Book 2 Chapter 274 - Split Off Reproduction, Cyan Hidden Dragon

Chapter 274: Split Off Reproduction, Cyan Hidden Dragon

Inside the Innards of a God

“Ok, you should tell me now how to obtain a Cyan Hidden Dragon egg.” Duan Xinhe’s eyes turned rather cold.

At the moment, Chu Mu and Duan Xinhe had already reached the center of the Innards of a God. Since it was still an incomparably enormous insect cocoon that was deeply buried in numerous fluttering insect silks, it was exactly like it was hovering in the Innards of a God. This enormous feeling virtually gave people a pressuring aura.

“I’ll go up, you wait here.” Chu Mu lifted his head, and looked at the enormous insect cocoon as he spoke to Duan Xinhe.

Duan Xinhe’s eyes revealed a bit of distrust.

“Do you think that I’ll be able to flee from your soul pets in a space like this?” said Chu Mu.

“I’ll have my children go up with you.” said Duan Xinhe. As he spoke, he had the invisible Gluttonous Insect Beasts follow behind Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t say anything and slowly jumped up; bit by bit, he crawled up to the very top of the enormous cocoon.

Duan Xinhe didn’t follow. He dared to enter the Innards of a God, but he didn’t dare to face an adult Cyan Hidden Dragon. That was equivalent to suicide, so Duan Xinhe maintained a certain distance with the enormous insect cocoon. At the same time, he had his other Gluttonous Insect Monster maintain its invisible state.

Chu Mu quickly jumped on top of the enormous insect cocoon. Of course, he could feel the invisible Gluttonous Insect Monster beside him. Its smelly stench seemed to be covered by the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s hidden dragon aura.

Chu Mu stood at the very top and attempted to use his soul remembrance to enter the enormous insect cocoon. He wanted to know what the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s current state was.

The insect cocoon was a layer of the most perfect defense. It also included a slight mental energy barrier. Chu Mu quickly discovered that it was ostensibly very hard for his soul remembrance to enter the insect cocoon. With this being the case, it would also be very hard to communicate with the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.

In order to delay for some time, Chu Mu intentionally walked about on the enormous cocoon to both find a spot to put his soul remembrance in and to not make Duan Xinhe suspicious.

“Brat, have you discovered anything? Don’t try and play me, otherwise I’ll immediately rip open your stomach!” Duan Xinhe used soul remembrance to coldly threaten him.

“The Cyan Hidden Dragon is a Cyan Hidden Dragon. If it were so easy to obtain a Hidden Dragon Egg, then wouldn’t it be the same thing as those servant rank soul pets? Don’t worry, let me find that location.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu remembered back when he was in the Innards of a God on Prisoner Island and used soul remembrance to communicate with the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. This meant that there definitely was a spot on the enormous insect cocoon that he could put his mental force into.

“Small fellow, small fellow, don’t sleep anymore. Quickly wake up and help me out; don’t you see I’m in big trouble? Don’t be like last time when I was just about to be killed by those Yang Family bastards before you came out.” inwardly prayed Chu Mu as he searched.

Chu Mu could only rely on the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon to kill someone like Duan Xinhe. If he wanted to live, he had to find a way to connect with the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.

“Young master, what are you doing? Aren’t you just presenting your life to hades? Even if the Cyan Hidden Dragon emerges from the cocoon and kills Duan Xinhe, you won’t be able to save yourself.” Old Li’s voice resounded in Chu Mu’s mind.

“I know. I’m finding somewhere that I can pour my soul remembrance into this insect cocoon right now. Do you know where it is?” asked Chu Mu.

“How would I know? Young master, in my opinion, you should try to transform into a half devil and flee to land as soon as possible. Only this way will you have a chance of surviving.” said Old Li.

“Old Li, why do I feel like this Innards of a God is a bit strange?” asked Chu Mu.

For some reason, Chu Mu felt like the Innards of a God that he saw in Prisoner Island was somewhat different than this one. It seemed like the white silk color wasn’t as pure and was mixed with a slight cyan color. Moreover, the shape of the insect cocoon was a little bit different than the one he saw on Prisoner Island.

“You’re speaking as if you’ve seen an Innards of a God.” said Old Li.

“Rubbish, quickly tell me information relating to the Innards of God.” said Chu Mu.

“The Innards of a God is a special hibernating method of the Hidden Dragons. It can be regarded as one of the most spectacular phenomenon in the entire soul pet world.” said Chu Mu.

“Then will there be a difference every time it transforms into the Innards of a God?” asked Chu Mu.

“No, the Innards of a God that a Hidden Dragon creates will be the same from birth until death; the only question is how large its size is. Scholars call this Innards of a God that remain the same in shape from birth until death as the mark of a dragon. Many scholars and ancient scholars can even discover an Innards of a God from ancient document records, or even through the description an Innards of a God from other people discover which Cyan Hidden Dragon is undergoing chrysalis there. Thus, if you have seen an Innards of a God before, and if you find that the current Innards of a God is different, then that means what you’re looking at is a different Cyan Hidden Dragon.” said Old Li.

