Book 2 Chapter 279 - The Cyan Hidden Dragon Awakens

Chapter 279: One of Five Summits, Xiao Ren

Duan Xinhe realized that the powerful Cyan Hidden Dragon had awaken from inside the Innards of a God and quickly, his face turned pale. He hurriedly jumped onto his ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster.

This Gluttonous Insect Monster’s evasion abilities were very powerful. The falling rocks and dirt layer didn’t successfully cover it, and Duan Xinhe forcefully escaped from the underground cave-in, jumping into the sewer region.

The sewer system was the city’s underground infrastructure, so it was obviously sturdier. With the release of the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s power, these sewer regions only shook, but didn’t show any signs of collapsing.

When Duan Xinhe rode his ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster down the sewer, Mo Xie had just brought over two soul pet trainers from Soul Alliance.

“Duan Xinhe!” Su Xinyi immediately discovered Duan Xinhe and his Gluttonous Insect Monster flit across his vision, and his expression became excited.

The Hidden Dragon egg had always belonged to Soul Alliance, so this time, the people of Soul Alliance who came to Li City were determined to get this Cyan Hidden Dragon. This is why they had to kill Duan Xinhe, or else the Hidden Dragon Egg would fall into other peoples’ hands.

The two didn’t mind the shaking and collapsing underground world. After all, the Cyan Hidden Dragon wasn’t something they could deal with

A soul pact incantation started. Su Xinyi and Songbo both summoned their demon type soul pets. A ninth phase commander rank demon’s running speeds were definitely not inferior to the invisible Gluttonous Insect Monster. After a second, the two people started dashing through the underground tunnel!

Soul Alliance commander Xiao Ren stood silently in the fork of the underground tunnel. At this moment, the man was as calm and still as a black steelcast statue, emanating a metallic quality.

“You two, run as far as you can.” Xiao Ren’s voice was like metal on metal, heavy and powerful.

This sentence of Xiao Ren’s was naturally directed towards Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng. Both brother and sister let out a breath. Knowing that the Cyan Hidden Dragon was about to appear, they each hastily summoned their soul pets and planned to leave there.

“You two don’t think that you are so smart. Once I get this Cyan Hidden Dragon under control, I’ll come deal with you.” Xiao Ren saw that both of them looked as if they had escaped recognition and simply laughed coldly.

Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng’s faces immediately turned paler, because they didn’t think that Xiao Ren would actually recognize them.

“Leave……” Ye Wansheng bit down. He knew that nothing he said would matter, and escaping was the only correct choice.


The shaking underground was getting more and more intense. One could already feel some of the underground tunnels shattering. Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng were very quick to act. They safely found the exiting well and reached the ground of the western street area.

Yet, though they reached a safe place, both the brother and sister’s expressions didn’t look too good. Ye Wansheng was in a bad mood because of the Soul Alliance expert Xiao Ren’s parting sentence.

Clearly, Xiao Ren had already recognized the two. They had fallen into a tiger’s den. If not for the Cyan Hidden Dragon awakening, they definitely would’ve been captured.

Ye Qingzi wasn’t just worried about Xiao Ren’s words. She was still thinking about Chu Mu, who was still deep in the old site main hall. With such a commotion underground, the Li City old site should be more or less buried completely. Chu Mu definitely didn’t escape. If he died by getting buried alive like this…...

“This Xiao Ren indeed has the nose of a dog. How did he recognize us even like this? Whatever, no matter what, we have to leave here.” Ye Wansheng said to Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi blanked, but she didn’t wish to just leave like this, so she intentionally found a question and asked, “Who is this Xiao Ren?”

Ye Wansheng looked strangely at Ye Qingzi. He felt that Ye Qingzi should know about Xiao Ren, yet she was putting on a look of complete ignorance.

“Xiao Ren, Bin Xian, Tian Mang, Zi Deng, and our master were known as the Youth Five Peaks twenty years ago. Of the five, Xiao Ren was the youngest and had the most average fame of the five. The reason he became one of the five peaks was because his power was way beyond people of his age. He had a good relationship with our master at the time. About not long ago, he even represented Soul Alliance to visit our master and saw us.

“I thought the guy had long forgotten what we looked like. This was quite a few years ago, meaning our appearances are also different from what they are now, but he still recognized us……” Ye Wansheng said.

Ye Qingzi was actually still worried for Chu Mu’s safety, and she was unwiling to leave, so she followed up with a few more questions.

In reality, the things about Xiao Ren that Ye Wansheng said were all known to Ye Qingzi. Xiao Ren was a very legendary character within the entire soul pet world. For him, age was no longer a restriction. When he was part of the younger generation still, he often challenged middle-aged generation experts and often won.

