Book 2 Chapter 266 - Fighting Yu Jia in the Old Hall

Chapter 266: Fighting Yu He in the Old Hall

Yu He’s face became extremely unsightly, because Chu Mu’s actions were completely unpredictable. Moreover, the four of them clearly did not have water type soul pets, and so this sudden flood caused them to descend into panic.

With the engulfing flood, the four of them that were already split up and promptly picked a passage in the old hall to head to, as none of them wanted to be washed away by the impact of the water.

“Don’t split up.”

Loudly yelled an Elemental Sect member. Only, his voice was swallowed by the rumbling sound of water. The large amount of stocked up water flushed in; its force of impact was considerably terrifying, and regardless if he had summoned a soul pet, he was ultimately pushed into one of the various old hall passages by the surging water.

Using the flowing water, Yu H e and the three others were forced into different side chambers or hidden rooms. As for Chu Mu and them who had already done their preparations, they naturally went looking for the lone Elemental Sect soul pet trainer first, and took advantage of the chaos to get rid of them.

The volume of water violently rushed forth ,and it quickly submerged 1/3rd of the old hall vertically. Even with a water type soul pet, since the flowing water was violently surging, the movement of the water would push the water type soul pet to another location.

The various passages leading to the old hall had previously been dug by Chu Mu, and they all went downwards. The moment one of them was pushed to the edge, the soul pet trainers that didn’t react would be pushed down the passage directly to the very bottom.

“Ye Wansheng, the passage at your location leads to a lone soul pet trainer. You and Dong Qing need to kill him as fast as possible. Don’t give him any chance to catch his breath.” Chu Mu immediately said to Dong Qing and Ye Wansheng.

Dong Qing and Ye Wansheng were already prepared, and after they targeted a lone soul pet trainer, they didn’t hesitate at all. Dong Qing rode on his Violent Unicorn Water Beast, while Ye Wansheng rode on his Sword Beetle. The two of them charged together towards the soul pet trainer that was forced into the side chamber.

“Qingzi, have your Water Moon continue to create a current, and push the water into the passage on your left. Confine the two of them.” Chu Mu said to Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi’s greatest advantage was that she had an eighth phase fourth stage water moon. In this sort of fighting environment, the Water Moon was of crucial use. As long as Ye Qingzi had her Water Moon stand at the entrance to the passages that led to the side chambers and unceasingly poured surging water into them, the two people forced into the side chamber would definitely be battered by the surging flood.

“If you’re going to kill Yu He, you must be careful.” Ye Qingzi knew that Chu Mu was definitely going to fight Yu He and specially reminded him.

Chu Mu nodded his head and said: “If you find that you can’t confine the two of them any longer, choose to run towards your brother. Don’t force yourself.”

“Ok.” Chu Mu’s stockpiled water had a limit, and he could not completely fill the entire old hall as well as the dug out passages to the side chambers.

When the volume of water gradually decreased, Ye Qingzi was like a mermaid, as she jumped into the rushing water with her Water Moon. She swam to the passage location of Lu Ying and the other Elemental Sect member.

“Treasure Drop!” Ye Qingzi gave an order to her Water Moon!

Wherever there was water, it was the Water Moon’s domain. When the Water Moon chanted its incantation, several water droplets suddenly began floating in the space in the old hall that hadn’t been submerged yet. These water droplets were sparkling and clear. In the darkness, they radiated the Water Moon’s lustre, and were like pearls floating in the air as they numbered in the thousand!

A transparent arm gave a light wave, and the water pearls in the air above the rapidly surging water in the old hall were completely under control. When the level of water began to descend as the water rushed downwards into the passages, these water pearls began to unceasingly link together, transforming into an enormous water pearl that flew at that passage!

This water pearl didn’t have any real attack characteristic and moreover, it wouldn’t deal any damage to soul pets or people. However, it was able to expend the opponent’s physical strength and fighting strength to a large extent. If the entirety of this water pearl attacked an eighth phase commander, it would be able to consume ⅓ of its physical strength,.

Ye Qinzi didn’t use a direct attack method, and used the unique topography to adequately exhibit her Water Moon’s superiority. She unceasingly released these kinds of weakening abilities and firmly confined Lu Ying and the other Elemental Sect member into the deepest side chamber that they had been forced into.

Chu Mu, who was riding on the Night Thunder Dream Beast and hidden on top of the broken pillar had already targeted Yu He, who had been pushed into a hidden room by the torrential wave.

Yu He  possessed a water type soul pet, but under the surging torrent, his reaction was still a little too slow. By the time he summoned his water type soul pet, he had been pushed into the hidden room that Chu Mu had already prepared beforehand.

It probably was best to say that Chu Mu wasn’t adept at water fights, so when Yu He was pushed into the hidden room, Chu Mu intentionally waited for him to remove all the water before he rode on his Night Thunder Dream Beast inside.

The hidden room was extremely dim, but the space was enough. When Chu Mu entered, he instantly saw the dripping wet Yu He.

Yu He previously didn’t summon his soul pet in time nor did he chant a soul technique incantation. This flood battered him into an abnormally difficult state. Yet, when he saw Chu Mu come to kill him, he rapidly grew calm, and his eyes carried a slight malevolence as they stared at Chu Mu.

