Book 2 Chapter 264 - Beauty’s Night Words

Chapter 264: Beauty’s Night Words

“That day, when Dong Qing mentioned the Cyan Hidden Dragon, your reaction was way too strange…… After, you then risked great danger to chase the eighth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster just for a ball of white sticky silk. Beyond that, these days, I feel as if your attention isn’t even on finding the Cyan Hidden Dragon, but instead was on setting something up…… you acting this strange, I could only rely on you to find the Cyan Hidden Dragon, and then start thinking of how to kill Yu He…… did I guess correctly?”

Chu Mu nodded grudgingly.

Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu’s scrunched up face, and her face blossomed into a smile.

Ye Qingzi’s smile was very reserved. It didn’t look much different from her usual light smile, but Chu Mu could still sense a hint of a woman’s delight, as well as Ye Qingzi’s unique knowledgeability.

Looking at the smart Ye Qingzi, Chu Mu felt that there was no need to hide anything from Ye Qingzi anymore, since she basically knew everything already…...

“In reality, I found the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s Innards of the Gods on the third day already, but I really hope that noone else finds it.” Chu Mu said.

“Why? And, everyone else calls it the Cyan Hidden Dragon, who do you uniquely call it Empyrean? Is it that you’ve come in contact with this Cyan Hidden Dragon before?” Ye Qingzi was indeed a meticulous thinker, noticing even the small details in Chu Mu’s speech…...

“Qingzi, you know, I’m starting to think you’re scary.” Chu Mu said.

With this sentence, the previously excited Ye Qingzi fell silent.

“If you were my enemy, I would probably be constantly led around by you helplessly, because anything I think of, you can guess.” Chu Mu said.

“Sorry, I was just curious.”

Ye Qingzi’s expression became more apathetic and said quietly to Chu Mu.

After she said that, Ye Qingzi felt as if this questioning of hers indeed was too over the top. She turned around and went to return to her own room.

“Qingzi, that’s not what I meant……” Chu Mu saw that Ye Qingzi was about to leave and hastily grabbed her hand.

With this tug, Ye Qingzi stopped walking and turned around to look at Chu Mu, and then glanced at her hand, grabbed tightly by Chu Mu’s…...

“A moment of excitement…...sorry, sorry……” Chu Mu awkwardly pulled his hand back and explained his previous words, “What I meant was…….ai, it’s pretty hard to put in words…… how should I say it……”

“I know you didn’t mean that, or else you wouldn’t have needed to admit to my guesses.” Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu, and seemed to feel that she was too close. Her white face blushed a tint of pink, as she silently shuffled back a tiny bit…...

“I believe that the others will find out not too long after, so telling you first won’t do any harm.” Chu Mu had some ineffable trust in Ye Qingzi. Even Chu Mu didn’t know what this trust was founded upon.

Ye Qingzi shook her head and didn’t let Chu Mu speak first, instead speaking up, “I’ve also retained some information from you, not telling you why my brother and I have been hiding around. If you say yours, don’t I have to say mine to make it fair?.......”

“Alright, then let’s both hide it now, and tell it to each other in the future when there’s the opportunity.” Chu Mu didn’t plan on telling Ye Qingzi everything anyways, but since Ye Qingzi respected his secrets, there was no need for Chu Mu to get to the end of Ye Qingzi’s things as well…...

“It isn’t early anymore, I’m going to go sleep.” Ye Qingzi said.

“En, I’ll sleep too.” Chu Mu nodded.

Both of them didn’t say much, returning to their rooms. They said they were going to sleep, but both Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi definitely didn’t sleep. Cultivation was full of effort. They always slept but one or two hours a day. The rest of the night, to them, was just the beginning of their boring and dull cultivating nightlife…...

“You really just wanted to trade secrets with him there, right?” Ye Wansheng’s soul remembrance floated in from the other room.

“No.” Ye Qingzi denied.

“If we traded secrets, we would either move forward further in our relationship, or we would completely shatter it. I first won’t judge Chu Mu’s character. Just from his fuzzy identity, we can’t be sure of his standpoint. Standpoint is a scary thing, many times not determined by the person themselves.”

“Ai, to speak the truth, with this many variables in the future, I really don’t want to walk on the opposite side against this sly kid who acts all cool, especially since my sister’s heart is unknowingly tilted towards him. Qingzi, you say I’m not proper all day long, but look at yourself now. You don’t stay calm in the presence of handsome guys either.” Ye Wansheng’s drawn out voice floated into Ye Qingzi’s ears.

