Chapter 251: Exterminating Savage Creatures (2)

Chapter 251: Exterminating Savage Creatures (2)

The water was filling up further and further. Adding on the fact that the sewage pipes on west street were all blocked, the speed at which the water was entering was far faster than the speed at which water was coming out. Very quickly, the entire underground area in this street area was submerged, leaving no space for air.

As the entire underwater tunnel system was filled with liquid, the water level at the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s lair was also two thirds submerged.

The tunnel itself wasn’t long, and with hundreds of Gluttonous Insect Monster, when there was only two thirds space, almost all of them hung themselves on the ceiling. Some even used their long arms to grab onto their companions, their body already submerged in the water.


One Gluttonous Insect Monster didn’t hold on tightly and slipped into the water. After letting out a stream of frantic screams, its four limbs constantly slapped at the water, creating splashes.

The Gluttonous Insect Monsters realized that air was slowly decreasing. Discovering that its fellow creatures were falling into the water, they all looked at it splash with apathetic stares. Not a single one went to give it a hand. If even three Gluttonous Insect Monster lowered their tails slightly, they could help it out of the water.

The Gluttonous Insect Monster weren’t completely afraid of water. If their stamina was enough, they could still swim around in it, but they couldn’t breathe underwater like water type soul pets could.

The water splashes lasted a while until the fallen Gluttonous Insect Monster slowly lost its energy, and its body sank under……

Not long after sinking into the water, this Gluttonous Insect Monster again floated up, but this time, it floated up with its four limbs facing up, while its body slowly showed signs of turning charcoal black.

“Pu dong~~~~~~~~~”

The oxygen provided for these Gluttonous Insect Monsters were getting less and less. Some weaker ones were already very weak from the lack of oxygen and had fallen into the water.

It was still the same struggle in the water, and still the same apathetic stare. Very quickly, this pack of weak Gluttonous Insect Monster drowned in the water and floated back up.



Even if their intelligences were low, they could still realize their imminent deaths. These Gluttonous Insect Monster started showing signs of communication, as if preparing to leave.

The water grew higher and higher, until it finally submerged almost the entire tunnel. There were nearly fifty monsters that had drowned in the water. When even the last few Gluttonous Insect Monster were dizzy and inflicted with headaches, they let out panicked screeches.

Finally, these things planned to escape. They knew that if they stayed for any longer, they would die for sure.


All of the remaining Gluttonous Insect Monster jumped into the water. With their understanding of the tunnels from the past few weeks, they chose the nearest sewage exit and planned on using their short diving abilities to swim there.

There were seventy Gluttonous Insect Monster left. These seventy paddled for their lives, as they made their way quickly to the nearest exit.

This distance wasn’t long, but it sure wasn’t short either. Those with powerful life forces could reach there without an issue, but the ones with weaker life force would definitely suffocate in the water.

Of the seventy Gluttonous Insect Monster swimming, at least thirty slowly sank into the water as they swam, leaving their bodies slowly drifting away in the current.

The remaining thirty five that had been strengthened finally reached the nearest exit, but this exit was already covered in a thick layer of ice.



To live on, the Gluttonous Insect Monster started frenzily charging the thick ice layer. Restricted by the water, these creatures were clearly weakened. The ice layer that they could normally easily shatter held firm, sustaining only cracks.

Every entrance of west street had guards defending it. Very quickly, the three guards there felt that something was charging against the ice layers.

With an incantation, these three guards decisively sent a flare into the air to tell the aerial guards the situation.

“Leader, west street Lenglian Allay has a situation!”

The aerial guard watched the entire street area from above. After the signal was sent. The aerial guards immediately reported the situation to the leaders at each position. Quickly, the leaders sent a command to their teams, concentrating half of their energy at the entrance of Lenglian Alley.

“Haha, this move indeed worked, they’ve already been forced out. Now, all we have to do is clean up the survivors.” Aerial guard Li Gu started laughing greatly.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both stood on Dong Qing’s Horizon Feather Bird. From their current position, they could see that most aerial guards were riding their soul pets to gather at Lenglian Alley.

“Boss Li, don’t redirect those who are guarding entrances, let them stay at their positions.” Chu Mu saw that Li Gu was about to send almost everyone over and quickly said.

“En, that sounds safer.” Li Gu nodded and sent the command down, letting those guarding the wells to stay at their posts.

