Book 2 Chapter 277 - A Race Against Time

Chapter 277: Half Devil vs Gluttonous Insect Monster

Chu Mu’s pupils slowly transformed before finally becoming white demonic pupils full of devil flames. These inhuman eyes didn’t have any emotions, and were like those of a most indifferent monarch in the black sky. They were insufferably arrogant and full of an evil aura!

His face began to change, as faint white demonic devil flames attached to Chu Mu’s handsome face. It was as if it was being molded by some scalding hot white substance and slowly transformed into an ice cold mask burning with pale white devil flames.

This was a flaming face of the most demonic nature. It looked approximately like Chu Mu, but having been possessed by the dark demon, Chu Mu was granted an additional cold and contemptuous arrogance as well as a nefarious character!

Ye Qingzi was stunned. Chu Mu’s face was only twenty centimeters away from her, so she happened to see Chu Mu’s full demonic and evil change that made her feel as if he had completely changed into a devil lord that controlled souls. It brought about a shock to her heart!!

“This is the strength you’ve been hiding…” Ye Qingzi’s eyes watched Chu Mu closely. At the moment, Ye Qingzi didn’t know how to describe the half devil transformed Chu Mu; or putting it another way, she didn’t dare to believe that the powerful creature radiating a strange force that was completely different from humans was Chu Mu!

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen.” said the half devil manifest of Chu Mu.

After transforming into the half devil, Chu Mu’s mouth remained closed and when he spoke, he didn’t open his mouth; instead, a voice carrying some special devil power floated out...

Ye Qingzi couldn’t say anything at this point; she simply didn’t understand what happened to Chu Mu. Was this an evil and powerful devil lord that manipulated white demonic devil flames, or the cold soul pet trainer Chu Mu? Or perhaps it was a combination of the two.

However, Ye Qingzi could be sure that although those two completely different white pupils of Chu Mu didn’t have any emotion, they still possessed rationale. His rationale clearly expressed some resoluteness in his heart.

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

The white demonic devil flames moved about on Chu Mu’s body. He slowly turned around and brought his long flaming arm down while lifting his other arm slowly. In his hands astonishingly was burning eighth rank white demonic devil flames!

His eyes were like fire, as he looked into the pitch-black cave. Under the indifferent arrogant pupils, the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s invisibility seemed to completely lose effect. Gradually, its figure emerged in the pitch-black passage.

The pale white fire light illuminated the ancient hall and made it incomparably cold. The long arms of two Gluttonous Insect Beast were half rested on the ground in fear. Among them, one of the Gluttonous Insect Beast’s was riding Duan Xinhe, whose face was in shock!

Duan Xinhe had done transactions before with White Devil Palace people, and could roughly see from Chu Mu’s outer appearance that his transformation seemed to resemble a terrifying monarch White Nightmare!!

Only, Duan Xinhe felt his soul tremble a bit, because this monarch White Nightmare personification was different than a real White Nightmare. Even its aura was much colder than the powerful monarch White NIghtmare, and was completely different from the most pure monarch rank!

“You… what on earth are you!!” Duan Xinhe found it hard to describe the shock in his heart. Having lived for so many years, he had never seen a half devil before. A fear towards an unknown creature manifested from the cold in his soul into his heart.

Chu Mu didn’t say anything. He arrogantly lifted the ball of eighth rank white demonic devil flames in his hand and fully released its burning soul aura in this ancient hall!

A cold devil flame aura violently engulfed the area with Chu Mu at the center!

Finally, Duan Xinhe realized the power of Chu Mu’s transformation and somewhat flusteredly jumped off his two Gluttonous Insect Monsters in shock.

“Don’t be afraid, his phase and stage is very low. Kill him for me!” Duan Xinhe’s vision was very keen, and he immediately saw that although the half devil’s rank was extremely high, it was only at the seventh phase ninth stage. Thus, his two Gluttonous Insect Monsters potentially could defeat it.

This was the first time the two Gluttonous Insect Monsters had seen a creature that could truly emit an icy cold that they could feel. Their yellow eyes became abnormally careful.

Suddenly, one of the Gluttonous Insect Beasts launched an attack which speed wasn’t inferior to Mo Xie’s Instant Assault. What was different than Mo Xie though was that the Gluttonous Insect Beast could use Instant Assault at all times because their normal speed was the equivalent of Mo Xie’s burst speed!


Gluttonous Rending Heart Claw!

The Gluttonous Insect Beast’s attack happened to head towards the heart of the half devil Chu Mu. Its speed was so fast that it was no longer possible to see the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s body, and the might of its claws created a sonic boom. It caused the aura emitted from Chu Mu’s white demonic devil flames to be severed from top to bottom!

The half devil state Chu Mu wouldn’t take measured steps like humans when fighting because the half devil’s movement was exactly like a specter: strangely floating!

Devil Phantom!

