Book 2 Chapter 255 - Gluttonous Insect Monster Group

Chapter 255: Gluttonous Insect Monster Group

Chu Mu used this last technique to glamorously dodge Duan Xinhe’s Gluttonous Insect Monster’s lethal attack and cleverly dodged behind the Soul Palace expert.

Duan Xinhe’s face changed and he bit down. He knew that killing the kid was near impossible now so he decisively retreated.

The Gluttonous Insect Monster was invisible from beginning to end, so Duan Xinhe didn’t reveal his appearance at all. He quickly retreated unharmed from the Soul Palace expert.

Throughout this entire process, the twenty soul palace guards still didn’t realize the guy even existed.

The Soul Palace expert stood there. Without summoning any soul pets, he watched the direction that Xinhe escaped in and his face grew solemn. Only until Duan Xinhe’s aura completely disappeared did this Soul Palace expert’s solemnity slightly loosen.

Chu Mu watched Duan Xinhe and his soul pet leave and also let out a huge breathe. The coldness of those terrifying claws were still lingering on his back. If he didn’t decisively cast his soul pact incantation, his back would definitely have been ripped apart by the ninth phase commander…....

“This senior, thank you for saving me.” Chu Mu knew his manners, and cupped his fists for the soul palace expert in front of him.

“Heng, tell me your identity first.” The middle aged man slowly turned around and looked sharply at Chu Mu, his imposing aura not allowing Chu Mu to say any fake.

Chu Mu also knew this man was clearly some powerful individual in soul palace, so he quickly pulled out his Soul Palace Decree.

Yet at this time, Old Li jumped out from Chu Mu’s soul capture ring holding Chu Mu’s Soul Palace Decree and leaped in front of this Soul Palace expert.

“Seven palace master Yu palace master, it’s so great seeing you!” Old Li clearly recognized this middle aged man and started speaking…...

“Damned fellow, heng, running into my soul palace. Do you want to die?” Yu palace master stared at Old Li, a look of complete belittlement and distaste.

“Yu Palace Master, calm yourself. Old one is here under command, and I even have a Soul Palace Decree.” Old Li laughed wily and waved his soul palace decree.

Yu Palace Master apathetically grabbed the Soul Palace Decree over. When he found out that it was Soul Palace noble woman’s sub decree, his brows instead creased up and he said coldly, “Why is the Noble Woman’s decree here? Is it that you’ve gone and done some smuggling again?!”

“Yu Palace master, don’t get excited and let me finish talking.” Old Li specially cleared his throat before explaining how he met Noble Woman Liu Binglan, how he was commanded to follow young master to train, not forgetting to exaggerate everything while explaining.

Yu Palace master didn’t believe it at first, but once it was mentioned that Chu Mu was the son of Liu Binglan, Yu Palace Master revealed a complicated expression. He specially looked Chu Mu over with an unsure, but grudgingly accepting expression.

“The Noble Woman is your mother?” Yu Palace master stared at Chu Mu while saying sternly.

Chu Mu nodded, not saying much else.

“Yu Palace Master, Noble Woman’s strength is something you understand. No matter how powerful I am, I couldn’t steal the soul palace decree from her. Even if I did, I wouldn’t dare run around in soul palace lying to people.” Old Li continued.

The reason Old Li was hiding in Western Kingdom was mostly because he had upset many people, and was sort of a wanted criminal of Soul Palace.

Yet now that he followed Chu Mu, it was like the Noble Woman gave him a chance to become good again. With the identity of young master’s follower, he would no longer have to fear the people he once upset, and he could now walk in and out of any place as he pleased.

The Yu Palace Master hesitated before finally acknowledging Chu Mu’s young master identity. After all, the Soul Palace Decree wasn’t fake at all, and the Yu Palace Master more or less knew about the fact that Liu Binglan had a hidden son somewhere else.

Yu Palace master’s position was quite high as well. Though Chu Mu was a young master, he didn’t salute and simply asked, “How did Chu young master trouble that Duan Xinhe?

“Yu Palace master knows who that is?” Chu Mu immediately asked.

“Heng, how would I not. That person is a wanted criminal of soul palace that is evil through and through. His Hundred Mother’s first litter offspring Ninth Phase Gluttonous Insect Monster is something I would recognize, even if it was invisible.” Yu Palace Master said.

“Hundred Mother’s offspring? Was that not the Hundred Mother?” Chu Mu paused, not expecting that such a terrifying soul pet wasn’t even the main body Hundred Mother.

