Chapter 272: Underground World, Innards of a God (1)

Chapter 272: Underground World, Innards of a God (1)

Yu He’s plot indeed could be considered pretty perfect. If not for a small change in events, Chu Mu and Duan Xinhe would both be killed by the hands of someone else.

But, Yu He was wrong in estimating Chu Mu’s strength and Duan Xinhe’s craftiness, ultimately causing himself to die in misery. No wonder the guy still had a smile, as if he completed his greatest wish as he died. Presumably, he knew that Duan Xinhe would kill Chu Mu, and after killing Chu Mu, Duan Xinhe would quickly get caught by Elemental Sect experts, causing both of them to be surely dead.

Chu Mu knew that Duan Xinhe didn’t have much of a choice anymore. Yu He’s double plot seems to have saved Chu Mu instead, because if he used half devil state, surviving until the Elemental Sect experts arrive shouldn’t be an issue.

Of course, Chu Mu found that Duan Xinhe currently didn’t have any killing intent. If he could use his wits, Chu Mu was still willing to stall with Duan Xinhe. There was no need to sacrifice his burning soul to resolve this danger.

“Heng heng, bring me to the Innards of the God now, and help me get the dragon egg.” Duan Xinhe said to Chu Mu.

Duan Xinhe didn’t think that, just because the Elemental Sect people were coming, the kid in front of him would be able to get away. In fact, if this kid’s identity was very high, Duan Xinhe may even be able to use him as hostage.

Chu Mu nodded and let Mo Xie stay with him before pointing to the opening of their room. “Since you already know where the Cyan Dragon is hiding, there’s no reason for you to forget that this way down is where the Innards of a God is, right?”

At this moment, Duan Xinhe just smiled and turned around, watching the old site’s main hall which the room lead to.

“Kid, I see you’re a smart man, and know of the purest kind of trading, one of benefit. However, you should know that you and your woman have killed so many of my great grandkids. I have to take revenge for them, so no matter if you find me the Cyan Dragon egg, I still have to do it. Of course, if you find the dragon egg for me and help me escape the current situation, I can consider letting one of you two live.” Duan Xinhe said jokingly.


After the water that was specially prepared for Yu He’s team pushed them apart, the first elemental sect member that was split was very shortly killed by Dong Qing and Ye Wansheng.

This Elemental Sect member wasn’t very powerful. The two people got together and killed him without putting much effort in.

Yet, after Dong Qing and Ye Wansheng got rid of that elemental sect member, they immediately headed towards the main hall to help restrict the two enemies that were with Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi’s soul pets were the most powerful. With her own power, she was able to compete against the Soul Alliance young expert Lu Ying, and the other member, who wasn’t that exceptional. Ye Qingzi, in the beginning, could already use the advantage of positioning to make things difficult for them.

After Ye Wansheng and Dong Qing joined, the two elemental sect members’ soul pets were quickly slaughtered.

“You guys finish him, let me check on Chu Chen.” Ye Qingzi still didn’t feel reassured for Chu Mu. After all, Chu Mu faced the strongest and the most adept at plotting, Yu He.

“Quickly go, in case your boyfriend gets into some accident.” Ye Wansheng teased.

Ye Qingzi was too lazy to explain anything, so she just immediately rode her War Court Black Beast and ran towards the room Chu Mu was in.

The old site main hall was quite a distance away from the room, and the passageway was the narrow kind. When Ye Qingzi rode her War Court Black Beast about half way, she suddenly felt something was wrong.

“Ting, hide!”

Ye Qingzi said to her War Court Black Beast using her remembrance.

The War Court Black Beast’s black fur already merged into the darkness without any technique. After using the technique, it was just like the Gluttonous Insect Monsters’ ability to go invisible, disappearing completely in the darkness.

Walking slightly deeper, Ye Qingzi felt that it was even stranger, because she could already hear faint voices of two men talking.

“Kid, I Duan Xinhe have done countless evils, but everyone who knows me well knows, I keep my word. If you do what I tell you to, I’ll only kill one of you……” A peculiar voice floated over.

Hearing this sentence, Ye Qingzi’s face immediately paled. She hadn’t thought that Duan Xinhe would appear here.

At this moment, Ye Qingzi’s heart was no longer calm, because, with what Chu Mu did to Duan Xinhe’s slave pets, Duan Xinhe wouldn’t let Chu Mu off no matter what, and so Chu Mu was in an extremely dangerous situation.

