Book 2 Chapter 254 - Pursued by Death Through the City

Chapter 254: Pursued by Death Through the City


The Night Thunder Dream Beast felt the distinct approach of danger, and after it let out a long whinny, it attempted to increase its speed after already being at three times its full running speed!

Running through the rainy night, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body seemed to completely meld into the darkness with only the white feathers flowing down from its neck to its tail flying through the air...

Four hundred meters away!

Chu Mu had already sensed the Hundred Mother master’s soul remembrance, and this also allowed him to guess how far away he was!

Only, not much later, the gap had decreased to three hundred meters!!

The Hundred Mother master’s strength was exceptionally shocking. The Night Thunder Dream Beast possessed extreme demonic speed yet he was able to close the gap by a hundred meters in such a short period of time. Moreover, this was done so while Chu Mu deliberately passed through crowds of people and unceasingly changed directions. If it was running in a straight line, that fellow probably would have closed the gap even quicker.

Chu Mu knew that as long as that fellow came 100 meters near him, his life would be in danger. After all, a soul pet trainer at such a level could probably instantly kill his soul pet!

“Night, faster!! Faster!!!” Chu Mu’s heart was already jumping, and the violent gale and falling rain slapped against his incomparably grave face.


The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s ran without restraint with its speed already at the limit, forcing it to breakthrough and surpass its limit.

Two hundred meters!!

When Chu Mu passed through the bustling streets, that fellow was only two hundred meters away from Chu Mu!

The Hundred Mother’s master was like a sharp sword that could instantaneously pierce through Chu Mu’s heart, and he was quickly closing in on Chu Mu!

“Sou sou~~~~~”

“Damn, where did that chaotic wind come from?!” young lady Sha happened to be two hundred meters away from Chu Mu. When that bloody executioner riding on the gluttonous insect monster ran passed her, young lady Sha’s clothes were promptly thrown into a mess by the gale. This caused her body to sway, and she nearly fell off from the Light Unicorn.

The Light Unicron had evidently felt a powerful creature sprint past its body, and it let out a flustered expression. Its pace also slowed down a bit as it didn’t dare continue giving chase.

“Chase, what are you afraid of? Chase after him!” young lady Sha’s temper was rather stubborn. She clearly knew that a powerful soul pet had just ran past, yet she didn’t give up her intention of chasing down Chu Mu.

Of course, suffering from the strong wind’s effect, young lady Sha quickly fell behind to three hundred meters away. If her speed was any slower, it would probably be very hard for her to find the Night Thunder Dream Beast in the city.

Chu Mu turned around, and he could see an unusual silhouette running on the roofs a hundred meters away in the dark curtain of rain. Its violent energy seemed to blow the curtain of rain into chaos.

Chu Mu’s heart sank, and he sucked in a deep breath of air, attempting to calm himself down as much as possible.

Chanting an incantation, two balls of white demonic devil flame slowly ignited in his palms. Although Chu Mu didn’t want to transform into a half devil in such a crowded city, under such circumstances, Chu Mu could only transform before having a chance to contend against this powerful soul pet trainer.


Suddenly, a purple-red bolt of lightning ripped apart the black horizon and landed not even five meters in front from the Night Thunder Dream Beast, blowing up a brown colored roof!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast continued its attempt to increase its speed yet the lightning power didn’t disappear. Only, Night knew that if it slowed down its speed to dodge, that fellow would definitely close the gap again!


The Night Thunder Dream Beast let out another long whiny and jumped into the air, directly knocking against that purple-red colored lightning full of a destruction aura!

Lightning flickered between its dream horns as it attempted to use its own lightning attribute to absorb the purple-red colored lightning force, ensuring that Chu Mu sitting on its body wouldn’t suffer from the lightning waves.

As the lightning appeared, an uproar rang out from the street full of people.

Those people moving to and fro were attracted by the roof that was knocked down by the shocking lightning. However, they happened to see the shocking scene of Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast passing through the lightning!

The purple-red lightning attached to the Night Thunder Dream Beast and unceasingly moved about. As the Night Thunder Dream Beast increased speed, the lightning arcs seemed to lag behind!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast was increasing its speed!

Already three times the speed of its full speed, it was still increasing in speed. The lightning allowed it to break through its speed limit enabling it to run faster than three times. Moreover, the lightning bolts scuttling about on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body imperceptibly transformed into lightning wind clothing that sparked around its body.

Three different types of light enveloped the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body. Chu Mu didn’t have enough time to be shocked as minute changes occured on its body.

Silver white, dark black, and purple red; a tri-colored facula appeared on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body creating a spirited orbit as it ran. It seemed to have formed some form of defense, and it was like some type of energy had been absorbed into the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body, unceasingly allowing it to break through its speed limit!

Level up!

A moment later, Chu Mu abruptly realized that the Night Thunder Dream beast had leveled up by one stage, and that it had stepped into the seventh phase fourth stage level from the seventh phase third stage level.

Taking advantage of the moment it leveled up, the potential in its body burst forth, and the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s speed unexpectedly increased to four times its original amount!!