“A different Cyan Hidden Dragon? Could it be there are many types of Cyan Hidden Dragons?” Chu Mu immediately felt shocked.

“Don’t you remember those people Duan Xinhe mentioned just now? Aren’t they soul pet trainers that have Cyan Hidden Dragons? These are all people that have obtained Cyan Hidden Dragon splitt off Hidden Dragon eggs.” said Old Li.

“The higher rank the soul pet, the lower its breeding ability is, right? Why can an Empyrean Cyan HIdden Dragon reproduce so many offspring. Won’t this damage the equilibrium in the soul pet world?” asked Chu Mu.

“You don’t understand. First, an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon is different from a Cyan Hidden Dragon.” said Old Li.

“Different? Doesn’t a Cyan Hidden Dragon refer to an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon?” Chu Mu showed a puzzled expression.

“Of course not. An Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon is an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and a Cyan Hidden Dragon is a Cyan Hidden Dragon. How should I put it. An Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon is unique and unmatched, and is neither male or female. It’s breeding is done through self ***. Afterwards, it splits off its offspring, and this part is similar with many bug type soul pets.”

“However, what’s unique is that the offspring of many insect type soul pets are attached pets, lineage descendants and split off descendants; these are categorized into direct type reproduction, attached reproduction, and split off reproduction. The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon's reproduction method is the split off reproduction method.”

“Of course, the amount of split off reproductions of a Empyrean Cyan HIdden Dragon isn’t as terrifying as an ant species soul pet. The dragon species are dragon species after all, and they are powerful and unrivalled; however, they are poor at reproducing.

“The so-called split off reproduction is to consume one’s own life force to create a new life. This life is normally one or two ranks lower than the original. For instance, a commander rank ant species soul pet that split off reproduces, will breed soul pets that are definitely of the warrior or servant rank.”

“The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon is like this too, and the offspring it split off breeds are all called Cyan Hidden Dragons, not Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragons. The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon can be considered the mother and the father of Hidden Dragons, and its rank is much higher than Cyan Hidden Dragons. The Cyan Hidden Dragons those Soul Alliance experts have all are those low level offspring descendants of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.”

Old Li’s words had never been thought of before by Chu Mu. It was no wonder why no expert in Soul Alliance had been able to control the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. It turned out that these split off Cyan Hidden Dragons were much lower ranked than the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.

“Then, Old Li, the thing inside the insect cocoon is very likely not an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon?” asked Chu Mu.

“Definitely not. At the beginning I was drawn into this mistake by you, and thought that the Cyan Hidden Dragon in Li City was an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. Low that I see it, it should just be an extremely strong Cyan Hidden Dragon. After all, if it was a true Empyrean Cyan HIdden Dragon, Li City couldn’t be so unscathed now. Moreover, it would be hard for anyone in Li City, including the Li Kingdom Lord to harm an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. In my opinion, this Cyan Hidden Dragon is very likely one that was split off at an early stage after being controlled by Soul Alliance. After many years of growth, it became an extremely powerful creature before specially leaving its nest to fly to the human world to find its mother.” said Old Li.

“Such a powerful Cyan Hidden Dragon that grew so strong on its own…” bitterly laughed Chu Mu. If this wasn’t the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, then how would he connect with the big fellow inside? After all, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon recognized him, while this adult Cyan Hidden Dragon probably didn’t.

“Si si si si~~~~~~~”

As Chu Mu was in an awkward state, the adjacent Gluttonous Insect Monster let out an extremely hard to hear voice that caused Chu Mu to feel shivers down his back.

Chu Mu knew that Duan Xinhe was hurrying him. If he didn’t bring anything of substance, Duan Xinhe would probably instantly kill him.

“It seems that I can only give it my all.” Chu Mu’s heart sank. In front of a powerful opponent like Duan Xinhe, only by transforming into a half devil would he barely be able to contend against him. He had to attempt to flee to ground level in order to be safe.

Chu Mu closed his eyes and began to communicate with the White Nightmare inside the soul pet space.

The White Nightmare was completely unwilling present, but still had to conform to him. The White Nightmare was obstinate, but it didn’t wish to have no one to feed it tasty soul power anymore.

The white demonic devil flames appeared from inside Chu Mu’s body...

“Sha sha sha sha~~~~~~”

Suddenly, an incomparably familiar sound came from within the insect cocoon and was transmitted into Chu Mu’s mind!

Upon hearing the noise, Chu Mu’s eyes immediately lit up because the Cyan Hidden Dragon inside the insect cocoon was attempting to communicate with him!


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