Book 2 Chapter 260 - Whoever kills Duan Xinhe gets the Dragon Egg

Chapter 260: Whoever kills Duan Xinhe gets the Dragon Egg

The conference hall was very large, well furnished and luxurious, vividly showing off the manners of a Kingdom Capital’s city master hall.

On the main seat, a slightly rotund Li City Master sat there, not greeting members of any faction, nor gesturing to any expert, simply sitting there calmly.

There were already people entering the meeting area before the Li City Master entered, who found their seats and started chatting casually, or in the case of opposing factions, started mocking and jeering.

But, the moment Li City Master entered his seat, each faction’s members all stopped their clash of words. This small scene displayed the invisible aura of an expert, as well as the air of a city master.

“Today, everyone pretty much dug three feet into all of my Li City, flipping it upside down.” Li old city master didn’t waste time with nonsense and entered straight into the main topic.

When Li old City Master spoke, no one interrupted. The other faction members were either drinking tea, calmly smiling, or not reacting at all, as if the words weren’t directed towards them. In reality, old city master’s words were said to all of them, since the factions gathered here were all called over because they were thinking of getting the Cyan Hidden Dragon. It’s just that some made bigger moves than others.

No matter if it was big or small actions, with this many factions together, there would inevitably be many issues for Li City. It was because of them that the Li old city master set the entire Li City army on alert for the past two months.

Things had worsened, and Li old city master no longer had the patience. If he didn’t drag all of the masters of these factions in Li City together and scold them, they may have forgotten whose territory they were in already.

So, following that, Li old city master’s words were very impolite. Those that sat nearest to him were the first he scolded.

“Old Wang, is it that you think land taxes here in Zhanli Kingdom are cheap, especially Li City land taxes?” The old city master quickly locked onto the Li City head of Merchant’s Alliance, Wang merchant master.

“No no, of all the kingdoms, your Zhanli Kingdom has to be the most expensive of all……” Wang merchant master started laughing with his fierce, meaty face.

“Then what are your rock type soul pet trainers doing? Throwing dirt piles higher than mountains, do you want to dig straight through my Li City underground structure? And you said you found some vein of ore the other day and wanted to mine it?” City master rebuked.

“Yes, yes, yes, we did find a vein under Li City a few days back.” Wang merchant master played along with old city master’s words.

“Oh, then I’ll have to add a mining tax. I’ll just tax it based off the amount of area excavated. The more you mine, the more I’ll tax.” Li old city master said.

With these words of Li old city master, Wang merchant master’s face immediately blackened. The other faction members also tried their best to hold in their laughter, not letting themselves laugh out loud.

Everyone knew that Wang merchant master was looking underground for the Hidden Dragon. The mining was but a known excuse. If he were taxed by the amount excavated, he would probably have to pay the Li old city master half of all his business’s revenues. This was a massive and unfathomable amount of money, something the Wang merchant master couldn’t possibly afford.

Soul Pet Palace palace master, who had a small conflict with Merchant’s Alliance, didn’t hide his laughter in time, and it caused the old city master’s scoldings to fall upon him.

Soul Pet Palace was always the most neutral faction, meaning this time joining was a rare occasion. Li old city master also targeted his criticism towards Soul Pet Palace’s usual approach vs the restlessness displayed now. It made the Li City Soul Pet Palace palace master completely embarrassed, and caused him to make clear that he was simply in it to watch the show.

Li old city master didn’t give any face to Nightmare Palace, Soul Palace, or Soul Alliance either, coldly telling those non-Li City members off. On the surface, he had a tone of welcoming them as tourists, but in reality, he was suggesting for them to get the hell out while they still could, and to not act reckless in his territory.

All of the factions were scolded, but they also realized that Li old city master was truly angry this time, so no one really contradicted him.

“All of these are big factions, and this Li old city master wasn’t the slightest bit polite towards them. The local masters being silent is somewhat understandable, since he governed them, but why are Yu palace master, Western Kingdom White Nightmare City subcity master, and people from Soul Alliance silent as well, not daring to speak up?” Chu Mu used his soul remembrance to ask Old Li.

Nightmare Palace had its own structure in Li City, a blue Nightmare Palace, but this time, the Blue Nightmare Palace master couldn’t join here, and was forced to take a back seat, because the Western Kingdom White Nightmare Palace City’s tenth level title vice city master Xiao Ren was present.

Chu Mu wasn’t too familiar with the rankings of the big factions, so naturally Chu Mu found it strange that Li old city master could rudely tell everyone there off.

Old Li naturally understood all the ranking infrastructure and immediately spoke, “Everyone here is the master of each faction, having what is known as a tenth level title in the faction. For example, Li City is a tenth level city, so all the faction holdings here, like Nightmare Palace, Soul Pet Palace, Soul Palace, Elemental Sect, Merchant’s Alliance, etc. were all tenth level territories. Their masters had to be person with a title of over tenth level.”

