Chapter 28: Chu Family's Clan Pet, Mo Ye

Chapter 28: Chu Family's Clan Pet, Mo Ye

The forest lake was like a little ecosystem of its own. There were often many soul pets that lived here, because many soul pets would come to drink at certain time periods. This naturally included many commander rank soul pets.

Evening was around the time at which most soul pets would appear near the lake. When Chu Mu and Qing Menger neared the forest lake, they could see over ten soul pets drinking near the lake.

The soul pets were varied, with some that even Chu Mu didn’t recognize. When Qing Menger saw this many soul pets, her lovely pupils also shone with light, as if she wanted to catch one to become her new companion too.

“Water Moon, Silver Shawl Demon, Cloud Piercing Unicorn, Rainbow Fighting Deer, Demon Spirit Butterfly…...Ya, there really are Mo Ye’s…...”

Qing Menger pointed with her delicate finger and secretly counted off the soul pets near the lake. When she noticed the commander rank Mo Ye she immediately looked astonished.

Mo Ye: Beast World - bug type - Armored Beast species - Mo Ye subspecies middle class commander rank.

Mo Ye was a soul pet covered in black ink. Its body shape inherited the blood of a beast type, having a somewhat wolf-like, somewhat tiger-like, somewhat panther-like, and somewhat lion-like body bursting with strength. Its sturdy and herculean limbs and formidable head always made one feel in awe.

Yet, different from most other beast type soul pets, Mo Ye’s didn’t have a furry outer coat. The Mo Ye’s skin was inherited from its bug type blood, causing it to be covered in pieces of distinct and angular armor.

Mo Ye’s, in this aspect, was much like the Light Rhinoceros, but the Light Rhinoceros's armor wasn’t as exquisite and smooth as the Mo Ye’s.

In reality, the Mo Ye and Light Rhinoceros both descended from the species of armored beasts. The Light Rhinoceros gave off a majestic presence, while the Mo Ye added touches of darkness to its imposing manner.

Horned armored beasts were the mark of the Chu Family. In the Wo Gu Region, the Great Chu Family was famous around the world for its horned armored beasts.

Chu Mu started coming in contact with such soul pets from a very early age. Almost everyone in the family had a first-rate armored beast or horned beast.

The experts in the Chu Family often chose between commander rank armored beasts and horned beasts, usually between the Light Rhinoceros and the Mo Ye.

Chu Mu himself was inclined towards the darker feeling of Mo Ye’s, possibly due to the influence of his own father’s supremely strong Mo Ye.

“Mister Chu, do you see, there’s a little Mo Ye over there, I think it’s still very young.” Qing Menger very excitedly pointed at a meter tall little Mo Ye she spotted near the lake.

“En, I see it. It’s ink armor is slightly grey, and its tail to body ratio is slightly imbalanced. It’s already at the third phase, yet its body size is akin to a second phase. It probably didn’t receive reasonable nutrients after it was born, causing it to grow weaker than normal Mo Ye’s as well.”

“You know a lot about Mo Ye’s, Mister Chu?” Qing Menger asked.

“I guess so. This Mo Ye is third phase third stage, and it seems to have just left its parents to live independently. Yet, such a weak Mo Ye that isn’t much different from a second phase Mo Ye would have a hard time surviving.” Chu Mu said.

Able to find a young commander rank soul pet was usually considered very lucky, yet Chu Mu wasn’t interested in such a low quality soul pet. In fact, he didn’t even bother to catch it, because such commander rank soul pets couldn’t cost more than a thousand gold coins, worth less than some higher quality warrior rank soul pets.

Chu Mu’s attention wasn’t on the Mo Ye. Instead, he started observing the forest lake, intentionally using his remembrance to detect the magical item.

Very quickly, Chu Mu found the location of the item that let out a special aura. Looking over, it was a proud and aloof Heavenly Demon Orchid standing in the middle of the lake!

Heavenly Demon Orchid, sixth level magical item that lived in deep waters. In a year, there were only three days where it would float out of the water to receive energy from the sun’s radiance and air.

The Heavenly Demon Orchid was a demon type’s most perfect food, as its effects were even greater than a sixth level demon type soul crystal, allowing a demon type’s growth speed to increase, and its effects remained for a very long time.

Books have described that other than the Heavenly Demon Orchid, there was a sixth level medicinal ingredient named Demon Spirit’s Tears. Demon Spirit’s Tears were the result of countless refinement, filtering, and coincidences of dews condensed on a Demon Tree’s leaf.

If such material were joined with the Heavenly Demon Orchid and concocted, it could create Heavenly Demon Tears.

Heavenly Demon Tears was a very valuable medicine. If a demon type soul pet took it, it could immediately cause its growth rate to increase dramatically and continue growing for a long time. It was the best medicine to improve demon type soul pets!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast was currently still at the fifth phase fifth stage. After it had eaten a sixth level tri-type soul crystal, it strengthened its demon mental abilities, yet didn’t directly increase its fighting power by much.

However, demon type mental abilities needed stages and phases to be useful. If the Night Thunder Dream Beast were still at the fifth phase fifth stage, it would have a hard time fighting against sixth phase commander rank soul pets, so its phase needed to be improved quickly.

