Book 2 Chapter 256 - Underground Palace, Fake Masked Man

Chapter 256: Underground Palace, Fake Masked Man

A total of seven hundred Gluttonous Insect Beasts! This explosive news quickly got to the city general. Even the general himself was surprised by this news, not imagining that the tragedies in the western city area was caused by seven hundred Gluttonous Insect Monsters.

Realizing the severity of events, the general immediately went to the city master halls and told the city master of this event.

“Li old City Master, your son Dong Qin truly did a great deed this time!” City General Bing Nan smiled largely the moment he saw the city master and said to him.

Li City master was middle-aged, but on the old side, and the city general Bing Nan was slightly younger. Both knew each other from younger ages in Li City, so they were quite casual in conversation.

“Oh, I heard. The guy named Duan is getting wild in my Li City again. Once I finish the things on hand, I’ll show him what’s cooking……” City master smiled emotionlessly. His eyes then fell on  , and his face revealed a more gratified smile.

“Dong Qin did well this time. Killing seven hundred Gluttonous Insect Monsters of that Duan guy is destroying many years of his sweat and tears.”

Li City Master had already heard of the news of Duan Xinhe appearing in his city. Li City master was also very plentiful in experience, so he naturally knew of the evil executioner Duan Xinhe.

“Father, this event I really just participated. The real solver were these two men and women who are roaming the lands in training. They were the first to figure out the species of this beast and stop us from starting a large magnitude search. They basically saved our lives. And the final water attack was also what they thought of.” Dong Qing wasn’t vain, since the greatest contribution comes from Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

“Oh? There’s such a fascinating person? Then if there’s the chance, you have to recommend them to me.” Li city master lifted an eyebrow, pretty interested in the teen.

“That was your child’s wish.” Dong Qing said.

Duan Xinhe was a famous evildoer in the soul pet world. He rarely had opponents even in his own generation. He was also a repeated offender of some big cities, killing an immeasurable amount of people. Soul Palace, Elemental Sect, including many Kingdom Capitals, all gritted their teeths at the mention of him.

With his invisibility from his soul pets, the factions all had trouble truly catching him. Only until three years ago, when an expert in the soul palace inner palace heavily injured him, did he finally restrain himself.

Of course, the inner palace expert that fought with Duan Xinhe also lost two of hismain soul pets, losing a huge amount of power.

These years, there were often messages of people and soul pets dying out of nowhere. Many suspected that these were the works of Duan Xinhe, but no one could find any powerful evidence, and none could track him down. Those who’ve always wanted to get rid of Duan Xinhe also had headaches because of this.

Even the older generation experts couldn’t do anything to Duan Xinhe, yet today, Duan Xinhe fell in the hands of two twenty year old young generation members. This truly was a laughable work, and people who had grudges against Duan Xinhe would definitely laugh in delight. After all, to Duan Xinhe, he really lost too much face in this matter!

The Li City Master usually won’t randomly remember people of lower caliber, but these two teens he quite appreciated, though they succeed somewhat through accident…...

“The Fifty million gold bounty is theirs, then. Give another fifty million down for the slain soldiers and reward for the participants of this fight.” Li city guard very generously said.

City guard Li Gu quickly saluted in thanks. The fifty million gold was quite a sum even for Li Gu himself. Mainly, with this money, he could finally placate the families of the dead, and the other guards will more or less gain some gold to strengthen their soul pets.



Underground Palace of Li City

The Underground Palace was also a faction. However, what was different was, the people of Underground Palace usually couldn’t see the light of day.

The Underground Palace congregated mostly people who were infamous in the soul pet world, soul pet trainers who have been wanted by big factions to the point where they had nowhere else to go. Simply put, the members of the Underground Palace were a bunch of soul pet world fugitives.

The Underground Palace also had another name, which was assassin palace. The Underground Palace, other than underground trading, gained most of its money through  assassination fees.

On this, the Nightmare Palace was similar. What was different was, Nightmare Palace was both good and evil murkily and was massive. They weren’t evil people that killed everyone they saw. As for assassins, they were but a small part of their faction too.

Nightmare Palace also had a hefty influence and complete ranking system, like Soul Palace and Soul Pet Palace. They could all be described as empires. However, because of Nightmare Palace’s scary and cruel Nightmare selection, they caused many to blanche at the mention of their name.

The Underground Palace was an absolute shady faction. Everything they did was led by killing and pillaging. They were an underground massive power that specially collected evil people that the big factions hated.


“Send someone to find out who those two people are!” Duan Xinhe heavily slammed his fist into the rock wall, his face distorted because of anger.