“Almost all the Region Capitals were tenth level cities, so Kingdom Capitals were named tenth level cities, but are actually eleventh level cities. This way, Kingdom Capital city masters were basically eleventh level titles, while the masters of each faction within the city were just tenth level. This is why they don’t dare contradict when a Kingdom Capital city master scolds them.”

“As for the Tianxia City Yu Palace Master, the people from Soul Alliance, and Western Kingdom White Nightmare City Xiao Ren, they technically count as eleventh level people as well. But, as the saying goes: “The strong dragon cannot out-pressure a local snake.” [1]. Li old city master is the boss here. Even if he was a level lower, with his power and character, he would still scold them, let alone them being the same level. They all came to Li City with sinister thoughts, so they can only take the scolding. Speaking of which, I think Li city master is pretty polite today. If it were before, he would probably flip a table or two. This Li city master isn’t someone easily messed with. He’s famous in the soul pet world for having a bad temper.” Old Li said.

“Yu Palace Master is at the eleventh level? I remember my Soul Palace Decree is only at the tenth level, so why did he have to be somewhat polite to me?” Chu Mu asked, confused.

Liu Binglan’s Soul Palace Spirit was only at the tenth level as well. If Yu Palace Master was an eleventh level title, then he should be even higher than Liu Binglan.

“This, you don’t understand. Most factions have clear rules on the outside, with tenth level as highest. But, just think, Luo Region Region Capital soul palace master is tenth level, but a palace master of a Kingdom Capital such as Li City was also but the tenth level. Both as palace masters, which has more power? Naturally, the Li City palace master.

“Yu palace master comes from Tianxia City, and was one of the seven palace masters of the main Soul Palace. His Soul Palace Decree is also the tenth level, but he is in a higher position than many others. Inner people call him eleventh level. The Noble Women has a similar situation. Her title isn’t high, but the power she has is much greater than the other named tenth level people. In other words, her unique title and position is already higher than any proclaimed level title. Though Yu Palace Master seems cold and apathetic on the outside, he has to be somewhat polite to you.” Old Li said.

Old Li’s explanation made Chu Mu’s head spin, but at least Chu Mu knew one thing, which was: among the big factions, the tenth level didn’t seem to be the top…...

“That scoundrel Duan Xinhe has come to my Li City and slaughtered hundreds of poor citizens in my city, as well as a hundred of my guards. You fleas have caused my city to run out of people to even deal with such matters. If not for these two young generation individuals with outstanding resourcefulness that killed Duan Xinhe’s seven hundred Gluttonous Insect Monsters, I don’t even know how many more innocents of Li City would fall prey……” As he spoke Li old city master’s eyes fell on Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi, who sat in the backseats.

Li old city master extended his hand, wanting to specially and grandly introduce Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi, who had contributed greatly and thwarted Duan Xinhe.

Many big faction members’ eyes fell upon Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi, but their faces revealed confusion because, though they heard that two young generation members killed Duan Xinhe’s Gluttonous Insect Monsters, they didn’t expect them to be this young.

The young generation was a fuzzy category. Twenty seven year olds with somewhat young faces could also be called young generation. Yet, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were clearly only twenty years old. They were this young, yet they gave Duan Xinhe, whom countless soul pet world people had headaches over, a heavy blow. These tenth level title characters were naturally very surprised.

“Duan Xinhe is definitely still in Li City. This person has to die, so all of you send an expert, put down your shovels, and get rid of Duan Xinhe first.” Li old city master directly borrowed the forces of all the factions to get rid of Duan Xinhe.

“Naturally, this bastard Duan Xinhe should be chased down by everyone.”

“I just happen to have some time on my hands, allowing me to play with Duan Xinhe for a bit.”

“Since even Li old city master is putting down an order of arrest, we naturally all have to try our bests……”

All the factions started showing their approval, displaying that they were willing to get rid of Duan Xinhe.

“Heng heng, don’t do this half-heartedly.” Li old city master said without courtesy, his eyes sweeping over everyone.

Each faction fell into embarrassment. In reality, all of them were indeed half-hearted. After all, with everyone’s attention on the Cyan Hidden Dragon, who had time for Duan Xinhe?

“I’m too lazy to play any hidden schemes with everyone. Everyone came for the Cyan Hidden Dragon and its egg. Since this thing appeared in my territory, let me decide, to prevent it from making my Li City a slaughterhouse.”

“Duan Xinhe is someone everyone here has hatred for, so, what I say we do is……”

Li old city master specially paused for a moment. Seeing that each faction was showing disapproval already, he instead smiled, “Make Duan Xinhe’s life as the key to this competition - Whoever kills Duan Xinhe gets possession of the Cyan Hidden Dragon Egg!”


  1. Meaning though a person can be normally superior, they can’t win when the inferior is in their own territory/habitat.

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