This quadruple speed was nearing the speed of when Chu Mu used Instant Assault; however, Mo Xie’s Instant Assault was temporary while the Night Thunder Dream Beast could maintain this speed running!!

“What a fast soul pet!!”

“Indeed, it’s practically like lightning!”

“Is that a monarch rank demon?”

The people in the city couldn’t actually clearly see Chu Mu’s NIght Thunder Dream Beast and only knew that a powerful soul pet had just flitted past them; each one of them let out gasps of surprise.

One hundred and fifty meters away from Chu Mu, the Hundred Mother’s master saw that Chu Mu’s soul pet had unexpectedly increased speed again and his face became somewhat unsightly.

The Hundred Mother’s master could see that Chu Mu was a young generation member. Somewhat at his sort of level, even if it was against a soul pet trainer of the same age, let alone a young generation member, he definitely would not have to expend much to kill him or her.

However, as he chased him from Northern Street, this young man’s soul pet displayed a speed that made this veteran soul pet trainer exceptionally surprised. After all, of the young generation soul pet members, those who could reach such speeds couldn’t be more than a dozen. Thus, it could only mean that this young man that had seen through his pretense wasn’t some normal person!

If this young man had some sort of huge faction behind him, he, Duan Xinhe, should probably proceed with caution. Although he had committed many evil things and committing a few more sinful deeds was of no issue, he didn’t want to be pursued by some faction, especially an organization with power like Soul Palace or Soul Alliance.

With such hesitation, Duan Xinhe’s speed slowed down a bit and the gap widened a bit.

However, Duan Xinhe didn’t give up pursuing Chu Mu. He continued to chase, and then closed the gap again!

Chu Mu didn’t think too much and continued running to the center plaza!

Finally, the enormous center plaza appeared in Chu Mu’s field of vision covered by the curtain of rain. Chu Mu couldn’t change everything and rode on the Night Thunder Dream Beast directly towards the Soul Palace on the southern side of the center plaza!

Soul Palace’s entrance was open and on both sides stood in total twenty guards with majesty. These guards quickly realized someone was riding a soul pet and was attempting to charge into Soul Palace. Immediately, they summoned their soul pets in an attempt to stop Chu Mu.

“Hu hu hu~~~~~~”

An ice cold wind smacked against Chu Mu’s face. It was the Hundred Mother’s imposing killing intent! That fellow was already very close to him!

The Gluttonous Insect Monster Chu Mu had chased previously was approximately of an eight phase high staged commander. However, the Hundred Mother’s master was now definitely controlling a ninth phase commander!

Chu Mu knew that he didn’t have the strength to fight back and furthermore didn’t dare stop. He released his soul remembrance and locked onto the soul pets of all the guards!

“Night, dodge, charge inside!”Chu Mu didn’t have time to show his identity to the guards and had the Night Thunder Dream Beast directly break through!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast knew from Chu Mu’s thoughts optimal dodging route. Its black body was like a bolt of lightning that streaked into a strange yet exquisite trajectory through the twenty soul pets, charging into Soul Palace’s front hall!

“Imputent, Soul Palace is a significant place. How could someone like you so easily and randomly break inside!

The moment Chu Mu charged into Soul Palace, a middle-aged man’s forceful voice immediately pressed down. This man happened to be in front of Chu Mu and stood in front of his Night Thunder Dream Beast running at full speed like a boulder. His powerful aura further made the Night Thunder Dream Beast come to a rapid stop!

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~”

The Hundred Mother’s master’s killing intent came in along with the extremely humid windy rain. This fellow wanted to rely on his stealth ability to kill Chu Mu in Soul Palace’s front hall in a very short period of time.

Indeed, this fellow charged in and those guards simply couldn’t detect the invisibility ability of such a level of soul pet.


Yet, that Soul Palace expert instantly saw through the invisibility ability of the Hundred Mother’s master; he immediately let out a loud yell!

How would Duan Xinhe expect to encounter this fellow in Soul Palace’s front hall; his face slightly changed. Feeling the grandeur of this Soul Palace expert envelop this region, Duan Xinhe identically released his soul remembrance to stand off against this man.


A terrifying wave of air abruptly burst forth between these two experts, suddenly engulfing the several hundred meter squared front hall. All the facilities in the front hall were scattered into a mess and the weaker soul pet trainers were knocked flying.

The Soul Palace’s expert creased his eyebrows tightly. Clearly, he didn’t expect the opposing party’s strength to be so strong. Under his carelessness, he had further been pushed back a few steps by Duan Xinhe’s soul remembrance.

When Duan Xinhe saw that this Soul Palace expert had retreated a few steps, he ordered the ninth phase Gluttonous Insect Monster to launch itself at Chu Mu, and kill Chu Mu who would probably otherwise leak his secret!

“Displacement Specter!” instantly chanting an incantation, the white colored devil flames on Chu Mu’s body were ignited. These devil flames instantaneously burned Chu Mu’s body into ashes.

About five meters behind the Soul Palace expert, white demonic devil flames suddenly began burning. Amidst the devil flames, Chu Mu’s body demonically and outlandishly stood there...


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