Book 2 Chapter 26 - I’m Fine, but We May Not Be Soon

Chapter 26: I'm Fine, But We May Not Be Soon


The black forest swayed in the cold night wind, causing sounds of rustling leaves.


A red blaze flew by. Trailing it were six ribbon like tails that swept through the forest, which lifted a strong gale as it passed, sweeping all the fallen leaves into the air!

The speed of Mo Xie sprinting was even faster than the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s. Therefore, a fifth phase sixth stage Storm Eagle, even with the ability to fly, couldn’t possibly be faster than Mo Xie. The only advantage it had was the aerial advantage!


Mo Xie constantly spewed fire into the air, creating a cloud of fire that blocked the Storm Eagle from flying higher into the air!

The Gale Eagle’s ability was quite inferior to Mo Xie’s. Being chased by such a swift soul pet, how could it easily fly away?

“Wind Riding!”

Seeing the height of the Gale Eagle, Chu Mu thought that the timing was right, so he instantly cast an incantation and imbued the effects of Wind Riding onto Mo Xie!

Mo Xie was already running like an arrow. Once Wind Riding was applied, her four paws looked like they didn’t even touch the ground!

In the forest, the flame covered Mo Xie suddenly dashed upwards, hopping onto the tree tops in one leap. With another agile push, she charmingly leaped out of the treetops and on top of the black forest!

Flame Dance!

Once she reached the apex of her jump, her front paws lightly tapped the air in front of her, creating a ripple of fire where she tapped, allowing her to jump into even higher into the air!

Feeling the fire nearby, Yang Jie’s face was full of fear. He never thought that when he was running away, Chu Mu could still catch him. Additionally, he didn’t expect the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox’s jaw dropping vertical!

“Phantom Evil Flame Claw!”

An incomparably devilish figure suddenly appeared, glamorously intercepting where the Storm Eagle was heading. Three shocking evil flame claws violently ripped into the Storm Eagle and Yang Jie’s body!!

The Storm Eagle’s head and tail were brutally ripped off as Mo Xie’s demon fire evil flames quickly spread through the rest of its blood and flesh, disintegrating the Storm Eagle’s body from within. Yang Jie’s waist was also ripped open, allowing the demon fire evil flames to spread rampantly!!

“Huhu!!” The fast burning demon fire evil flames turned Yang Jie and his soul pet into ashes before they even landed, leaving only a black dust that scattered with the blowing winds!

Chu Mu smiled and rubbed Mo Xie’s furry ear, “Good work, I’ll allow you to eat a midnight snack tonight.”

“Wuwuwu” Mo Xie let out an excited noise, causing her body to naturally slide downwards…...


Suddenly, Mo Xie let out an odd cry.

At the same time, Chu Mu felt his body suddenly drop, feeling a gale blowing up from below!

“Are you kidding me, how is there a gap here!!” Chu Mu cursed and fell along with Mo Xie in the next moment!!

East of Manyin City there was indeed a forest, but on both sides of the forest there were discontinuities. This was also the reason why Manyin City’s east road was the only way towards Gangluo City. Even if the Chu Family realized that the Yang clan would use despicable methods on their caravan, they couldn’t possibly change routes easily.

Chu Mu obviously didn’t realize this, and he wholeheartedly wanted to kill Yang Jie. Only when Mo Xie leapt did they realize that there was no more place to jump off of!

This discontinuity outside of the forest east of Manyin City was named Falling Phoenix Cliff, and it was over a hundred meters deep. In this chasm was a primordial forest, wherein lived countless strange and exotic soul pets. It was also an infamously dangerous region in Luo Region. Currently, no faction had the ability to make it their territory.

The midnight wind blew past. The thousand meter long precipice seemed even steeper and dangerous under the dismal glow of the crescent moon. Yet, in this dark night and cliff, a radiant fire figure drew an arc in the skies from above, falling magnificently.


The figure wrapped in evil flames very luckily landed on a hanging and sickly tree. This little tree that survived on the cliff couldn’t hold the weight of the flaming figure, and let out a crisp crack before breaking.

The flaming figure slightly adjusted its posture and immediately jumped towards the cliff face.

The Falling Phoenix Cliff was a chasm, so its slope was nonexistent and stood perpendicular to the ground. The evil flamed figure couldn’t find anywhere to rest upon, so leaping slightly off of a rock crevice, it leapt downwards…...

The lonely moon hung high, lighting the cliff that stood in the middle of the dark sea of trees. A little figure of flames stuck to the cliff face and dropped frighteningly, somewhat adding a bit of liveliness to the abstruse skies and black forest…...

“Young master! Young master!!”

“Fourth brother! Fourth brother!!”

“Mister Chu!! Mister Chu!!”

Sounds of searching echoed through the skies of Manyin forest.

