Book 2 Chapter 262 - Kill Yu He, Palace Lord Yu’s Favor

Chapter 262: Kill Yu He, Palace Lord Yu’s Favor

The conference dispersed, and the various factions probably began to clearly think through who would participate in these three things. Thus, they didn’t stay around in the city lord’s residence and they all said goodbye.

“Why didn’t young master Chu come? Didn’t he say he would?” as they left the conference hall, Palace Lord Yu swept his eyes over the Soul Palace Members before asking a puzzled question.

“This subordinate doesn’t know either. Young master did say he was going to find a friend, and that he would come later. However, I don’t know where he went later, and haven’t seen him since.” responded the vice-palace lord.

Palace Lord Yu’s eyes quickly fell on Chu Mu, and because he remembered the person who eliminated a plethora of Duan Xinhe’s soul pets should have been young master Chu Chen, how did he so mysteriously change into this brat.

What Palace Lord Yu found strange was really normal, because Chu Mu was wearing a disguise when he bumped into Palace Lord Yu, who had never seen Chu Mu’s true appearance.

“Could it be Palace Lord Yu wants it to find young master Chu to have him participate in the young generation group finding the Cyan Hidden Dragon?” asked the vice-palace lord.

Palace Lord Yu glanced at the vice-palace lord and indifferently said: “Could it be you think that there’s someone else in Li City’s Soul Palace that is better at doing this than young master?”

“This… there naturally isn’t…” a wave of awkwardness came over the vice-palace lord. He originally wanted to recommend his own eldest child to become the captain of the young generation members, but when he realized that a grand Soul Palace young master was here, that young generation member’s strength was probably stronger. He thus had to stand to the side, and the vice palace lord could only swallow this thought...

“Go and find the young master. Also pick a few young experts from the palace to have them find the Cyan Hidden Dragon. Also, find two experts that fit the conditions the Li Kingdom Lord just said to kill Duan Xinhe.” said Palace Lord Yu,

Since Palace Lord Yu told the vice palace lord to find two people, he intended to find three people himself to participate in killing Duan Xinhe; in other words, he had already decided on three people behind closed doors.

As for the elder generation members, one of the spots would definitely be taken by Palace Lord Yu, while the other spot probably would be given to the number one expert in Zhanli Kingdom’s Soul Palace, or Li City’s Soul Palace Lord.

Li City’s Soul Palace Lord was very old, and the matters in Li City were completely under the control of Palace Lord Yu. The other matters were put under the responsibility of the vice palace lord, and the Li City Lord didn’t even attend the meeting this time.

“When you find young master Chu, tell him the contents of the meeting today, and tell him I have something to say to him.” said Palace Lord Yu.

“This subordinate understands.” the vice palace lord nodded his head and quickly followed behind Palace Lord Yu.



The old Li City Lord had already expressly indicated that he wouldn’t let other factions inside the meeting participate. Chu Mu originally didn’t want to represent a faction to find the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, but when he thought about this problem, he had no choice but to occupy the position of a Soul Palace young generation member.

After Chu Mu left the city lord’s residence, he immediately went to Soul Palace and found Palace Lord Yu.

Palace Lord Yu quickly recognized Chu Mu, after all his disguised and undisguised appearance weren’t very different.

“Young master Chu probably doesn’t want to watch on the sidelines, right?” asked Palace Lord Yu.

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head. He came to find Palace Lord Yu naturally for this matter.

“I already had the vice palace lord choose a few young generation experts to form a team with young master. If young master is interested in the rewards, then you must really think about how to find the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.” said Palace Lord Yu.

“There’s no need to find people. I have a few friends who happen to make a team of five.” said Chu Mu.

“Oh, since young master himself has a team, then there’s no need to find more people.” Palace Lord Yu nodded his head.

Chu Mu’s words made the vice-palace lord’s expression turn somewhat unsightly. 50 million was an extremely considerable reward for a young generation member. Moreover, this clearly was a competition between the various young factions’ young generation members. The vice palace lord wanted to pick from among Li City Soul Palace’s young generation members in order to showcase their abilities. However, he was left between laughter and tears when this young master not only occupied the position of team leader, but also took the other four spots.

“This… young master Chu, if you take all the spots, the young generation experts our palace won’t feel it’s fair. Why doesn’t young master Chu leave one or two spots…” carefully said the vice palace lord.

“Vice palace lord, the only thing you have to think about is killing Duan Xinhe.” Palace Lord Yu wasn’t courteous at all to the vice palace lord, and waved his hands, indicating to do as Chu Mu said.

The vice palace lord had a bitter expression, and even if he wanted to say something, didn’t dare say it. He was helpless as Palace Lord Yu was a figure two ranks higher than him and he didn’t dare oppose his words. The other was a Soul Palace young master so why would he dare say that the young generation members in his palace were stronger than the young master and his friends...

After dispatching the vice palace lord, Palace Lord Yu intentionally pulled Chu Mu to the side to speak.

“I heard Colored Sky City’s palace lord mention that young master witnessed the course of events in which my child was killed?” Palace Lord Yu’s tone became heavy.

Palace Lord Yu had come here this time primarily for the matter of his son being killed. In reality, he didn’t truly care about the Cyan Hidden Dragon, but as a great palace lord, he had no choice but to put his private matters to the side.

