Book 2 Chapter 253 - The Hundred Mother’s Master

Chapter 253: The Hundred Mother’s Master

Chu Mu knew that it was practically impossible for him to find the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, but being able to find a small trail fortunately from the gluttonous insect monsters, how could Chu Mu let it slip away so easily?!

It was nearly night time, and the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s perception abilities gradually strengthened as the black night descended. Its perception range also increased from its original 60-70 meter range to 100 meters.

There were five levels in total in the brothel, and each floor was 100 square meters. The descent of the curtain of night meant that this place would become a paradise for the bodies of men and women.

The women on the fifth floor were the brothel’s best. Regardless of their looks, skin, or figure, they were comparable to many young women with superior blood lineage of noble families. Some of them even were the girls from fallen families.

Row after row of light red colored rooms were currently occupied with many high officials and nobles walking about. Some of them were holding an extreme beauty in their arms while laughing, and others were spending money to purchase a room, impatient to head towards the beautiful woman in the corresponding room...

In the right most room, the sky wasn’t completely dark, yet people could hear the faint gasps from the intercourse of a man and woman...

However, after a mysterious wind blew past, the exclastatical sounds of intercourse suddenly stopped.

“What’s the matter, senior. Are you not going to continue? This servant isn’t satisfied yet?” softly moaned the woman inside the room. Like a loving mother cat, she intimately wrapped herself around the naked man’s body. Then she began to slowly squat down, wanting to arouse the man’s desire.

“Get out.” the man suddenly emitted a cold air and frostily spoke to the woman.

“That won’t do. There are so many people outside I’ll be embarrassed with so many people looking.” the woman didn’t realize the man’s countenance had already changed, and she continued to push herself on top of his waist.

The man apathetically walked beside the bed and quickly put on his clothing. He casually threw a coat on the woman and forcibly drove her out of the room.

The woman was dumbstruck, but she understood from his body language that this senior’s expression just now was extremely terrifying. Thus, she wore this piece of clothing that didn’t cover her entire body and ran to a neighboring sister’s room.


“Ruo Shui, do you see that handsome young master? Quickly go and entertain him.” the female brothel keeper looked down from above and instantly saw a man walking up. A burst of radiance suddenly shot out from her eyes.

The woman called Ruo Shui was clearly a bit unwilling, but after the female brothel keeper glared at her, she lifted her skirt and slowly walked towards Chu Mu who was searching for the gluttonous insect monster.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast had already sensed that this gluttonous insect had hidden in this brothel, but strangely, after it had entered this place, it instantaneously disappeared!

If this gluttonous insect beast innately had some aura concealing technique, it would probably have used it already and be able to break free from him, not giving him a chance to chase it here.

Therefore, Chu Mu determined that this gluttonous insect monster had most probably ran to its master’s location. This mean that the incomparably ruthless soul pet trainer was in this brothel.

Chu Mu naturally guessed that this soul pet trainer’s strength was powerful, so when he entered, Chu Mu intentionally had the Night Thunder Dream Beast wait in the courtyard while he changed his appearance with Old Li’s technique. Then, he used white demonic devil flames to cover his aura.

“Young master, this woman is called Ruo Shui…” weakly said Ruo Shui as she walked in front of him and bowed her body.

Chu Mu glanced at this somewhat delicate woman, but didn’t pay heed to her and continued walking to the fifth floor.

Ruo Shui looked at the female brothel keeper who shot her a glance, making her continue following Chu Mu. No matter what, she had to take this customer.

Chu Mu was a spirit master, and what he was wearing naturally wasn’t similar to a common person’s. The female brothel keeper’s eyes were sharp and no matter what, she couldn’t let such a huge customer leave. After all, nearby here was all other brothels...

“Is young master looking for someone?” Ruo Shui followed behind Chu Mu, and spoke to him with a very unskilled tone.

Chu Mu didn’t respond and walked straight to the fifth level. The Night Thunder Dream Beast informed him that this gluttonous insect monster’s aura had disappeared on the fifth level.

“Really, I don’t what happened to that senior. He suddenly stopped, and just as I barely was able to feel something, he tossed me out of the room…” a bewitching female voice rang out from a room.

Chu Mu’s hearing abilities were good and he quickly caught the information. He turned around and looked Ruo Shui who was following him without speaking and said: “Go and help me ask the woman inside which room she was just in.”

“Oh, oh.” Ruo Shui hastily nodded her head and knocked as she entered the room.

Very quickly, Ruo Shui, asked about her room, which happened to be the one on at the very edge of the fifth floor.

“Is young master going there to… oh?” Ruo Shui was about to say something when she suddenly discovered that a powerful arm had grasped onto her waist and she fell into someone’s embrace.

