Book 2 Chapter 265 - Confrontation of Schemes

Chapter 265: Confrontation of Schemes

Chu Mu’s premonition wasn’t wrong. After Chu Mu and the other three hid nearby the old hall, the five man team lead by Yu He and Lu Ying finally appeared there. From their dispositions, they clearly wanted to turn the old hall upside down in search.

“They’ve fixed onto this place most likely because someone from the Elemental Sect discovered something here earlier, right?” Ye Qingzi quietly asked Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded his head and whispered to Ye Qingzi: “This Lu Ying shouldn’t be weaker than Yu He. In a bit, you will need to keep him busy.”

“Sure. Even if I can’t beat him, I’ll be able to stop him.” said Ye Qingzi.

Many of Ye Qingzi’s soul pets were support types, like the Water Moon, which was a powerful healing soul pet, so the length of the fight would definitely unlimitedly delayed.

“Then Dong Qing and I will respectively deal with one. There’s still one remaining, who we’ll deal with according to the situation.” said Ye Wansheng.

Quickly, the four of them came up with a rough outline of their jobs. They only had to wait for the opportunity to arrive, and then they would attack.



“We’ve searched the vicinity ten times. Yu He, why do I feel like you brought us here to waste time?” said one of the Elemental Sect members who was a bit bored.

“That Cyan HIdden Dragon is nearby. Believe me, I’m not wrong.” confidently laughed Yu Jia.

“Let’s go down. I feel like the space below is very large, and perhaps there may be something.” Lu Ying wasn’t suspicious of Yu Jia’s statement at all, and he pointed at the large hole under his feet created by the digging of the Gluttonous Insect Monsters.

These five people were rather cautious, and when they descended into the old hall, they especially had their bug type soul pet and rock type soul pets go scout ahead.

“I don’t like damp places.” said one of the female soul pet trainers as she creased her brows.

“Don’t worry, go down eh.”

The five of them didn’t think too much, and jumped down in sequence into the pitch-black old hall.

The old hall still contained many puddles and, after jumping down, they could feel a damp aura that made one’s body feel all weird overcome them. The female soul pet trainer from just now who was extremely discontented was even more unwilling now.

“Fang Tong, if you feel that this place is uncomfortable, then just go back first.” said Yu He as he swept his eyes over that female soul pet trainer.

“I hate water the most, especially this place where it’s both dirty and smelly. I think that I’ll wait for you guys on the surface.” without even walking a few steps, the female soul pet trainer called Fang Tong displayed the temper of a domineering young lady. She promptly urged her bug type soul pet on, planning on leaving.

“Ok, after you reach the tunnel, walk on the right and you’ll see a T shaped passage. If you walk to the left, you’ll be able to see an exit and after you leave, you can wait there for us.” Yu JIa reminded Fang Tong.

Fang Tong nodded her head and quickly entered the underground passage. As she walked, she grumbled, having known earlier that this matter would be both strenuous and unrewarding. Thus, she didn’t participate any longer. The past few days walking through the underground remains caused her to not sleep well.

“We’re short one person with Fang Tong leaving like this. If we encounter another faction’s team, won’t we suffer then?” said the young man who had yet to speak.

“Don’t worry, it’s impossible for them to find this place.” said Yu Jia very confidently.

“Whatever, Fang Tong is just a pretty face and it’s the same with or without her.” said Yu Jia carrying a somewhat mocking tone.

When the other three Elemental Sect members heard Lu Ying’s words, they naturally were inwardly uncomfortable. After all, Fang Tong was a member of their Elemental Sect, and debasing her like that was pretty much debasing themselves.

Only, the three of them didn’t dare order Lu Ying to do anything, since he was a Soul Alliance member and his strength spoke for itself here.


Upon seeing the female soul pet leave, the eyes of Chu Mu and the three others hidden in the underground passage transformed ice-cold.

“Kill or not to kill?” Ye Wansheng asked Chu Mu.

“Let her leave so as to not startle the people underground.” responded Chu Mu.

This female soul pet trainer leaving the team fortunately reduced the pressure on Chu Mu and the others, and they probably had a large chance of killing Yu He and the three others.

The woman called Fang Tong was still muttering to herself, and was completely unaware that she had nearly lost her life just now.

When she entered the sewer, she changed her soul pet and rode on her demon towards the exit Yu He had directed her to.

“Go to the T shaped passage and then head left. It should be this way.” Fang Tong stopped at the fork in the path and after determining the direction for the moment, didn’t stop any further and continued on the left.

“That’s strange, why haven’t I seen the exit yet. Didn’t Yu Jia say I would be able to see it very soon?” after going forward for a few minutes, Fang Tong was still unable to see any light and she creased her eyebrows.

Upon continuing to walk for a short distance, Fang Tong felt that this path didn’t seem to lead to an exit, so she had her soul pet stop.

