Book 2 Chapter 280 - Obliterating Heart, Killing the Gluttonous Insect Monster

Chapter 280: Obliterating Heart, Killing the Gluttonous Insect Monster

Underground Old Site

The cyan-like metal scales densely covered the back of its body. Sharp cyan dragon claws were indestructible; even the hard rock that covered the ground weren’t able to stop them.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon didn’t have the rock type. Its frightening underground movement speed purely relied on its powerful body that rammed the thick rock layers aside, or its powerful claws to slam rocks towards the surface while pushing forward to enlarge the hole.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s hurried actions was to go and save Chu Mu. it felt that Chu Mu had been submerged by the thick rocks and his life force was waning.

Indeed, Chu Mu was currently buried under the heavy rocks.

As a half-devil, Chu Mu’s defense was incredibly high. The fallen rock layers couldn’t actually take Chu Mu’s life, but what was lethal was the ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster that was right beside Chu Mu. It was only five meters away from Chu Mu. At such a distance, the Gluttonous Insect Monster could definitely attack!

The Gluttonous Insect Monster had a bug type. The dirt and rock layers couldn’t do much to restrict it. Very quickly, the Gluttonous Insect Monster dug through the layers and slowly neared Chu Mu.

Rending Heart Claw!!!

The seventh rank attack suddenly swiped past where Chu Mu laid. Chu Mu had a dozen meter thick rocks on him. Yet, as the Heart Rending Claw fell, the dozen rocks were all cut open from the middle, and its claws reached straight towards Chu Mu’s back!

Chu Mu’s back already had an empty hole within it. As the Heart Rending Claw fell, it caused Chu Mu’s wound to become even bigger. A huge claw mark on Chu Mu’s back clearly no longer emitted white demonic devil flames.

Chu Mu sucked in a cold breath and withstood the pain of ripping. As the rocks on him were cut open, he quickly got up and casted Devil Phantom to avoid the second attack of the Gluttonous Insect Monster!


The Gluttonous Insect Monster’s claw power was truly terrifying. After every claw, one could find a ten meter long gouge mark reaching a few meters deep. It definitely was worthy to be called eighth rank late stage claws!

Chu Mu’s defense at the half-devil reached eighth stage intermediate stage. Such a defense was almost invincible among his generation. However, Chu Mu was faced against an infamous old-timer of the soul pet world. His ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster definitely wasn’t that easy to deal with.

Chu Mu could still summon a soul pet to help him fight. However, Chu Mu knew that none of his soul pets would be of use. Because of this, of all his soul pets, the highest defense was the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, yet its defense was barely at the eighth stage. WIth its life force, it may be able to take a few hits from the Gluttonous Insect Monster, but in this completely dirt environment, the Devil Tree Battle Soldiers couldn’t possibly unleash its full restrictive potential.

As for Chu Mu’s other soul pets, including Mo Xie, Chu Mu didn’t dare to let them fight. After all, all their defenses were below the eighth rank. With the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s eighth rank late stage claw and its techniques, its power was already infinitely close to the ninth rank.

The effects of Resentment Gathering was still continuing. Though Chu Mu’s fighting strength was still at the seventh phase ninth stage, it was already beyond the limits of seventh phase.

The Gluttonous Insect Monster’s continuous attacks broke many rocks, giving Chu Mu some space to move around freely.

“Burn in flames!”

His sinister pupils flashed with a white demonic glint as Chu Mu’s right hand abruptly slammed towards the ground. Immediately, with Chu Mu as the center, a tidal wave of white demonic devil fire rolled outwards and engulfed the narrow space!

The cold flames quickly assaulted the Gluttonous Insect Monster. The monster didn’t dare to face the soul hurting flames head on. Its claws suddenly started digging faster as it created a hole to hide in when the devil flames rolled over.


A claw appeared behind Chu Mu’s back without any sign, causing another fierce attack. This time, Chu Mu’s entire back region was cut open, causing the majority of his white demonic devil fires to extinguish!

The Gluttonous Insect Monster’s digging speed was very quick. Chu Mu was only just finished with the technique when the Gluttonous Insect Monster had already reached behind Chu Mu.


Chu Mu getting hurt meant the White Nightmare would get hurt as well. The white devil merged with Chu Mu let out an abnormally shrill screech!

The devil cry morphed into an even thicker resentment. This resentment quickly merged into Chu Mu’s half devil body, which in turn transformed into an even more vigorous white demonic devil fire that started burning on Chu Mu’s body!

Pain was inevitable, but compared to the pain of extreme temperatures burning his soul constantly, the claw pain that hit him wasn’t worth mentioning.

Chu Mu calmed himself amidst the pain and released his soul master level soul remembrance to lock onto the darkness that is the dirt layer.


The Gluttonous Insect Monster appeared again, this time still behind Chu Mu. A cold light crossed each other and added another deep cross mark on Chu Mu’s wounded back. This cross mark almost ripped Chu Mu apart from top to bottom!