The Heavenly Demon Orchid was perfect to improve its phase. If he went to Gangluo City and bought a drop of Demon Spirit’s Tear for around 50,000 gold coins and found a pharmacist to concoct it, it could cause the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s power growth to increase drastically within a certain period!

A Heavenly Demon Orchid was worth almost 200,000 gold coins. It was even more expensive than a sixth rank soul crystal. Once combined with other medicines, if one were to buy a Heavenly Demon Tear, it would cost possibly over 300,000, something not many could afford. The appearance of this Heavenly Demon Orchid saved Chu Mu 200,000 gold coins!

Chu Mu knew that the reason such a sixth level soul item hadn’t been taken by any soul pet yet is because there was either a soul pet byproduct or a strong soul pet that guarded it, waiting to harvest it when it is fully grown.

In the evening, the soul pets near the lake were still plentiful. Chu Mu and Qing Menger waited until the last rays of sun disappeared over the treetops before proceeding.

Water battles would naturally be fought with the Ice Air Fairy, so Chu Mu immediately summoned it.


When the Ice Air Fairy appeared, icy air immediately spread, inadvertently freezing the water in the lake, creating a layer of ice.

“Ning, bring the Heavenly Demon Orchid back. Remember to be wary of the soul pet underwater.” Chu Mu said to his Ice Air Fairy.

“Ling~” The Ice Air Fairy immediately let out a crisp call, floating into the vicinity of the lake.

As the Ice Air Fairy floated past, the lake water would quickly appear white, slowly forming ice pieces. Chu Mu could even follow the ice pieces straight towards the middle of the lake.

But, Chu Mu didn’t follow them. He didn’t have many water type soul pets on him, and the Ice Air Fairy had a hard time controlling water, so following it was very dangerous.

“Mo Xie, drive away all the other soul pets near the lake, don’t let them near us.” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie who was on his shoulder.

Mo Xie nodded and jumped off of Chu Mus’ body, starting to sweep everywhere with her demonic aura.


Just as Chu Mu finished speaking, the lake water suddenly exploded, sending water high into the air!!

Within the waves, three snake-like heads poked out of the water, blocking the Ice Air Fairy’s path. Its grotesque heads waved in the water, giving off a frightening feeling!

“Its a warrior rank Deep Water Monster!” Qing Menger instinctively took a few steps back and looked at the three headed creature that appeared in the lake.

Deep Water Monster, a monster that gained a head every two phases. Its three heads signified that it was sixth phase!

Looking at the three long necked heads, Chu Mu smiled, clearly not thinking that the sixth phase fourth stage Deep Water Monster was too tough to deal with.


The Ice Air Fairy was now also very battle hungry. Seeing the Deep Water Monster show off in front of it, it let out a threatening call and instantly started chanting ice type incantations!


The three heads of the Deep Water Monster immediately locked on the Ice Air Fairy. Its six eyes blinked with a deep blue radiance, causing the lake surface to start to grow turbulent!

Within the lake, nine crazily swirling waves quickly appeared. The streams of water waved their snake like contours and heavily whipped towards the Ice Air Fairy!


The Ice Air Fairy immediately let out another shout, releasing a snow white circle of ice from its pure and translucent body. This wave of ice quickly spread. Just as the nine water whips were nearing the Ice Air Fairy’s body, they immediately turned into ice pillars. Its waving motion caused them to completely turn into ice shards, shattering near the Ice Air Fairy’s body.

“I’ll help?” Qing Menger also started to chant an incantation, wanting to summon her water type soul pet into the battle.

“No need.” Chu Mu shook his head.

Whenever they met wild soul pets for battles, Chu Mu usually only summoned one soul pet, because in duels, soul pets could learn more and grow faster.

Qing Menger pouted, feeling bored. Since she entered this forest gap, Qing Menger hadn’t even summoned her own soul pet once, constantly feeling like a deadweight.

Qing Menger also witnessed Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy’s strong capabilities. The Deep Water Monster utilized its home field advantage in the water to fight with the Ice Air Fairy, but once the Ice Air Fairy casted real ice type techniques, the Deep Water Monster couldn’t withstand it for much longer.

The fight slowly fell towards the Ice Air Fairy. Qin Menger could see that winning was only an issue of time for Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy now, so her gaze naturally fell on Chu Mu’s little Mo Xie, who was cute enough to melt a girl's heart. She desperately wanted to go over and hug the little elegant fox.


Little Mo Xie remained in her state of Pitiful Appearance, with her long fur slowly drifting in the wind. Standing on the edge of the grass beside the lake, Qin Menger’s gaze was on the supremely weak-looking Mo Xie.

“I wonder if this Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox is stronger, or if the Ice Air Fairy stronger.” Qing Menger looked at the exquisite Mo Xie and started guessing.

“Huh, why hasn’t the little Mo Ye run away yet? All the other soul pets have run away already.” Qing Menger suddenly noticed that the weak little Mo Ye was still nearby, and was actually confronting the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox.

The little Mo Ye already had many wounds on its body. Looking at its weak appearance, it was as if a stronger wind could topple it.

However what Qing Menger couldn’t understand was, despite knowing that the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox in front of it was hiding its strength and was, in reality, way stronger, it hadn’t run away like the other soul pets. It chose instead to stand adamantly and alone against the superior Evil Flamed Six Tailed that was merely in Pitiful Appearance!

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