Book 2 Chapter 275 - A Race Against Time

Chapter 275: A Race Against Time


The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s voice was just like the little cyan bug once upon a time. This very easily made Chu Mu think again back to the memory-less, powerless little bug with big eyes.

Chu Mu’s soul remembrance was stronger now, and he was more adept in the ways of the beast language. He could somewhat guess what the little cyan bug was trying to tell him now.

The mental voice of the cyan hidden dragon conveyed no emnity. It seemed to be some sort of recognition. However, Chu Mu didn’t understand why this Cyan Hidden Dragon approved of him. Such an approval seemed to be completely based on instinct.

“Young master, have you once met another cyan hidden dragon and had a decent relationship with it?” At this moment, Old Li’s voice transferred in.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded.

“Cyan Hidden Dragons have a special interaction system. Usually, if you gain the approval of one cyan hidden dragon, then your aura will gain the favorable impression of other cyan hidden dragons. However, young master should still be vigilant. Having a favorable impression doesn’t mean it won’t harm you.” Old Li said.

With what Old Li said, Chu Mu finally understood. Presumably the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon left some smell on him that was still there, and other Cyan Hidden Dragons smelled it and, through their special connection, built an instinctual trust for him.

“Cyan Hidden Dragon, I have an invisible Gluttonous Insect Monster beside me. Beneath the cocoon is a soul pet trainer. They want your egg……” Chu Mu used his remembrance to relay this information into the cocoon.


The Cyan Hidden Dragon immediately sent out a string of information that Chu Mu only half understood.

Chu Mu could vaguely make out that the Cyan Hidden Dragon was asking how he came into contact with the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, and why he had a special Cyan Hidden Dragon mark.

As for the Gluttonous Insect Monster and Duan Xinhe, the Cyan Hidden Dragon didn’t seem to even care about it.

“I met the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon on Prison Island. That time, to avoid the chasing of other people, it became a powerless, memory less little cyan bug that hid by me……” Chu Mu started cursorily reciting his meeting with the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, also mentioning the strange connection between the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and Mo Xie.


The Cyan Hidden Dragon spoke another string of words, of which Chu Mu had to ponder for a bit before understanding the basics.

“Right now, the person beside me wants to kill me. If you still need a while before completely leaving your shell, then I’m in great danger.” Chu Mu said.


“I’ll try, but you best be fast, because I’m not really his match.” Chu Mu said.


When Chu Mu was communicating with the Cyan Hidden Dragon, Duan Xinhe was already impatient from the wait. He himself had jumped onto the bug cocoon and looked coldly at Chu Mu, slowly revealing a terrifying killing intent.

“Kid, I don’t have much time to waste with you. Tell me how to get the Cyan Hidden Dragon egg now, or else I’ll tell my kids to kill the girl at the old site right now.” Duan Xinhe said.

“I just sent my remembrance in, the Cyan hidden Dragon is still asleep. Let’s go down. There’s a weak spot on the bug cocoon. If we enter from there, we can get the Hidden Dragon Egg.

“Enter? Hengheng, you think I’m stupid? If I awaken this Cyan Hidden Dragon, won’t I have to die with you?” Duan Xinhe said.

“I’ll enter, alright?” Chu Mu said.


The bug cocoon is the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s strongest defense. This defense doesn’t have any chink in its armor. The weak spot Chu Mu spoke of was made up. He was just trying to slightly waste some time.

After jumping down from the bug cocoon, Chu Mu intentionally said another bunch of things about the Cyan Hidden Dragon that he heard from Old Li, and randomly picked a good spot.

“Right here? You sure?” Duan Xinhe asked.

“Yes, right there. Your Gluttonous Insect Monsters’ claws are even sharper. Try to rip it aside. Don’t use techniques though, they might wake up the dragon.” Chu Mu said.

Duan Xinhe remained suspicious but took Chu Mu for his word and told his Gluttonous Insect Monster to start ripping at the location of the bug cocoon.

The bug cocoon’s most outer layer is a half-solid cocoon silk. This silk was soft yet hard to cut. The ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster’s claws were already at the ninth level, but without any techniques, it could only symbolically ripped a few strands apart.

“Kid, this is the weak spot you speak of?” Duan Xinhe immediately saw the issue, his eyes flaming up with an anger of being lied to.

Chu Mu had already put some distance between himself and Duan Xinhe. White demonic devil flames quietly burned outwards in his body.

“What, you want to escape?” Duan Xinhe started laughing coldly, his eyes shooting ice daggers.

Chu Mu indeed was about to turn half-devil, yet, what was frightening was, he felt a coldness behind his back!!

“A second ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster……” Chu Mu’s heart went cold. He could feel the existence of the organism now, and if he made any move, his throat would definitely be ripped apart by it!!