Soul Alliance had always been able to raise up soul pet trainers that were completely abnormal. Xiao Ren, who was at the tip of the soul pet world at just the age of forty, was one of the most outstanding ones. His most notable soul pet was the Three Headed Feathered Beast!

“Alright, stop asking, I know what you’re thinking about. Even if you’re worried and don’t want to leave, we at least have to find a safe place to stay. Did you think the Cyan Hidden Dragon is only a house or two large?” Ye Wansheng quickly caught onto what Ye Qingzi was thinking about and said, “Dong Qing seems to be bringing people over. Let’s go to him. It’ll be safer that way.”

Ye Qingzi nodded, and rode her War Court Black Beast towards the approaching Dong Qing.

Yet, just as Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng was about to leave, the ground under them suddenly sank down!!

Without any warning, almost at the moment Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng escaped the region, the ground suddenly sank, causing dozens of houses to collapse with a huge boom!

In the air riding his Horizon Feather Bird, Dong Qing’s vision was very broad. From his angle, he could just see that nearly a circle of a hundred meters radius suddenly sank down, creating a shocking empty crater, as if struck by a massive meteorite. The scene caused everyone to suck in a breathe!

“Cyan Hidden Dragon, the dragon is about to appear!!”

The experts behind Dong Qing were the middle aged generation experts from each faction that were here to kill Duan Xinhe. These experts almost were all soul masters who had several *** phase commander ranks. Together, dealing with Duan Xinhe definitely wouldn’t have been an issue.

Yet, making them fight the incredibly powerful Cyan Hidden Dragon was definitely throwing an egg against a hard rock. The power of the Cyan Hidden Dragon was known to everyone in Li City. Initially, hurting the Cyan Hidden Dragon had cost them countless lives already…...

“Everyone back off, don’t act recklessly!” Each faction’s leader said to their members.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s destructive abilities were very powerful. One misstep could cause a huge amount of casualties. In the situation where no true expert could fight it head on, these people didn’t even have the right to go near!



Dragon roars transmitted through the ground, causing the entire Li City to shake with it.

With these terrifying roars spreading, from above, one could see that cracks started spreading within a kilometer’s radius from the crater!

These cracks were still spreading even further. Some crossed through wide streets, some passing along gorges, while even more ripped houses in two.

The dense amount of cracks signified the imminent destruction of this part of the city. Seeing this scene, the experts of all the factions looked incomparably shocked.



After the dragon roars, three almost simultaneous beast roars came from underground like claps of thunder. Though not as earth shaking as the Cyan Hidden Dragons’ roars, they still had a powerful intimidation.

Most importantly, these three roars were directed straight towards the Cyan Hidden Dragon, meaning a powerful soul pet was challenging the Cyan Hidden Dragon head on!

“What organism is this triple roar, daring to provoke the Cyan Hidden Dragon?” An expert from the Merchant’s Alliance immediately asked.

Almost everyone present were experts of the middle aged generation. Of them, none dared to get within two kilometers of the place the Cyan Hidden Dragon was. All of them could only ride their flying type soul pets from afar and watch the cracked city area. What confused many were, after the Cyan Hidden Dragon awoken, there still was some middle aged expert daring to fight it head on!

“Xiao Ren, it must be Xiao Ren. That triple roar was his Three Headed Feathered Beast!” At this point, a more knowledgeable middle aged expert said.

“Boss Xiao truly is courageous!”

“Indeed, people of Soul Alliance truly abnormally powerful. If it were any other faction, which middle aged expert dared to fight the Cyan Hidden Dragon?”


Underground, after the massive Three Headed Feathered Beast appeared, its steel-like angular body had shattered the narrow passageway even further.

Xiao Ren still stood silently in place. He used his soul remembrance to scout out the agitated ground.

He could feel that the Cyan Hidden Dragon had already awakened, and specially let his Three Headed Feathered Beast to roar and provoke the Cyan Hidden Dragon. However, what he found strange was, this Cyan Hidden Dragon didn’t seem to have a single bit of its attention on his Three Headed Feathered Beast, instead quickly travelling towards a different direction for no apparent reason, as if something important were there.

“Yu[1], follow it!” Xiao Ren jumped onto his Three Headed Feathered Beast and commanded.

The third head of the Three Headed Feathered Beast controlled the power of rock type. When quickly chasing the underground Cyan Hidden Dragon, the Three Headed Feathered Beast also directly cast a rock type technique to move swiftly towards the Cyan Hidden Dragon.


  1. literally feather, what a great nickname

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