Though there was the restriction of water, the Gluttonous Insect Monster all still had seventh phase commander rank. They used each other’s bodies as support as they cast attack techniques in the water, creating an opening in the ten meter thick ice layer.

After finally creating an opening, the water level no longer rose, and these things quickly became even more crazy. The ten meter thick ice layer was little by little destroyed, before they finally jumped out of the underground tunnels.


The remaining thirty five Gluttonous Insect Monsters began greedily sucking in air. If they stayed down there for even a minute longer, they would definitely all die of suffocation.

Yet, so what if these things escaped from the underground tunnels? The moment they jumped out of this exit, at least three hundred soul pets were around it, eagerly watching these Gluttonous Insect Monsters that jumped out.

“Kill all these bastards and get revenge for our brothers!” Seeing these Gluttonous Insect Monsters appear, the city guard leader was face full of anger, letting out a loud roar.

Incantations started. These three hundred city guard soul pets had at least two hundred elemental world soul pets. When the incantation started, glows of all kinds started shining with an eye-blinding light!!

Raging gales, blizzards, rock mountains, flames, tsunamis…...

All sorts of elemental techniques were cast, causing a rumbling sound to pass through the entire west city area and the nearby structures to shake violently!

From above, Chu Mu could see all sorts of energies exploding. One burst of energy even reached a hundred meters into the sky, causing the Horizon Feather Bird that was holding the three of them to waver temporarily.

The thirty five Gluttonous Insect Monsters were quickly devoured by the elemental barrage, disappearing within the intersection of energies!

Very quickly, the twenty Gluttonous Insect Monsters that jumped out were destroyed with their corpses strewn everywhere, mixed into the rain water.

The remaining fifteen Gluttonous Insect Monsters no longer dared to jump out, swimming back into the water panicking…...

Yet, within a minute, these things still became corpses, slowly sinking down, simply dying a different way.

Only a few minutes after they killed these things, another flare lit up above Gutong Alley.

“Another group, Mister Chu really considered this thoroughly.” Li Gu said with respect as he looked at the flare that arose.

These Gluttonous Insect Monsters had the ability to go invisible, so as long as there wasn’t sunlight, if they could jump out of the tunnel, they could definitely escape with their invisibility. It was this thought that made Chu Mu tell Li Gu to keep his subordinates at each exit.


Suddenly, two more balls of flame exploded in the air, pointing to the other side of Gutong Alley.

Li Gu’s smile quickly disappeared as he furrowed his brows, “How are there so many?!”

“Boss Li, let your subordinates head there. Leave the creatures at Gutong Area to us three.” Chu Mu said.

“Then you guys be careful, if there are too many, immediately send a signal to me and I will come at my fastest speed.” City official Li Gu nodded.

Chu Mu remembered that the city guard had more than a hundred people, yet they were all killed without any news getting out. The amount of Gluttonous Insect Monsters must not be limited to a simple hundred.

Another fact that Chu Mu remembered was, when he was being chased, he could never shake loose the dozen Gluttonous Insect Monsters that chased him. After knowing more about them, Chu Mu felt that these things couldn’t possibly be faster than Night Thunder Dream Beast in its Reach For the Midnight Moon state.

With multiple flares lighting up in west street, it confirmed the fact that the Gluttonous Insect Monsters had many lairs. Chu Mu naturally couldn’t let any of these threats to the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dreagon live on.

“Once we deal with this, I will definitely recommend you to my father, haha!” Dong Qing, who was riding his Horizon Feather Bird, said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu only nodded. After getting along these days, Chu Mu could roughly tell that Dong Qing was the son of some big character of Li City. Through Dong Qing, Chu Mu could also know more about Yu He and prevent himself from being in such a passive state. After all, his identity of Soul Palace Young Master was right, but without proof, he wasn’t sure if the Soul Palace people would recognize it.

Very quickly the Horizon Feather Bird neared the underground entrance in Gutong Alley. Chu Mu jumped straight off the bird and onto a house, quickly chanting an incantation to summon his Ice Air Fairy before him.

“You guys back off a bit, these things aren’t easy to deal with.” Chu Mu reminded the city guards.

The city guards were all seventh phase warrior rank on average, so dealing with these seventh phase commander ranks would be difficult.


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