Book 2 Chapter 263 - Finding the Cyan Hidden Dragon

Chapter 263: Finding the Cyan Hidden Dragon

Five people in a team, representing Soul Palace. It was said to be five, but Chu Mu really only had four, respectively himself, Ye family brother and sister, and Dong Qing, who wanted to kill Yu He as well.

Though there was an opening, Chu Mu didn’t want to let any soul palace young expert join, because his main mission this time was definitely not to find the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, but was instead to protect it, and kill Yu He in the process.

“Chu Chen,where do you think we should start searching? Li City is so big, and the other powers have sent so many experts around to no avail. I don’t even know if us young generation can actually find this Cyan Hidden Dragon.” Dong Qing said.

“Let’s start in the western street area, the probability of finding it there is higher.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu guessed that the Gluttonous Insect Monster probably accidentally touched the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s white silk, and since they were roaming the western street area, it meant that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon most likely was hiding somewhere there as well.

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon could change its body size. If it didn’t want attract anyone’s attention, its metamorphosis was probably very low profile too. Possibly, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon was just even deeper in western city area waters.

“That’s true, but do you have a rock type soul pet? I remember the underground sewage tunnels are the oldest underground relic of Li City. In the past, researchers have found ancient fossils within to make ancient soul pet encyclopedias, but now, with thousands of years of chance, the underground ruins were slowly covered in sand. Many underground passageways are blocked. Without a rock type soul pet to lead the way, one mishap, and we’ll all die stuck in there.” Dong Qing said.

In the past time, most of the factions had their main searching target as the sealed away underground ruins of Li City. However, Li City was massive, and the underground structure underneath it was also complicated. Wanting to find a Cyan Hidden Dragon that could change its size was still very difficult.

“So there’s an ancient ruin under Li City! It’s the first time I’ve heard of this. Maybe there’s some good treasures, like ancient soul equipment, ancient soul pet fossilized eggs, lost scrolls of soul techniques……” Ye Wansheng’s mind quickly wandered off and started making these connections.

“You’re thinking too much. The old ruins are just old Li City. It’s not some true historical remnant; it just still has a couple of passage ways. From what I see, it’ll be hard to even battle there.” Dong Qing said.

“......” Ye Wansheng immediately became disinterested.

“Chu Chen, how do you plan on dealing with Yu He?” Ye Qingzi asked.

“Maybe they’re thinking of how to deal with us. Since he likes these plots and traps so much……” Chu Mu said.


After the Gluttonous Insect Monsters were cleared out, the west street area citizens slowly started moving back to live. Since there was an increase in guards in that area, the western street citizens naturally could feel a lot more at ease.

Chu Mu went into the underground tunnels of western street area early morning the next day. Since it had been washed with water, Chu Mu would probably have a tough time finding where the Gluttonous Insect Monster had encountered the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s white silk, rendering them only able to start a carpet search.

“No wonder the underground tunnels didn’t fill up even after we poured that much water in. These tunnels have been disfigured beyond recognition by the Gluttonous Insect Monsters.” After entering, the four people found that many places showed signs of excavation. Very clearly, those Gluttonous Insect Monsters were also looking for the Cyan Hidden Dragon.

“Thank goodness most of Li City’s old site is closed. If they dug through to some place inside, they might have just run away from there, no matter how much water we poured in.” Dong Qing continued.

“Let’s go to the old address. The underground tunnels should have been scoured clean by those Gluttonous Insect Monsters.” Chu Mu looked down at the deep pits filled with water.

This deep pit was also opened up by the Gluttonous Insect Monster. There were still two Gluttonous Insect Monster corpses floating on it. Presumably, because of the pit, they didn’t flow into the river with the rest of the water.

“Moon, draw the water somewhere else.” Ye Qingzi summoned Water Moon to let it discharge all the water.

Like a jellyfish, the translucent Water Moon slowly extended a finger and, with a faint blue glow, the deep pond like water was quickly drawn up by the Water Moon and send down the tunnels towards the rivers…...

What the four found very strange was, the tunnel dug up was very deep. Water Moon casted a full five minutes before it finally got all the water out…...

“Sword Beetle, go down to check it out.” Ye Wansheng summoned his seventh phase third stage Sword Beetle, and let it follow the wet hole into the Li City old site.

Many bug type soul pets could easily break through dirt. Some even lived underground. Ye Wansheng’s Sword Beetle was clearly very able underground. It scaled the vertical pitwalls like it was walking on flat ground as it quickly reached the deeper parts.

“There’s no danger, let’s go down.” After not too long, Ye Wansheng opened his mouth and announced.