Half devil state needed a short time, too. Chu Mu didn’t think that Duan Xinhe was this careful. He had already secretly moved his second ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster forward.

“You’ve always been playing with me, right? Heng, I’ve seen through it all along.” Duan Xinhe said with an icy tone.

Chu Mu’s heart was pumping incredibly fast already. Duan Xinhe’s killing intent was overpowering. Maybe in the next second, he would die. A feeling of being this close to death was something that even Chu Mu experienced rarely in the past, especially one caused by a ninth phase invisible Gluttonous Insect Monster…...

Chu Mu’s mind spun quickly. He needed to stay calm- he had to force himself to stay calm. If he just delayed for some more time, the Cyan Hidden Dragon will escape from its shell. Death may be in the next moment, but Chu Mu had to delay it no matter what. Chu Mu wasn’t willing to just die like this!

“I’ll show you one last thing. Seeing this thing, you’ll know I wasn’t playing you.” Finally, Chu Mu spoke. If it weren’t up to such a situation, Chu Mu definitely wouldn’t make such a decision.

“You think I’ll still believe your nonsense? Are you going to pull out some shell of the Cyan Hidden Dragon egg next?” Duan Xinhe mocked.

“Cyan Hidden Dragon Egg!” Chu Mu said heavily.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon Egg. Other than using it to delay his death, Chu Mu truly couldn’t think of anything else.

Of course, Chu Mu knew that, even if he gave the Cyan Hidden Dragon egg inside his spatial ring to Duan Xinhe, he would still die in the end. Displaying the Cyan Hidden Dragon Egg of course was to delay as much time as possible!

“Ridiculous, you with the Cyan Hidden Dragon egg? Seems like you truly make me out to be a fool that can be easily tricked.” Duan Xinhe’s face became twisted. At this moment, a powerful gaze of killing intent shot came from Duan Xinhe straight to Chu Mu’s heart, causing Chu Mu’s heart to turn icy cold!

“See for yourself.” Chu Mu took a deep breath and, after making himself calmer, he opened his spatial ring and carefully pulled the egg that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had split.

The cyan dragon egg was the size of two of Chu Mu’s palms. It was even heavier than many high density rocks. From the outside, it seemed just like a cyan pebble was covered in a layer of cyan snake skin, revealing a special scent of a Cyan Hidden Dragon.

“This is……” Duan Xinhe paused, looking completely surprised at the Cyan Hidden Dragon egg in Chu Mu’s hand.

Duan Xinhe’s distinguishing abilities were very powerful. From the soul pet egg’s outer shape to the special aura, Duan Xinhe could immediately judge its authenticity, so the moment Chu Mu took the Cyan Hidden Dragon egg out, Duan Xinhe was subdued.

Waves of ecstasy started hitting Duan Xinhe’s heart. At this moment, Duan Xinhe even forgot to ask how Chu Mu came to have it. His shaking hands were already extended to try to take it from Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was holding the Cyan Hidden Dragon egg, yet his heart felt as if it was convulsing terribly. This was an egg that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had split off. It was the symbol of complete trust from the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. Yet, Chu Mu was using this trust in exchange for a short extension of his life. Such action clearly made Chu Mu’s heart grieve.

Duan Xinhe already extended his hand. That hand was slowly rubbing the dragon egg. His yellow eyes were beaming with excitement, as if he wanted to eat the Hidden Dragon Egg whole. Excitement, greed, and a need for ownership were displayed completely.


Just as Duan Xinhe was about to carry the Hidden Dragon egg, the Gluttonous Insect Monster behind Chu Mu let out a string of warning sounds!

Duan Xinhe’s reaction was very quick. His gaze immediately locked onto the direction his soul pet was signalling at.

Chu Mu’s reaction was even faster. No matter if he could finish his half devil in such a short time, Chu Mu had to escape immediately!


Suddenly, a loud roar came from behind Chu Mu’s back. Immediately after, from the darkness, a majestic soul pet covered in black fur jumped out. Its body was a black blur, heavily slamming into the Gluttonous Insect Monster behind Chu Mu.

The ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster didn’t detect this organism that could also merge into the darkness. Its small size meant it was immediately sent flying by the black soul pet.

“Chu Mu, quick!!” A girl’s worried voice quickly sounded in Chu Mu’s mental world.

“Qingzi……”Chu Mu first felt a wave of joy, but it was quickly followed by a wave of worry. But, he couldn’t think much now, as he quickly chanted an incantation!

Displacement Specter!

White demonic devil flames abruptly sprouted from beneath Chu Mu’s feet. These flames were already sending off clear soul burning effects. When Duan Xinhe was about to mentally control Chu Mu, because of Ye Qingzi’s sudden action, when he released his soul remembrance, he clearly felt the soul burning power of the white demonic devil flames!


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