Chapter 643: Seething with Anger, Chu Mu

Chapter 643: Seething with Anger, Chu Mu

“Young master, Elder Liu already told you that you can continue to use Chu Chen. Just tell this girl your identity as Chu Chen. A young soul pet trainer and soul teacher like her definitely comes from Tianxia City too.” Old li said.

“This is Nightmare Palace, is using a soul palace identity good?” Chu Mu asked.

Stay at ease. Hai Qiu, that old fellow, knows your identity as a son of a Noble one, and will only be extremely polite to you. Adding on the little princess’s relationship, as long as you don’t do things blatantly, you should be fine in Nightmare Palace.” Old Li said. Chu Mu nodded. He realized that taking out his identity of Chu Chen was indeed a lot more convenient. After Qian Qing saw Chu Mu hesitate, she said lightly, “if you can’t do it, Qian Qing really can’t do much.”

“I am Chu Chen. if you believe in me, then immediately come with me to barbarian valley. The plague truly is pretty severe.” Chu Mu said very directly. “Chu Chen?” Qian Qing didn’t immediately realize at first. After all, there wasn’t a nIghtmare palace young generation expert with that name. However, with some thinking, Qian Qing’s face slowly revealed shock, her spirited eyes staring wide-eyed at Chu Mu. After looking him over up and down, she finally said, “You’re soul palace Chu Chen? The person who won the final honor of second and first tier?”

“En.” Chu Mu nodded. Qian Qing indeed came from Tianxia City. She in fact as a first tier competitor herself, yet she didn't like participating in fights, so she always acted as a soul teacher that helped the people who participated in Tianxia Realm. The first time Qian Qing heard of Chu Chen wasn’t actually at the final honor ceremony. Instead, it was the fight against Jiang Yiteng. At the time, Jiang Yiteng, Xing Yang, and Lu Shanli were three second tier nightmare palace young generation experts who fought Chu Chen and were hurt, so she healed them. Since the man before her was Chu Chen, then Qian Qing naturally knew he had the ability to protect her to enter the valley.

“Lady Qian Qing, things are very pressing. There may be another danger in the valley that that could affect their lives. Please decide quickly. If you don’t trust me, Chu Chen, I will just have to find someone else.” Chu Mu said.

“En, en, I will come with you.” Qian Qing actually stared blankly for a while before reacting and saying, “I will have to prepare some things. Collect these things in Nightmare City; we may need to use it in barbarian valley.” As she spoke, Qian Qing listed out a series of medicinal ingredients that Chu Mu should gather.

Qian Qing’s expression was clearly strange, but Chu Mu didn’t think much of it. Taking the list, he immediately went to nightmare city great hall to look for related items. If the hall didn’t have it, he would go straight to the nightmare city auction hall. Qian Qing didn’t ask Chu Mu to collect anything extremely rare, and Nightmare City was larger than even the kingdom capital, so he quickly gathered all the materials.

When Chu Mu was waiting for Qian Qing in the auction hall, he happened upon a rare ghost type soul crystal. “Young master, buy that ghost type soul crystal.” Old Li said.

Though Chu Mu still didn't know a lot about strengthening types, it clearly wasn’t the time to ask. Instead, he should just collect all the ghost type soul items he needed. Ghost type soul crystals were obviously more expensive than mainstream soul crystals. However, soul items good for warrior rank soul pets wasn’t expensive at all, so Chu Mu didn’t even blink as he bought it and stashed it away into his spatial ring.

Qian Qing didn’t make Chu Mu wait too long. Originally, Chu Mu thought Qian Qing would bring another person. After all, a woman like her was more or less taking a risk when going on a trip with a man of an opposing faction. Surprisingly, however, Qian Qing seemed to decide to travel with Chu Mu alone, causing Chu Mu to feel strange.

Chu Chen’s identity was very famous in Tianxia realm, but he was still from soul palace in the end. This soul teacher was definitely an important character in nightmare palace. Chu Mu had no idea why this woman had this much confidence in him. Such a thing naturally wasn’t something Chu Mua sked about. After buying a huge pile of medicine, water, and food, he left Nightmare city with Qian Qing.

“My soul pet is faster, you should get on too.” After exiting nightmare city, Qian Qing summoned an inferno bird and signaled for Chu Mu to retract his night thunder dream beast. Qian Qing’s inferno bird was top tier monarch rank. This was surprising for Chu Mu. Since she was an expert with top tier monarch rank, why didn’t she appear in Battle of the realm?

Chu Mu knew that flying would be faster, so he leaped onto the inferno bird’s back and flew towards the barbarian valley with Qian Qing. “Able to have emperor rank soul pet, why don’t you have a suitable wing type soul pet?” After the inferno bird flew, Qian Qing asked curiously.

