Book 2 Chapter 257 - The Meeting Of Many Factions

Chapter 257: The Meeting Of Many Factions

“What joke are you making? Releasing a bit of water gave you a reward of 50 million? Are these Li City officials stupid?” inside the room, when Ye Wansheng learned that Ye Qingzi had returned with a huge sum of 50 million, his chin nearly dropped to the ground.

To Ye Wansheng, although his soul pets had a value much higher than 50 million, unfathomably earning a 50 million reward would definitely increase a soul pet’s strength by a huge margin if it was solely concentrated on this soul pet.

“Half of it is Chu Mu’s.” said Ye Qingzi.

“That’s still 25 million. Tell me what happened.” promptly said Ye Wansheng.

Ye Wansheng had undergone many days of medicine nursing, and his body had pretty much recovered to normal; only his skin was a bit of an unnatural color.

Ye Wansheng had spent three months poisoned before recovery. Three months to any young soul pet trainer was extremely important. The most evident thing was that Ye Wansheng’s soul pet's were no longer Ye Qingzi’s opponent at all. Further adding on the death of Ye Wansheng’s strongest soul pet, the War Court Black Beast, Ye Wansheng’s strength had naturally hugely decreased.

Fortunately, Ye Wansheng wasn’t dispirited because of this. His entire being still looked just as usual in that slightly crazy manner.

“I refined a few spirit items that I sold on the market before; adding on this 25 million, I’ve accumulated approximately 50 million gold coins. In a few days we can go look at the market and buy you a strong soul pet to make up for your vacant soul pet.” Ye Qingzi said to Ye Wansheng.

“You’ve even become a wealthy woman.” said Ye Wansheng.

Three months of stagnation as well as the death of his soul pet truly did cause a large wound to Ye Wansheng. If he didn’t quickly make up for it, Ye Wansheng’s cultivation could potentially find it hard to increase due to this rupture.

“If you can become a spirit master, then it’ll be good. We will also be able to directly buy a monarch rank soul pet.” said Ye Qingzi.

“Monarch rank… forget it. Leave the money for yourself to strengthen your soul pets. I have another plan.” Ye Wansheng shook his head.

“Another plan?” Ye Qingzi didn’t understand as she looked at Ye Wansheng.

“Hmm, I’ll tell you later., Didn’t you say that Chu Chen, that brat, is in the Soul Palace? That fellow called Duan Xinhe isn’t some benevolent person; we aren’t too safe outside, let’s go find him first.” said Ye Wansheng with vigilance.

Ye Qingzi thought like this as well. After all, although they had obtained a large reward, they had offended an enemy they currently would have a hard time fighting and could only request the protection of others to remain safe.

Ye Wansheng rode on his Star Wilderness Devil Colt while Ye Qingzi rode on her Purple Robe Dream Beast towards Soul Palace.

Halfway there, Chu Mu happened to be looking for Ye Qingzi, and when he saw the brother and sister come, he cracked a smile, saying: “Rather coordinated.”

Chu Mu brought the brother and sister into the Soul Palace. A little while later, Dong Qing specially came, saying he wanted to bring Chu Mu to the city master’s residence.

Chu Mu had originally planned on meeting up with the Ye Family brother and sister before immediately heading to the city master’s residence because the vice-palace master had mentioned that the city master would call together the seniors of the various large factions. They would prod through the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s matter in order to prevent these large factions from each harboring ulterior motives and resorting to some trick or plot in Li City.

For the meeting this time, invitations had been sent to Soul Palace, Soul Alliance, Elemental Sect, Merchant Alliance, Nightmare Palace, Soul Pet Palace, and the numerous great Li City families that were watching on covetously. Among them, Soul Palace’s Yu Palace Master and a few other seniors from Tianxia City had come to give judgement for Yu Lang’s death. Yet, because they happened to chance upon the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s matters, the Yu Palace Master had to place the most importance on this and could only push the judgement to the side, use the power of Li City’s Soul Palace and begin looking for the Cyan Hidden Dragon.

Soul Alliance’s influence wasn’t very widespread, and the most prominent thing about Soul Alliance was the people that could enter it. Practically every one of them was an extremely famous soul pet trainer in the soul pet world. These soul pet trainers could be said to be standing at the very top layer of the soul pet domain, and they pretty much all had the strongest soul pets!

Soul Alliance didn’t have many encampments and cities, nor did they have members scattered across the land. However, this faction was like an aloof ruler that looked down on the entire soul pet world. The moment something big happened, Soul Alliance’s people would definitely appear!

Merchant Alliance was an alliance of various large markets. In this world, nearly every market had to go through the Merchant Alliance, and thus it was one of the richest factions. Without considering Soul Pet Palace’s existence, Merchant Alliance’s status would definitely be on par with Soul Palace, NIghtmare Palace, Soul Pet Palace, and Soul Alliance- these four great factions.

Merchant Alliance occupied an important spot in Li City, and they naturally wanted a part of the action of the Cyan Hidden Dragon matter this time.

As the most fear evoking thing in the soul pet realm, Nightmare Palace had never and would never forsake any large profitable event.

