Book 2 Chapter 261 - An Arena That Belongs To Only The Big Factions

Chapter 261: An Arena That Belongs To Only The Big Factions

The moment the old Li City lord’s words came out, the entire conference hall erupted. Regardless if it was Nightmare Palace’s Xiao Ren, Soul Palace’s Palace Master Yu, Elemental Sect’s Sect Master Yu, Merchant’s Alliance’s Merchant Master Wang, or Soul Pet Palace’s master, who had come to stir up trouble, none of them expected for the old Li City lord to use Duan Xinhe’s life as the contested chess piece by every large faction!

“I, Li Sheng, will say this: the moment the Hibernating Dragon Egg appears, it will belong to the person or faction that killed Duan Xinhe. If you try and play some kind of trick in secret, try and steal the dragon egg from the killer of Duan Xinhe, or alarm my Li City’s citizens with rain and wind of blood, don’t blame me for being impolite. I will kill who I need to kill, and I won’t speak a sentence of garbage with you people.” after Li City’s old lord finished cursing at everyone, he said something else shocking and, for a moment, the noise and discussion was suppressed.

Everyone present was someone with status, and behind them was an enormous faction. Li City’s city lord made everyone shocked with his boldness.

“Old Li, this city lord, Li Sheng, probably doesn’t make everyone respect him just because of his status, right?” Chu Mu was also deeply moved by the city lord’s boldness.

“Li City’s city lord, Li Sheng, is a generation older than your father. In his early years he was an overlord, and he belonged to the class of people that no one thought of provoking. His strongest main pet’s fighting strength isn’t inferior to the forbidden region’s Blue Galactic Demon Emperor. It can be said that he is the number one publicly acknowledged expert in Zhanli Kingdom. Of those present, I estimate that only Soul Alliance’s Qin Liefeng has the qualifications to contend against him. The others, including Palace Lord Yu and Nightmare Palace’s Nightmare City vice city lord, Xiao Ren, will have to step aside.

“This Li Sheng will keep his word. Since he said that whoever kills Duan Xinhe will obtain the dragon egg, even those Soul Alliance fellows won’t dare be presumptuous. At least they won’t dare to make any small movements in front of Li Sheng.” said Old Li.

Li City’s city lord’s words had an enormous amount of authority. Many people of the factions present revealed unsightly faces, and began to ponder over Duan Xinhe’s matter.

“Old city lord, we’ll naturally listen to your words. However, right now we haven’t even found the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s silhouette. Does Duan Xinhe’s life have anything to do with the Cyan Hidden Dragon? Aren’t your words just having us work for free for a month?” Elemental Sect’s elder, Yu De, had an objection first.

LI City’s city lord glared at Elemental Sect’s elder, Yu De, and coldly sneered: “What does you guys working have anything to do with me? Comply with the rules, and you can continue staying here. If you don’t comply with the regulations, then you can get up and leave now.”

The old city lord Li didn’t give any of the factions room to discuss, and his eyes apathetically swept over them.

As expected, although these rules made all the factions feel it was very sudden, no one actually opposed it. Everyone present was part of a large faction, and if they shed blood fighting over the Hidden Dragon Egg, they would lose face. Furthermore, their higher ups wouldn’t allow them to casually begin fighting.

“Since no one left, I’ll speak of the details.” the city lord saw that all the large factions were going to comply to the rules, so he continued speaking.

“I previously mentioned that each large faction has to dispatch people to get rid of Duan Xinhe. For the purpose of equality, each large faction can dispatch five people. These five people are in charge of finding and killing Duan Xinhe. Those over forty from any large faction can stand off to the side. There’s no need to break your old bones trying to kill Duan Xinhe and let others know you can’t keep face. As for whether the dispatched people are going to be killed by Duan Xinhe in retaliation, don’t ask me. Without strength, don’t come and fight for treasures. Train for a few years first before showing up.”

The old city lord’s determined rules caused many people to have objections again. Wasn’t not letting those above the age of forty compete essentially stopping a large handful of experts? After all, a majority of those who could actually contend against Duan Xinhe were above forty.

Thus, when the old city lord finished speaking, Elemental Sect, Merchant’s Alliance, and Li City’s aristocratic families had a few objections.

However, as they were about to speak, the old city lord didn’t give them a chance and continued: “Listen to me finish speaking first before you express your objections.”

“Each faction can dispatch two people with no age restriction. These two people will be in charge of dealing with the Cyan Hidden Dragon. Whatever faction makes the Cyan Hidden Dragon surrender, the Cyan Hidden Dragon will belong to him or her. To clarify things, the Hidden Dragon Egg isn’t included in this, and after yielding the Cyan Dragon, you must go through the appraisal of every faction. If there is a Hidden Dragon Egg in its belly, you must give it to the party that kills Duan Xinhe.”

The old city lord’s words made everyone’s expressions change again. However, every faction knew that this contest had now become a regulated contest. Whoever didn’t comply would probably be eliminated. Therefore, for the time being, no one expressed any objections.