“I haven’t met any I really find suitable…..” Chu Mu explained briefly. Hidden dragon species could fly, but weren’t wing type soul pets. They could fight in the air because of their powerful bug and beast type abilities. However, with similar strength, if they fought against wing type soul pets, they would be at a slight disadvantage…… Chu Mu didn’t speak much, and Qian Qing seemed to be a quiet girl too. Both of them were speechless throughout the journey, with Chu Mu even directly entering cultivation state. Qian Qing also closed her eyes to rest, but one could tell she was very curious about the man who won the first tier final honor, as she occasionally stole glances at him.


After around eight days, Chu Mu finally returned from his trip to the Nightmare city and back. What caused Chu Mu to be surprised was that the western region that seemed to be completely occupied by the western wetlands showed signs of retreat. When Chu Mu exited the barbarian valley, he had to use quite some effort. However, on the way back, it was much more relaxing. Chu Mu didn’t even need to call Mo Xie out to scare the lizard species, only needing White Nightmare to lead the way.

“Able to push back western wetlands in such a short time, an expert must have intervened. Maybe the people in barbarian valley are already saved.” Qian Qing said. Though Qian Qing was in Nightmare City, she seemed to be very alert about the situation of Western Kingdom falling.

“If they were saved, that would be best.” Chu Mu said. The plague in barbarian valley was mainly caused by everyone being locked long term in the stagnant and corpse-ridden air of the valley. If they could leave and breath fresh air, with some medicine, even if they couldn’t completely eradicate the plague, it could stop the plague from worsening. When nearing the barbarian valley area, lizard species started appearing again. Chu Mu and Qian Qing didn’t dare fly overhead openly, so they fell down and decided to walk the mountain routes.

When nearing the barbarian valley mountain, Chu Mu could already communicate with his devil tree battle soldier to a certain degree. “They’re still in the valley, and we have to enter from a different route because the valley entrance is sealed off.” Chu Mu said coldly.

“Sealed off?” Qian Qing said questioningly. If a plague location were sealed off, it means it was being quarantined. If there was no other way, to prevent the plague from spreading, they may burn all the plague victims alive!

Chu Mu got some fuzzy information from the devil tree battle soldier, but he needed to make his way into completely understand the situation. The steep mountains of barbarian valley weren’t a big trouble for Chu Mu. Very quickly, Chu Mu brought Qian Qing quietly into another part of barbarian valley. The barbarian valley tents were still gathered together. However, one could clearly tell from high up that a large group of tents were secluded in another area.


“The aura of the plague soul pet is in the entire barbarian valley, and it isn’t a normal plague. This is much worse than what you described.” Qian Qing furrowed her brows as she looked at the pallid people in the simple tents.

“How is it like this…..I only left for eight days, there is no way it spread this quickly……”

Chu Mu had never expected such a scene. Immediately, Chu Mu didn’t dare to hesitate and went straight to the large tent. Chu Mu switched attires so no one could recognize him. When Chu Mu brought Qian Qing into the tent, he found Chu Tianqi, Chu Tianlin, Chu Tianjue all on the ground…...

“Which family’s kids are so rude, coming in here randomly!” Chu Tianjue didn’t know who entered and quickly yelled out. Chu Tianjue seemed to have been holding this anger for a while, so he yelled very loudly. The others quickly reacted as well, turning to look at Chu Mu and Qian Qing who had just entered the tent. “What happened, why is the plague suddenly much worse?” Chu Mu immediately used his soul remembrance to tell everyone his identity.

Chu Mu was very careful, because the two experts that devil tree battle soldier mentioned could still be laying in ambush. “Chu Mu!!” Chu Tianheng was the first to react, his eyes tightly watching Chu Mu as he quickly ran up to him. Once others knew of Chu Mu’s identity, they all came over to surround him, as if they all saw hope itself.

“Uncles, please calm down and speak slowly.” Chu Mu forcefully pushed down everyone’s emotions with his soul remembrance, causing everyone to realize how they lost their composure. They all sat back down and told someone to guard the outside of the tent, letting no one in. Once that was in place, Chu Tianheng slowly started explaining all the events that happened with the arrival of kingdom master Luo Hei and Sun Qiming.

In the large tent, the temperature dropped very quickly. The anger in Chu Mu’s heart was already forming powerful resentment that caused the nearby air to change! “Unforgivable!!” Chu Mu’s entire person was ice cold, every word filled with killing intent. It has been incredibly long since Chu Mu had been this angry!!

Luo Hei and Sun Qiming pushing the blame to Chu Mu, Chu Mu could put aside for now. However, what was truly merciless and heartless was their attempt to lock away the entire barbarian valley to let everyone die painfully under the plague, an act that raised people’s hackles!!

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