Book 2 Chapter 271 - Doubled Plot

 Chapter 271: Doubled Plot

Hearing this voice float through, Chu Mu’s heart sank.

Chu Mu had never heard this voice before, but, he didn’t even need to think to know that it was the voice of the evil man Duan Xinhe, who fed a bunch of terrifying Gluttonous Insect Monsters!

Chu Mu’s heart sank completely. He hadn’t predicted that Duan Xinhe would appear here.

“You don’t need to guess. That kid that was burnt to ashes was with me. Originally, he wanted me to get rid of you, but in the end, he just foolishly believed that I would help him kill all of his competition like an idiot.” Duan Xinhe slowly walked out of the shadows, where light didn’t reach, his sharp face slowly emerging under the reflection of light.

Duan Xinhe’s appearance wasn’t completely treacherous, but his pair of beast-like yellow eyes made one very uncomfortable. If one looked closely, one would definitely discover that his eyes were completely a copy of the Gluttonous Insect Monster eyes!

Seeing this powerful soul pet trainer appear, Chu Mu could already feel the nearing of the soul reaper, because he couldn’t currently fight against a character such as Duan Xinhe right now. In fact, if his invisible soul pet used its full strength, it would be able to instantly kill all of Chu Mu’s soul pets.

Now, Chu Mu’s heart was pumping, but the more dangerous the situation, the more he had to stay calm.

An incantation was started. Chu Mu quietly retracted his two soul pets that could easily be killed, his Ice Air Fairy and Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Duan Xinhe didn’t care whether Chu Mu was summoning or retracting soul pets. He only walked slowly forward with his hands behind his back, circling Chu Mu while stepping over flames.

“Speak up, what identity do you have? A thing like the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox isn’t something just anyone can have. If you didn’t get immensely lucky, then some extraordinary character must have gifted it to you.” Duan Xinhe wasn’t in a hurry to kill Chu Mu.

“Do you want the Hidden Dragon Egg?” Chu Mu said as calmly as he could.

Chu Mu knew, if he didn’t say his identity of young master, Duan Xinhe definitely wouldn’t even hesitate to kill him.

Yet, even if he said his identity of soul palace young master, to seal off chances of the information getting out, he wouldn’t spare Chu Mu either. Since saying anything about his identity meant death, if Chu Mu continued down that topic, he would surely die.

“Oh? You sure you aren’t just switching the topic just to live?” Duan Xinhe looked at Chu Mu patiently, occasionally still sticking a finger into his mouth to lick off the remaining scent of Fang Dan’s chest. Chu Mu’s heart was already pumping vigorously.

Duan Xinhe was definitely a ruthless fellow. With such a person standing in front of him, it wasn’t anything less than if a powerful soul pet like the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor were in front of him. The pressure brought by Duan Xinhe was huge.

But, no matter how powerful the opponent was, Chu Mu could only remain calm, calmly finding a reason for the powerful man to not kill him. Only then can he possibly become powerful enough to compete against him!

“Let me show you something. If you recognize it, then you will know I’m not lying.” Chu Mu opened his mouth to say.

As he spoke, Chu Mu secretly opened his spatial ring and, from the rows of tidy soul cores, he found the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon egg lying in the corner.

Chu Mu of course wouldn’t give the egg straight up; that was just asking for death.

Chu Mu specially took the membrane outside of the egg that would shed almost every month and handed it to Duan Xinhe.

Duan Xinhe’s interest wasn’t that great, seeming to be sure that Chu Mu was just delaying the inevitable. However, Duan Xinhe didn’t mind wasting his time.

He took over the Hidden Dragon egg membrane and looked at it thoroughly. He didn’t seem to find anything special, so he specially put it aside.

Chu Mu put his head down and quickly noticed a long nose extend out of thin air that sniffed at the egg outer membrane.

“First tell me what this is used for.” Duan Xinhe asked.

“Isn’t this the thing you’ve been looking for every day?” Chu Mu said calmly.“Hehe, me looking for a stupid bug cocoon membrane? I’d rather go and break women membranes down there. Speaking of which, I almost forgot. You seem to have a decent woman by you as well, why isn’t she with you right now?” Duan Xinhe’s eyes glowed with lust.

Chu Mu knew Duan Xinhe was talking about Ye Qingzi. The plan of water attack was Ye Qingzi’s idea, so Duan Xinhe definitely hated her to the bone too.

Yet, from Duan Xinhe’s eyes, Chu Mu could understand exactly what he wanted to do to Ye Qingzi. This made Chu Mu have a wave of incredible anger.