With the situation connected to Chu Mu’s death, even Ye Qingzi couldn’t hold her normal calmness, with the last remnants of her calmness slowly fading away.

“Zezeze, you better pick yourself, I still want to have a good taste of that little beauty……” Duan Xinhe’s voice came again.

Ye Qingzi heard this, and her heart went even more into chaos. She was simultaneously worried for Chu Mu, and scared of a cruel expert like Duan Xinhe.

“If you think of such thoughts again, I’d rather die with you.” Chu Mu’s anger rose up again.

“Hahaha, then you pick dying yourself. Seems like that girl’s pretty important to you.” Duan Xinhe suddenly laughed loudly.


The sounds grew fainter and fainter. In the position Ye Qingzi was in, their dialogue could no longer be heard.

Ye Qingzi sat on her War Court Black Beast at the dark tunnel. At this point, in front of her was a path. She could either continue or back off. However, she didn’t know what to choose, until Chu Mu’s last sentence.

Such emotion was hard to describe. As Chu Mu and Duan Xinhe slowly went away, Ye Qingzi’s emotions were palpable. Unknowingly, streaks of cold were already sliding down her cheeks…...


Duan Xinhe keeping to his word?

Chu Mu had never believed a single second of Duan Xinhe’s nonsense.

In reality, Duan Xinhe was indeed a very un-trustworthy person. Deep in his heart, he was unbelievably dark. He intentionally made Chu Mu pick to know his relationship with Ye Qingzi.

Duan Xinhe had incredible torturing tendencies, so, no matter if Chu Mu could help him find the dragon egg or help him escape, Duan Xinhe would still capture Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi. He wouldn’t be in a hurry to kill Chu Mu, because he wanted to specially perform a torturous scene with a girl important to Chu Mu, a scene that would drive him crazy. At the same time as he tortured the woman, he would also be torturing Chu Mu’s mind.

Now, Duan Xinhe already knew that Chu Mu cared for the woman very much, so he started to calculate how to unfold his plans!

Duan Xinhe had his own perverted revenge plan, but Chu Mu naturally had his own thoughts too.

From Chu Mu’s perspective, choosing living or dying for himself had the same result, but whenever Duan Xinhe had any evil thoughts for Ye Qingzi, Chu Mu could clearly feel a raging fire burning in his own heart…...

Duan Xinhe’s Gluttonous Insect Monsters’ digging speeds were phenomenal. Very soon, Chu Mu and Duan Xinhe was deep into the old site main hall’s underground world.

Under the old site main hall was a bunch of hard dirt that was near the hardness of rock. At the beginning, Duan Xinghe’s ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster was digging easily, but near the end, it encountered more and more difficulty.

Luckily, the Cyan Hidden Dragon also didn’t seem to like living in hard rock. After the Gluttonous Insect Monster dug out some more hard dirt, they slowly found that white silk started appearing within the dirt.

The white silk was growing more and more plentiful. Gradually, the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s digging became a matter of clearing out layers upon layers of white silk.

“Innards of a God!!”

As dirt was being dug out, the edges of the Innards of a God that hid underground finally revealed itself. Seeing the countless threads of silk, Duan Xinhe’s face lit up with excitement, immediately summoning another Gluttonous Insect Monster to crazily dig at the thick white dragon cocoon on the outside.

The old address main hall was nearly abandoned for a thousand years and buried underground. Yet, under it was a completely hollow space. This hollow space was now taken over fully by the Innards of a God!!

Because of his uninhibited excitement, Duan Xinhe’s two ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monsters dug very quickly, very quickly digging out a path towards the inside of the Innards of a God.

Entering the Innards of a God, though there wasn’t any light, Chu Mu, who had night vision, still saw the most incredible scene.

This Innards of a God wasn’t as crazy as the one on Prison Island, covering an entire forest.

This Innard of a God only covered about two kilometers in diameter. However, relatively, not any other soul pet could create such a majestic scene. No wonder many researchers gave the name “Innards of a God” to the countless silk threats created by the Hidden Dragon’s metamorphosis!

This indeed was like a massive white organ. Deep within the organ, one could see many vein like white silk threads criss crossing. Some that were thicker created massive pillar like structures that were like bones that held up the body. Yet, within the blood vessels and bones, there were thin silk threads that create the inner tendons and muscles of life…...

Chu Mu had once thought that, if such a space were expanded infinitely, would it just become a special world of its own? Would countless organisms that adapt to such ecosystem live here and create a special soul pet ecology?


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