Book 2 Chapter 258 - Comparing Calmness? Comparing Attitude?

Chapter 258: Comparing Calmness? Comparing Attitude?

Sensing that Chu Mu was in an awkward position, Ye Qingzi didn’t continue asking Chu Mu. In truth, Ye Qingzi didn’t enjoy getting to the bottom of a person. Just like when she was on Colored Sky Mountain, she was still used to speaking only when she was supposed to talk, and listening to Chu Mu.

The Horizon Feather Bird’s flying speed was very fast and Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi, and Ye Wansheng promptly arrived at Boundary City’s city lord residence.

After descending into the courtyard, Dong Qing knew that the meeting would begin quickly, so he had others prepare a bit of refreshments, allowing the three people to temporarily rest. They would wait there for the members of other factions to arrive before going to the conference hall.

“Dong Qing, Dong Qing, where are you. Move your ass out here.” the moment the three people sat down and were appreciating the unique style of the city lord residence’s courtyard, an arrogant woman’s voice rang out from outside.

Yet, when Dong Qing heard the voice, he massaged his temples and helplessly laughed: “it should be young lady Sha. That woman is terribly annoying when she bothers people.”

“What identity does that young lady Sha have?” asked Chu Mu.

“She’s Merchant Alliance’s Qian Jin eldest young lady and can be considered to be a half cousin. She always comes over here and last time we played city chase, I was dragged there by her. In the past we would often play around, but after assuming duty, I’ve laid back alot, haha…” laughed Dong Qing as he explained.

As expected, not much long later, a young lady wearing a short skirt walked over. Although young lady Sha’s clothing today was much more reserved compared to last time’s city chase, her mannerisms still exposed that of a spoiled rich young lady.

Young lady Sha quickly saw Dong Qing in the pavilion and walked a few steps over and swept her eyes over Chu Mu and the others.

“Oh, let me make the introductions. You should recognize Chu Chen. The one next to him is young lady Ye; the main effort behind our eradication of the Gluttonous Insect Monsters this time was young lady Ye. The one next to her is her brother, Ye Wansheng.” quickly introduced Dong Qing.

Young lady Sha nodded her head at the Ye Family brother and sister, but her eyes rapidly fell on Chu Mu. She even intentionally walked a few steps closer and looked him up and down.

“Hmph, it really was you. Don’t think that your disguise prevented me from recognizing you. You truly are an immoral and despicable person. Speak, last time what did you do to sister Ruo Shui!!” said young lady Sha rather angrily as she pointed at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t expect young lady Sha to recognize him so easily. Presumably, it was because of the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s uniqueness. Yet, he didn’t deny or affirm her guess.

“Young lady Sha, what are you saying?” Dong Qing was incomparably angry, and pulled her to the side and grew serious.

“What are you talking about. You ask him yourself what he did!” Young lady Sha continued accusing Chu Mu.

“Chu Chen did a great service this time, and even my father wants to meet him. If you’re going to make trouble, don’t bother brother Chu Chen.” Dong Qing was gaining increasing respect for Chu Mu, and he naturally wouldn’t let young lady Sha make trouble without reason.

Young lady Sha was anxious. In one breath, she recounted the scene of her going to the brothel to look for Ruo Shui and then seeing the disguised Chu Mu bring Ruo Shui down the stairs in his arms. She even emphasized that Chu Mu had fled out of guilt.

“Chu Chen, you aren’t an honest person eh. You went to the brothel and didn’t even invite me…” Ye Wansheng who enjoyed stirring the water let out an immediate laugh.

Chu Mu couldn’t be inclined to explain trivial misunderstandings, including young lady Sha’s baseless trouble; after all, all the young lady Sha had to do was ask that girl called Ruo Shui and would naturally understand what happened.

However, Chu Mu felt Ye Qingzi’s gaze...

When she heard young lady Sha’s words, Ye Qingzi shot Chu Mu a stranged glance.

Ye Qingzi belonged to the very calm sort of girls, and she didn’t reveal any expression upon hearing Chu Mu going to the brothel; only, her eyes did the talking and they made Chu Mu feel an extreme need to explain himself.

Thus, Chu Mu briefly explained him chasing after that Gluttonous Insect Monster before pursuing all the way to Duan Xinhe. After finishing, Chu Mu intentionally laughed at Ye Qingzi and used soul remembrance to tell her:

“I’ve seen her twice before. The second time was when I chased the Gluttonous Insect Monster in that brothel, so you don’t need to misunderstand…”

Ye Qingzi felt that Chu Mu was specially explaining things from her, and shifted her gaze to another location. Using calm voice that was deliberately put on, she said: “Who’s misunderstanding…”

Ye Wansheng was an experienced person, and he immediately saw through the two of them using soul remembrance to communicate. He promptly laughed and said: “Brother Chu Chen, you really didn’t have to explain for my sister. Men… you don’t need to say you were playing along; even if you really did do it…”

“Si!!!!!!!!” Ye Wansheng was halfway through his words when he sucked in a breath of cold air because Ye Qingzi, without a change in expression, had stamped on his foot. This made Ye Wansheng swallow the rest of his words.