Ye Qingzi was about to enter meditation, but with this jumble of words from Ye Wansheng, it broke Ye Qingzi’s mental state. She sent  her remembrance to Ye Wansehng, “I’m just thankful for him and I trust him in some things, don’t make up these useless things.”

“Alright alright, I’m making it all up. But speaking of which, this Chu Mu indeed is suitable as a husband for a younger sister. The guy is just a tiny bit less handsome than I am, and rarely has opponents in his generation. He seems to also be some soul palace young master. Actually, you really could bet it all and trust his character. Pledge yourself to him and become some young master’s bride. With Soul Palace behind us, we wouldn’t have to drift around anymore……”

“I’m too lazy to talk to you.” Ye Qingzi walled her mind off using her soul remembrance and stopped listening to Ye Wansheng’s broken record-like nonsense.

“Not calm anymore, not calm anymore, you little girl still pretending. No matter how calm and unperturbed you are usually, your little thoughts can’t escape your old brother’s eyes……”

On the sixth day, Chu Mu found that Yu He and Lu Ying’s team frequently appeared in west street, and were very close to where the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon became a cocoon.

Though he didn’t know where the guy got his information, Chu Mu felt that the two had great pointedness when they arrived, locking deadly onto western street area, seeming to know that there definitely would be hints of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon down under western street area.

Chu Mu also guessed that they would all come here because of Duan Xinhe eventually, but he didn’t think it would be this swift.

“Should we start planning to kill Yu He?” Ye Wansheng felt the killing intent in Chu Mu’s eyes, and his face split into a strange smile too.

“En, they should’ve entered the underground palace-like old site area we found on our third day. Let’s lay ambush there.” Chu Mu said.

It wasn’t that Chu Mu wanted to lay ambush in such a sensitive area, but Yu He and Lu Ying seemed to really have gained some information, starting to search unrestrained through the region near there. Finding the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon would only be a matter of time.

“Then, just us four?” Dong Qing asked.

“En, to prevent additional trouble, it’s best we kill them all. Don’t leave any evidence that will implicate us.” Chu Mu either didn’t attack, or left none alive. This was a basic principle Chu Mu learnedon Prison Island.

“Soul Alliance’s Lu Ying shouldn’t be violated, right?” Dong Qing asked hesitatingly.

Lu Ying was a member of Soul Alliance. Soul Alliance has always been a formidable faction, and they only had five people here this time. If they killed Soul Alliance’s young generation member, they would receive an immense amount of pressure.

“That’s why we have to kill them all.” Ye Wansheng was also a merciless person. This, he agreed with Chu Mu wholeheartedly.

Ye Qingzi usually didn’t object either. When the time came to strike, she naturally would strike. There was no need for Chu Mu and Ye Wansheng to prepare her mentally.

“Heng, anyways, the people with Yu He are also a bunch of scum, killing them is fine!” Dong Qing finally made up his mind too.

Dong Qing hadn’t gone out for training very often. From this simple action, Dong Qing could already see why he was distant from Yu He. Yu He always put people to death, while he always had too many concerns…...

“After this ends, no matter what, I have to go out to train for a while, or else I’ll never become a true expert.” Dong Qing said.

“Hehe, then I’ll give you a most important warning: Don’t easily think of friends as friends……’ Ye Wansheng said with a laugh.

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s metamorphosis region was the old site that Chu Mu found on the third day. This old site originally should’ve been the remains of some lavish structure, but it was silently buried into the ground.

This old site area was massive. The Water Moon and the Violent Unicorn Water Beast took a full half hour to completely get rid of all the water in here.

In reality, this old site also had some Gluttonous Insect Monster lairs. When the water was pulled out, at least fifty corpses came with it.

Every hole dug also had Gluttonous Insect Monster corpses. The total before was around seven hundred Gluttonous Insect Monsters, but in reality, it should have been closer to eight hundred. Duan Xinhe wasn’t in the wrong to hate Chu Mu to the bones. After all, if one counted a normal seventh phase commander rank to be fifty thousand gold, Duan Xinhe lost near 400 million gold.

The old site’s space was quite large, with the main hall full of old pillars. Some seemed to be unable to withstand their weights anymore, showing signs of cracking and fracturing.

Because the hall was submerged, it still seemed very moist. In each direction, there were many tunnels. These tunnels previously didn’t exist. Chu Mu and people went in to dig them all up to connect all the secret room like spaces together.

Chu Mu did this to make fighting easier. After all, they had four people. If they fought in the old site main hall, the limited landscape meant they would have to fight Yu He and the others head on, which was disadvantageous for them.


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