“That freaking Yu Jia. Did he point this young lady in the wrong direction? If he didn’t know, then he shouldn’t have blindly directed me and wasted this young ladies time.” said Fang Tong somewhat angrily.

The completely empty underground passage was perfectly straight. It was both dark and damp and  Fang Tong’s muttering quickly changed into a strange echo that returned to her ears.

“Young lady, this route is obviously correct.”

Suddenly, a voice that made Fang Tong’s hair stand on end came from within the incomparably dark passage!

Fang Tong’s body trembled, and she hastily chanted an incantation, summoning two other soul pets in front of her.

“Who? Who is it. Show yourself!” yelled Fang Tong somewhat unconfidently.

“I’m right next to you…”

An incomparably strange thing occurred, and as Fang Tong was searching all four directions for that person, she abruptly discovered that his voice was right next to her ear; moreover, she could feel the putrid and cold breath as he spoke!

“AH!” Fang Tong couldn’t react in time and suddenly felt a huge grabbing force at her stomach.  She let out a sudden sharp cry.

“Tch, not bad. You have a lot of elasticity and are really well developed. I can play with you lots.” laughed a lewd and evil voice.

Fang Tong was already so scared that her beautiful face had gone pale because she simply couldn’t see the thing next to her. Instead, she could only feel the attack on her stomach and the embarrassment and fear made her face pale white.

“Attack, attack this thing!” Fang Tong was incomparably flustered and she recklessly ordered her three soul pets to attack.

Fang Tong’s three soul pets, including the demon she was riding on, weren’t soul pets with strong perception; despite being so close, they still could not detect that terrifying invisible person and could only let out bewildered roars.

“Don’t fret, I’ll let you die in happiness. Looking at your ample chest, it’s practically been prepared for me as a present. If there’s enough time, I’ll be able to play with you for an entire night.” the frightening voice lingered next to Fang Tong’s ear.

The unknown threat and undisguised obscenity caused Fang Tong to descend into extreme panic. Just as she was about to have her demon flee, two traces of blood were abruptly spat out.

The two soul pets she summoned weren’t able to release an attack, and moreover, she couldn’t even see the opposing person. Thus, the soul pets’ vital parts were immediately ripped open and they slowly collapsed into a puddle of blood.

The demon under Fang Tong wasn’t any luckier, and its stomach was easily split open. Its innards completely spilled out...

Fang Tong never expected she would encounter such a terrifying event and she promptly fainted.

However, this bastard didn’t seem to enjoy playing with women who had passed out, and deliberately used something pungent to rouse her. He didn’t have to intentionally inhibit her soul remembrance, and directly used brute force to rip apart her clothes...

“No… release me… please let me go…” Fang Tong was a young lady and had never encountered something like this before. She was already so scared that she was crying without sound.

Her crying please weren’t of any use and soon, a disgusting scene occurred in this terrifying underground passage. As for this bastard, it seemed like he wanted to vent all the anger he had built up over the past few days on this eldest young lady of the Elemental Sect...



Inside the old hall, Chu Mu rode on his Night Thunder Dream beast and hid on top of a pillar which the top half had been split off. He seemed to have entirely melded into the darkness.

His eyes were sharp and cold and he could look down on the four people inside the old hall.

When Chu Mu discovered that the four people were somewhat split up, a cold smile rose on his face and he used soul remembrance to tell Ye Qingzi and Dong Qing: “Release!”

Ye Qingzi and Dong Qing had already summoned their Water Moon and Violent Unicorn Water Beast. Once Chu Mu’s order was given, these two water type soul pets simultaneously began fermenting their techniques!!


Suddenly, the upper part of the old hall began to violently tremble. Immediately following, the fierce battering sound of flowing water could be heard!

“What happened?!”

The old hall immediately began to shake and Yu Jia and the three others all let out expressions of panic.

“Don’t tell me that Cyan Hidden Dragon has come out of its pupa?”

Lu Ying said as he was incomparably astonished. From the information leaked to Yu He, that Cyan HIdden Dragon was very likely in the vicinity, and it was definitely capable of causing such a large disturbance.


Suddenly, the upper parts of the wall began to drip liquid. The frequency of the falling liquid grew increasingly more until finally it was like a large rain falling.

Yu Jia raised his head and his face instantaneously turned pale. He yelled: “Summon your water type soul pets!”

Just as Yu Jia’s voice faded, a flying waterfall suddenly came down from the hole above the old hall. It was like a river of water than violently poured into the old hall!


The powerful flood caused the entire old hall to severely shake. As for the flow of water, it caused the surroundings of the old hall to be knocked away!

“Crap, they intentionally collected water before stockpiling it, and then waited for us to enter here!” said Yu He as he gritted his teeth!


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