Book 2 Chapter 281 - Collision of Power, Dragon VS Beast

Chapter 281: Collision of Power, Dragon VS Beast

Inside the damp rocky cave, as the white demonic devil flames on his body gradually dimmed, Chu Mu lay down in exhaustion in the darkness. His eyes stared indifferently at the rock wall above him.

Beside him was the ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster’s corpse which was slowly rotting after having its crystallized internals shattered by Chu Mu...

“Young master, you should do less of this dangerous stuff in the future. You’re vulnerable to being killed with a simple careless mistake in these situations, and with the half devil transformation this time, I’m sure your soul has already suffered from an extremely serious burn wound…” Old Li’s voice lingered in Chu Mu’s ear.

Chu Mu didn’t respond to Old Li’s words and laid there, thinking about something.

The surrounding rocks began to violently shake; only the rocks where Chu Mu was didn’t show indications of collapsing.

He continued to lie there and didn’t show any expression of panic because he knew that the Cyan Hidden Dragon was approaching him.


An enormous cyan long claw abruptly ripped apart the rocks on top of Chu Mu’s head. As if the roof of rock had been lifted off, an empty space instantly appeared on top of Chu Mu through which he could see a portion of the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s cyan colored dragon armored body!

“Sha sha sha~~~~~”

The Cyan Hidden Dragon put its head in from above through the hole. Its cyan colored eyes stared at the extremely tired Chu Mu and it let out a string of bug-like noises.

The wounds on Chu Mu’s body were extremely heavy, and it severely affected the movements of his body. When the Cyan Hidden Dragon appeared in front of him, he felt the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s terrifying poison spread through his body even more, causing him to be completely immobile.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon saw the heavy wounds on his body and slowly extended a claw and put Chu Mu in its palm.

“Sha sha sha sha sha~~~~~”

The Cyan hidden Dragon opened its mouth and a cyan light suddenly blossomed from its mouth. This light didn’t shoot in all for directions and instead reservedly formed a surrounding cyan substance around its body like a cyan colored pearl or dewdrop...

“This is…” Old Li was hidden in Chu Mu’s soul capture ring, and when he discovered the cyan colored energy pearl that was spit out from its stomach, he was incomparably surprised!

Chu Mu’s body had been paralyzed by the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s poison, but his thinking was still relatively normal. He didn’t understand what substance the Cyan Hidden Dragon had spit out and was also puzzled by Old Li’s surprise.

“Sha sha sha sha~~~~”

When the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s cyan dewdrop was spit out, it used its insect noises to give Chu Mu a simple explanation.

This time Chu Mu didn’t understand its explanation, but faintly felt that this thing was extremely important.

The dewdrop spat out caused the soft light to envelop Chu Mu’s body; the water-like energy also slowly entered his body...

At the beginning, Chu Mu thought the Cyan Hidden Dragon was healing his wounds, since they were extremely severe. However, he quickly realized that not only were his wounds healing, but even his fighting strength was being recovered by this special energy.

“Young master, take advantage of the moment and guide the energy that entered your body into every vein and artery with your soul remembrance!” Old Li suddenly shouted.

Chu Mu was confused and didn’t understand what using his soul remembrance to guide the energy in his body would do.

Soul pet trainers normally would use soul remembrance to guide energy into a soul pet’s body, but couldn’t guide energy into his own body. Human bodies could not directly absorb energy crystals or spirit item energies.

“Quickly, do as i say!” sharply cried Old Li.

Seeing how Old Li was so excited, Chu Mu guessed that the Cyan Hidden Dragon had gifted him something that very likely hid an extremely enormous energy, and it wasn’t something that could be wasted at all.

Promptly, Chu Mu began to try and pour his soul remembrance into his own body and capture the special energy that could enter his body.

Different from when Chu Mu normally guided energy into a soul pet’s body, this time he felt as if this energy was like liquid, and he couldn’t catch it with his soul remembrance.

Since he couldn’t catch it, how could he make this energy enter his veins and arteries? Thus, Chu Mu quickly encountered the problem of his inability to capture the energy.

“Sha sha sha~~~~”

The energy seemed to be extremely enormous, and the Cyan Hidden Dragon knew that Chu Mu needed a bit of time to absorb it. At once, it grabbed Chu Mu’s body and its cyan dragon eyes stared at the rock in the darkness.

The rock was moving, and the Cyan Hidden Dragon could sense another powerful creature rapidly approaching!

The Cyan Hidden Dragon glanced down at Chu Mu wrapped in cyan energy; it faintly tightened its claw grip and after protecting Chu Mu in its palm, it squatted down slightly before abruptly charging at the above rock!

“Hong long~~~~~”

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s charge caused the surface to shake again. The streets in the Western Street area suddenly exploded like a storming wave of rock which terrifyingly reached a height of hundred meters!