Hearing old city lord Li’s words, Chu Mu showed a puzzled expression. Using soul remembrance to communicate with Old Li he said: “Isn’t the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s strength close to unrivalled? How can the city lord only have each faction send out two people to deal with it? Even if every factions makes an alliance, it’s very easy for it to flee. What’s the point in talking about making it surrender?”

“Perhaps the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon has already been heavily injured, or every large faction has a treasure capable of making the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon surrender. Oh, the surrender doesn’t mean forming a soul pact with it. It should be at the very most putting it in some soul capture device. Although very few soul capture devices can hold a creature like the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, all the various factions came prepared, and their treasures should have already been prepared.” explained Old Li.

Chu Mu creased his eyebrows. So many factions were joining together to deal with the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. If it was in peak condition, even if everyone formed an alliance, they perhaps were still not its opponent. However, if it had suffered a serious injury, the situation wouldn’t be too optimistic for it. After all, everyone present was an expert.

“Finally, I, Li Sheng, will provide a 50 million young soul pet as a reward while each large faction will dispatch five young generation members to search for the Cyan Hidden Dragon. The party that finds it will win the reward. It must be declared that regarding the matter of finding the Cyan Hidden Dragon, aside from the five young generation member teams selected, other people are not allowed to interfere. If someone violates the rules and is found, the encampments of that faction will all be expelled from my Zhanli Kingdom’s over seven hundred and eighty two cities. I, this kingdom lord, do not welcome people who don’t follow rules. Furthermore, the young generation team that searches for the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s hiding spot must publicize the information to every large faction. They may not solely inform their faction before stealthily dispatching people to deal with the Cyan Hidden Dragon. The moment this is discovered, it will be the same punishment as I mentioned before.” the kingdom lord, Li Shen, continued to say.

The kingdom lord, Li Shen’s, words were full of force, and didn’t allow for the slightest bit of rejection. It seemed that one only had speak half of a “no”, and that faction would definitely be expelled from his territory.

Most of these kingdom lords flattered these factions in hopes that they would increase the number of encampments on their land. By doing so, this would allow for the development of various places across the kingdom. After all, places where there were factions definitely meant soul pet trainers would set foot there.

However, Zhanli Kingdom was a large kingdom with extremely abundant resources, and these large factions required such resources. Whether it was the economy, the human capital or the land, if they were to completely withdraw from this kingdom, it would be an incomparably large blow to the faction. It was much more serious than the Cyan Hidden Dragon, which they had completely no idea about. Under these circumstances, these various large factions ultimately didn’t make any small moves, since if these Li City factions were to be completely swept out of Zhanli City in one motion, when those big shots from the main encampments blamed them, they wouldn’t be able to shoulder the responsibility.

“This Li Sheng really is a character. If it was another kingdom lord, perhaps he or she would have already been eyed covetously by these factions, and a large uproar would have been caused in this town. Yet, Li Sheng split this large cake into three pieces. One for the young generation, one for the middle generation, and one for the old generation. It is both a nonintervention and an interconnected competition. Not only did he pacify the most recent unstable situation in Li City, but he further had these threatening huge figures know there place.” Old Li let out a sigh.

What Old Li was talking about happened to be what Chu Mu was thinking. Chu Mu couldn’t help but admire this extremely bold kingdom lord.

Only, because of this, Chu Mu had no choice but to be worried for the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. After all, everyone now had such an orderly competition, and the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon wouldn’t be able to flee because of the chaos.

“Finding the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon will be the responsibility of the young generation. The best method is to delay time and not let these people find the Empyrean Cyan Dragon, further giving it an opportunity to recover its injuries. This way it won’t be confined by these people.” silently thought Chu mu.

Chu Mu pretty much came up with his plan. Other young generation members would be searching for the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon so he would interfere with them and not let them find it!

“I’ll remind all the young members first that the Cyan Hidden Dragon should be in a pupasis state. When you see threads of the pupa you can immediately report it. By not means do you have to thoroughly search for it; that is equivalently to seeking death. Do you understand?” the kingdom lord intentionally warned.

When he said this, the kingdom lord specially swept over the young generation members in the back seats. The young generation members present were pretty much all gathered and each faction had them. However, they were all in the back seats and could only listen. Only those young generations members with strength to enter the main seats had the qualifications to speak. This rule was pretty much the same everywhere.

“Then we can disperse for today. By tomorrow, send your respective three lists to me. Those not on the list can stay to the side. Don’t meddle in other people's’ business. Also, this matter does not allow for people outside of the factions here to participate. Everyone should know what to do, right?” said the Li Kingdom lord.

Every faction nodded their heads.

Normally speaking, when it came to large matters like this, the most important thing for the large factions to do was to not fight amongst themselves. Instead, they conducted a large sweeping through and swept out those people without a faction and solitary factions out of this cruel arena. This prevented them from implicating a few ineffable things. This also was the overbearingness of the large factions and only had things to do with strength.


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