Book 2 Chapter 278 - The Cyan Hidden Dragon Awakens

Chapter 278: The Cyan Hidden Dragon Awakens


Intersecting with each other, two claw blades that covered the entire ancient hall flew across. Chu Mu found it hard to dodge, and his back was instantly ripped apart with two deep wounds forming!

The half devil Chu Mu’s blood was burning all over so, when wounded, he wouldn’t spill blood; the only thing that appeared the long open wound was fire.

“Hmph, you still want to fight me with this amount of strength. No matter what thing you are, you’ll still die in the end!” coldly laughed Duan Xinhe as an incantation reached his mouth.

Duan Xinhe chanted a soul pact incantation, but this was a bit different, because the soul pact pattern couldn’t be seen.

As a soul pet trainer’s strength rose and the soul pet’s inherent strength changed, the soul pet pattern would no longer be restricted to a standard summoning pattern. Just like when Chu Mu summoned the White Nightmare, a devil flame figure had walked out of Chu Mu’s body.

Only, no matter how the soul pact pattern changed, the agreement between the souls was maintained by a special symbol and design. Thus, a soul pet trainer’s summoning pattern would always have a special soul symbol and pattern no matter how much the summoning pattern changed.

However, nothing appeared when Duan Xinhe finished his summoning, indicating that he had summoned another few attached pets.

Like balls of flesh coming off of Duan Xinhe’s body, these flesh bits fell onto the ground, and as if they were being pinched by a finger, slowly kneaded into the shape of Gluttonous Insect Monsters...

Ten flesh bits had fallen off of his body and they all changed, gradually forming the disgusting bodies of Gluttonous Insect Monsters with yellow pupils!

Ye Qingzi had been delivered by Mo Xie to the hole above the ancient hall, but she didn’t leave, as she was worried something would happen to Chu Mu.

However, Ye Wansheng was watching the Gluttonous Insect Monsters fall off of Duan Xinhe’s body in horror, as a feeling of terror suddenly arose.

“Qingzi, let’s leave this place. We can’t deal with these things. Dong Qing has already gone to notify all of the various large factions. I’m sure they’ll quickly arrive at this place.” said Ye Wansheng.

“Chu Mu is still down there.” said Ye Qingzi.

“He’s still down there? Then… could it be that the terrifying devil monarch like thing is Chu Mu’s soul pet?” asked Ye Wansheng in an incomparably astonished manner.

When Ye Wansheng had seen the half devil state Chu Mu just now, he had jumped in fright. He had heard that the White Nightmare was a powerful creature that could take the shape of its master as it fought. At the beginning he believed that this creature was the monarch rank soul pet, the White Nightmare.

However, afterwards, he sensed that the white demonic devil flames were completely different, and its demonic nature and evil charm were much more powerful than any other monarch White Nightmare he had seen before. He simply couldn’t comprehend what soul pet of Chu Mu’s this was!

Ye Qingzi bit her lip because she knew that the devil monarch full of an evil aura was Chu Mu himself. If she hadn’t seen in herself, she wouldn’t have believed that a human could transform into a devil.

However, Ye Qingzi didn’t say this, because the abnormally powerful devil transformation power was definitely a secret Chu Mu wouldn’t divulge to anyone.


The ten eighth phase Gluttonous Insect Monsters appeared in front of Chu Mu; Chu Mu already found it extremely hard to deal with two ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monsters and, upon seeing another ten eighth phase Gluttonous Insect Beasts, the space Chu Mu could use became even smaller.

Duan Xinhe’s eighth phase Gluttonous Insect Monsters had all been strengthened, and their fighting strength was not something normal eighth phase commander could hope to contend against. Back when he was guarding the well, Chu Mu had been injured by a Gluttonous Insect Monster and had nearly been instantly killed.

These eighth phase Gluttonous Insect Monsters could only be dealt with by using two soul pets together when he wasn’t in his half devil state.

Although Chu Mu, who had now transformed into a seventh phase ninth stage half devil, and could crush these eighth phase Gluttonous Insect Beasts, the power of the ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Beasts managed to firmly inhibit his violent evil strength from being released. Unless Chu Mu could break through the seventh phase ninth stage bottleneck and enter the ninth phase, it would be very hard to defeat Duan Xinhe.

“Don’t let that woman flee. My children, go catch her and that Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox for me!” Duan Xinhe swept his eyes above him at the hole as he spoke.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~”

Mo Xie could naturally understand Chu Mu’s intention, and without needing for him to give an order, Mo Xie’s two tails grabbed Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng. In a few leaps, she had jumped out of the underground passage.

Mo Xie didn’t stop at all and continued to add speed as she sped along the towards the passage’s exit.



“Senior Xia, there’s a flying soul pet in front.” said the Soul Alliance member, Su Xinyi.

Su Xinyi was Xiao Ren’s direct subordinate and his perceptive strength was the best out of everyone.