Chu Mu’s body would suddenly turn light before suddenly turn dark. Just as the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s Rending Heart Claw appeared, he quickly floated ten meters away from his original position and the claw missed, descending upon three dilapidated walls. They were all ripped into pieces which tumbled down with a rumble in the ancient hall.

The Gluttonous Insect Monster’s claw destruction force was extremely terrifying, and even reached Ye Qingzi’s location. Yet, Mo Xie’s reaction was quick and one of her tails swept up Ye Qingzi as she quickly retreated to the edge of the fight.

Mo Xie’s fighting strength was incapable of comparing to the half devil state Chu Mu. Moreover, Mo Xie’s defense was very low. If she was at all careless, she would definitely be killed by the ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster, so Chu Mu didn’t have Mo Xie participate in the fight.

Chu Mu’s caution was necessary. The Gluttonous Insect Monster’s claws had reached the late eighth stage and including its technique’s might, the effect of its attack neared the ninth stage. A ninth stage attack would only too easily break through an eighth stage defense.

“Attack him from behind.” Duan Xinhe ordered his two Gluttonous Insect Monsters.

The other Gluttonous Insect Monster had, at some unknown time, already moved around to behind Chu Mu. At this moment, the two Gluttonous Insect Monsters happened to form a front and back pincer attack!

An ominous glint was visible as the two Gluttonous Insect Beasts seemingly simultaneously strode forward with their front legs and terrifyingly launched themselves at Chu Mu.

Displacement Specter

The White Nightmare’s two dodging techniques were extremely useful and Displacement Specter allowed Chu Mu to easily escape from the two ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monsters’ claws.

The white colored devil flames burned and Chu Mu rapidly moved thirty meters. His two white pupils coldly stared at Duan Xinhe only fifty meters from him.

Duan Xinhe instantly felt the ice cold from Chu Mu, and forced down the fear towards an unknown creature in his heart. He began to slowly chant an incantation.

Yet, how could Chu Mu give him a chance to use a soul technique? His two white pupils discharged two pale white lightning-like lights that shot at Duan Xinhe.

Nightmare Black Hole!!

At the area the eye beams intersected, a ball of white flame began to spread and burn. It outlandishly left a burning special nightmare orbit in its wake!

Suddenly, a black light shot in all four directions and the devil flames inside the nightmare orbit became incomparably vigorous!!

What was even more shocking was that inside the burning devil flames in the nightmare orbit appeared a frightening black hole. This black hole seemed to lead to an unknown space of death; the moment one was swept up by it, he would never return to his original world!

Duan Xinhe had never seen this technique before, and fear arose in his heart. He hastily changed his incantation and created a black colored shield...

The black shield was an eighth rank monarch rank defense technique Duan Xinhe had learned. It practically could resist the majority of direct attack techniques. Back then, he had spent an enormous cost just to obtain this soul technique book.

Only, the defensive effect of this dark defense was abnormally weak in front of the Nightmare Black Hole. When the black hole opened up, the darkness that formed the defensive shield was easily swallowed up and the remaining force nearly sucked Duan Xinhe inside as well.

The appearance speed of the Nightmare Black Hole was fast, and it also disappeared extremely quick. After swallowing Duan Xinhe’s dark defense technique, Duan Xinhe’s body was pulled forward; if he were to take one more step forward, he would be within the orbit of the NIghtmare Black Hole from just now. Standing there, Duan Xinhe could even still feel the remnants of the ice cold devil flames!

Duan Xinhe sucked in a mouthful of cold air and his face became incomparably pale.

The half devil state Chu Mu had techniques that were strange to the max. Duan Xinhe found that it was hard to react and moreover, this was the first time he had come across a technique that was truly a combination of the fire and dark types!

Ye Qingzi who didn’t dare rashly enter the fight stood at the very edge of the ancient hall. Her eyes were fixated on the body of Chu Mu burning all over with white demonic devil flames. She simply couldn’t believe that the eminently powerful devil monarch that controlled terrifying strength was the Chu Mu she knew.

Or perhaps it was better to say that from the very beginning until now she never truly knew Chu Mu!

“Qingzi, quickly, quickly come up… my god, what is that thing!!” Ye Wansheng standing in the hole above the palace of ruins. However, when he put his head in to check the situation below, he happened to see the half devil state Chu Mu use Devil Phantom and float past him. It scared him so much that he sucked in a breath of cold air!

From Ye Wansheng’s location looking down, the entire ancient hall was a field of pale white. Moreover, standing not even fifty meters from him was a human figure burning from head to toe in white devil flames standing on a broken pillar. He was brandishing two white demonic devil flames that could onslaught the soul with cold at the two incomparably savage Gluttonous Insect Monsters!

The soul devil flames that could invade the depths of the soul and the eminently sharp gluttonous long claws. The pillars inside the ancient hall were knocked down one after the other or were shattered into dust by the violent devil flames or the swirling rain of claws!


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