“Yes.” promptly, Chu Mu approximately recounted the events of Colored Sky City to Palace Lord Yu.

Palace Lord Yu had a dispirited face from the beginning, and when he knew that these fellows had thrown his son and Feng Ya’s corpse into a group of soul pets, his entire body gave off a cold air and the environment's temperature, due to the palace lord’s terrifying killing intent, somewhat dropped!

“It’s just a pity that there’s no direct evidence that it was Yu He who ordered it.” said Chu Mu.

Yu He was extremely crafty when he killed Yu Lang and Feng Ya. He already wiped all the evidence including Zhang Qin and Qing Li who both had good relations with him for a few years. During the fair trial, as long as Elemental Sect defended Yu He, Palace Lord Feng would cut connections with them.

“My son’s death must be compensated for. It doesn’t matter if I start a conflict with the Elemental Sect people, I’ll still do it. However, if I haven’t guessed incorrectly, there’s definitely some person directing things behind the scenes.” Palace Lord Yu slowly suppressed his emotions.

Chu Mu nodded his head, and remembered that Old Li had said this matter wasn’t simple. After all, Yu He could not so mysteriously kill Yu Lang, who was a perceptive person.

“As of most recently, there’s been someone often provoking the relation between our Soul Palace and Elemental Sect. Only, I didn’t think that my Yu Lang would become the sacrifice of this plot…” Palace Lord Yu slowly clenched his fists.

The open and secretive fighting between factions was an intangible yet terrifying blade. Palace Lord Yu was already so careful about this, yet Yu Lang, who had gone away to train, still perished in this frightening fight. This caused him, who wielded immense power, to feel heartache...

“The sinister person behind the scenes wants to rupture the relationship between us and Elemental Sect. I can kill Yu He in anger, but that’s the same as letting the sinister person’s plot succeed.”

Speaking up to this point, Palace Lord Yu let out a breath of air. Like a steel statue, he slowly lowered himself and coldly and dignifiedly half-knelt in front of Chu Mu.

Palace Lord Yu was half-kneeling in front of him?

Chu Mu was stunned, not expecting Palace Lord Yu to suddenly do something like this. For a moment, he didn’t know what to do...

Palace Lord Yu was the seventh palace’s palace lord and wielded a plethora of power. Even in front of people like Soul Palace’s Old Yuan, he didn’t even half to kneel for them; there wasn’t even a need to mention a young master. Thus, Palace Lord Yu’s action made Chu Mu feel extremely shocked.

“I’ve never knelt down for someone of the same generation, and obviously not for a younger generation. Yet, I, Yu Shang, would like to request young master Chu of a matter…” Palace Lord Yu’s voice was deep.

“Palace Lord Yu wants me to use this opportunity to find the Cyan Hidden Dragon to kill Yu He?” Chu Mu wasn’t a dumb person either, and Palace Lord Yu’s salute to him was definitely for his son, Yu Lang.

Palace Lord Yu nodded his head and said: “Indeed, if young master Chu helps me avenge my son, I, Yu Shang, will owe Young Master Chu a favor in this life. If some day you have some use of me, I, Yu Shang, will not evade it!”

“Yu He is someone who I must kill, as well as my two friends. Even if Palace Lord Yu didn’t say it, I would still kill him. Thus, Palace Lord Yu can be at ease about this.” Chu Mu helped Palace Lord Yu stand up.

“As long as Young Master Chu kills him, I, Yu Shang, will certainly give you endless thanks!” Palace Lord Yu stood up; his face was rather grave. No matter what emotion he was harboring, this Palace Lord Yu would always seem serious, and like someone who didn’t laugh. He wouldn’t even let out half a bit of grief...

Chu Mu was presently relying on Soul Palace as his main supporter. If he was able to obtain the favor of Yu Shang, it would be very beneficial in the future. Even disregarding the fact that it was something he had to do and even if it was specially entrusted to him, Chu Mu would gladly accept it.


After leaving Soul palace, Chu Mu’s heart was filled with a lot of sorrow, especially when he thought of Yu Shang, this proud and respected figure, half-kneeling.

Without a need to guess, Chu Mu further knew that Yu Shang was definitely a person who possessed an extreme amount of dignity when he knelt down. His son having been killed, his heart was full of rage, yet he had to consider the big picture. Him having to get Chu Mu to take revenge for his son was both a compromise and a point of grief that Chu Mu could understand.

The more power one had, the more considerations one had to keep in mind. Regardless, Chu Mu still admired a person like Yu Shang because he saw the helplessness and grandness of a father who possessed supreme power.

The curtain of rain continued to fall on this expansive city. Chu Mu stood in the patter of rain and unconsciously thought of his father, Chu Tianmang. Presumably, after the news of him being killed upon his disappearance, he was also like Palace Lord Yu...

“Main pet self-destructing…” Chu Mu shook his head. Every time he thought of this matter, it made his heart tremble because to any soul pet trainer, it was an unimaginably sorrowful thing...


“Soul Alliance, hmph, don’t think you’ll succeed this time!”

In the ice cold rain, Chu Mu tightly clenched his fists.



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