Book 2 Chapter 269 - Corpse Type Is Still The Same, Absorb

Chapter 269: Corpse Type Is Still The Same, Absorb

Elemental world soul pets didn’t have blood, and their life force couldn’t be sucked. Departed spirit world corpse types also didn’t have blood, so bloodsucking techniques were also ineffective on them.

Corpse type soul pets could be regarded as rare in the soul pet domain and many people judged the Evil Bone Devil Spider as a demon world - insect type - Devil Spider species.

In reality, the Evil Bone Devil species probably was a departed spirit world soul pet instead, because its body was composed of the most pure type of departed spirit world corpse types - the skeleton of a corpse.

When Yu He nurtured this Evil Bone Devil Spider, he had put an extreme amount of emphasis on its corpse attribute, so he was completely at ease about it.

Moreover, Yu He could be sure that in a mere two seconds, Chu Mu’s Devil Tree battle Soldier would turn into a pile of dead wood!

Two seconds of time quickly passed. Yu He was only paying slight attention to the fighting state of his other two soul pets, and after he gave them subsequent battle orders, he turned his attention back and was sure that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had collapsed.

Mo Xie was clearly being restricted by the Hundred Tree Female Demon, especially since its wood branches possessed a certain amount of the water attribute. This caused Mo Xie’s fire attribute to be unable to obtain a very large advantage; instead, she ended up being inhibited by the plethora of wood branches.

Mo Xie didn’t attack the Hundred Tree Female Demon at a close combat. Instead, she unceasingly attacked it with her demon fire evil flames and blood flames.

The Hundred tree Female Demon’s life force had been absorbed by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, and its fighting strength had dropped at least by one third. Thus, in this state, it was hard to use violent attacks and it could only create an unceasing amount of wood type defenses to defend Mo Xie’s flames.

On the other side, the Ice Air Fairy and the Ice Wizard’s fight was clearly on a stable level. The Ice Wizard had the phase/stage advantage, while the Ice Air Fairy had the higher awareness and control in the fight. The two of them that both controlled early stage towering ice, and could be regarded as equally matched foes where the winner couldn’t be easily decided.

Two seconds of time consisted of three or four fifth rank techniques clashing between the Ice Air Fairy and the Ice Wizard whilst controlling tiny specks of ice crystals. Yu He was confident his Ice Wizard wouldn’t lose to the Ice Air Fairy and didn’t pay it any heed. His gaze fell on the Evil Bone Devil Spider, as he wanted to personally witness the death of this old Devil Tree.

Only, Yu He’s expression quickly stiffened because Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier was still standing there and hadn't turned into a pile of dead wood...

“It still hasn’t died… it’s life force is strong eh, hmph!” coldly harrumphed Yu He.

Wood type soul pets had twice the amount of life force, so the fact that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier hadn’t died yet didn’t make Yu He too flustered. Instead, he silently assured himself that in another two seconds, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier would definitely be dead.

Only, another two seconds passed and it was still standing firm there. Moreover, there were no indications of death.

On the contrary, Yu He’s Evil Bone Devil Spider’s eight bone legs which were firmly attached to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier showed clear signs of slackening, and longer seemed as strong as before.

Yu He’s face slowly changed because he evidently had detected a large amount of his soul pet’s life force being drained!!

“How… how is this possible!” Yu He’s opened his eyes wide.

At the moment, Yu He’s Evil Bone Devil Spider had slackened its eight bone legs, and its bone body unexpectedly began to fall off of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s wood spikes pierced in its body...

Its life force gradually grew weaker, and Yu He could sense that it was about to die, making his face even more full of shock, panic and disbelief!

“Quickly… quickly come back!” Yu He realized that his soul pet was about to die and regardless of the reason, he had to recall his soul pet, otherwise it would definitely die!

Just like Yu He had chanted an incantation after watching Chu Mu, Chu Mu was staring at Yu He, and when he saw that Yu He had an incantation in his mouth, he immediately released his soul remembrance, locking down Yu He’s soul remembrance. He didn’t give him a chance to chant an incantation.

A second remembrance spirit master. The discrepancy in levels was extremely evident and his powerful mental soul remembrance poured into Yu He’s mind. It cased Yu He’s mental world to instantly suffer from an abnormally heavy pressure, cutting off his incantation mid-incantation.

“Spirit master soul remembrance!!!”

The instant Chu Mu released his soul remembrance, Yu He distinctly felt his soul remembrance level. With this difference in levels, it probably would be even harder for him to recall his soul pet.

At the moment, Yu He’s face was completely dark. A spirit master meant that the opponent could still summon another soul pet to participate in the fight. Yu He abruptly realized that the young man in front of him had yet to even use his full strength.