Nightmare Palace’s encampment in Li City was also in the center plaza; they ostensibly were targeting Soul Palace, whose thousands of their members had grievances against and they happened to be directly across them. As long as one walked out of one of these faction’s entrances and he or she shot his or her gaze across the expansive plaza, the other side could be seen.

Nightmare Palace’s palace style was the opposite of Soul Palace’s. Soul Palace chose a stately and divine style while Nightmare Palace carried a tyrannic aloofness that resembled an overbearing bully.

Nightmare Palace and Soul Palace had a large amount of hatred between them. Generally speaking, cities where a Nightmare Palace palace appeared wouldn’t have a Soul Palace palace, and cities with Soul Palace encampments would rarely have Nightmare Palace encampments.

Of course, this was limited to cities with affiliations with them. In cities similar to Boundary City, this 11th rank mighty city, both factions, despite their grudges had to occupy a top spot and just compete for resources against each other in the dark.

Elemental Sect’s position in Li City wasn’t inferior to the other large factions because Li City’s vice-city lord was the Li City Elemental Sect sect master.

As for the matter which regarded Yu He with Yu Lang’s death, if it wasn’t for this Li City Elemental Sect sect master’s influence, Yu He currently would be placed under house arrest in Soul Palace. How would he be able to stroll around Li City like nothing happened?

Chu Mu originally would not have attended anything like this meeting of the soul pet world’s peak figures. After all, he presently hadn’t reached their level.

Only, this matter involved the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and with so many experts gathered in Li City, Chu Mu really was worried about it. Thus, when the vice palace master mentioned participating in the meeting of these factions, Chu Mu firmly decided to attend.

“Chu Chen, Ye Qingzi, during the meeting my father will mention matters regarding the bastard Duan Xinhe. This pretty much is an opportunity for you to become famous; you must know that everyone at the meeting is a huge figure. As long as they know about you, your names will definitely spread quickly in the soul pet world.” Dong Qing said to Chu Mu and the two others as they walked.

When Dong Qing said this, the Ye Family brother and sister and Chu Mu creased their brows.

Chu Mu spoked first: “Mentioning Duan Xinhe is fine, as for my name, forget it. There are places where it’s not the best to divulge our identity.”

“Not best to divulge your identities? Are you afraid of Duan Xinhe retaliating? Don’t worry, my father truly plans on putting an end to this fellow this time. This Duan Xinhe either has to hide for many years, or he’ll die the moment he appears.  You guys don’t need to worry.” said Dong Qing.

Chu Mu shook his head, saying: “I’ll still trouble you to tell the city lord that we aren’t people that enjoy glorification. We’re also people who are used to wandering everywhere.”

“Oh… that’s fine then. I’ll honor your opinion.” Dong Qing nodded his head.

Dong Qing knew as well that there were a few young experts, especially those that enjoyed going out to learn, that only divulged their real surname whilst fighting a decisive battle or an appointed fight with someone. When they travelled to various large cities, even if they did some rather shocking thing, they habitually remained low key.

“Chu Mu, why didn’t you ask us. You’re a Soul Palace young master and your identity is already high enough. Qingzi and I are disciples from a small town. Such a good chance to become famous and you reject it right away; I still want to become famous and have numerous young women fantasize about me.” said Ye Qingzi with soul remembrance as he carried a mocking tone.

Chu Mu naturally thought that Ye Wansheng was joking because from what he observed, Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng were extremely low key when they did things. It was very rare that they would directly reveal their identity and name, some Chu Mu didn’t even have to think before rejecting Dong Qing’s suggestion.

Of course, what Chu Mu didn’t understand was that although this brother and sister pair were obviously very strong, they always gave him the feeling as if they were hiding from something.

Li City lord’s residence was still a short distance away, and Chu Mu bluntly used soul remembrance to ask Ye Qingzi if the two of them had some hidden trouble they weren’t mentioning.

“This… I’ll tell you later. On the contrary, I feel like you’re very strange. You’re clearly the eldest young master of a palace, but you’re still hiding more than us. Even this meeting, you evidently can use your young master status to attend, but you still had Dong Qing lead the way… That said, I’ve known you for so long, and I still don’t know which young master you are. I heard that Soul Palace has nine young masters, and seven of them are extremely strong. A few of them have already surpassed the category of a young generation expert…”replied Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. He wasn’t able to learn about Ye Qingzi’s affairs and was instead cross-examined by her.

This time, Ye Qingzi didn’t maintain her calm temperament and instead asked Chu Mu a few questions. This made him, for a moment, not know how to explain his identity to Ye Qingzi.

“Moreover, for the past few days you’ve intentionally told me not to address you by your real name. The name, Chu Mu, is very famous in Western Kingdom, but in Zhanli Kingdom, not many people should know. There shouldn’t be a need to be so careful, right?” Ye Qingzi continued to ask.

In truth, the identity of being a Soul Palace young master wasn’t the area that made Chu Mu’s head hurt. What truly made it hard for him to assume the identity of Chu Mu was the matter of the dragon egg. After all, this was connected with his identity of Prison Island King.


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