Book 2 Chapter 267 - Shockwave Kill, Nine Tail Hammer

Chapter 267: Shockwave Kill, Nine Tail Hammer

Ten wooden fingers quickly sprouted out of the loose ground, gathering above the head of the Hundred Tree Female Demon, which was still channeling its third technique, when it covered over the Hundred Tree Female Demon’s body.

The Hundred Tree Female Demon had never seen such wood type technique before. Dodging too late, with a heavy yank from the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, the Hundred Tree Female Demon was immediately pulled to the ground.

Though the Hundred Tree Female Demon had the poisonous effects of vine type and powerful restrictive abilities, in terms of power, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier clearly was stronger. Very quickly, the Hundred Tree Female Demon was pulled to the ground, causing its body to clearly show marks of constriction.

“Ice Wizard!” Yu He didn’t reveal any signs of panic, quickly finishing his incantation and summoning his seventh phase fifth stage Ice Wizard in front of himself.

The moment the Ice Wizard appeared, the temperature in the entire secret room fell, causing frost to quickly spread.

“Freeze!” Yu He sent a command to his Ice Wizard.

The Ice Wizard opened its giant, fang-ridden mouth and spewed out an icy gust of cold air. This cold air covered over the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s wooden fingers and made it brittle.

Losing the unique flexibility, pulling against the wooden fingers would easily shatter them. Under the brute force of the Hundred Tree Female Demon, its ten wooden fingers were quickly all snapped!

“Ning, come out.” Chu Mu quickly read out an incantation, and retracted his Night Thunder Dream Beast back into his soul pet space, while decisively summoning the Ice Air Fairy in front of himself.

The Ice Air Fairy also controlled Towering Ice. Having two organisms with Towering Ice in the room caused the room’s temperature to drop even lower. The edges of the room were all filled with frost, causing the moist grounds to become frozen mud.

The contest between Ice Air Fairy and Ice Wizard were completely one of ice type against ice type, but the Ice Air Fairy was five stages lower than the Ice Wizard. The only way the Ice Air Fairy could beat the Ice Wizard’s advantage in ice type techniques was using its very adept ice type capabilities as well as superior ice type control.

Seeing that Chu Mu summoned his Ice Air Fairy, he decisively sent his Sturdy Rock Guard towards Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy.

Rock type was a perfect counter to ice type. Though the Ice Air Fairy could still deal with the Crafty Rock Guards easily, those Crafty Rock Guards were not strengthened. If it met a true rock type soul pet, other than slowing its movement, it could barely cause any other damage.

On the other hand, once the rock type soul pet casted an incantation, then its Sturdy Rock and Crystal Rock, which were tougher than Ice Crystal, could easily shatter an ice body’s defense.

Yu He understood this battle advantage, and Chu Mu naturally also understood his disadvantage, so how would he let Yu He’s Sturdy Rock Guard near his Ice Air Fairy?

“Mo Xie!”

Chu Mu yelled, telling Mo Xie to remove her Pitiful Appearance.


It had been a while since Mo Xie had battled to her heart’s content. The nine royal flames around Mo Xie started spinning at high speeds, suddenly becoming a growing royal flame tornado that blew at Mo Xie’s silver fur, causing it to lift in the gusts.

The royal flames’ temperature was immensely high. After the two Towering Ice soul pets lowered the temperature, Mo Xie’s domineering royal flames clearly raised it back up. The narrow room was completely lit up by the two different colored flames!

Demon aura poured out and, within the blazing royal flames, nine silver fox tails fanned out majestically, as Mo Xie’s body underwent a change. One of the slanted and incomplete pillars was even shattered into powder by one of Mo Xie’s tails because it was in the way!

Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox!

The powerful monarch aura immediately shrouded the secret room. Within the rolling flames, a silver and proud body stood with emotionless, cold silver eyes, displaying the powerful aura of a superior soul pet!

Seeing Chu Mu’s little silver fox change, Yu He’s eyes went wide. He would never have thought the little demon that relied solely on speed to annoy his Sturdy Rock Gurad would transform into such a rare and powerful soul pet within a moment’s notice.

Yu He couldn’t tell what the full name of this firefox was, but from its otherworldly arrogance and aura, he could feel the dominance and power of this monarch rank soul pet!

Mo Xie’s attributes didn’t truly reach monarch rank, yet the beyond top tier commander rank talent in fire, beast, and demon type, beyond top tier commander rank talents made Mo Xie almost without a weakness!

Yu He laughed coldly. This cold laugh also had a jealousy that accompanied the discovery of such a perfect soul pet in Chu Mu’s possession. Yu He had guessed before that, since Chu Mu could contend with Qing Li and Zhang Qin, his strength definitely wasn’t what it appeared to be. But, to any soul pet trainer, a Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox like Mo Xie was always the most extravagant wish of any ambitious soul pet trainer!

