Book 2 Chapter 282 - The Great Fight of Li City, Hidden Dragon’s Might

Chapter 282: The Great Fight of Li City, Hidden Dragon’s Might

“This Jade Spring is exceptionally special, and is taken out from what is regarded as the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s most important heart blood. It’s used to enable its offspring dragon to essentially be reborn as a powerful creature. There was an ancient person that called the Jade Spring a coming of age gift for Hidden Dragons. Only the most outstanding Hidden Dragon in a generation could earn the baptism of Jade Spring…”

“I already mentioned that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon can split off multiple offspring and these offspring are normally a lower rank than it. According to my estimation, this Cyan Hidden Dragon should have undergone some strengthenings otherwise its fighting strength wouldn’t be so strong as to cause the entire Li City to shake.”

“This strengthening could very well have been obtained through the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon baptising it with Jade Spring. Whether a Cyan Hidden Dragon underwent Jade Spring baptism is extremely important. That same ancient person indicated that after undergoing the Jade Spring baptism, one’s strength will be able to rise by a rank.” said Old Li.

“A rank? Then wouldn’t that be increasing from the monarch rank to the emperor rank?” asked Chu Mu in astonishment.

“Pretty much; however, the Jade Spring’s true value isn’t just limited to this. It can also be used on any beast type soul pet. In other words, it’s an extremely powerful strengthening spirit item for beast types, and especially when used on soul pets that haven’t become adults yet it has an exceptionally incredible effect. A large reason why the Old Li city lord was able to become a Kingdom Lord and moreover an upper ranked Kingdom Lord was because when he was young, his father used a portion of the Jade Spring to baptise his soul pets, causing their fighting strength to increase by a level.” said Old Li.

“This treasure continued to be monopolized by city lord Old Li’s father and after his father passed, it came under his possession. Since this item can only be used once, the old Li City Lord has hired a Pharmacist to replicate it. The effect of these replications probably doesn’t even reach the effect of one tenth of a true Jade Spring, but I remember that back then, the old Li City Lord marked its price at 50 million for one!”

When Chu Mu heard this, great emotions surged in his heart. A one tenth of an effect Jade Spring already fetched a price of 50 million; then wouldn’t a true jade spring be worth 500 million?

Moreover, Chu Mu could be sure that the value of this Jade Spring couldn’t be calculated like this because Jade Spring wasn’t actually an attribute spirit item. Instead, it was a coming of age baptism for non adult soul pets and was an ultra spirit item that couldn’t be regenerated. To a young soul pet trainer, this was simply an enormous leap in power!

“The reason why this Cyan Hidden Dragon appeared in Li City is very clearly to steal back the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s Jade Spring. Then again, this old Li City Lord truly is too calm. I’m afraid that a few months ago when the Cyan Hidden Dragon appeared, the Jade Spring he possessed had already been stolen by it. Yet, Old Li Sheng stayed silent and watched coldly on the sideline as the various large factions searched for the Empyrean cyan Hidden Dragon. If the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon hadn’t used the Jade Spring baptism on your body this time, I wouldn’t have guessed that what the old Li City Lord’s father brought out with him and used to make money through replications from the Myriad Heaven Dragon Region was Jade Spring. The old Li City Lord had even said that it was a secret recipe passed down from his ancestors.” said Old Li.

Old Li didn’t know what goal the Cyan Hidden Dragon had by appearing in Li City at the beginning. It wasn’t until he saw the Jade Spring appear that he finally connected it together, and completely understood the matters between the Cyan Hidden Dragon and Kingdom Lord Li Sheng.

“Kingdom Lord Li Shen was very calm, and he even split the huge cake into three portions. Thus, his true intention must’ve been to divert attention and have everyone place their gazes on the three prizes while he himself unknowingly retrieved the Jade Spring from the fight. This Li Kingdom Lord truly is a character.” upon hearing Old Li’s words, Chu Mu couldn’t help but sigh.

Experience truly mattered. This time, Chu Mu had actually witnessed how a shrewd person did things. Not only did this old Li City Lord curse people, he also lead all of the factions around in circles.

“Frankly speaking, this Jade Spring is the most pure part of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s dragon heart blood. You’re currently in the half-devil state, so you possess the four attributes of other, dark, fire and beast. As long as you have the beast attribute, you’ll be able to absorb the Jade Spring’s energy. Moreover, looking at it from an age perspective, you happen to be coming of age so this is an exceptionally rare opportunity that you absolutely can’t miss!”

Chu Mu truly realized the value of this Jade Spring. He promptly closed his eyes and poured his soul remembrance into his tendons and muscles.

Aside from the faint white demonic devil flames in his body, the Jade Spring was presently swimming about all over his tendons and muscles. The energy of the Jade Spring ostensibly wanted to permeate into Chu Mu’s veins and arteries, but it was unable to find an entrance.

Chu Mu’s soul remembrance could lock onto this liquid, but the energy was so enormous that it was too hard for his soul remembrance to catch and guide it into his veins and arteries. He could only use his soul remembrance to build a bridge between the Jade Spring dragon blood and his own blood’s veins and arteries. This way, the energy would slowly permeate into his body.