However, only startled night birds answered with their frustrated calls.

“Where did the young master go?” Ting Yu rode a Gale Colt, yet she was unbearably anxious, causing her face to pale.

“Maybe he was counterattacked by Yang Jie? He shouldn’t have brashly chased him into the forest.” Qing Clan’s slave Old Teng spoke.

“Not possible, not even ten Yang Jie’s would be young master’s match!” Ting Yu immediately shot the old slave who always said the wrong thing a look.

Ting Yu knew Chu Mu was the King of Prison Island. Through three years of blood and killing, he who survived would definitely not make any low level mistakes.

“Upfront seems to be Falling Phoenix Cliff. Sister Menger, quickly come down from the skies.” Chu Ning looked at Qing Menger and said to her.

“Falling Phoenix Cliff?” Qing Menger said with confusion.

“Miss, any further is the infamous ‘forest gap’ within Luo Region. The soul pets there are mostly cruel, and not many people dare to set foot within the area. If you fly in the air like that, especially since your Flame Bird is conspicuous, it could easily be mistaken for an invader in some strong soul pet’s territory, so please hurry up and retract your Flame Bird before it brings trouble for us all.” Old Teng immediately said to Qing Menger.

Hearing Old Teng, Qing Menger didn’t dare to fly any longer, and retracted her soul pet before landing on the ground.

“There seems to be burnt marks here left by young master’s soul pet…...” Ting Yu smelled a scorched smell and immediately discovered the marks left by Mo Xie’s flaming paws.

Going further, the Gale Colt suddenly stopped. Ting Yu’s body slightly inclined forward. Through the dense branches, she suddenly felt a gust of cold wind towards her!!

Ting Yu sucked in a breath as she looked, dumbfounded, at the vast forest that sank downwards!

“Careful, this is Falling Phoenix Cliff. Tell your Gale Colt to restrict its aura, as this cliff is also home to many strong soul pets!” Old Teng immediately warned.

“Young master!! Young master!! Are you down there!!” Ting Yu yelled downwards.

The rampant winds blew by. The silent cliff echoed Ting Yu’s calls, yet still, no one answered.

“How do we go down?” Ting Yu was sure that Chu Mu fell in accidentally, so she immediately asked around.

“We can’t go down from here. We must circumnavigate to the west side of Gangluo City, where there is a forest, and slowly go deeper to get near to this place.”

Chu Ning’s brows were locked since the beginning. After finally reuniting with his fourth brother, he didn’t expect that fourth brother would fall into such a dangerous forest gap!

Everyone was sure that Chu Mu fell into the forest gap. Ting Yu tried to create a ladder with her Thorny Rose Demon’s vines, but the vines were only thirty meters long. Other than Qing Menger who had a wing type soul pet like Flame Bird, no one else had any way of going down.

“I’ll ride my Flame Bird down to check things out.” Qing Menger said.

“Miss, you can’t, going down with your flame bird is easy…...” Old Teng was just going to start persuading.

“Fire light, that must be young master!” Ting Yu immediately pointed at the single light within the pitch black forest.

“I’ll go down and pick him up.” Qing Menger’s courage was considerable as she leaped straight off the cliff, summoning her Flame Bird as she fell…...

Qing Menger’s slender and graceful body lightly fell as a bright red symbol appeared under her feet. The symbol was taken over by burning flames and quickly formed a wing type soul pet.

“Huhu” Qing Menger rode her Flame Bird and started the descent.

“Miss!! Miss!!! Going down is easy for you, but coming back up is so much more difficult! Don’t go down!!”

The wind kept whistling in her ear, so Qing Menger only heard Old Teng’s shouting, yet she couldn’t hear it clearly, so she dismissed it as nothing and kept falling.

“This little girl is still her old self, not thinking anything through…...” Chu Ning watched Qing Menger fly downwards and said helplessly. However, this was good too, because at least they could see if Chu Mu was actually hurt or not.

At the bottom of the cliff, Chu Mu held his hand over his heart, still recovering from the shock.

Beside him, Mo Xie was emitting “wuwu”s as she licked her worn out claws.

“That was so close. From that height, if there were nothing, we truly would’ve been crippled.” Chu Mu said.

Mo Xie nodded in agreement.

Taking a few heavy breaths, Chu Mu still had lingering fears. Standing up and looking around, he tried to find ways that he could climb back up.

Suddenly, a flaming light lit up above him, slowly nearing his location.

“Mister Chu, are you there?” Qing Menger’s soft voice traveled down.

“I’m here.”

“Are you okay?” Qing Menger asked.

“I’m fine, but we may not be soon.” Chu Mu said, not knowing if he should smile or cry as his eyes landed on the myriads of winged silhouettes that were dashing out of the dark cliff…...

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