of bug type and beast type, the dragon type may be somewhat susceptible to vine type soul pets restrictive powers. But, Xiao Ren’s somewhat vine type Devil Tree Battle Soldier was already heavily wounded. Other soul pets could rarely match the Cyan Hidden Dragon anymore.


Suddenly, a thunder like screech came from far away.

People immediately looked over to the sound and saw a soul pet riding countless lightning clouds up in the clouds.

“Its Elemental Sect Yu sect master!” Very quickly someone recognized the person who came.

Elemental Sect Yu sect master, he rides a ten winged purple lighting type soul pets. The soul pet’s body was only about three meters in length. Its five glamorous purple wings looked as if they were made of purple lightning, full of power and speed.

Yu sect master’s soul pet flew very quickly. Like a dazzling purple lighting, it quickly flew through the sky and, while leaving a purple trail, he strangely appeared in front of everyone.

“Xiao Ren, don’t randomly try to be brave. Thinking back, it took the combined power of so many of us just to hurt it.” Yu sect master rode his Purple Lightning Heavenly Bird and said to Xiao Ren, who was fighting the Cyan Hidden Dragon alone.

However, Xiao Ren was proud and didn’t like teaming up. He didn’t even acknowledge the Yu sect master who was watching in the skies. He started chanting an incantation as he channeled a ninth rank soul technique!

Yu sect master didn’t watch idly. His Purple Lightning Heavenly Bird quickly flew above the Cyan Hidden Dragon and spiralled downwards, creating a purple path in the air and falling straight onto the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s head!


Suddenly, beams of ten meters wide fell in the spiralling purple path, heavily blasting the Cyan Hidden Dragon, who fell into the huge pit!


Experiencing the blasting of lightning, the Cyan Hidden Dragon immediately let out a pained and angered howl!

Purple light appeared and electrical arcs appeared on the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body. Its body was like a rock. After forcefully bearing the powerful energy, it opened its wings up again!


A gale started as the Cyan Hidden Dragon lifted up a veil of dirt. Jumping into the sky, it immediately jumped through the lightning infused purple path. Going straight against the destructive lightning strikes, it became a cyan dragon horn, as if a sword pointing to the heavens, piercing straight to the skies!!

The Purple Lightning Heavenly Bird’s speed was very fast, and its dodging was naturally godlike rank, but the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s horn seemed to have a strong ability to lock on. No matter how the Purple Lightning Heavenly Bird dodged, it was in vain. It ultimately got pierced straight through by the Cyan Hidden Dragon!


Blood splattered in the sky. The Purple Lightning Heavenly Bird only cast one technique before getting skewered by the might of the Cyan Hidden Dragon!!

Heavily wounded!!

Purple Lightning Heavenly Bird, a monarch rank soul pet, able to be ranked within the most powerful soul pets of Zhan Li Kingdom, actually just heavily wounded so easily!

At this moment, everyone felt a coldness emanate from the deepest parts of their souls and cover their bodies!


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