The wave of earth reached a hundred meters and those who were standing on the street felt as if it had covered half the sky and earth. The residents that had the courage to return to their residences on western street had only managed to calm down for a few days before this terrifying event happened. They all panicked out of fear and began to flee in other directions.

Underneath the rocks, the Cyan Hidden Dragon expanded its powerful wings and flew up into the rocks. These weak rocks basically posed no more resistance than the air to it.

“Hou Hou Hou!!!!!!”

Just as the Cyan Hidden Dragon flew above ground, a triple layered roar rang out from the rocks. Immediately after, the rocks around the Cyan Hidden Dragon became incomparably solid, like steel, and they critically prevented its body from moving.


The Cyan Hidden Dragon was normally all powerful, and there were very few creatures in the soul pet realm that would cause it trouble. When it sensed that there was a reckless creature that was stopping it, it let out a mighty roar and used its voice to compete with the soul pet underground!

To a true expert, the rocks underground were like granules in the air and their bodies wouldn’t be inhibited by these granules at all especially if they were of the earth attribute. Those of the earth attribute would be able would even be able to easily change the composition of the rock and manipulate it like water.

The Three Headed Feathered Beast was presently using this type of rock force to close the distance with the Cyan Hidden Dragon, as it happened to be the one to inhibit its movements!

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s two cyan eyes had already locked onto the Three Headed Feathered Beast. One of its claws was still clutching Chu Mu while the other was raised up high as a cyan colored dragon force was condensing in its claw!


Sensing that the opponent was on the brink of appearing, the dragon force gathered in the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s hand ripped apart the rock and fiercely swiped at the Three Headed Feathered Beast’s location!


The dragon claw’s might was powerful, and the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s attack turned the rock in the surrounding hundred meters completely into nothingness. The dragon force spread in the direction it attacked in and opened up an enormous hole nearly a hundred meters in length; it was as if an enormous boa had frighteningly slithered across!

The might of this attack was extremely powerful and through the spaces in between the claws, Chu Mu couldn’t help but suck in a breath of air at the terrifying destructive force.

Only, in the terrifying trace it left were no signs of the Three Headed Feathered Beast’s figure.

A hundred meters behind the Cyan Hidden Dragon, the rock layer suddenly parted and the Three Headed Feathered Beast strangely appeared there. Its lion-like robust body suddenly increased speed and viciously rammed into the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s back!

The Three Headed Feathered Beast could change the composition of the rock layer and simultaneously had the collision force of a huge creature. When it neared the Cyan Hidden Dragon, Xiao Ren used this battle technique to fool the Cyan Hidden Dragon with its first strike.

The Three Headed Feathered Beast’s collision strength was abnormally terrifying. Raging fire, storm and meteor formed three different colors that enveloped its body. The moment it touched any object, that object would shatter on the spot!


The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s reaction was extremely quick, and just as the Three Headed Feathered Dragon was about to crash into its body, its long dragon tail gave an abrupt wave. Immediately it swept forth a cyan colored dragon tail force!

The Three Headed Feathered Dragon simply couldn’t compete with the Cyan Hidden Dragon when it came to strength. The wave of the tail fiercely knocked it back four to five hundred meters back!

“This Cyan Hidden Dragon has really amazing brute force!!” Xiao Ren was lying on the Three Headed Feathered Dragon’s back and was silently shocked at this Cyan Hidden Dragon’s strength.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon didn’t want to fight with the Three Headed Feathered Dragon underground. Thus, after grabbing Chu Mu and abruptly extending its wings, it directly flew from underneath the surface rocks to above ground!!


In the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s left claw, Chu Mu silently lay there as his body was enveloped by a water-like cyan light.

Chu Mu’s half devil transformation didn’t disappear, and the faint white demonic devil flames created a demonic light as it interweaved with the cyan colors. It caused Chu Mu to set off an even more evilly demonic and different feeling.

“Old Li, what on earth is this? My soul remembrance can’t catch it.” asked Chu Mu.

“It doesn’t matter. Right now you must try your best to guide this thing into your veins and arteries!” Old Li tore his throat as he yelled.

“If I was able to catch it, why would I bother talking nonsense with you.” said Chu Mu somewhat impatiently.

“Then think of a way to grab it!” said Old Li.

“Tell me what it is, and I’ll be able to focus!” said Chu Mu.

“The story is very long so I’ll give you a rough overview. Back then, it wasn’t only Soul Alliance people that had entered Myriad Heaven Dragon Region; there were also many people who were at the apex of the soul pet kingdom that entered. Among them was the father of the Old Li Kingdom Lord. During the process of them capturing the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, Soul Alliance seized the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon while the other experts obtained a few benefits. However, the Old Li Kingdom Lord’s father obtained Jade the Spring!


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