Pain again assaulted Chu Mu, but he used his remembrance to lock onto the Gluttonous Insect Monster in the instant it flitted across.

On his body, white demonic devil fire suddenly darted up from his legs, disintegrating Chu Mu’s body to nothingness.

Displacement Specter!

This was an opportunity Chu Mu traded a heavy injury for. Using his remembrance to lock on, the judgement of position and the cast of the technique all couldn’t be off by the slightest, because the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s speed was way too quick- fast to the point where Chu Mu couldn’t even truly attack it.

Pale devil flames started burning behind the Gluttonous Insect Monster, and Chu Mu’s arrogant devil image slowly appeared amongst the blossoming flames!

Success! This time, Chu Mu cast his technique abnormally accurate, causing him to appear successfully behind the Gluttonous Insect Monster.

Obliterating Heart!!!

WIthout a doubt, the only technique that could kill the Gluttonous Insect Monster was this half devil’s lethal Obliterating Heart, which ignored defenses!

The white demonic devil flames on Chu Mu’s palms burned silently and Chu Mu’s right hand became a blade that slowly cut into the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s spine from behind.

Without any obstruction, it passed through the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s body. Chu Mu’s Obliterating Heart Claw felt as if it extended into a otherworld, wanting to pick something out from an alternate dimension!

The Gluttonous Insect Monster’s reactions were very quick. Realizing that Chu Mu was right behind him, its hind legs kicked and its body immediately blurred into a black light that dashed forward, wanting to escape Chu Mu’s attack.

Chu Mu had long expected that his attacks couldn’t match the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s dodging abilities. His left hand quickly grabbed onto the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s shoulder as his entire body was brought flying along with the Gluttonous Insect Monster.

The Gluttonous Insect Monster’s running speed was frightening. When Chu Mu was lifted along, he didn’t give up on his Obliterating Heart technique, one hand deadly locked onto the ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster’s shoulder bone, while the other hand deep within the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s body.    “嘣!!嘣!!嘣!!!!”

“Beng!! Beng!! Beng!!!!”

The Gluttonous Insect Monster dashed forward, causing the following Chu Mu to continuously make contact with the hard rocks near him. During the process of Chu Mu’s Obliterating Heart, he was pulled through a hundred meter long tunnel, ramming Chu Mu almost senseless.

The heavy injury and the constant slamming caused Chu Mu’s consciousness to slowly become weaker and weaker, and his Obliterating Heart Claw was slowly losing its accuracy. However, Chu Mu knew that, if he didn’t kill the Gluttonous Insect Monster, he definitely would be the one that would die.

Death to Chu Mu wasn’t scary, but Chu Mu definitely wouldn’t die such a petty death, a death caused by a ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster!!

The unwillingness to face death was a type of resentment!

This time, the resentment again became energy that strengthened Chu Mu, causing Chu Mu to feel an injection of energy as he was getting weaker and weaker, making his arm even stronger!

“Obliterating Heart!!!”

Finally, when Chu Mu’s devil hand again pushed in, the hand firmly grasped the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s organ like crystal.

Squeezing down, the organ instantly bursted, causing body fluid to splatter everywhere within the Gluttonous Insect Monster, while more slowly dripped down from between Chu Mu’s fingers!

The organ was the origin of life for the Gluttonous Insect Monster. The instant Chu Mu burst it, the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s dashing body went stiff, as if its entire body lost all power. It brushed against a rocky crevice within the old site main hall and created a long and shattered hole, taking quite a long time before coming to a full stop…...

Chu Mu’s inertia brought him flying with the Gluttonous Insect Monster, and it also made him roll through the hole that the Gluttonous Insect Monster made, stopping when the hole was almost at an end.

Lying in the shattered rocks, Chu Mu’s white demonic devil fire got darker and darker. Between the extinguishing flames, one could already see Chu Mu’s battered and wounded body…...

Chu Mu himself was also taking big breaths. His hand still had some insect juices on it. The moment he killed the Gluttonous Insect Monster, he had reached his limit as well, barely able to lift a finger. After all, he still had many, bone breaking wounds on his back.

Before, in his fight against the Gluttonous Insect Monsters, he had always been passively dodging. This time finally gave Chu Mu a chance to challenge himself. After all, it’s been a long time since Chu Mu had experienced a battle this close to death.


“It died… died, my child died. How is this possible, this can’t be true, he should be the one that died!” In the underground tunnel, Duan Xinhe fell into a numb state.

Before, Duan Xinhe saw Chu Mu and his Gluttonous Insect Monster buried. Under such situations, Duan Xinhe had absolute confidence that his ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster could kill Chu Mu.

But, what awaited him wasn’t Chu Mu’s death, but instead the soul backlash from the death of his Ninth Phase Gluttonous Insect Monster!


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