Chapter 273: Underground World, Innards of a God (2)

Chapter 273: Underground World, Innards of a God (2)

“Truly magnificent. This world is such a perfect construct that only a soul pet like the Cyan Hidden Dragon can create it!” Duan Xinhe let out an exclamation of praise. His praise carried the most absolute greed.

Although Chu Mu had seen the enormous Innards of a God before, entering it again was still shocking.

Since leaving Prison Island to now, it had been approximate a year. In this year, Chu Mu didn’t stop his unremitting hardwork towards his soul pets. He also continued to pursue the path of an expert, but even now, he still felt just like he did a year ago facing against a truly powerful creature. Compared against the strength of something like the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, Chu Mu’s soul pets were still too insignificant!

“Brat, do you want really want to obtain the Cyan Hidden Dragon dragon egg?” excitedly said Duan Xinhe.

“Who doesn’t want to obtain it?” responded Chu Mu.

“Soul Alliance has controlled the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon for so many years and already possess numerous split off dragon eggs; as for those that obtained these eggs and nurtured them into an adult Hidden Dragon, all of them are hegemons of the soul pet realm. Soul Alliance’s Lang Ke is the general of the City Under the Heavens and isn’t even thirty years old and has already stepped into the apex of the soul pet realm. He assumes the position of the southern area’s Southern Emperor Kingdom Lord...hahaha, as long as I can obtain one dragon egg, I’ll also be able to quickly become someone of those ranks. Very soon, I’ll be able to reach it very soon!” said Duan Xinhe in a deranged tone.

Obviously, Duan Xinhe really wanted to obtain the Hidden Dragon Egg and had moreover entered into a deranged state. As they walked deeper into the Innards of a God, Duan Xinhe didn’t stop talking. He didn’t cover up the greed he had towards the Hidden Dragon Egg and completely divulged it. It was like something he had hidden for many years was finally brought to light; it was like something he had been chasing all his life finally coming to fruition.

Chu Mu still had a Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon splitt off dragon egg in his soul pet ring, but aside from the outer membrane of the egg that would shed off from time to time, there wasn’t any indication of hatching. Chu Mu even felt that the split off Hidden Dragon Egg from the Empyrean Cyan HIdden Dragon had no way of hatching, and would forever remain in the state.

If it was like Duan Xinhe had said, possessing a Hidden Dragon Egg would enable one to become an expert who received respect in the entire soul pet realm. Then, he only needed to break free from the crisis this time and find a method to hatch the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon Egg in his hands; subsequently, after slowly nurturing its growth, he would stand in the highest realm and become a formidable person, bringing his dream of stepping onto the apex of the soul pet realm to fruition.


The rain had yet to show indications of stopping. Above the Western Street’s district, an enormous creature spiralled above the cloud layer. The clouds and mist curled around it, but a mighty and powerful body could be seen!

This was a snowy white feathered beast with three heads and white cloud-like feathered wings. It was built half like a violent lion while also possessing a long and sturdy build. Its pure white feathers combed down its enormous wings and extended down its body of a violent beast that was a combination of a wing type and a beast type. The feathers continued all the way down to its feet where its feet formed several extremely magnificent and majestic feather swords.

Without a doubt, this was an extremely high rank soul pet. It was like a tyrant occupying its territory as it soared through the air. There was no soul pet that could be compared with it.

On top of this soul pet stood a middle-aged soul pet trainer. This soul pet trainer happened to be Soul Alliance’s Xiao Ren, who was the leader of eight people.

Xiao Ren’s age had yet to surpass 40, but his strength was still much stronger than many old generation soul pet trainers. When he was young, he was also worthy of the title of a young generation peak expert and now at this age, he had surpassed a generation of experts.

“Have those Elemental Sect people obtained news of Duan Xinhe?” Xiao Ren’s gaze apathetically looked down on the entire street district!

The feathered three headed beast under Xiao Ren had extremely tyrannical flying abilities. Many soul pets would find it extremely hard to fly above 3000 meters in the air, yet to this feathered three headed beast, this was merely the beginning of flying.

“Yes, Senior Xiao. Should we wait here or directly head down?” asked an adjacent Soul Alliance soul pet trainer.

“Let’s go down, don’t waste time.” said Xiao Ren.

After speaking, he ordered his feathered three headed beast to swoop down.

The feathered three headed beast’s wings slightly folded, and its body suddenly descended down from the clouds. Its white feathers fluttered against the violent wind as it dropped down from the expansive sky. This mighty appearance gave others the feeling of extreme aggressiveness!

It descended from three thousand meters up very quickly and the moment it landed, an incomparably powerful stream of air engulfed the surrounding 100 kilometers around the feathered three headed beast; its majesty was imposing!

“Xiao Ren!!”

The five Elemental Sect middle age generation experts were planning on entering the subterranean to find Duan Xinhe, but didn’t expect Soul Alliance’s Xiao Ren to suddenly appear here.

Elemental Sect’s five experts had all summoned on their powerful steed soul pets, but in front of the Feathered Three Headed Beast, they revealed obvious expressions of fear.

“Leave this place.” Xiao Ren rode on his Feathered Three Headed Beast, and he used a cold gaze to sweep across the five Elemental Sect experts.

“What basis do you have to make us leave?” angrily said an expert riding on a ninth phase Terror Wolf.

Xiao Ren’s words had an evident meaning behind it. He definitely had obtained news of Duan Xinhe being here, and him having the others leave this place was clearly because he wanted to solely obtain the benefits of the Hidden Dragon Egg. How could these Elemental Sect experts let him do that?!

“On what basis?” arrogantly laughed Xiao Ren.

Seemingly like it understood its master’s intentions, the incomparably enormous Feathered Three Headed Beast gradually walked towards thee five Elemental Sect experts. Its three heads raised high into the air and its six eyes coldly looked down on the five soul pets that fundamentally were not on the same level.

Suddenly, the ferocious mouths on its three heads opened up and instantaneously, three powerful blasts of energies shot out of its three heads. The energy blasts to be a terrifying torrential flame, a bitingly cold and tyrannical wind, and a rumbling rolling meteor!

The three forms of energies didn’t actually cause true destructive force, but they terrifyingly orbited the surroundings of these soul pet trainers. The aura of the powerful three energies assaulted them and their soul pets, causing them to feel a wave of mysterious fear!

“Soul Alliance people truly are incomparably hegemonic. Hmph, let’s leave!” the power of Elemental Sect was incapable of contending with Soul Palace, Nightmare Palace, Soul Pet Palace and the others. These five experts knew that even if they combined their strength, they may not even be Xiao Ren’s opponent and could only swallow their grievances into their stomachs.


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