“So what if you find out, you still dare to show yourself?” The man sitting by Duan Xinhe said lightly.

This man wore a fake mask, so his face wasn’t seeable. He wore dark blue clothes. If not for his fake mask, he would give off a feeling of culture.

“Heng, but you requested me here, so you have to pay for the loss of my seven hundred grandkids!” Duan Xinhe sat facing the masked man coldly, eyes glaring.

The masked man’s mouth twitched, clearly disgusted by Duan Xinhe calling his Gluttonous Insect Monsters “grandkids”.

“You help me find the Cyan Hidden Dragon, I will naturally give you the price I gave you. Recently, just let your remaining Gluttonous Insect Monsters search around, don’t let them attack city people.” Masked man said.

“Heng, I don’t need you to teach me how.” Duan Xinhe said with a humph.

“Let me introduce you to a person. This person is Elemental Sect young master. If you have any needs in Li City, go to him. I still have other matters, so if you have any clues, contact me.” The fake masked man said lightly.

After speaking the man stood up and walked out of the door. Duan Xinhe kept his eyes on the man’s back image and slowly smiled coldly.

Duan Xinhe didn’t know the man’s identity either, only knowing that he had a certain amount of power in Underground Palace, able to gather an absolute evil like him.

But Duan Xinhe wasn’t the kind to be restricted, let alone, who wouldn’t want the dragon eggs inside the Cyan Hidden Dragon?

Duan Xinhe actually had clues already, but under this situation, he definitely couldn’t tell this fake masked man that he didn't trust. As for the Elemental Sect young master sent over, Duan Xinhe didn’t even need to guess to know he was just a person to monitor his activity, in case he sneakily did things.

“Duan senior, I am Yu He, Elemental Sect elder Yu De’s son. To see an influential character like you is my honor.” A deep blue clothed Yu He slowly walked in front of Duan Xinhe and bowed down.

“What influential character, more like infamous. Kid, you don’t have to flatter me.” Duan Xinhe said coldly.

Yu He immediately smiled apologetically, “To us, you are influential.”

“Okay, stop with the nonsense. Help me find two people…..” Duan Xinhe definitely won’t let it go that easily.

“You mean the two young people who drowned your soul pets?” Yu He was smart and quickly guessed Duan Xinhe’s intentions.

“En, it is them.” Duan Xinhe specially glanced at Yu He, noticing that he indeed was a smart man.

“Yu He has helped you figure that out already. Its two wandering soul pet trainers. One is called Ye Qingzi and one is called Chu Chen.” Yu He said.

When the masked man had told him he was meeting Duan Xinhe, Yu He had already made preparations. Just as he had thought, the first thing Duan Xinhe would ask was the identity of the two people, so Yu He could naturally say it now.

Duan Xinhe was slightly surprised and smiled while patting Yu He’s shoulder, “You sure are quick-witted, very well, do you know their identity? Especially the male.”

Yu He had already prepared what he was about to say so he said, “They’re both wandering soul pet trainers with average identities. The male Chu Chen seems to have some relationship with the Soul Palace, but is probably a normal member…....”

Duan Xinhe immediately furrowed his brows and said lightly, “The kid is quite strong, not like a normal person.”

Yu He stared blankly for a second, not thinking that Duan Xinhe had already came in contact with Chu Chen. He immediately switched a line and quickly said, “You’ve met him before?”

“En, the kid saw my appearance and I almost killed him, but I met an old bastard in the Soul Palace.” Duan Xinhe said.

Hearing Duan Xinhe say this, Yu He’s eyes immediately brightened and he said, “Since he saw your appearance, you can’t leave this one alive.”

“I don’t need you to tell me that, go, tell me where he is.” Duan Xinhe said.

Duan Xinhe always uses his Gluttonous Insect Monsters to do evil, and he himself rarely showed himself. Including the soul palace expert that he just fought, no one had seen him. It was only through the negligence at the brothel that he was suddenly seen by the kid, which was a reason why he had to kill Chu Mu.

Yu He immediately nodded and said, “Duan elder, do not worry, since he is a member of the Soul Palace, I’ll come in contact with soul palace people in the next few days. Maybe we can meet him and then I’ll create an opportunity for you where you can kill him!”

“That is best. This kid killed so many of my great grandkids, I need to rip him into eight pieces or else it won’t sate my anger!!” Duan Xinhe said through gritted teeth.

Seeing Duan Xinhe’s eyes blink with a vicious glow, Yu He smiled and left a contact method before quickly walking out of Underground Palace.


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