Linking the fact that Chu Mu and the others had killed the Gluttonous Insect Monster inside their nest that day, the young lady Sha wasn’t a person who didn’t understand logic, so she didn’t continue asking Chu Mu.

“Young master, young master Yu He has arrived.” the few of them were in the midst of talking when an old servant walked over and bowed as he spoke.

“Tell them that young master has guests and doesn’t have time.” Dong Qing looked somewhat sick of something as he waved his hands.

“Haha, Dong Qing, you and I have known each other for so many years. I’ve specially come to see you, but you send me away. This truly is very rude.” at this moment, Yu He’s laugh came in.

Chu Mu turned around and quickly discovered Yu He wearing dark blue clothing slowly striding towards the pavillion. This Elemental Sect young master seemed to know Dong Qing would be here.

“But it was you who turned up unsolicited. Since you’ve come, take a seat anywhere. I’ll introduce you to these outstanding people.” Dong Qing didn’t hide the dislike he had for Yu He and casually pointed at a place, indicating for Yu He to sit.

Yu He naturally saw Chu Mu and the two others. Chu Mu’s grudge with Yu He was very direct; if it wasn’t because of Chu Mu, Yu He could have retreated unscathed after killing Yu Lang. Yet, now he had come under the judgement of Soul Palace and with a single careless mistake he could suffer from their strict punishment.

Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng naturally didn’t have to be mentioned. They had previously fought over the Dark Fire Heavenly Devil in Zhanchi Kingdom and had planted a hatred. Afterwards, Ye Wansheng had been captured and his strongest soul pet, the War Court Black Beast had perished, and his body had suffered from the torture of ulceration. These made the Ye Family brother and sister hate Yu He to the bone!

Yu He didn’t expect the three people he hated to all be at Dong Qing’s. When he saw them, he revealed a rather shocked expression, but then put on an arrogant smile.

“So it was you guys. Haha, this truly is a coincidence.” laughed Yu He.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were abnormally calm people, and even in front of this enemy who they hated endlessly, they didn’t show any drastic emotions.

Even Ye Wansheng who had an extremely deep hatred for Yu He was extremely calm. Furthermore, when Yu He appeared, his smile became even more splendid.

Dong Qing didn’t know of Chu Mu, and the two other’s grudge with Yu He and he himself didn’t have any good opinion of Yu He. He mockingly said: “Why aren’t you hurrying to fix your relationship with Soul Palace. Instead you’ve come here to cause trouble. You really aren’t afraid of being held as a murderer?”

“I, Yu He, am a person of clear conscience. Such a non-existent matter will naturally come to light. On the contrary, it was this friend, Chu Chen, who absolutely had to accuse me as a criminal. I don’t know when I offended this underling of a young master which made me mysteriously have to attend a trial.” said Yu He.

Yu He’s words made young lady Sha and Dong Qing’s eyes fall on Chu Mu. Including Ye Wansheng curiously looked at Chu Mu. He didn’t know at what point Chu Mu had gained the identity of an underling of a young master?

In the entire soul pet kingdom, only heirs of large factions or people of the highest authorities would be called young masters. Thus, whenever a young master was mentioned, these young generation members were extremely sensitive to it. After all, a young master represented the highest status of the young generation.

Chu Mu knew that Yu He wanted to discover his identity so he didn’t explain anything. Instead, ignored the superfluous words that carried a slight provokation. He calmly began talking about the question of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s poisonous effect with Ye Qingzi.

The feeling of being ignored was an extremely unpleasant one, especially when one hated this person to this extreme. At the moment, although Yu He maintained his fake smile, he was already thinking in his heart how to make Chu Mu die to Duan Xinhe’s hands.

Yu He was actually extremely similar to Ye Wansheng here. Ye Wansheng still had a very carefree appearance and was even arguing with young lady Sha next to him; however, the inside Ye Wansheng’s heart was dark to the max. He didn’t wish more than anything than to chop up this fellow into a thousand pieces. Otherwise, how else would he not let down the War Court Black Beast that had followed him for so many years!

From Ye Qingzi’s War Court Black Beast, it was possible to guess that Ye Wansheng’s was an extremely rare soul pet. Moreover, it was his main pet that accompanied him for so many years. It was just because of Yu He’s two underlings that it had been poisoned to death in the underground. This seed of hatred had long since been buried in Ye Wansheng.

However, Ye Wansheng was a person with a lot of patience, and he knew that he presently wasn’t Yu He’s opponent. Even if the hatred in his heart was surging like a tide, he had to maintain his fake smile and argue with young lady Sha...

Dong Qing was a person who often met others and pretty much saw the hatred between Chu Mu and Yu He. As for the relatively simple minded young lady Sha, she was completely unable to realize the weirdness in the atmosphere. Instead, she was in the midst of an argument about problems with her figure with the pretending man whose heart was so dark it was on the verge of exploding.

Yu He’s fake smile grew more and more stiff. His unperturbedness, calmness, and shrewedness, amongst his peers,was extremely hard to come by. He originally believed the three people wouldn’t be able to stay calm when they saw him. At the very least, Ye Wansheng, who he tortured half to death, would be extremely angry. Yet, he didn’t expect the three of them to be acting so naturally and even ignoring him. Moreover, their calmness contrarily made Yu He a bit unsettled.


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