“Of course not. The Hundred Mother is much stronger than that. I remember a few years back, this person had a total of ten initial litter Gluttonous Insect Monsters. They all reached the ninth phase. Three years ago, one of our palace experts killed eight, so the guy brought the remaining two and his Hundred Mother and escaped. Its been some time since he appeared in any main city, but I hadn’t thought that this guy would come to Li City. Presumably, more people will suffer now.” Yu Palace master expressed his disgust and anger towards Duan Xinhe.

Ten ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monsters!

Chu Mu didn’t think that this Duan Xinhe was this terrifying. Thinking about the fact that Duan Xinhe’s Hundred Mother didn’t even appear, Chu Mu was drenched with lingering fear.

“You still haven’t told me how you troubled him.” Yu Palace Master asked again.

When Chu Mu came back to his senses, he explained to Yu palace master how he entered Li City, met Dong Qing, used water attack to kill the Gluttonous Insect Monsters, then basically explained how he saw Duan Xinhe as he chased.

“Truly horseplay. This event is hard to deal with even for a general, let alone some city guard. Isn’t that kid Dong Qing the second son of the city master? How come hasn’t he told the city master yet.” Yu palace master didn’t give much respect to Chu Mu’s identity as young master, critiquing as normal!

“Yu Palace master, don’t say more. How would anyone in Li City care about this? Everyone’s risking their lives to find the Cyan Hidden Dragon. Additionally, how would young master know that there was a Duan Xinhe level character in the western street area. The fact that he could kill hundreds of Gluttonous Insect Monsters should already make Duan Xinhe explode with anger.” Old Li said.

“You truly have guts. But, Chu young master shouldn’t interfere any longer. Soul Palace will send people to capture him. Li City also has experts that can manage him. Also, Duan Xinhe is a hundred percent a vile character. He probably has his eyes on you already, so you should stay within Soul Palace for the next while. Even if you exit, let the subpalace master send someone with you. I still have things to deal with, so I can’t accompany you any longer.” Yu Palace Master said.

Finishing that, Yu Palace Master called forth the subpalace master and, after telling him Chu Mu’s identity, he walked straight out of the soul palace.

“Old Li, is this Yu Palace master Yu Lang’s father?” Chu Mu immediately asked.

“En, or else, with this fellow’s arrogance, he wouldn’t randomly leave the main soul palace to run to Li City. But, he doesn’t seem to know that young master is the witness to the judgement.” Old Li said.

“Speaking of which, the time for the judgement is near, but if all of them have their attention on the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, this judgement would probably be postponed, correct?” Chu Mu said.

“Without any surprises, it will be. A little Yu He’s death is nothing compared to the Cyan Hidden Dragon.” Old Li said.



Western Street Area

The water attack plan was very successful. With the cooperative effort of the city guards and aerial guards, the soul pet trainers killed at least 150 Gluttonous Insect Monsters.

These 150 Gluttonous Insect Monsters were all forced onto land by the water underground and killed by the city guards that laid in ambush. The leaders and Li Gu even killed a few eighth phase initial stage Gluttonous Insect Monsters.

With such a delighted killing, all the city guards yelled in delight, finally able to get revenge for their teammates.

Making sure that there were no longer any Gluttonous Insect Monsters alive, Li Gu started to open up all the entrances to eject the water.

West street pipes all lead towards the city river west of the center. To make sure of the amount of Gluttonous Insect Monsters, Li Gu specially let a group of people down to the city river to net in all the corpses of the Gluttonous Insect Monsters.

This process of ejecting water took nearly an entire night, yet this entire night, all the city guards were full of lingering fear and cold hearts!

Because, throughout the entire night, they pulled out over five hundred Gluttonous Insect Monster corpses!

Five hundred corpses, plus the over hundred that the city guards killed meant nearly seven hundred Gluttonous Insect Monsters!

These Gluttonous Insect Monsters were all averaging seventh phase commander rank, so how scary was it to have seven hundred of these savage creatures hiding under western street!

Once all the city guards knew of this, none of them were still joyous because they killed so many Gluttonous Insect Monsters, and were instead shrouded with fear of what could’ve happened, especially the city official Li Gu, who wanted to start a carpet search.

“I almost became the sinner of Li City. If Chu Chen didn’t stop me, all of my men could have been sent in to die for nothing, becoming food for these monsters.” Li Gu’s face was white with fear as he looked at the hundreds of dead corpses.

Seeing all these corpses, Ye Qingzi also remained silent, because even she didn’t imagine that the amount of Gluttonous Insect Monsters was this scary. This water attack completely accidentally destroyed an entire group. Presumably, once the Hundred Mother owner knew of this, he may even have the notion to commit suicide.

“All these corpses have soul cores, soul crystals, don’t let them leave the liquid, or else these things will disappear……” Ye Qingzi reminded the city guards.


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