“Mo Xie, Nine Tail Dragon Obliteration!” Chu Mu sent a command to Mo Xie.

Mo Xie’s speed was fast as wind. When she stepped forward, she only left a fox afterimage in the blazing royal flames before disappearing from her place!

The absolute speed of a demon was something none of Yu He’s soul pets could match. Mo Xie directly broke away from Yu He’s soul remembrance lock on and, as if she was teleporting, she suddenly appeared behind the clumsy Sturdy Rock Guard!

Mo Xie’s tails were very long, but these tails never impeded Mo Xie’s movement at all. Just opposite, these nine tails that were even more nimble than arms could make constant changes as Mo Xie moved, ready to defend or attack at any point.

At this moment, Mo Xie’s nimble body was behind the Sturdy Rock Guard’s back while its nine glamorous tails were like ribbons, wrapping around the Sturdy Rock Guard’s muscular and rocky body. The Sturdy Rock Guard was just about to cast Ground Stamp to send Mo Xie back, but it was too slow.

Its heavy body was wrapped up tightly by the softened Inferno Fox nine tails. The moment the Sturdy Rock Guard gathered up rock type energy and was about to step down, it was lifted off the ground, causing its Ground Stamp to step in thin air.

“Crystal Rock Armor!”

Yu He quickly realized that this Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox was a very cold-hearted killer, so he quickly casted a seventh rank soul technique, putting the effects of a Crystal Rock Armor on the Sturdy Rock Guard!

Yu He’s Sturdy Rock Guard’s defense was already at the eighth rank. With this Crystal Rock Armor, its defense was even stronger!

Mo Xie’s tails started churning, becoming nine dragons full of destruction, but with the increase of the seventh level Crystal Rock Armor, Mo Xie’s Nine Tail Dragon Obliteration clearly couldn’t truly affect this obscenely well-defended organism.

“Nine Tail Hammer!”

Seeing that the Nine Tail Dragon Obliteration couldn’t completely break through the Sturdy Rock Guard’s defense, Chu Mu decisively made Mo Xie change her nine tail technique.

The nine fox tails stopped grinding and again became soft and flexible ribbons that tightly wrapped the Sturdy Rock Guard’s body!


Mo Xie’s body went taut as the roots of her tails suddenly exploded with frightening power, forcibly drawing a powerful arc with her nine tails, heavily slamming them into the ground!!


The Sturdy Rock Guard’s body was unbelievable heavy, and the true power of the Nine Tail Hammer was shock. When such a sturdy body fell, even the rock formations within its body would probably start cracking with the shockwave!

Yu He’s face became very ugly. The seventh rank soul technique Crystal Rock armor’s addition now instead became a hard object against which the Sturdy Rock Guard could get shaken on. What made his heart sink even more was, after that shock, his Sturdy Rock Guard clearly suffered inner wounds.

Yu He was adept at playing tricks and making plots. He could dance the game of thrones easily, even using many methods to gain anything he wanted.

But in straight up combat, his scheming couldn’t be displayed fully. Furthermore, fighting definitely couldn’t be won only by scheming. Only those who truly constantly fought could have the keenest battle instincts.

In battle instincts, Yu He was clearly inferior to the battle madman Chu Mu!

Another incantation sounded as Yu He knew, after his Sturdy Rock Guard suffered that shock wound, it couldn’t truly compete against the powerful Royal Flame Nine tail Inferno Fox. He then retracted it and summoned another soul pet.

Though Yu He was one of the Elemental Sect, his soul pets weren’t purely elemental. Under the protection of the Ice Wizard, Yu He quickly finished his change between soul pets!

Yu He’s soul pet symbol was very strange. Especially when it was carved into the black dirt wall, its symbol looked as if it merged into the black mud, creating a portal where a new body was produced from the mud.

Eight bone legs first reached out of the symbol, showing a feeling of recklessness as well as malevolence that came with being unshackled.

The body seemed to perfectly take up the entire summoning symbol, causing the symbol to slowly become the body, or rather, become the ancient runes engraved on the back of the body.

Evil Bone Devil Spider!

Evil Bone Devil Spider had a human face on its abdomen, and magical engravings that symbolized death on its back. The Evil Bone Devil Spider’s body was completely a white skeleton. The body, not covered by a single scrap of meat or skin, gave off the most direct feeling of death. When it was still, it made one’s hairs stand on their ends.

Evil Bone Devil Spider: Beast World (Departed Spirit World) - bug type(corpse type) - Devil Spider species - Evil Bone Devil spider - commander rank

Its pale white bones started moving. Its eight bony legs had very quick movement speeds, and relying on the dark and rocky surroundings, it put its abnormal movement to use.


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