This time only three Soul Alliance members had entered the sewers to search for Duan Xinhe. The three of them were all experts and to them, they were enough to deal with Duan Xinhe. Perhaps it could even be said that it would be a bit degrading for someone like Xiao Ren to kill Duan Xinhe.

Very quickly, the long fluttering tails of Mo Xie sped quickly to the three Soul Alliance members. After Mo Xie saw these people, he immediately put down Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng. He ignored these Soul Alliance members and turned around, rushing straight back to the ancient hall.

“Seniors, please follow that Nine Tailed Inferno Fox; it will lead you to Duan Xinhe.”Ye Qingzi was worried about Chu Mu’s safety, and knew that these three people were Soul Alliance experts so she hastily spoke to them.

“Xinyi, Baisong, you two follow it and take a look.” Xiao Ren glanced at the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox gradually running further away and let out a rather shocked expression.


Inside the ancient hall, the eight eighth phase Gluttonous Insect Beasts were proving to be a real threat to Chu Mu. If it wasn’t for the powerful soul burning ability of the half devil state, he probably would have already been ripped to shreds by these incomparably savage creatures.

Duan Xinhe continued to stand in the passageway to this secret room. At the moment, his eyebrows were closely knit, because he could feel that the fighting strength of the white demonic devil monarch Chu Mu had transformed into was slowly growing.

At the very beginning, the the half devil state creature could only dodge when fighting against the two ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monsters and would very rarely attack. However, as time moved on, he began to launch soul devil flame attacks that could threaten the ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monsters’ lives.

Duan Xinhe had summoned the eighth phase Gluttonous Insect Monsters to quickly end the fight, but he didn’t expect it to drag out so long.

Duan Xinhe was a soul pet trainer over forty, and the Glutttonous Insect Monsters were both his attached pets and all his soul pets. Even if his strength had been greatly weakened a few years ago, dealing with a young generation member was usually extremely easy.

However, he ended up being surprised at how this young generation expert could have such terrifying strength; he was able to fight against him for so long despite only being at this age. Thus, when he matured, what sort of a terrifying realm would his strength reach?!

He could not be left alive… this person could not be left alive! This was what Duan Xinhe was silently saying to himself. If such a terrifying thing were to raise its phase and stage, even if Duan Xinhe had more Gluttonous Insect Beasts, he definitely wouldn’t be its opponent. If he let him flee this time, he would never be able to peacefully pass his days!

The White Nightmare possessed the Resentment Gathering technique, and when faced against stronger opponents, would unceasingly release the resentment aura inside its body, transforming it into his own strength.

Chu Mu’s fighting strength increased bit by bit because of the Resentment Gathering technique. However, this Resentment Gathering technique wasn’t able to grow as quickly as the Brave Stinging Heart. The eight eighth phase Gluttonous Insect Monsters appearing, the space Chu Mu had to fight became smaller and the wounds on his body clearly grew.


Underneath the secret room in the Innards of a God.

The enormous insect cocoon inside began to sway. Immediately afterwards, numerous tiny cracks appeared on the entire outer shell of the cocoon.

Light rays of cyan light flew out of these cracks, transforming into cyan colored light rays and illuminating the entirety of the Innards of a God in a cyan color!!

From hiding transforming into a dragon, the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s long claws abruptly extended out of the insect cocoon. Instantly, the breakable white colored insect cocoon was torn to shreds!

A mighty cyan dragon head suddenly twisted out of the insect cocoon and immediately, dragon aura dispersed outwards. All of the white colored insect silk promptly turned to nothingness and the entire Innards of a God began to disappear under this force!

The white silk insect cocoon was incomparably enormous, but it was already broken, as it ostensibly could not contain this awakened Cyan Hidden Dragon. Both sides of the enormous insect cocoon revealed large cracks and the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s cyan colored wings full of strength suddenly extended form within the cracks!!


Raising its head, its dragon roar was heard everywhere as it abruptly unfurled its body. The entire enormous white colored insect cocoon was unexpectedly disintegrated in an instant and like those white insect silks that were slowly disappearing, was transformed into nothingness by the violent storm-like dragon aura!!

“Long long long long long~~~~~”

The entire ancient hall in the underground passages began to tremble as shocking subterranean cracks appeared in the ancient hall. The pillars in this already ruined ancient hall collapsed under this force...

Suddenly, an eighth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster’s head dropped down from the collapsed rocks. Immediately after, more grey earthen rocks began to fall, fiercely smashing into floor of the disarrayed ancient hall.

The top layer of rocks was visibly collapsing, and the Gluttonous Insect Beasts could no longer attack Chu Mu and fled to the side in panic.

Chu Mu raised his head as countless rocks smashed down from above him. Just as he was planning on fleeing, the ceiling above him completely collapsed!!


The collapsed rock smashed into Chu Mu’s body. He simply couldn’t dodge and was quickly buried under chaotically falling rocks with a ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster...


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