Chu Mu knew that someone who dug up a tunnel in western city area must be very close to the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s Innards of a God, so Chu Mu didn’t go looking through the old site randomly, but instead went down every underground tunnel pit to search around before returning back to the underground tunnels and continuing to the next pit.

Though they didn’t really understand why Chu Mu wanted to follow the Gluttonous Insect Monsters’ footprints to look for the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, the Ye brother and sister didn’t say much, letting Chu Mu search the way he liked.

As for Dong Qing, he respected Chu Mu greatly now, so he thought Chu Mu probably wasn’t wrong in whatever he was doing…...

A whole day passed with the four people going through the endless holes of western street area. Other than the floating corpses of the Gluttonous Insect Monsters, they didn’t find any more valuable information. When it reached night time, the four stopped looking and went back to their respective places to sleep.

The second and third day were identical. Chu Mu still kept to his plan and looked through Western Street Area, but there were too many holes. Looking through them one by one truly took a long time.


“There’s none here either. Let’s call it a day, should we go back?” Chu Mu recalled his Zhan Ye into his soul pet space and glanced into the dark at the other three, who were still scanning through the old site for hints.

“We’re stopping this early? With how lazy we are, we can hardly out compete the others.” Ye Wansheng said.

“I’m a bit tired too……” Ye Qingzi said.

“Chu Chen, I heardthe  Yu He and the young generation expert from Soul Alliance, Lu Ying, made an alliance.” Dong Qing said.

“En, I heard that from Soul Palace. This Lu Ying seems to be from your Li City, too.” Chu Mu nodded.

Soul Alliance didn’t have a territory in Li City, yet they had eight people come. The strongest Xiao Ren was lead, while the other six were all top tier experts of soul pet world. The only young generation member they had this time was Lu Ying, so they weren’t very interested in the city master’s reward, allowing him to join the team of Elemental Sect.

“Lu Ying is a Li City person who colluded evilly with Yu He for many years. He later entered Soul Alliance and rarely appeared in Zhanli Kingdom after. I heard he’s pretty famous in the other kingdoms, so I don’t know how powerful he is now.” Dong Qing said.

Chu Mu also basically knew Lu Ying’s situation, so he left Dong Qing and returned to Soul Palace to rest, deciding to look further next day.


Deep in the night.

By Chu Mu’s normal habits, after feeding White Nightmare, Chu Mu started to meditate.

It was in the later half of the night when Chu Mu vaguely felt there was someone in the courtyard. He opened his eyes and walked up to the windows to open them.

The rain stopped half way through the night. The flowers and trees in the courtyard were all wet. Within the white pavilion, a graceful beauty stood there silently, holding her cheeks, looking slightly melancholic…...

Chu Mu looked through the window crack at her and hesitated slightly before pushing open the door lightly and walking to the pavilion.

“What’s up?” Chu Mu looked at Ye Qingzi, who wore a light jacket, and asked.

Ye Qingzi’s jacket was slightly thin, hardly able to cover up her body. Especially with the night sky and flowers in the background, she was like a blossoming lily in the night, beautiful and touching…...

“I was waiting for you……” Ye Qingzi’s beautiful eyes watched Chu Mu. Even in the night, they could reflect a beautiful glint.

“Waiting for me?” Chu Mu felt slightly surprised. He specially looked over Ye Qingzi and noticed that, under her jacket, she only wore a thin sleeping gown. However, possibly because she had slept well, a few buttons were lose, showing crystal pure skin. Though nothing explicit was showing, it caused one to dive into the beauties of one’s imagination.

“Don’t think askew……” Ye Qingzi tightened her jacket and feigned anger.

Chu Mu rarely saw Ye Qingzi with such an expression, making it even harder not to imagine things…...

Ye Qingzi quickly calmed down and looked at Chu Mu, “I feel as if you’re too well-behaved recently.”

“Hehe, I feel as if you can always read me very clearly.” Chu Mu laughed.

“Don’t switch the topic.” Ye Qingzi gave a cute stare to Chu Mu, “Though I don’t want to ask too deeply, it is a Cyan Hidden Dragon in the end. I don’t want to look around randomly with you for no reason, especially in the situation that you haven’t said anything.”

Chu Mu laughed bitterly, as if anything of his couldn’t escape Ye Qingzi’s eyes…...

Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu didn’t say anything. She slightly hesitated, then said with a probing tone, “I feel as if you already know where the Cyan Hidden Dragon is……”

“......” Chu Mu was speechless. In his mind, he was thinking that Ye Qingzi must be like the tapeworms living in his stomach, able to discern even this. If he often put his emotions on his face, this wouldn’t be too big of a deal. Yet, he was the sort to have no expression no matter what happened, so how did this woman find out?


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