Book 2 Chapter 270 - Yu He, Dead

Chapter 270: Yu He, Dead

“Wu wu~~~~~~” the sound of water splashing was suddenly heard. Duan Xinhe who was pondering the issue of Yu He heard this strange sound.

Duan Xinhe faintly tilted his head down, and saw that the paralyzed Fang Tong had, at some unknown time, gained a bit of energy and had tried to flee.

Duan Xinhe laughed, but didn’t immediately stop her from leaving. Instead, he used a lewd gaze to look down on this crawling naked body of the woman who no longer the temperament of a young lady anymore.

Finally, Fang Tong crawled a few meters, completely due to her survival instinct. Her instincts told her that as long as she left this place and stayed further away from this monster, she would have a chance at living. In truth, she presently didn’t even have the ability to rationally think, because no matter how she crawled, she wouldn’t be able to escape Duan Xinhe.

“Since you’re showing such a provoking position, let’s enjoy ourselves for another round. After all, their fight has yet to completely end.” loudly laughed Duan Xinhe. He stepped forward and pressed down on Fang Tong’s back, clutching her neck before once more inflicting his evil upon her.

Fang Tong was so scared her face contorted a bit, but she couldn’t stop him. Her entire body was being pressed under, and even her neck had been firmly clutched as her face entered the filthy sewer water.

To Duan Xinhe, the water in the sewers was the most clean type of liquid, and he simply didn’t care about this dirty water splashing on this ample and white body. Instead, he laid into Fang Tong while intentionally splashing water onto her.

Duan Xinhe was like a horse rider, as he abnormally laughed. As he laughed, he pushed Fang Tong’s face into the water who flailed her arms as she was tortured to the point where multiple bruises appeared on her body. However, she ultimately was powerless… the dirty water flew about and the malevolent laugh struggled against the sounds of weeping. A bastard whose lust had reached its peak, and a young lady who suffered serious humiliation… finally, Duan Xinhe stopped his abuse, but Fang Tong was no longer struggling. She lay in the dirty sewer water and her face was no longer white, but a greenish black color. Her body began to slowly stiffen up…  

“That bastard Duan Xinhe, I hope you die!” the rage in Yu He’s heart had been completely ignited while he also carried a bit of fear from being near death!

Numerous remnants of flames burned in this secret room that had turned a thoroughly red because of powerful flame techniques. The air was filled with the smell of raging flames.

The remnants of numerous flames happened to be the combination of Chu Mu and Mo Xie’s Heavenly Flame Rite. The might of this technique was strong, and although the Hundred Tree Female Demon had a bit of a water attribute that could resist fire techniques, it was unable to resist the definite kill technique of Chu Mu.

Signs of burning were visible on Yu He’s body, and he seemed to be in an abnormally wretched state.

From the start, Yu He had tried to plan it. He knew that Chu Mu and his team were nearby and from the subtle messages of Duan Xinhe, he knew the Cyan Hidden Dragon was very likely to be here.

In order to kill Chu Mu and to obtain the reward, and moreover the Cyan Hidden Dragon Egg, he created this crafty scheme and tried to bring Duan Xinhe here.

With Duan Xinhe’s existence, why would Yu He care about what Chu Mu’s party schemes. Moreover, in order to curry Duan Xinhe’s favor, Yu He sold out his own cousin, Fang Tong, and sent her to the hunting teeth of Duan Xinhe. He caused this young lady of the Elemental Sect to miserably die in **.

Only, Yu He didn’t think Duan Xinhe would be so crafty that he still hadn’t come out. This caused him to feel panic because if Duan Xinhe didn’t appear, he could only face Chu Mu himself.

The problem for the adept at playing tricks Yu He right now was that he wasn’t the opponent of Chu Mu, who never stopped fighting. Just now, his Hundred Tree Female Demon had turned into ashe under the opponent’s superpositioned Heavenly Flame Rite. The second soul inflicted wound caused Yu He to realize that he was extremely near death.

Yu He had suffered from two soul injuries, and this happened to be the best time to kill him. Chu Mu definitely wouldn’t give up this chance, and promptly ignored his Ice Wizard and had Mo Xie and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier launch an attack.

Yu He grit his teeth and chanted an incantation. Using a weak defence, he attempted to defend against Chu Mu’s two powerful attacking soul pets. However, without soul pets, Yu He wouldn’t be able to last very long under Mo Xie’s claws and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s branches even if he was stronger.

Very quickly, Yu He’s defense was ripped to shreds and Mo Xie’s Royal Flame Claws passed through Yu He’s sixth rank soul armor. It left a deep scar on his stomach.

The flames didn’t illuminate the darkness as a faintly discernible outline appeared there. A pair of eyes filled with lustre silently watched Chu Mu and Yu He, almost as if it was waiting for Chu Mu to kill Yu He.

Yu He had miscalculated; he, who was an expert at plotting had completely miscalculated. He completely didn’t expected Duan Xinhe to be so crafty, nor did he think Chu Mu’s strength would completely surpass his imagination that he would die in the hands of someone in his generation.

In between the fear and panic was squeezed a bit of unwillingness. He was unwilling to believe that such a perfect plan had failed like this and was unwilling to die before he had reached his true goal. He was unwilling to go before he had obtained the most authority in Elemental Sect and even above this was more unwilling to go before he had obtained that veiled faced woman whom he had only seen once but was thoroughly infatuated with.


Ultimately, it was ended by Mo Xie. Her Royal Flame Claws coldly swept across Yu He’s neck. In reality, her claws didn’t actually touch his neck, but his neck had already begun to separate from his head. The blood that should’ve spurted out was completely burnt by the blood flames and moreover rapidly spread through Yu He’s body.

The flames flew out the wounds on the front of Yu He’s body and began burning outside his body. Only Yu He himself could feel what was going on, or perhaps it was better to say that he wouldn’t feel it very much longer.

Flames burning his body, Yu He’s face was slowly engulfed by the fire. However, as he reached death… just before, Yu He’s eyes that should’ve been filled with despair, revealed a sliver of savageness amidst the pain. It was as if he was still plotting something… very quickly, his body was burnt to ashes, and the entirety of the secret room was filled with the thick burning smell leftover from the Heavenly Flame Rite earlier.

“Tch… your strength really isn’t bad. You’re able to reach this stage at such an age. This is extremely hard to come by…” a mysterious voice slowly drifted out.


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