“What, you’re mad?” Hahaha, I was starting to think you were emotionless, acting so calm even after seeing an evil man like me. Turns out you do have emotions.” Duan Xinhe said.

“Your interest in women are at most lust. I admit I worry for that woman. If you harm her, or me, you will die within a year for sure.” Chu Mu calmed his anger and said.

“I say this not to make you scared of the consequences. I only want to tell you that killing me isn’t useful for you. Two reasons. First, the faction behind me could squash you easily, so don’t hope to ever live safely ever again. Second, I can give you the item you’ve always wanted in exchange.

“Don’t harm you and that girl?” Duan Xinhe interrupted.

Chu Mu nodded.

“The thing I’ve always wanted, do you mean the Cyan Hidden Dragon egg?” Duan Xinhe wasn’t stupid, quickly guessing what Chu Mu was speaking of.

Chu Mu nodded again. “The item on your hands is the most outer membrane layer of the Cyan Hidden Dragon Egg.”

Duan Xinhe picked up the dried membrane again and smelled it, as if communicating with his own soul pet.

Before, when the Cyan Hidden Dragon appeared in Li City, Duan Xinhe’s Hundred Mother had made contact with the Cyan Hidden Dragon, so the Hundred Mother could smell the Cyan Dragon’s scent.

The thing Chu Mu pulled out was truly the Cyan Hidden Dragon egg’s membrane, so Duan Xinhe naturally could confirm it. He looked at Chu Mu in a special way, not understanding how Chu Mu came to have it. “How did you get it?” Duan Xinhe asked.

“I went looking for it before. The Innards of a God has an entrance only I know the way into. I also know how to take the Hidden Dragon Egg without waking the dragon. The benefit I can provide you is getting the egg.” Chu Mu said.

Duan Xinhe started laughing, but it gave off a hair-raising feel. Chu Mu could even feel his Gluttonous Insect Monster starting to laugh eccentrically, strangely similar to its master.

Chu Mu’s eyes stared right at Duan Xinhe. At this moment, he was observing Duan Xinhe’s eyes. The moment Duan Xinhe revealed a hint of killing intent, Chu Mu would unhesitatingly release the white demonic devil flames inside him and become a half devil. Any other way, no matter he or his soul pets, would easily die.

“Why should I believe you? Only I know where the Cyan Hidden Dragon is right now. I only need to wait slowly before the thing is mine.” Duan Xinhe was clearly somewhat convinced already.

In reality, Duan Xinhe did really want to get the Cyan Hidden Dragon egg. But, the Innards of a God aren’t that easy to enter. It was still very difficult of Duan Xinhe wanted to truly get it.

“I’ll let him live for a while. It’s no big deal anyways. Maybe the kid actually has a way.” Duan XInhe thought to himself.

“If you think you’re very safe right now, then you’re too naive. Don’t you know that your life has already become the key to obtaining the Cyan Hidden Dragon Egg? Since you are a team with Yu He, presumably he told you long ago.” Chu Mu said.

Duan Xinhe looked slightly confused before he turned into a cold sneer, “You think I would believe your nonsense?”

Seeing Duan Xinhe seeming to be ignorant of his wanted status by all the factions, Chu Mu instead laughed.

“What’s there to laugh about!” Duan Xinhe shouted angrily.

“It seems like we’ve all been played by the kid Yu He. Li old City Master split this task in three, respectively manned by the young generation, adult generation, and old generation. The young generation is in charge of finding the Cyan Dragon. Those who find it earn five million gold as reward. The adult generation is in charge of killing you. The person who kills you can have the egg. The old generation are in charge of taming the Cyan Hidden Dragon itself.

“Ridiculous!” Duan Xinhe laughed coldly.

You don’t believe me? I can be sure that the Elemental Sect adult generation experts are here already. Send any one of your Gluttonous Insect Monsters outside to check.” Chu Mu said.

Duan Xinhe didn’t completely believe Chu Mu’s words, so he indeed sent a patrolling Gluttonous Insect Monster that was underground up to check. After not long, the message quickly was sent, using special sonic communications, back to Duan Xinhe. His face immediately darkened.

“That Yu He truly is a bastard!” Duan Xinhe said with clenched teeth.

Yu He indeed was a terrifying plotter. Not only did he think of using Duan Xinhe to get rid of Chu Mu, he even timed it and sent the message to Elemental Sect. After Duan Xinhe killed Chu Mu, he wanted the people of Elemental Sect to kill Duan Xinhe. This way, the dragon egg would fall in their hands!


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