“Young master?” Ruo Shui was flustered and for a moment she didn’t know what to do.

“Don’t say anything, just come with me.” Chu Mu’s eyes didn’t change at all, and he merely walked towards the right most room with this prostitute in his arms.

Chu Mu quickly put up a smile as if he was about to taste a beauty. After he walked to that room, he pushed it open before appearing to want to kiss this woman.

After the room door was pushed open, a silent man was sitting on the large bed. This man had already hit  middle age, but didn’t seem too different from a thirty or so man. When Chu Mu and Ruo Shui entered the room, the man’s eyes immediately turned ice cold, and he emitted a bit of killing intent!

“Huh? Why is there someone?!” Chu Mu feigned fluster and right after he entered, he hastily stepped out.

Quickly, glancing over the man, Chu Mu hastily closed the door while scolding Ruo Shui: “Didn’t you say this room? You even got this wrong…”

Ruo Shui was completely confused by Chu Mu’s pretense and could only be pulled out by Chu Mu’s strong arm.

After walking out the room, Chu Mu didn’t loosen his arm and instead held onto Ruo Shui. He continued to pretend to be a normal customer of a brothel and slowly walked down the brothel stairs.

As expected, the right most room door wasn’t closed and the silent man’s gaze ventured out, glancing at the carefree Chu Mu. Then, his gaze swept through the aisle before looking down, and seeing if the soul pet trainer was the gluttonous insect monster had mentioned before had pursued him here.

“Young lady, you really can’t come here. We’ll deal with this matter, you relax…” suddenly, clamor rang out from below.

“Hmph, then get your ass up there and get my friend’s younger sister out!” the somewhat arrogant woman’s voice rang out.

In order to not arouse that man’s suspicion, Chu Mu walked down the stair with Ruo Shui in his arms the entire time. Then, he happened to come face to face with this somewhat rude woman...

When he saw this woman, Chu Mu was stunned because this woman happened to be young lady Sha who had competed speed with him in the free area when he entered the city.

“You… bastard, I’ll kill you!” young lady Sha immediately saw Chu Mu closely holding Ruo Shui and her face was promptly flushed red. She instantly ordered her underlings to summon their soul pets.

Chu Mu was overcome with a wave of surprise and hastily released the woman called Ruo Shui before running to the courtyard.

A wave of cold air came over him and Chu Mu knew that the fellow upstairs had woken up and locked onto him. If he continued to stay here, he would definitely be killed by that fellow!

“You want to run? You guys take her back and I’ll catch that lecher!” young lady Sha ordered her four underlings. As she spoke, young lady Sha rapidly summoned the Light Unicorn; after jumping onto its back and giving it a violent urge, she chased after Chu Mu.

“Don’t run!” young lady Sha didn’t know anything and quickly caught up to the courtyard.

“Night Thunder Dream Beast?” when young lady Sha got to the courtyard, she saw a familiar Night Thunder Dream Beast jump over the surrounding walls and speed towards the main street.

“Could it be that fellow? Although their figure is very similar, their facial features aren’t too similar?” muttered young lady Sha. However, when she saw that Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast had already ran far away, she smacked her Light Unicorn and chased after him.

Night time was the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s domain, as it could exert three times its full speed at this time. Such a speed was much faster than the speed during the competition with young lady Sha.

Very quickly, young lady Sha’s Light Unicorn was left behind; yet, she had an unstoppable drive and immediately chanted an incantation. She added a seventh rank speed increase soul technique onto her Light Unicorn and was finally barely able to see Chu Mu’s figure.

A wave of cold wind blew out of the brothel. Amidst the curtain of rain, it was able to faintly see the outline of a person riding on his steed.

Suddenly, a pair of eyes appeared on this transparent outline of a person. This incomparably cold gaze was watching the Night Thunder Dream Beast and the Light Unicorn that had already fled very far.

“Young lady sha… hmph, truly a hindring woman…” a deep voice coldly rang out. The Hundred Mother’s master was hesitating whether or not to kill that brat on the street.

If he killed that brat on the street, young lady Sha would definitely see it, yet this Hundred Mother’s master didn’t dare attack young lady Sha...

Ultimately, this master of the Hundred Mother decided against letting Chu Mu go. He relied on powerful invisibility ability and silently chased in the direction Chu Mu had fled.


Many years of life and death experience told him that he was already extremely close to death. The strength of this Hundred Mother’s master had far surpassed Chu Mu’s imagination. If he hadn’t fled the brothel earlier, that fellow would be able to purely rely on his soul remembrance to suppress him; it would even be hard for Chu Mu to chant an incantation!

“Night, quick, hurry up!!” Chu Mu anxiously had the Night Thunder Dream Beast use its fastest speed!


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