They were of the same age, yet he had strength that was so far above his. This was something extremely hard to accept for most hot-blooded young people. Yu He’s mind was also like this right now, especially when this person was someone that he wanted to kill badly.

Life force was rapidly drained, and whilst Yu He was shocked at Chu Mu being a spirit master, his Evil Bone Devil Spider was completely sucked of life force by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier!

The Evil Bone Devil Spider was a corpse type soul pet and didn’t have any blood or organs. However, no matter if it was a plant world, demon world, or elemental world soul pet, the very foundation of every soul pet was life force. Regardless of what type it was, it was definitely supported by the energy of life force.

Yet, what the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s absorb technique happened to absorb was the life force that every soul pet had. How would Yu He know that Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier had comprehended such a powerful technique?

Yu He ultimately was unable to recall his soul pet, and the Evil Bone Devil Spider finally transformed into a pile of white bones. They dangled down from the wooden spikes on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body. With its eight limbs all hanging down, it no longer had the malevolent and evil aura from before.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body had been severely wounded by the Corpsify, but as the Evil Bone Devil Spider’s life force was absorbed, the traces of Corpsification slowly returned to normal. Aside from a slight exhaustion of physical force, its body pretty much returned to its normal state.

Upon seeing that Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier had recovered its life force, Yu He grounded his teeth even harder. However, before he could even be angry about its abnormal ability, a powerful soul attack arrived, and his face instantly paled. His two eyes, due to his soul pet’s death and his envy of Chu Mu, caused them to turn into two raging balls of flame, illustrating his desire to absolutely transform into a corpse chopped into a thousand pieces.

The moment a soul pet died, the equilibrium of a fight would be disrupted, unless he could summon a soul pet that could fight one versus two.

Yu He clearly didn’t have this soul pet, and he knew that he currently could not be Chu Mu’s opponent, and thus showed clear signs of wanting to flee.

Chu Mu was standing in the passage of the hidden room and firmly did not give Yu He any chance to flee.

“That bastard Duan Xinhe. I sent you a woman; the only thing you care about is playing with woman. Hurry and get here!” Yu He felt Chu Mu’s threat towards his life and was extremely worried in his heart.

This fight would probably end in a few minutes and if Duan Xinhe didn’t appear, Yu He would definitely die.


In the sewer.

“Hahaha, wasn’t it a good feeling? Young missy, I, Duan Xinhe, have never said anything wrong before, right. Look at yourself, you’re so obscene you’re like a little b**tch…” a loud and lewd laugh reverberated around the long passage.

In the pitch-black sewer, the fair naked body of a woman was resolutely pressed against the ground. Her beautiful silk clothing had been ripped into a ragged unrecognizable state. The important parts were completely exposed to the air and were being fiercely groped by two wanton and gruff hands.

The groping wasn’t some affectionate fondling. Instead, it was completely like gripping it with terrifying strength; it was an absolute ***.

There were many spots on Fang Tong’s body where bruises had appeared, clearly because when Duan Xinhe had played with her body, he had used an excessively ruthless explosive force.

Duan Xinhe was unceasingly laughing, wantonly. His naked body was pressed against Fang Tong’s *** as he rode her with self-satisfaction and madness.

As for Fang Tong, who was practically fully naked, the tears had already filled her face. She had descended into a numb and paralyzed state, not knowing if she was still alive of not. The only thing she knew was that she was being violently *** by a beast who could eat her at any time he wished. The moment she resisted or didn’t pander to him, she would be beaten up.

Fang Tong was a young lady, and had always lived like a princess. Suddenly encountering this sort of thing dealt a huge blow to her body and spirit. Her entire person was now slightly dead inside, and even when this terrifying man had left her body, she didn’t realize it. She staid lying there as her naked body faintly trembled...

“Long long long~~~~”

Suddenly, a rumbling sound rang through the sewers underneath the old ruins, and the sewers began to visibly shake.

Duan Xinhe was arrogantly standing in front of this woman who had been humiliated until she was numb. When he felt this vibration, a terrifying smile appeared on his face and he sneered: “You think that by sending a self-proclaimed smart brat, you’ll be able to watch me?”

“Could it be you think I, Duan Xinhe, am truly a stupid person? Listening to your words is like an idiot helping you get rid of those few people. Hmph, why don’t you guys fight it out first. It doesn’t matter who dies and who lives because in the end you’re all going to ultimately feed my children.”

Duan Xinhe naturally knew that Yu He was fighting underground with the young generation members from the other factions. Only, Duan Xinhe was a crafty creature and obviously saw that Yu He was using him to get rid of Chu Mu.

Duan Xinhe definitely would kill Chu Mu, but he wasn’t stupid enough to do so before finding out Chu Mu’s identity. Moreover, Duan Xinhe had always seen Yu He as the masked brat from Underground Palace who was monitoring him. Thus, he would never trust such a person who would make a decision for him.


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