“Hmph, it seems you’ve been waiting for me here for a long time. I’m really curious; you clearly already found the Cyan Hidden Dragon, yet you for some reason didn’t collect the reward. Could it be that you plan to kill me here?” Yu He chanted a water type incantation and removed all the water from his body. He slowly collected all the removed water into his hands and formed a slightly muddy ball of floating water.

“Pretty much.” Chu Mu jumped off the Night Thunder Dream Beast. He indifferently chanted an incantation, and he summoned the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Mo Xie in front of him.

“It’s still these two warrior rank soul pets? If you don’t have any stronger soul pets, the person who dies today will definitely be you.” Yu He didn’t show any signs of panic, and after he crushed the ball of water in his hands, he also chanted an incantation, summoning his seventh phase fourth stage Sturdy Rock Guard, which took the most advantage of the topography!

When Chu Mu was in Colored Sky City, Yu He’s Sturdy Rock Guard was at the seventh phase third stage, but now it had reached the seventh phase fourth stage. Nonetheless, from its physique, it probably hadn’t undergone strengthening for now.

Chu Mu originally planned on having the Ghost King with ample defense deal with Yu He’s Sturdy Rock Guard. However, due to a series of consecutive events, Chu Mu didn’t have a chance on purchasing any spirit items that could strengthen it. Thus, it was still at the fifth phase ninth stage.

There was a huge difference in strength between a fifth and sixth phase. Without reaching the sixth phase, even if the Ghost King was a monarch rank, it still could be killed by the Sturdy Rock Guard, which neared the monarch rank after strengthening.

Mo Xie’s attacking strength was the strongest and at the moment, it was only by relying on Mo Xie that could he beat the powerful Sturdy Rock Guard, whose defense had reached the eighth stage.

“Let me see what skill you have!” wantonly laughed Yu He.

The sound of laughter echoed around the sealed damp chamber. The soften layer of soil was suddenly blown apart as several tens of incomparably tough tentacles shot out of the ground like ground snakes. They flew towards Chu Mu and his soul pets with speed!

Chu Mu had expected Yu He to have already summoned his Hundred Tree Female Demon and to have hidden it in some place in the hidden room.

“Night, Night Dance!” Chu Mu immediately had the Night Thunder Dream beast use its dodging technique.

Chu Mu’s soul remembrance was linked with the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s thoughts. Through his soul remembrance, he was able to target the direction of the wood branches flying at him. The Night Thunder Dream Beast, using Chu Mu’ soul remembrance targeting, completed the most perfect dodging and quickly the several tens of wooden branches lost their attacking direction. In the dark black hidden room, they transformed into serpentine whips that randomly began slapping about.

“Devil Tree, Root Twist!” ordered Chu Mu.

Although the hidden room wasn’t small, the Hundred Root Female Demon’s wooden branches were rather terrifying. Practically in every area of the room was a wooden branch twisting about. In such a way, the entire area of battle was pretty much being controlled by Yu He and forced Chu Mu’s soul pets into an extremely difficult situation.

Wood type against wood type. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was no longer the Devil Tree Battle Soldier from two months ago. Its high rank demon wood roots were like small life forms that quickly covered the entire dark hidden room and coiled around the Hundred Tree Female Demon’s wooden branches.

In a short period of time, the hidden room was practically covered by wooden branches and roots. It was like a large group of azure red colored wild pythons engaging in a chaotic battle with a group of ashen blue colored snakes in a subterranean nest.

“Demon Wood Spike!” Yu He’s Hundred Tree Female Demon clearly could simultaneously use techniques. As its branches were being coiled by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots, several incomparably sharp demon wood spikes grew out from its body and pierced towards the Devil Tree Battle Soldier!

The demon wood spikes flew across with abnormal speed. From its black tips it was possible to determine that there was a certain amount of poison on the demon wood spikes!

The Hundred Tree Female Demon’s main attribute was wood, while its auxiliary attribute was vine. Vine type soul pets happened to always possess poison. What made people most annoyed was that its wooden branches and vines that emerged endlessly, and the most terrifying vine type soul pets could even restrict over a hundred soul pets in one breath!

“Dual release, Wooden Cyclopentadiene!” Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier wouldn’t lose to other soul pets, however, when it came to wood type techniques. It had also trained the dual release ability to perfection.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier opened its mouth, and immediately spat out several unique seeds. These seeds landed directly in front of it and after entering the soil, they rapidly grew. In a short short period of time, they formed a wooden tree wall that completely stopped the demon wood spikes.

Triple release, Wood Finger Prison!


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a roar, and as the Wooden Cyclopentadiene was still growing, it abruptly swiped its palm fiercely into the loosened ground. Its ten wooden fingers quickly submerged underground...

“Pu pu pu~~~~~”

The Hundred Tree Female Demon also planned on doing a third release; however, Yu He didn’t expect Chu Mu’s warrior rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier to also be able to do a triple release. What made him even more surprised was that the third release speed was even faster than his Hundred Tree Female Demon.


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