“Long long!!!!!”

Suddenly, Chu Mu’s surroundings began to violently shake. He had just begun to focus his attention on establishing a connection between the bloods when he was disturbed by the severe shaking.


The Cyan Hidden Dragon was savagely dragged back down a hundred meters out of the air to the ground by the Three Headed Feathered Beast and angrily let out a roar!

Raising its head, a green light appeared in the depths of the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s throat. Subsequently, a violent and tyrannical dragon aura swept forth as the green colored Dragon Destruction Ray was fiercely spat at the Three Headed Feathered Beast!

The cyan colored Dragon Destruction Ray was like a scorching sun shining down and swept across this district into another one!

Everywhere it passed through was transformed into nothingness and the attack range astonishingly reached two kilometers!!

The Three Headed Feathered Beast’s fighting strength was clearly inferior to the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s and when the cyan Dragon Destruction Ray swept over, it had dodged in an unknown direction.

It was at this moment that Xiao Ren’s other rock type elemental main pet rapidly completed a defensive technique. Practically as the cyan Dragon Destruction Ray swept over, it completed the body of a mountain that was nearly a hundred meters high!

The hundred meter mountain’s shocking appearance was deeply entrenched and could be regarded as an enormous object to this city district that was only a few tens of meters.

Only, when this mountain-like defensive technique touched the cyan colored light ray, it completely exploded and enormous rocks flew in all directions like shooting stars, destroying a large portion of the civilian district.

The Three Headed Feathered Beast didn’t escape unscathed because of the rock type soul pet’s defense. The instant the energy exploded, the Three Headed Feathered Beast was knocked flying. It happened to flying directly along the main avenue, knocking down the buildings on either side for a hundred meters.


Five hundred meters up in the air, the middle-aged powerful members riding on wing type soul pets maintained a certain distance with the battlefield. When they saw the terrifying destructive force that the Dragon Destruction Ray caused, all of their faces turned unsightly.

Of course, these people were also rejoicing that they hadn’t impulsively summoned their soul pets and participated in this frightening fight with the adult Cyan Hidden Dragon. From the current battle situation, any one of those Cyan Hidden Dragon’s techniques could instakill their soul pets!

“Too frightening, truly too frightening. I’ve never seen such a powerful soul pet.”

“The Three Headed Feathered Beast should be the same rank as the Cyan HIdden Dragon, but the dragon species is the dragon species after all. Every species must acknowledge the dragon species in front of them.”

A majority of these middle aged experts speaking didn’t dare participate in the fight. Instead, they watched from afar.

As for Xiao Ren who was facing the Cyan Hidden Dragon alone, his face was extremely unsightly. This Cyan Hidden Dragon’s fighting strength far surpassed his imagination and very evidently, when Li Sheng, that geezer, injured the Cyan Hidden Dragon he had paid an extremely bitter price.

Chanting an incantation, Xiao Ren knew that merely relying on his Three Headed Feathered Beast to defeat this powerful Cyan Hidden Dragon was impossible. Thus, he summoned his third main pet!

A green colored soul pet pattern slowly appeared beside him and a few unique plant roots quickly grew out of the pattern...

When these roots appeared, they drilled into the ground like large pythons. As if the surrounding space had become narrower, these python-like roots began to root the area and in an instant, the fifty meter area of buildings had been knocked down by this plant kingdom soul pet!

“Long long long long~~~~~~~”

The residences in the vicinity collapsed and instantaneously, the area around Xiao Ren transformed into ruins. Rolling smoke wafted into the air as a violent wind began to spread!

“Xiao Ren’s main plant pet. Could it be that Devil Tree Battle Soldier that has accompanied him for so many years?!”

When the people in the air discovered those roots violently growing, they all began to make guesses.

Xiao Ren was a legendary figure in the soul pet kingdom. All of his soul pets had been thoroughly researched by everyone and amongst them, the most peculiar wasn’t the Three Headed Feathered Beast, but instead the high class warrior rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

To someone of Xiao Ren’s level, the warrior rank was a rank that had already been gotten rid of. However, after undergoing strengthening, Xiao Ren’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier had grown to a monarch level. Most importantly, it was also his only soul pet that had reached the tenth phase!

To a soul pet, going from the ninth to the tenth phase could be regarded as an enormous leap. A tenth phase plant type soul pet would definitely be able to hold its own even if it was facing a soul pet herd that numbered in the thousands. In his early days, Xiao Ren had used this Devil Tree Battle Soldier to gain enormous fame in the soul pet kingdom.

Xiao Ren’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier was an enormous creature, and its body was even larger than the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s by quite a bit. Half of those roots that had razed the area when the Devil Tree Battle Soldier appeared were being held by it!

The Cyan Hidden Dragon, the Three Headed Feathered Beast, and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. The three soul pets were all enormous creatures and even the large Western District of Li City had completely transformed into a battlefield for these them, causing the entire city district to descend into unprecedented panic!


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